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Girls Attracted to ‘Bad Boys’

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It is not love... Christian girls, beware!

(The following Article is based on several decades’ observation and involvement. The girls observed did not appreciate the ongoing turmoil they placed upon their parents, and did not care at the time for the deep hurt their parents suffered. At the bottom of it all is personal sin. The Article is ‘upfront’ in the hope that it hits the girl hard in her conscience, and that she will repent straight away and seek counsel from a trusted Christian).

A girl is perhaps brought up by loving parents, only to run off with a ‘bad boy’! (This term might sound almost affectionate, as if all that is the matter is a boy who is ‘naughty’... but the words ‘bad boy’ cover something far more sinister – a sinful character and behaviour, if not godless. At times their behaviour can even be classed psychopathic/sociopathic). The parents are distraught and, often, at their wits end; they watch helplessly as their much-loved child ruins her life. The girl, on the other hand, is not bothered by this, because all she wants is what she wants! The hurt it causes others is not her problem... so she thinks. When this happens to Christian parents the sense of woe is usually much worse. But, WHY does a girl want to go with a ‘bad boy’?

‘Bad boys’ ruin the lives of others, including the silly girls who hanker after them. In terms of human achievement they are ‘no hopers’ who live in a world of their own, ignoring morality, credibility and ethics. Though they damage their own lives, they do not care; nor do they care about damaging anyone else, including girls foolish enough to be attracted to them. In a very real way, these girls are attracted to a flame that will destroy them. But, girls, spurred on by an illusory ‘love’, are blinded to the truth and, like a moth to a flame, will soon get ‘zapped’ irreversibly.

Sadly, they think, against all evidence, that the boy they adhere to loves them back. But, he does not. His actions show otherwise. The essence of love is that you hold the other person’s well-being to be more important than your own. When this genuine love is present, neither person will damage the other, or lead them astray. Genuine love is oh so obvious! There are no secret agendas, no deliberate doing-down, no demeaning actions, no hidden plan to secure sex at any cost, no wish to make parents rue the day their daughter met such a foul boy.

The damage such a boy can cause can last a lifetime, and the girl suffers the deepest of injuries, whether spiritual, mental or physical. Invariably, the girl gets used as a sex object. And what hurts her also hurts her parents. Some parents, in their worry, suffer their own physical and mental damage; some even go on to become depressed, or have heart ailments, or other physical reactions... but the girl does not care and hangs on to her damage-causing boy for grim death.

Her plea is that she ‘loves him’... but is this true? Frankly, I do not think so. It is more likely the girl has conditioned herself to THINK she ‘loves’ him, for any number of reasons. She ignores all the misery he gives her, and ignores the fact that he does not love her. I see this as a pathetic attempt to ‘make’ him love her, and it is very sad to witness. And what I witness is NOT ‘love’ on her part, but a conditioned response, evidence of psychological imbalance in the girl, who feels driven to go with a boy who harms her in any way.

In this article I want you to explore this topic, because many Christians have had their lives devastated by ‘bad boys’. (It is fact that some men have gone after ‘bad girls’, but the fate of girls is our present concern, because they are more vulnerable. Their first thought is emotional love, but the boy’s first thought is usually blatant sex. More often than not, he has no care for love or anything close to it. After all, he argues, he can get a girl anytime! However, the same principles apply to boys who are attracted to ‘bad girls’). Obviously, our foundation in this Article is a Christian observation.

The girls mentioned are assumed to be Christians... at least all those I have observed claimed to be believers. One such girl ditched her Christian beliefs and morality by running off with a criminal who had just left prison. The reason was her secret sexual desires. She thus had the sex she desired, but lost her self-respect, honour and godliness. The relationship did not last long, but the damage it did to her remains to this day, as she is now promiscuous and uncaring. She had her ‘bad boy’, who uses women like slaves, and is now very lonely even though she continues her immoral life and meets many other boys.... who all recognise she is ‘up for it’ and use her accordingly.

Sin, the Starting Point

God calls us to love Him above all else. Jesus said that if we truly loved Him we would obey His every command. And, to obey Jesus Christ is to obey God. Therefore, we must obey everything God says, from Genesis to Revelation, including His laws concerning our sexual and other behaviour. Deviation from this rule of life results in misery and increasing confusion. Always.

