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What Makes Christianity True?

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Atheists today are extremely annoyed, because Christians claim to be ‘right’ about their beliefs. It is a claim they find revolting, to such an extent that they hate Christians. Of course, this is merely the outward expression of their already black hearts and hatred for God Himself. They say He does not exist... so why do they spend so much time ‘proving’ He is not there? (Which they cannot do, because it is beyond mankind to disprove what is divine).

Atheists assume that everything is relative anyway. For them, belief can be anything you wish (so long as it is not biblical). Not only that, but they assert, against all logic, that God does not exist and that what we believe is wrong. After all, they say, there are no absolutes! Their finite minds cannot grasp the fact that their own assertions are ‘absolute’!!

Truth, however, is not something that can be meddled with. It does not matter if you deny it, rip it apart, cast it into a crocodile-infested river, burn books it is contained in, kill those who believe it, or just stamp your feet in anger; Truth is truth. It is an absurdity to say there are no absolutes, when the very retort is an absolute.

One thing to be noticed about truth is that it will exist even if others make contrary claims. This is because truth is proved by reality, not by statements to the contrary (Richard Dawkins, take note!). If it is universal and true, it does not matter what atheists think - it is still true! For decades, atheists have attempted to subvert the truth of Creation by extolling evolution. As a result many millions believe in evolution. But, this is only because evolutionists refuse to speak of Creation and have crafted laws to demonise Creation, and laws to teach only evolution, making sure no mention is made of it in classrooms or universities. Is this not fascism?

This proves that atheists have no confidence in their own claims, and must shore them up by law instead of by direct science. They do this because science cannot prove evolution to be true... nor can it disprove Creation. How annoying for atheists... especially for Satan’s Little Helper, Richard Dawkins! He blusters all day, every day, trying to destroy Christian witness. But, if you listen to his arguments you will soon realise he has no logic and no science on his side – only claims he cannot sustain or prove to be true. This is because he is unscientific, and is fighting against facts. In short, Dawkins refuses to face the tests of logic in his statements. These can be listed as Tests of Correspondence, Tests of Coherence and Tests of Pragmatism.

Test of Correspondence

I tell you that I have built a shed in my garden. On its own, it is just a statement, and a statement does not necessarily equal truth. To prove the statement’s validity you must go out to the garden and see for yourself. When you see it, you will know I told the truth. It is not a mere opinion. It is actual fact. And because anyone who looks will see the same shed, it is an universal truth.

Now, someone like Dawkins can shout his head off all day (which is what he does), saying the shed does not exist. He can get millions of people to say the same thing. But, all you need to do is go to Google Earth and zoom in. Yes, there is the shed! (Assuming that Google Earth is up-to-date). It is, then, ‘objective truth’ and not just an opinion or prejudice. Unfortunately, many Christians tout their ‘beliefs’ when, in reality, they are not beliefs at all, but personalised opinions or prejudices. This is when their ‘beliefs’ come out as heresy or some other error. In their own way they are no better than Dawkinsians.

Test of Coherence

This is when, without final evidence of a truth, we have to rely on a wider test of acceptable beliefs. We do this by checking a ‘truth’ against everything we know in connection with it. Does it ‘fit’ what we know generally? In the case of Dawkins, none of his assertions actually ‘work’. Instead, all he does is constantly make claims that evolution is true, even when he cannot prove it; he does not even have scientific proofs. Rather, he says “Look in the museums”! However, what we see there are not ‘proof’, but assertions made without proper evidence-trails. He is up a creek without a paddle. He is being the Englishman who thinks all you need to do for foreigners to understand is to shout loudly!

So, does the ‘truth’ cohere with all of reality? I can shout that a road is made of soft cheese, but if lorries and buses travel it throughout the day and there are no deep ruts, we can easily see that it cannot be made of soft cheese! Even so, there are people out there who continue to make the absurd claim, regardless of the fact that it does not fit reality. You know, like Dawkins stamping his feet against the Bible.

