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Should Christians be Involved with Politics?

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An initial broadside, for discussion

This is ‘one of those topics’ that boils the blood or draws a blank! Rather than survey the whole subject of politics, we will restrict ourselves to the question. The question has arisen more and more frequently in the UK as Christians face near-obliteration by politicians, particularly because of the way homosexual laws have been written to attack believers. Should Christians join a Party and fight error from within? Should we vote at all? Or, should we stay external to the whole mess and do something else? The answer for many is not clear...

Is Political Involvement Legitimate?

Yes, it is. It HAS to be, because true ‘politics’ is entered into every day! Politics is how we live life. However, it must be a life lived UNDER GOD, not under man and atheistic rulers who hate God and Christians. This applies to individuals as well as to governments. It becomes even more important when those governments impose their will upon all citizens, even if what they impose is wicked.

Christians must consider whether or not joining a Party is legitimate. It is a question that must be answered. A Party has leaders and a ruling committee. In theory all the members should issue instructions to these leaders, as to policies, just as every MP and MEP MUST obey the voters. But, they do not, and the ruling few (the elite) tend to override or ignore voter preference. It is very wrong for the elite to demand its members and MPs obey their whims. And it is very wrong for MPs to obey what is bad, sinful or immoral.

Even if MPs listen and act according to voter preference, the matter of Parties needs to be addressed. For example, how can a Christian vote for a Party if it is mainly atheistic and acts against moral judgments and requirements of God? And how can a Christian join a Party alongside those whom God calls wicked – homosexuals, etc? The Lord warns us to stay away from, and to shun, them.

If MPs were elected as individuals, free of Parties, even then they MUST act according to voter preference and do what voters demanded; that is, if voter preference obey God’s general laws - and so must MPs. MPs MUST live morally, without a professional blemish, because of their status and standing in society. If they do not, they must be immediately removed from office.

Wrong Not To Vote?

Here we seem to have a conundrum, though it ceases to be one if we follow what God’s word says. People should take part in the ‘political process’, because it is everyday life, but the modern political scene is far from scriptural, if not opposite. The true political process is that of people obeying God and expecting their representatives to do the same thing! Do we see this today? No, we do not; we do not even see basic decency. So, what are we actually voting for?

We are told we should not expect government or a Party to give precedence to Christians. My answer is – yes, that is exactly what we should expect. How can I say that when most people are not Christians? Easy. It is what God demands! I know that most are not believers, but God’s commands remain anyway. He tells us that magistrates (rulers) MUST obey Him and do what is good, right and proper. If they do not, then we are under no obligation to obey them. The pro-homosexual laws are a very good case in point.

Now, if a Party consists mainly of unbelievers, even if they might stumble upon sound policies here and there, no Christian can join it. This is because, if most are unsaved, their ideas and policies will reflect their unbelief. It is possible to overlook many of these, but once a policy is influential enough to completely oppose God in a big way, we must step back. And if that policy is so important to Christians that it can ruin their lives or cause major upset, the Party must be rejected.

What’s Important?

For Christians today, there are three major influences – the EU, homosexuals and Islam. But, the most immediate influence is homosexuality. Next comes Islam, and the EU follows after. It is true that British laws on homosexuality are a result of EU demands. BUT, British MPs would still have pro-homosexual laws even if we were out of the EU!

This is why homosexuality is the most important factor in all of UK politics. The problem is amplified by the preponderance of ‘gay’ MPs, who should never have been elected. Their foul immorality should bar them from parliament and office, because they abuse the system by pushing a ‘gay’ agenda. And, their very presence is an aberration on the political scene, because they are repellent in the eyes of God. It is even worse when all MPs vote to bring in ‘gay’ laws.

The fact that a few voted against them is insignificant, for their opposition meant nothing to the select few who actually rule (without our consent). If, on the other hand, we had a system whereby an MP is chosen on the strength of his own declared views and promises, and the Party system did not exist, Christians could have more of a chance to vote for a suitable person. Even then, an MP should be made to sign a contract saying that he will comply with what the voters voted him in for. If he did not, he would face a month’s notice, just like anyone else. Unless his actions were so foul as to require summary dismissal.

So, can Christians vote for a Party that promotes or allows things that ruin, despise and destroy Christians, or to scorn the Living God? No. Even if that one thing – such as homosexuality – is but a single item amongst many others? No, the same thing applies, because that one thing – small to others – is life-threatening and freedom-threatening to Christians. As far as we are concerned, that one thing is the decider, the ONE and ONLY item we should be concerned with at this time. Wait until after elections? NO! We could wait like fools and still continue to receive harsh treatment... because ALL parties agree with, and are intent on promoting, even more ‘gay’ laws, to the detriment of all believers.

If a candidate fobs-off voters until voting is completed, it shows that he or she is susceptible to being overruled by the elite at the top! If he or she cannot declare his true intentions for fear of what his top hierarchy will say, it proves beyond doubt that he or she will not be able to implement pro-Christian values at a later date. That much is rather obvious. Also, who on earth does a candidate think he/she is, lightly ignoring voters even before they are elected! It is plain arrogance.