It is a plain truth: when we do not obey Him we suffer as a consequence. The girl who does not accept this most basic of facts is deluded, and will never accept anything said in this article. So, if you are that girl, and do not wish to contemplate truth, just walk away and continue your life of misery. Do not feel misery just yet? Just wait a while, because it will come in truck-loads! You might think you are enjoying your freedom right now – but it will certainly come back to bite you hard. You might also think (as all the girls do) that you can buck the system and win. No, you cannot. Like all the others, you will lose, big time!

God says we must not join with unbelievers or with those who do us harm. So, to even consider having a ‘bad boy’ as a partner in life is to invite immediate trouble. To actually go ahead, KNOWING a male is a ‘bad boy’ is, well, stupid in the extreme, as well as sin. Readers should not tell me that they ‘just fell in love’ or ’could not help it’. I hear exactly the same excuses from people who commit adultery! And it does not hold water, because it is a lie to ones’ self as well as to others. Love is something we work at and which builds up; it does not ‘just happen’, nor does it mean we ‘cannot help it’. This is bunkum put out by immoral and promiscuous people.

How It Works

Put it this way... you do not know a boy/man. Then, you meet him at some time, somewhere. Now, if you meet in circumstances you should not be in anyway, it means you are already committing sin! Just look at the number of ‘Christian’ girls who attend night clubs and go partying! They are ALREADY prepping themselves to go the next step in sin, by joining with a boy who will be unsaved, and may not be a nice character. Their lives are already sinful. And they know it! Unsaved ‘bad boys’ are just more sin added to more sin. And, believe me, they are always on the lookout for ‘easy pickings’.... like yourself.

They recognise you from afar, because you wear your desires on your face and in your body language. So, you become their next victim. This happens whether you are in a night club, a party, or even a smart venue. And this process of seduction is made easier by your own sinful wishes, whether the action takes place immediately or after a few weeks of careful grooming... for that is what the boy is doing: he grooms you to be what he wants you to be.

Next, you flirt... yes, even Christians flirt! This takes the new relationship up another notch. Perhaps, on a first date, or even before a date, you kiss. Some go much farther than that, to their shame. And as a result many contract sexual diseases, including HIV, which is a lifelong affliction leading to death by AIDS. All for one evening of lust! Other STDs can lead to many serious health problems and infertility, too, some of which can be lifelong. They can even lead to cancers. But, the worst effect is on your soul, which degenerates slowly. You can get away, but this requires genuine repentance and a turning away from the sin.

After that you decide to meet again, probably without checking him out. From the start the intention is sexual, rather than getting to know someone as a person, so it is not a surprise when the girl ignores the ‘bad’ side of a boy. She fast-tracks her desires by ignoring all the bad points.

The date will not be in your church! No – it will again be in a place you should not be in. And, nowadays, that place may well be the boy’s bed, as so many Christians follow the current trend of the unsaved, and live precociously and promiscuously. And the longer you continue with the boy the less likely you are to recognise your own danger and failure to live an holy life. And you will ignore the obvious danger signals, which can include all the awful stuff unsaved people get up to. (This seems exciting as a teenager, or as a twenty-something... but what of your life when you are closer to thirty, forty, or fifty? No ‘bad boy’ will want you then. He has used you and dried out your soul like an old prune. Now he wants younger meat. That is a fact).

One has only to watch one of those reality TV programmes, showing boys and girls in holiday destinations abroad... their behaviour is so foul and so godless, whether they are Christians or not! They speak and do things that are totally immoral. After all, this is why they go to such places! They get drunk. They search for instant sex. They are maybe involved in violence. There is nothing ‘cool’ about any of this, but the girl gets used to being sinful, so any hurt she suffers is seen as merely a part of the ‘fun’. Fun? If she stopped and thought about it, she is not having fun at all. In all these cases, girls are deeply insecure and lack confidence; they have an inner depression and no peace. So, they cover it up with ‘fun’, nightclubs, and partying.

Linked to this, I watch those programmes showing accidents and illnesses abroad, where people (mostly youngsters) end up in hospital. To my disgust they almost always complain that they want to get out to ‘have some fun’ and to ‘booze’, even though their ‘fun’ and booze caused their calamity! Their sole intention is to drink until they are comatose, and to have sex. This is much like what scripture says about dogs returning to their own vomit. It is beyond pathetic; it is wicked.

Is This All That a Boy Wants?

It is another fact that boys will draw girls to themselves without bothering to share feelings or desires. What the boy wants, he gets! And what most boys think of when they are faced with girls is – sex. The girls, however, usually think there is ‘something more’, but they are sadly mistaken. That is why there are so many pregnant girls and not a boy to be seen!