In the case of a test of coherence, we cannot finally prove that our faith is the only true one; we can only make an assumption based on all the other, surrounding facts. That is, all the evidences appear to point to only one answer. It is the most probable answer. With Dawkins, though, none of his claims point in any real direction... they are more like a compass with a broken pointer, spinning around aimlessly.

He is like a man who cooks a disgustingly-tasting cake and convinces himself it is lovely. Then, he approaches his acolytes and tells them what to say, even if they do not really believe it. That is how evolution is taken to be ‘true’, though it has no proofs and no way to prove it even exists. It only exists in Dawkins’ back yard, because he has constructed his hypothesis to stand apart from truth – which exists in the universal world around him. He can even see it from his front door, but he refuses to acknowledge it for fear of denying his own construct in the back yard! Oh well, so much for misguided intellect and inability to apply genuine scientific principles to his pseudo-arguments!

Test of Pragmaticism

Does it work? That is the question asked by pragmatism. I remember once, in school, getting a math question right. This was amazing, because, at that time, I hated math and could not do it. Yet, I got the answer correct! Because my workings-out did not show a cohesive route to the correct answer, my teacher marked it with a cross – it was wrong. This is more-or-less what I call ‘Contextual Validity’ (see article on this). This kind of ‘truth’ can only work within its own construct. It fails when universal tests are applied. Therefore, it is not a ‘truth’ at all, but just a claim. This is what Dawkins et al call ‘truth’!

There is also the problem of something that appears to be true, and appears to ‘work’. (Many medical claims were once of this type). Then, some way down the line, something is developed that proves it is completely wrong. This is what happens when Dawkins’ ideas are really put to the test. They simply do not work, do not conform to reality, and do not even satisfy the Test of Coherence. Yet, he bravely battles on, propped up like El Cid on his saddle even though he was dead. His ideas do not work, yet he keeps shouting, hoping that loud assertions convince those around him. Sadly, many, deafened by his continual rants, accept his hypotheses. If they stood back a while and played deaf, they could see that it is all smoke and mirrors. His ‘arguments’ are akin to amateurisms.

Okay, so we have looked at three tests of truth. Now, we must apply this to the Christian claim that our biblical beliefs are not just true, but supreme. Of course, it is again logical to say so, if our biblical beliefs really are true. Truth does not equal a lie and a lie cannot claim to be a truth. Therefore, whatever is a lie is not truth. It can be thrown into Dawkins’ back yard, into the trash-can. Why keep a broken clock if it does not even tell the time? Why keep a pet dog on the carpet before the hearth fire, when it has died? Why paint a door white and call it black?

It is a straightforward fact – there can be only one truth. All the other claims must be false. Shouting against it will make no difference. Truth is truth!

Are All Religions the Same?

Even in our churches there are people who think all religions are the same, or lead to the same place. The reality is, they do not. Indeed, only ONE ‘religion’ is true – and that is biblical Christianity. (Note; I do not like to call it ’Christianity’, because Christianity is what we DO, rather than what we believe. One can practice Christian things and even repeat the same beliefs, but this is not the core of genuine Christian life... the core is salvation through Jesus Christ, by grace alone. But, for the sake of easier argument we shall call it ‘Christianity’).

An easy comparison is, say, Buddhism and Christianity. The first centres not on a personal God but on an universal life force, which does not include a need for salvation. Christianity centres on a personal God and personal salvation. Any similarities within the various religions are as deep as skin – pierce the surface and something very different will be found underneath. Many religions do not mention ‘God’ and do not mention Jesus Christ, especially as Lord and Saviour. In fact, other religions have their own multitudinous gods and beliefs, which vary significantly from what scripture says. So, how can they all be the same, or lead to the same place?

The Law of Non-Contradiction baldly states that if you have contradictory claims, they cannot all be true in the same way at the same time! This is why so-called Theistic Evolutionists are an absurd anomaly. They agree with two opposite claims – evolution and Christianity, even though they contradict each other. There is either a God or there is not. One claim must be false!

