Amongst many Christians there is a ‘doormat’ mentality, at least theoretically. These pastors and others say we must do whatever authorities tell us, and subject ourselves willingly to defamation, assault and even murder. They say we may not speak out, answer back, defend ourselves, or in any way harm others. Apart from being unrealistic, it is also hypocritical… the same pastors and others who think this way have no problem beating up their wives, speaking harshly to and about ‘members’, and doing whatever they wish in response to others. Does this one remedy ‘fit all’? Or do we need discretion and discernment instead of blind obedience to what might be a man-made totem?

Is the principle right, even if sinful Christians deny them? We will see what scripture actually says, and will find that the lame-duck approach to our lives by men with limp handshakes, has no true understanding of scripture. Personally, I have little time for pastors and teachers who make a virtue of having no backbone – they must stand firm at all costs and be a model to follow, not a bulk to hide behind.

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What we believe and how we live is not something to be dismissed or thought lightly of: God commands us to think very deeply on both.

If we are unsaved our beliefs will be erratic or just sinful. They will dictate how we act and what we think, usually to the detriment of everyone else around us. When this sinfulness is multiplied in many souls, it will affect whole nations.

The saved can be just as erratic in their beliefs and actions, if they are not committed to God truly and continue to live in sinfulness. What we do can affect how we believe, but what we believe is more dramatic, because it will guide us towards a perceived goal. And if that goal is ungodly (whether we are saved or not) we will be lost in sin, deserving of, and getting, God’s wrath.

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In this chapter Paul instructs Titus, an able and known Christian teacher, to recognise and deal with bad pastors. This was vital, for Paul wanted him to appoint new pastors in every city in Crete.

We have a similar need today, because few pulpits are occupied by genuine, called men. Rather, they are mainly self-appointed, being ‘voted-in’ by local churches or ‘ordained’ by their Bible colleges. Let us take back the churches for Christ!

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