Very often, a boy who has ‘been around the block’ will play a nasty trick with a virgin girl... he will manipulate her feelings in such a way that he gets her to do whatever he wishes. This is grooming. Many of these boys think it is a ‘point scorer’ to get the young girl into bed for the first time, and they work towards that goal, often boasting to friends about it later. This is a ‘power thing’, not romance! But, the deluded girl thinks it is romance, and does not question his motives. The boy has no interest whatever in commitment or love. He just wants to get his own way. Very few Christian boys today think otherwise, though they might hide it behind great-sounding biblical terms! Only a few boys, Christian or unsaved, are genuine and will not lead a girl along a sexual path. A ‘bad boy’ has no such honour; his path always ends in gratuitous sex.

So, she falls deeper and deeper into his trap. She loses all sense and reason, until she soon complies with his demands, made so soft and easy that she thinks it is love and her idea! An alternative, that complies with the current immorality of society, is that the girl herself thinks she only wants sex, but this is because the ‘bad boy’ is expert at grooming girls! Either way, she soon becomes ‘damaged goods’ and the devious boy has had his ‘wicked way’ (which it is).

Usually, once the boy has accomplished his goal (and ruined her virginity), he loses interest and starts to ‘cool off’. He sees her less and less, leaving the besotted girl bereft, waiting like a small child for his call or attention! The problem is simple – she was a Christian, he was not; she wanted ‘love’, but all that happened was tawdry sex; she thought it was ‘real’, but to him she was just another silly conquest. Her mind and heart are messed up, while he goes off to find another virgin to despoil. Even sadder, she has now been ‘sexualised’ and her thoughts on the matter are twisted by her sinful relationship. It can take many years for this kind of damage to be put right... so long as the girl has truly repented. But, if she truly does repent, God will be merciful and will allow her to change back to normality and inner peace.

Meanwhile, she has grown far from God and her life is one big pool of sin. She wanted sex, and, after it came, she was still the same girl, but sadder and bewildered. She trusted someone whose heart was dark with sin and who did not know God and had no intention of ‘commitment’. So, her reward was fitted to her own sin... misery.

More often than not, she will ‘carry a torch’ for the same boy and waits pathetically for his ‘phone call, though he has no true interest in her and has no sentiment at all for her ruined life and Christian beliefs. It is usually the girl who loses out in these relationships. And, as many sadly do, she will often leave the relationship pregnant. Do not persuade yourself that any of this is loving or nice. It is not. It is nasty, sinful, miserable and godless. It only ends in a mess, misery, and a life of human failure.

Other kinds of ‘Bad Boys’

Other girls add to their sad states by trusting and loving boys who take drugs or commit crimes. This kind of ‘bad boy’, too, is only interested in sex. Indeed, no matter what ‘kind’ of ‘bad boy’ you have, his interest in you is sex, plain and simple.

Slowly and surely, she enters the same evil world. I know of one such girl who has spent more than two decades living with a drug-taking boy on the streets and lives in filth and lowliness. She also takes drugs, and her parents have been beside themselves for all that time. But, by now she could not care less. She only wants what SHE wants... and what she wants destroys her. The only opportunity is with repentance – but she refuses to look at that option, because she now enjoys her sin, even though it brings her nothing but misery. This is the thing about drugs. At first it gives pleasure, but, with time, it becomes a necessity to the body, and you are held a prisoner, debauched and alone, fearing the future and living a life of destitution... which is far from a life and nothing like true living. (I had a cousin who did this, but who repented and cleaned up her life, but this is rare).

A lot of girls even endure beatings and other violence. How many times have outsiders asked “What’s wrong with the girl? She should ditch him or call the police!” And how many times have police officers wished the girl would prosecute her assailant, but shrug in disbelief that she carries on the same life? This is true and obvious. But, she continues to suffer, saying “But, I love him!”

Sorry, reader, but she does NOT love him at all. She thought she could change the ‘bad boy’, or control him. She might even have thought such a life was ‘exciting’. But, this did not happen, because a ‘bad boy’ is subject to Satan and to sin! At first he seemed a cut above the rest, but as the girl experiences the foul nature of his life, she starts to see how evil it all is. Even though it dawns on her, she tries to blot it out of her mind. She also feels she will have no future without him, such was the success of his grooming. This is all a lie.

Satan’s aim is to destroy lives, including the lives of girls who run after boys who, frankly, are not worth running after. They manipulate a girl, because it is a matter of having power over her. It is not love, or anything like it. She even pines after the boy, enhancing the pretence of ‘love’, while knowing, all along, that she is not loved.