It is irrational to accept a false premise, yet that is what evolutionists do all the time. If we leave aside the plain scientific fact that there are no proofs to support evolutionary claims, we come to what many (including non-Christians) now call ‘Intelligent Design’ (ID). Even though atheistic scientists argue against it, the universe shows plenty of evidences that it is designed, and this concludes in a Designer; and the existence of a Designer automatically infers a Person (God). This is rational and obvious, yet it is hated by atheists and evolutionists, for no other reason than a loathing for godly things. This means they are irrational and allow prejudice to blight their every thought and scientific work, which means everything they do is much reduced in competency and validity.

When we look at the Modus Ponens character of the above, there can be only one conclusion, because the existence of certain facts lead us to deduce a personal God. Thus:

  1. Every design implies a Designer

  2. The universe shows evidence of amazing design

  3. Therefore our only rational conclusion is that the universe has a great designer.

There is no escape from this rational answer. And the more micro we delve into it, the more amazing become the deductions... which all prove a Creator.

The conclusions do not fully state that the ‘God’ is the biblical God, so this is where even finer arguments are required. For example, the nature of that God or gods. One by one we can show many reasons why the ‘God’ we deduce is the biblical God.

Many scientists (in archaeology and geology, for example) argue with abductive reasoning – they work backwards from evidence they can see today, to conclude certain causes in the past. They do this by looking at evidences and seeking the ‘most probable’ conclusion. However, if they begin from a standpoint of evolution, then all their reasoning will be coloured by their beliefs (atheism), which severely restrict their ability to think rationally. This is why any inductive conclusion about the far past must be held loosely, because no-one can prove the conclusions are correct, no matter how reasonable they might seem.

Christians conclude that God created everything, by observing current Christian life and beliefs and testing it against what they read in scripture. But, there is far more to it, for sound science is also good theology and biblical theology is always compatible with sound science. Everything really does point towards a personal God and not to ‘blind chance’ (which is childishly absurd no matter which way it is presented).

I go out of my front gate, onto a quiet, hardly-used country road. I see an elderly man lying in the dirt, not moving. Was he knocked down? Was he struck by lightning? The road is hardly ever used. There is no blood or any evidence of being knocked down, and no vehicle tracks. There were no thunder clouds around and the previous night was clear and bright.

Though these causes might apply, they are only possible causes. I look again and think that perhaps he has had an heart attack, or stroke. This, in the absence of more pressing possible causes, is the most probable cause. I call, an ambulance, and it is later found that the man did indeed have an heart attack. My conclusion was right because it was the most probable cause of his condition, and tests prove the known observations. But, if I do not believe in heart attacks, despite overwhelming proof they exist, I will dismiss the idea and think he was suffering from lightning strike, or alien abduction!

It is common today to conclude that the universe was made by a ‘Big Bang’ (or any one of a number of possible causes). We can do this because we throw out the notion of a personal God. Anything that points towards Him is automatically rejected, so we look for irrational causes. Mainly, they are irrational because they are absurd, do not allow observable facts to explain anything, and ignore the simple fact that even a ‘Big Bang’ MUST have an origin! That is why all these modern ‘explanations’ explain nothing at all.

Even so, today we can only use abductive reasoning, because none of us was there at the beginning. However, the way we think can be badly, or well, affected by our beliefs. Our beliefs cannot in any way change what is true, and may indeed be totally absurd, but we stick to them anyway! The thing is this – if we abductively think there is a God, we have more on our side than the atheistic evolutionist!

And this is why genuine Christian belief and reasoning is more probable than the thinking of evolutionists, who, against all facts, go on to make further hypotheses as if they were actually there at the beginning! The problem for them is that they cannot make first base, because their original muse – that evolution is true – is a fable, unproved and unprovable. They have nothing more substantial for a foundation than tiny wisps of smoke that disappear in the blink of an eye.

