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Psalm 67

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The plea by David in this Psalm is not just for a warring nation against attacking foreigners. It can be used by any believer in any age, for any reason! Have mercy upon us, God – bless us; cause Your face to shine upon us! It is He Who gives us spiritual health, and so we must praise Him. It is God Who gives us any good and any blessings, and it is He Who causes the wayward nations and peoples to fear.

Let us pray that He will cause wicked people in our day to tremble with fear. It will not come about by mere talk, but only by our individual righteousness, played out against the backdrop of evil men and women who wish only to destroy us. When each and every true believer does this, we can be assured that God will not just protect us – He will make the enemy as dust, to be trampled underfoot. Give praise to God, for it is our only godly way to scatter the wicked.

Verses 1-2

[1] God be merciful unto us, and bless us; and cause his face to shine upon us; Selah.
[2] That thy way may be known upon earth, thy saving health among all nations.

By definition, mercy is given to those who do not merit it. As believers we do not merit any good thing from God: He gives us untold benefits NOT because we are worthy, but because of Christ, Who bought us with His sacrifice on the cross. David always acknowledges that none of us is worthy, and this is why he makes a request for mercy, rather than demands it. And with that mercy comes benefits – things to our benefit, as loving gifts from a saving God.

When we receive benefits they do not just scrape by, or neatly fill up to the brim – they overflow in abundance, so that we are inundated with things that are good! This is because God’s face shines upon us… and His glory is boundless and eternal. This being so, when He shines upon us, the light is greater than the sun and cannot be given in small measure… we are bathed in His glory and care.

When God causes His face to shine upon us, we see remarkable divine answers to all of life; the light is a beacon to our souls and a cause of fear amongst our enemies. It is why the Pharisees engineered the murder of Christ, and why modern enemies engineer our obliteration… except that Satan cannot get rid of God’s people, or His testimony. God’s ‘way’, or path in this world, is clear-cut and must be made known “upon earth” (shown to everyone), without pulling any punches. We must be open, frank and definite. We must not be manipulated by social theories or sinful ideas of ‘equality’ (in anything) because there is NO equality of truth and error!

It is only God’s truth that matters. Everything else is fake and a lie, and what is a lie is harmful to everyone in the world. What is not of God must be of Satan, so when we attempt to give equality to things hated by God, we actually prefer Satan to God. It does not matter what it is, whether sexual immorality, theological teaching, or political deceptions. If it is against what God says, then it is evil.

As David unequivocally says, God’s ways are a “saving health among all nations.” What goes against what God says, then, is to the detriment of nations, and sin. Amazingly, many Christians today cannot really see this to be true; they have been manipulated for so many years by the ungodly, that they follow a godless path themselves. And, by so doing, they influence many others along the same sinful path.

I am not calling for Christians to be extremists or to command others with a poker-face. On the other hand, we have no God-given command to show compassion for those things or people who deliberately work against Him and His word. We can recognise that they are in Satan’s grip, but this does not mean we can treat them as equal. No, they are gross sinners who need salvation. And until that time we should have nothing to do with them, but must stay ‘on-call’ if they at last are given God’s Light… though there is no guarantee of this, for God can, and does, condemn some men outright whilst they live on this earth.

For believers, our task is to be personally devout and holy, to uphold God’s word strictly, and yet remember we are saved from the very things we now hate. At no time may we engage with gross sinners whose lives show utter hatred for the Lord. This is God’s command, not a personal loathing.

At no time may we listen to bad teaching or promote it. At no time may we join with sinners to produce godly results. At no time may we speak well of gross sinners, or help them in their endeavours. At no time may we allow them to replace God’s word with their own vain garbled ideas.

At all times we must stand firm, never attempting to please men, but always teaching what God says, without trying to be clever or giving any allowance for sin. Does this look like modern Christianity? Sadly, no.

Verses 3-4

[3] Let the people praise thee, O God; let all the people praise thee.
[4] O let the nations be glad and sing for joy: for thou shalt judge the people righteously, and govern the nations upon earth. Selah.