Biblical Model

The Biblical model for rulership is mainly found in the Old Testament, well before Romans and other paganistic nations overtook Israel, and then Christians. There were judges, who sat in the city gates, to hear complaints and petitions by individuals. In this there is no recorded monetary payment, only social justice. In Moses’ day, he was the sole leader, under God. He was supported by the head of every tribe, whose permission was sought and who themselves needed the consent of their tribe. In the days of David, he was the sole leader, supported by the priests. In every case God ruled through an individual and through their sub-leaders. Between them, all submitted to the Lord in everything – and everything had to be of God, not of unbelieving men.

There is a jump in history to Calvin, who ruled Geneva under God. But, he was not a ruthless or sole leader. He deliberately set up a Consistory, etc., so that everything was subject to perusal and check... and all had to be under God. If it was not, it was not allowed into the city-state of Geneva... which is why for decades Roman Catholics were barred. And rightly so. It is true that within that city-state were unbelievers... but they had to conform to God’s word and law. While this is not ‘democratic’, it was godly. Democracy is a perversion of ‘rule by God’, for it places the onus on mere men who, without God, always end up in the mire and misrule others.

Am I saying that everyone in a nation MUST obey God? Yes, I am; the so-called ‘leaders’ in particular. Government should not be by Party, but by individual worth, promises and results. They would be subject to check by godly people who, if necessary, would throw the individual out of his job if he did not comply fully. Like the ancient judges at the gate, their ‘rule’ would be for the love of truth and help to society rather than love of money and power. There would certainly not be treasonous acts such as allowing a foreign nation or rule to lead us.

REAL Representatives

The individual would be a true ‘representative’, in that he re-presents what God demands of a nation. When every representative does this the rule would be generally godly, good, and approved. His job would be to re-present the demands of the voters (who must also be godly) to other representatives (government). No other decisions could be allowed, except as sub-divisions of the original mandate given to a chosen representative.

Today, MPs sit in private committees and sub-committees making decisions of their own, without any regard to their voters. They make policies and laws that disregard the voters. They act alone. This is not representation but totalitarianism. Life would become slower if everything arose from (godly) voter demands, and if all new policies and laws were firstly settled with voters, rather than unilaterally in secret.

Those who would be representatives, must accept a decent but reasonable income, with only direct expenses that do not give them any gain whatever. There would be no ‘jaunts’ at public expense, and there would be contracted hours of work – say half in parliament and half in the constituency, and all done for the honour of it. These hours and work would be checked and adhered to – or, as in any other job, dismissal would ensue. Above all, representatives must understand they are servants of the voters and subject in all things to them. Otherwise they do not represent but dictate!

What I have given above is a wide-sweep of what a true representative of the people should be like. Rejection of godliness is why nations fall and why the West is ruled by a foreign usurper, the EU, and overrun by violent heathen religions.

We have been told it was ‘wrong’ to question a prospective MEP on the eve of elections. Why? If he is a representative of the voters, the voters have every right to demand an answer. And if that prospective MEP claims to be a Christian, he MUST make a godly answer, or be rejected. The same goes for whole Parties, which are not godly entities. We are told that not all voters are Christian. This is irrelevant, for ALL people must submit to God, His laws, and morality in all things.

Ah, we are also told, we have a system and that is that! We cannot do anything about it! This is a pathetic response. At the very least we MUST object to human laws that oppose God’s laws! We must certainly object to ‘gay’ MPs, MEPs and AMs, because their aim is to further a vile sin that ruins all of society. The nature of their evils must be made plain to other representatives, so that the illogic of their decisions can be recognised and addressed. And, ‘gay’, or others of a ruinous nature, should not be allowed to be in public office.

There is also the idea that we must be within a Party to bring about changes. Not so! EVERYONE in a nation who lives morally and in godly fashion has the absolute right under God to demand godly decisions and actions, even if their morality and beliefs are only ‘borrowed’ from genuine believers! In this way God’s demands are met. Political Parties are not acceptable, because they push their own agenda, and their leaders demand that representatives obey what the leaders want. Dissolve the Parties! Let individuals stand or fall according to the public and religious good they can effect, and let them be moral beings. This would automatically reject gays and Islamists, etc., whose declared aims are anti-God and anti-society.

I have already alluded above to Parties. I should not need to belong to one just to make my voice heard, if what I say is legitimate. If we continue as we are, the Pharisees will again rule (and mostly already do), and anyone who does not comply is rejected and even hunted down. Parties deny people the right to proper representation. I care nothing for bringing this or that policy request in various stages before an ever-increasing hierarchy of leaders! This is elitism, the usual way very small groups of leaders maintain and keep power for themselves. And I see almost no deviation from this elitism in modern politics.

None of this can be supported by genuine Christians.... fake or weak Christians yes, but not godly men and women. Am I saying that men and women who say they are Christians and who belong to a Party, are not genuine? Yes, I am. They are following leaders and a system that is itself ungodly, and hope against hope that unbelieving leaders will somehow listen to their Christian requests.

Christians must stand firm and DEMAND changes according to what God commands! That they will most likely be ignored, at least initially, is beside the point. They MUST speak for the Lord, and not wish or hanker-after human liking. Do I care that others will probably laugh at my comments? No, I could not care a fig! What matters is that we speak the word of the Lord. If others cannot detect all this to be godly, then they are already blinded.

Note: This article is only a preliminary text. Discuss its points. See if your political leanings are legitimate in scriptural terms, or pandering to pagan, atheistic bullying.

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