The girl, however, thinks she loves the boy... but to ‘love’ someone who hurts you is irrational and sinful! No, the girl does not ‘love’ the person at all. She deludes herself, making herself a pawn, a victim. Why? Because she loves her sin. Even if it leaves her black and blue, a criminal, a drug addict, or just someone who is used, time and again, for the boy’s own selfish pleasures. Even if the girl decides to leave, she often runs straight into the arms of another abuser of her trust.

What this proves is NOT ‘love’, but a psychological desire to enjoy sin, to enjoy harm, to even enjoy being physically abused to the point of death! The proof? The simple fact that she refuses to leave and start afresh! Humans are stupid when they resort to continuous sin. What they do is practice the same sin over and over until it becomes their way of life. None of this has ‘love’ in it – it is just vain repetition. A badly conceived habit. That is all it is. It is definitely not love, even if the girl convinces herself it is.

The ‘Bad Boy’ with Prospects

The ‘higher end’ ‘bad boy’ is the one whose life is geared around money, or pursuit of it, and who only want a steady girlfriend as a social prop. His aim in life is material only... success, money, social climbing... Such a ‘bad boy’ does not physically harm a girl. He will treat any girl with gifts and niceness, but will not even think of marriage. What is the natural and real response of a boy and girl who truly love each other? Marriage! They want to be together all the time, in a loving relationship.

So, avoidance of marriage tells us a lot. And a girl who continually runs after such a boy, also tells us much about her own sin and mythical idea of what ‘love’ is. To ignore the telling signs is a recipe for disaster. He might be handsome ‘with prospects’, but so what? Where is commitment and true love? Never confuse the spark of sexual attraction with true love!

Avoidance of commitment is a sure sign that the relationship is superficial and going nowhere, but most girls do not get the hint. It is a very common problem, seen everywhere. The girl with such a fantasy is wasting her time, effort and emotions. While he enjoys his life, she pines away because he shows no commitment. Call that ‘love’? No. The boy does not care, and the girl is deceiving herself. What she calls her ‘love’ is actually a psychological dependence on another human being, an unhealthy desire to be fooled and hurt.

She will hang on, sometimes for years, hoping he will change and finally marry her. Meanwhile the possibility of having children and a happy family life will disappear. She ignores the plain truth, that even while being with her, he is likely going with other girls as well; he might even brazenly admit to it! And if such a boy finally gives in to marriage, it will only be a ‘marriage of convenience’, which suits his purposes... he gets a loving, dutiful wife, and she has to endure his many endless infidelities, many of which she will be blissfully ignorant of (or pretends to be)! She ends up in a loveless marriage, because it was loveless to begin with. What they had was a one-sided deception, where the girl wanted more than the boy wished to give. And even if she finds a boy who is nice and loving, she still returns to the ones who offer no hope! This, friends, is psychological imbalance, not love!

So, when he is compelled to marry, he will not bother to start loving his wife. Instead, she will have to live with regrets and misery, while he goes off with other girls continually. His business trips come in handy, whether for a night or for a week! The girl should have known this would happen from the start, because his reluctance to ‘commit’ is a very big clue. True love always leads a couple to marry. Lack of commitment means there is no love between them, only a sexual or other bond, worthless and sinful. If a girl has to work at it, or persuades, or keeps on and on, I can guarantee there is no love and no commitment! Genuine love and commitment leads very quickly to thoughts of marriage and children. It is how God ordained it.

The Delusion

Why do girls do this to themselves? It is not love, but a delusion. But, why delude themselves? They do it because they started out very early on in sin. They ignored the demands put on them by faith and by scripture. They went after boys who, in God’s eyes, were non-starters, and not meant for a genuine Christian girl. Sadly, so many Christian girls seek what is sinful, thinking it is more exciting. To cover up her error of judgment and sin, the girl will deceive her own heart into thinking she ‘loves’ the boy. This she must allow to continue, or she will be forced to face her own failure. Thus a delusion is turned into a false ‘love’, a constant chasing after someone who has no love for her (even if he chants the mantra “I love you”).

It is a booby prize for all who reject God’s will and try to find happiness in sin. The only way out is to repent before God, and to start to live a genuine Christian life. Far better to do this now, than to end up a drug addict, an alcoholic, a criminal, or what is, really, a live-in prostitute (even ‘living together’ is a form of prostitution, fornication hated by God). Living a Christian life is far more exciting, and far more rewarding! But, sin, when given free movement, brings disaster and misery, every time. And when it happens, Satan laughs cruelly, as he fans the flames of desire.