As before, David says, without exemption, that all the people must praise God. Today, we are told that we must, without exception, praise evil and evil men. Wicked people make themselves equal to God, repeating Satan’s pride and sin. They command us to obey their mandates, when their mandates are evil. As for us, we may not obey and must continue to praise God only.

Every person in every nation must praise God. They must sing His praises for joy. For several decades I have publicly reminded sinful people that nothing in Christianity (the expression of faith in Christ) can do harm, but only good, whereas what sinners want us to do harms everyone – bad health, immorality, depression, misery, death, etc. Yet, they vigorously deny us our holiness and reject what God says. They do not want holiness, even though it brings delight and peace to their hearts! Holiness does not lead us to ills and woes, but to a wonderful life! It does not mean we must give a long list of ‘do not’s’, but we must commend an endless list of benefits for those who love God!

Every nation must beware of taking the path of sin, because God “shalt judge the people righteously, and govern the nations upon earth”. He watches everything in every person in every moment of life on earth! Nothing escapes His notice and sin is remembered unless it is repented of. God judges righteously – nothing God says or does is wrong, and nothing He does or says is against His own laws. He is impartial – so He judges His own people if they sin, as well as the unsaved, whose lives are destined for hell except they repent and are saved.

God also governs every nation on earth. There is a certain wryness when world leaders dare to remove everything of God from their statute books and public declarations, when, all along, God owns and rules them! Their rule is allowed by Almighty God, Who is their Lord! When they remove the signs of God from a nation, they add coals of guilt upon their own heads and misrule the nation.

So, in our modern day, the sins of people like homosexuals are multiplied because governments give them official standing and laws of protection. Because of this, such rulers must be prayed against and not supported in their evils – we are commanded to support and pray for them only when they do good and act within God’s laws. God’s laws are supreme and do not allow for sin to proliferate. Which is why we have no option but to pray for the downfall of wicked rulers, evil laws, and the wicked.

Verses 3-4

[5] Let the people praise thee, O God; let all the people praise thee.
[6] Then shall the earth yield her increase; and God, even our own God, shall bless us.
[7] God shall bless us; and all the ends of the earth shall fear him.

This message is so important, David repeats what he said previously… the people must praise God. It does not matter if they wish to, or even if they believe in Him (though atheism is just stupidity, without intellectual credibility).

Note what David says next – “Then”… only when nations obey God, do they see an increase in the earth! God can stunt crops, economic growth, the seasons… if the people refuse to praise Him. Look at the many ailments in world societies today! Do you seriously think that the collapse of world governments and finances are due to human failures alone? No, they are the result of God’s wrath, Who will no longer stand for the world’s rejection and hatred for His word! We will not see growth of any kind unless rulers turn back to God. It is sinful rulers, unopposed, who lead us into a pit of destitution. God only makes sure they fall; He can raise them up, but He does not, because of their evils! He only gives us what is good!

“Then shall the earth yield her increase; and God, even our own God, shall bless us.” Expect no blessings in a country when God is removed. Live a personal life of holiness and He will reward you, even in the midst of bad rule by godless dictators and evil rulers, who give more honour to wicked men than to the godly.

Even if we see no obvious blessing by living righteously, we must continue to live that way, for at the very least God will protect us. And even if He did not, it is our duty to live righteously even without any visible form of benefit from God… because He demands our praise. He is God, Lord of lords. His praise in any circumstance is His due and our duty. All the better if we understand this, because then we will praise with love and not fear.

Note that when we do this, “God shall bless us”. There is nothing indefinite in this – it means God will bless us. It is rhetorical to say we may not see anything visible! He always blesses those who live righteously, without fail. He will bless according to His plan and not necessarily as we wish to live. The aim must be to obey no matter what path He takes us on, because any path He gives us will be the right one.

In the past I felt I was forced from one path to another, by evil employers and churches. But, in truth, I was being shown another path by God, Who took me His way for a purpose. It took some time to realise this!

Note the other fact – that when we praise God no matter what happens, the whole earth will fear God. If you want the many evils in your country to subside or to disappear, then, you must live righteously and encourage all other believers to do the same. And when all believers in a country live holy lives, they will rock that nation with God’s laws and commands. His Holy Spirit will be seen in our lives and His power will destroy the wicked.



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