(Please now go to the end Appendix, to see a more detailed analysis. I suggest you read them now, before going on to finish this section).

God IS truth!

The ONLY religion that can comply with EVERY observation of facts, showing that there must be a (biblical) God, is Christianity. This being so, no other religion can be true, but each must be false. The Christian faith leaps out like gold amongst dirt!

Many folks today think it is ‘cool’ to use a few Hebraistic phrases or words, even though they have no real idea as to what they truly mean. And a growing number also resort to practising Judaistic rites and festivals. But, is Judaism right? If it is not, then it is false, and these people have no right to adopt Judaistic beliefs, rites and practices.

Judaism, as it was given by God and applied by Moses, was right. But, when Christ came, the whole Judaistic edifice was scrapped by Jesus Himself. It no longer applies and is no longer acceptable to God. Which makes Judaism wrong – and false. Judaism now only has an historic relevance, as a precursor to the New Testament of Jesus Christ, the same Christ - Messiah - the Jews got rid of! Thus, to mimic or adopt the things of Judaism is to reverse the acts and teachings of Christ, to deny the mode (and need) of salvation, and to live by what is false.

Look at the many prophecies concerning Christ – all fulfilled and all pointing only to Jesus Christ who came to earth. And when He came He did the most impossible things... yet they occurred! He taught and acted like no other on earth; He performed miracles and even raised the dead; He rose again and ascended to Heaven; He gave eternal life to those who believed; He returned to earth after rising again, with a different kind of body.

His effect on mankind and history has overtaken anything spoken of by human philosophers, and a small number of ordinary men continued His teaching and example, leading to a worldwide Gospel change. Remember that what happened to Jesus was documented and witnessed by many thousands of people! All that Jesus said came true. There can be no rational doubt that He was, and is, the Messiah. No matter what ‘religion’ we choose to examine, none reaches the lowest point in Christianity (not that there is a lowest point), but is dust under the sandals.

The evidence, that Christian belief is absolute and above all other beliefs, is great, so great it concludes as proof. Nothing can surpass it or be better than it. This is because all other beliefs are lies and only Christianity is true.

(Note: by ‘Christianity’ I mean genuine beliefs and practices, as directly evidenced in scripture, the effect of salvation. This rejects the majority of movements calling themselves ‘Christian’, but that follow humanistic methods and statements).

Appendix below.


(Table taken from )


What it says about the Cause

Time had a beginning

The cause must exist beyond of the limitations of time (Eternal)

Matter had a beginning

The cause must exist beyond the limitations of matter (Immaterial)

Space had a beginning

The cause must exist beyond the limitations of space (Omnipresent)

There is an enormous amount of energy in the universe.

The cause must possess greater energy still (Omnipotent)

There are natural laws that govern all biological, and chemical functions.

The cause must be organized and orderly (God of Order and Law Giver)

There is an incredibly precise or fine balance between the physical constants of universe.

The cause must have a purpose in establishing such levels of precision and fine-tuning. (Purpose)

There exists highly complex detailed information expressed in a unique chemical language imbedded in the DNA or all living things.

The cause must possess intelligence beyond that of the effect (Omniscient)

The natural world shows incredible diversity of design.

The cause must be creative and value diversity (Creative)

Humans, as part of the natural world, are personal beings.

The cause must be a personal being (Personal)

The natural world shows incredible diversity of design.

The cause must be creative and value diversity (Creative)

Humans, as part of the natural world, are personal beings.

The cause must be a personal being (Personal)

Humans intrinsically hold to an absolute set of moral codes

The cause must be hold to and value morality (Holy)

Humans intrinsically have the ability to love unconditionally and altruistically.

The cause must be loving. (Love)

Earth exhibits numerous characteristics that must be present for the existences of life.

The cause must have intended for Earth to be inhabited. (Planned Effect—Created)

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