A girl who goes after ‘bad boys’ can have a real future, but not with a ‘bad boy’, whether he is rough and revolting, or suave and handsome! Only a fool will think a ‘bad boy’ changes to her image of what he should be. And if he starts to beat her, well, it will only end up in death if she refuses to get away. Or, maybe she waits for years until her ‘dream boy’ finally agrees to marriage... only to treat her like chattel later, while he goes off with mistress after mistress. Remember – he is either ‘committed’ and will marry readily, or he will not.

True love does not land a girl in the emergency department, making excuses about ‘walking into a door’! True love does not turn a girl into an addict or thief. True love does not show a reluctance to marry, and a preponderance to have mistresses ‘on the side’. (As for the latter, do not think that a loveless marriage will carry on without adultery. It will always end in adultery). So, it does not matter if your ‘bad boy’ is violent, or criminal, or a drug addict, or even if he is successful and does not do you physical harm... all of them are ‘bad boys’, and none of them is acceptable to God.


So, for the girl who might recognise any of these scenarios, I urgently warn “Leave now! Get away and never go back” You must get rid of the desire you have within to go with ‘bad boys’, because such a desire is sin. It is not God’s will for your life and the longer you go with your foolish ideas, the worse things will become, and the deeper your misery, loneliness, and worries. Do not stay at home moping because your ‘love rat’ once again lets you down – throw him overboard and begin your life afresh. I can guarantee that when you do this you will be led to find your true love, already chosen for you by a loving God. Stop fooling about, stop being a victim, stop going after a sinful relationship. Repent! Then start anew with God... or suffer the inevitable consequences.

Additional Information

The above is sufficient to allow anyone to sort themselves out. But, it is part of the delusion to disbelieve godly counsel. So, let me give you samples from worldly sources. I do so because the girl with a ‘bad boy’ consistently lives a godless life anyway (which need not be apparent on the surface)....

This first one underlines what I have said – ‘bad boys’ manipulate and confuse a girl:

“I fell for a guy I met on holiday after about two weeks of seeing him - I'm pretty much a sucker for love. He's perfect, which is completely unexpected as I normally go for some blue-eyed bad boy. Things have been going great but then last week I received a text from an ex "blue-eyed bad boy" - the one I never seem to have got over. I told him I am seeing someone but he says he misses me blah blah. Another mind game? Wanting one thing? Should I believe him? Can I resist him? And this drama has made me question my feelings for my other Mr Perfect. Advice, please!”

In this short letter, asking an ‘agony aunt’ for help, this girl proves my point – that she is deluded and manipulated. She KNOWS the ‘bad boy’ is doing this but is still drawn to him. This is because sin is at the heart of her ‘love’. Note how her own psyche deceives her – she is a “sucker for love”. YES, it IS a ‘mind game’! “Wanting one thing?” It is obvious she KNOWS this is his only wish, otherwise she would not ask the question! See how her feelings for a genuinely nice boy are now affected by her past sinful feelings for the ‘bad boy’? In effect, if she continues to be swayed by him, she will grow older and older and eventually end up lonely and without hope.

The ‘agony aunt’ replied with some great advice and said: “... what I can say is that if you're wondering whether you can trust ol' blue eyes, I think the clue is in the term "bad boy". I'm presuming he's messed you about before, so he will definitely do so again. Yet you'll keep going back for more because you find it so thrilling to be sexually touched by a man with an anti-establishment ideology.” In other words, chasing after a life of sin!

Another ‘agony aunt’ adds to this: “Yes, it definitely seems you're a sucker for something, although I'm not sure it's love. Ah "bad boys" - they're so sexy and romantic, like James Dean and Phil Mitchell. Let's remember of course "bad boys" are not 'bad' because they don't pick up litter and never get their tax return in on time. It is usually because they eye up other women, don't call when they say they will, despise commitment and generally mess you about. Hot!” Spot on! She also said:

“The problem is we always want something more if it is just out of our reach and we have to work for it. So while Mr. Perfect Holiday Man turns up to meet you on time with some flowers, the one that forgets your birthday and calls you Carol by accident will always have an appealing air of mystery about him.

This works the other way around too. It's very telling this guy suddenly misses you now he knows you are seeing someone else. If there's one thing that bad boys hate, it's someone taking their place in your affections. They might not want you, but they like to know you're still there in case they get lonely.

