A Biblical examination of the teachings of Thomas Aquinas, which are found to be in error.

K B Napier PhD
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By K B Napier

Thomas Aquinas is a renowned Roman Catholic theologian, but his teachings on salvation are fundamentally flawed.

This book examines a selection of Aquinas' teachings, (particularly on salvation) as found in his Summa Theologica. The purpose is to show he was in error, and why. His influence on the world is still enormous. That is why Christians must know how to tackle it. Though no longer thought to be the number-one theologian for Rome, his work nevertheless has immense influence in Roman thinking. The astute reader will come to see what makes his Gospel teaching so complex, by showing the biblical error.

First Edition September 2011:

eBook PDF £2.50 (382 pages)

Paperback £10.27 (382 pages)