Whether or not you can resist bad boy's dubious charms is up to you. Go and meet him if you want to hear what he has to say, but I will guess it won't be much different from the last time you heard it.” (

Another ‘agony aunt’ (or, rather, ‘agony uncle’) says this... I deliberately refer to a worldly site because the girl who goes after ‘bad boys’ is in the world anyway. In response to a man named Eric:

“Question: I'm a 32 year old man and I've been asking myself this question since I was 21.

Why do women go after thugs, players, and bad boys?

Trying to be a good guy gets you nowhere in the dating world!”

The reply to ‘Confused, Eric’, coming from a modern young male, is surprisingly cogent, even though he uses the usual ‘street talk’:

“Dear Eric,

We could write a novel on this subject -- but we won't.

There may be a number of social and personal reasons why women choose to be with bad boys. Some women simply don't know what they're looking for and choose the wrong man. Other women are duped by smooth talking chameleons who eventually show their true colors (usually after the woman has wasted her time and body with him). But many women consciously seek out bad boys for their own self-gratification. It really depends on the woman and how adventurous (or mischievous) she wants to be.

Throughout your dating life, you might observe sistas yielding to players or "thuggish" bad boys because they subconsciously wish to release their own inner wild child. They may wish to step outside the "good girl" role, but find it difficult to do since society tends to hold women to certain standards. Women who wish to release that wildness often find it easier to do when they're with a man who also plays the game.

Plus, some women feel that bad boys will never be boring and will always keep them excited and entertained. This perception also creates a sense of security as women frequently label bad boys as popular, connected, and persuasive men.

But don't worry -- a majority of sistas who date wild guys eventually discover little joy in long-term relationships with them.

After a while, those wild sistas discover maturity and eventually go on the prowl for men like you.”

Apart from the ‘going on the prowl’ bit, the reply is basically sound. The emphasis is correct – eventually the girl will slow down and see sense. But, in the meantime, her life will be miserable and will end in tears, with a truck-load of sin hanging onto her tail. Is it worth it? And, if the girl is a Christian, God might even stop her short, suddenly and without warning. Is AIDS, or broken bones, or a wasted life, worth all that effort spent on ‘bad boys’? I do not think so. Break the habit! Repent! Time and again, if you read websites dealing in this question, you will find girls admitting that they get hurt all the time. They are just fools. Are you?

‘Bad boys’ love a challenge in particular. If the girl is a Christian, or if she proclaims that she is not getting into bed with anyone, he sees this as a great way to prove his prowess. He will pull out all the stops to impress her, by using deep manipulation of her soul. He will ‘play her like a violin’. All along she will think she is doing it herself, but no – she is a prize to be sullied and tainted by the ‘bad boy’. He wants to boast to his friends how he seduced someone who was a virgin, or who claimed to be a Christian!

The Guardian, in one psychology article, summed up: "[Bad Boys] don't really ever commit to you, therefore you're always chasing after them. The challenge! As women, we're kind of wired to think that we can change anyone, and bad boys are no exception." (Jan 19th 2010).

You find a ‘bad boy’ exciting? A challenge (to change him)? Or, is it that you want to shed goodness and truth, and dive into badness, sin and God’s anger? If you want misery, and wish to end up lonely and hurt, well, carry on with a ‘bad boy’. Remember, though, that being with a ‘bad boy’ can be addictive... and addicts must get more of the same, but in stronger doses, just to survive. The end result will be death. In the case of a Christian, or a girl who wishes to be decent, the death is spiritual, moral and ethical. In other words, go after a ‘bad boy’ and you will regret it inwardly. Also, God does not wait for us to finish what we are doing, if what we are doing is sin! Repent now and do not wait until He displays His wrath. Worse still, do not wait until He hands you over to your sinful desires and actions, for when He does that, you will not be able to come away intact.

Stop your habitual romp through life! It will kill you, one way or another. And, above all, it is sin. Ditch the boy! Return to God – He will forgive you. And, if you live according to His will, He will send you someone to love genuinely. Turn your back on your sinful choices. Do not be like Lot’s wife, who turned back to look at Sodom!

“Afterward Jesus findeth him in the temple, and said unto him, Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee.” (John 5:14)

“Jesus answered them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin.” (John 8:34)

“Let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body, that ye should obey it in the lusts thereof.” (Romans 6:12)

Girl, you have now been told the truth. Reject it at your peril. In Christian terms, once you learn the truth, you MUST change and repent, or reap the whirlwind. Find a genuine Christian to talk to and take sound counsel.

© November 2013

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