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'Refugees' and 'Asylum Seekers': 3

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[Note: In my various articles on Islamic refugees and asylum seekers Part 1 and Part 2, I make extensive use of quotes from a wide variety of sources. I do this to show that what I am writing about is not just my personal opinion, but is an accurate account of what is really going on. I continue to quote other reports... the message is too important to stay silent. Of immense importance is the two-pronged Mohammed-teaching of ‘smile on your face but hate in your heart’, and the practice of taqiyya – lying, both of which are used as weapons against the West. Ignore them at your peril].

There is far more to this subject than the news-bytes on TV and radio, most of which are unreliable and untruthful. You must remember that leaders in the EU, including Cameron in the UK, want to hush dissident voices; they also command police and media to stay silent about the very real crisis of millions of Muslims entering Europe.

As I have shown in A-590, almost all of the migrants are illegal and fail the test of ‘refugee’ and ‘asylum seeker’. Also, of more importance to Christians, is that having so many Muslims in the country will lead to real trouble and a take-over by Islam and sharia. None of this is welcome. In this paper I will provide even more information to show you that the Muslim situation is dire and to be repelled.

Once again, I must add that having Muslims in our country is not the real problem. The problem is that the Koran teaches Muslims to hate and to kill us. Though most live quietly at the moment, they are susceptible to intimidation by terrorists and leftist Imams. Also, the majority – even ‘moderates’ - of Muslims want Sharia to be forced on all citizens.

On top of that, our government is lying, as is the EU, and is spreading propaganda, not truth, about the real nature of Islam. (Indeed, they are woefully ignorant). This is happening at the same time that ISIS crucified Christians (at least they are called Christians) on Good Friday. The only reason Britain is safer for a while is that we are not being flooded by a million migrants. Being an island helps enormously.

There are many cults in Europe and the UK, but, to my knowledge, only Islam teaches its followers to kill Jews and Christians. This is why we must not take in more Muslims and must regulate the activities of those already here. Not because they are Muslims, but because of what their Koran teaches them, and because of their public shows of hatred for the West. And, we may not tolerate their silencing of those who are critical of them, the Koran, or Mohammed.

Hungarian Truth

The Hungarians are VERY unhappy about being forced to take in Muslim migrants. This has led the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, to speak out against Islam. (23rd March, 2016, constitution.com). He rightly spoke of the “destruction of Europe” by millions of Muslims. This is the man who defied the EU (until he was commanded to toe the line) by saying to migrants, “Do not come to Hungary”.

Furthermore, he correctly complained that ‘Europe is not free, because “truth is not allowed to be said”.’ He is merely saying what every sane person in Europe is already saying – that “It is forbidden to say that immigration brings crime and terror to our countries.”

“It is forbidden to say that the arriving masses from other cultures are a threat to our way of life, our culture, our habits and our Christian traditions. Mass migration is a low water which erodes the shore with a persistent flow. It masquerades as a humanitarian issue but its true nature is to occupy space.”

Last year Orban warned that the “hundreds of thousands of migrants today will become tens of millions tomorrow”. And he was right. He has also recently said what we at BTM have said: “Hungarians don’t want Europe to be transformed into an Islamic state. Orban also declared that refugees were a ‘GERMAN PROBLEM’.”

It is my firm view that the so-called ‘refugees’ were given an open invitation by Angela Merkel, and NOT by the UK. Therefore, it is Germany that must now shoulder the burden and not us. The emotional appeal, that millions are fleeing war zones, is simply untrue! As we have shown previously, only a VERY small number are genuine refugees. The rest are con-artists trying to get what they can from our over-generous benefits system, or terrorists. I am not saying that from my own opinions – the figures issued by Germany and others say that only about 15% are genuine. And that figure must now be out of date and even smaller now that millions more are making their way to our shores. The more the migrants the higher the percentage of terrorists!

Orban also said that the real issue is to settle the problem IN SYRIA, not in Europe. Why should Europe pay for the bad situation in the Middle East, and why give money to the migrants because their own country is poor? Being poor is NOT a criterion for taking in migrants. Remember, too, that being in a war zone is NOT a criterion either... each person must be in direct personal danger of death or torture, to be counted as a genuine refugee. Almost all the migrants therefore fail this test. All of the EU leaders KNOW this, but they keep to a party-line for the sake of EU ‘unity’! This unity places all European citizens in grave danger, and all of Europe in a condition of handing over our cultures to the alien culture of backward Islam.

I have been to Hungary with its vast fields and sparsely populated countryside, where housing is mostly in very small villages. Migrants of an alien culture and religion would completely destroy Hungary... as they would all Western countries. Orban says what is obvious – that the fighting in Syria in particular must be stopped. That is, ISIS must be obliterated. It is my view that once that happens the same obliteration must take place everywhere that Islamists are killing and destroying countries... Africa, Middle East, USA, Philippines, etc.

Protecting ‘Refugees’ from Punishment

I have already alluded to several court proceedings that freed ‘refugees’-so-called, even though they were guilty of deliberately throwing their identification papers away (which, to me, indicates a criminal character and future).

“The recent Court of Appeal case of R v Mateta [2013] EWCA Crim 1372 provides some helpful guidance on the ambit of the defence provided by s31 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 to various false document offences. In that case, the appellants were convicted of offences under s25(1) of the Identity Cards Act 2006 or s4 of the Identity Documents Act due to a failure by their legal advisors to advise on the availability of the defence. The court held that the appellant’s defences would “quite probably have succeeded” had they been advanced at trial and stressed the importance of legal advisors making clear the parameters of the defence to enable the defendant to make an informed choice. This article attempts to provide some guidance as to the ambit and scope of the defence.”

Even for those without any kind of legal training or knowledge, it is obvious from many case results that lawyers want to win their arguments, even if this results in criminals being let off punishment. If ‘refugees’ are not proved to be refugees, then how can a lawyer defend them? It is not possible, and yet lawyers assume refugee status on the word of Muslim migrants. Are they aware of the Islamic practice of taqiyya? There is a very bad problem here, for when a lawyer makes assumptions based only on word of mouth testimony, truth cannot be verified, and so any judgment must, by definition, be guess-work. The illogical nature of these cases is continued in commentary:

“The prosecution of non-nationals for the possession of false identity documentation is an exercise of the UK’s undisputed right and competence to control the entry and expulsion of non-nationals. But, there exists a tension between this right and the right of the refugee to be protected from punishment for their illegal entry or presence in the UK [Article 31 of the refugee Convention, 1951]. Given the proliferation of restrictive immigration policies and practices pursued by the UK, from carrier sanctions to visa requirements, the refugee is compelled to gain entry either clandestinely or using false documentation in order to flee persecution. There is no right to enter the UK in order to make a claim for asylum. As stated by Simon Brown LJ in Adimi “Although under the (Refugee) Convention subscribing states must give sanctuary to any refugee who seeks asylum..., they are by no means bound to facilitate his arrival. Rather they strive increasingly to prevent it.”

Article 31 of the Refugee Convention recognises that the circumstances forcing refugees to escape their country often entails that they flee without valid passports, visas or identity documentation.”

Can you see the problem? German figures prove that almost all of the migrants are entering Europe falsely claiming to be persecuted. They are shown to be either terrorists or economic migrants, both of whom are illegal anyway, and cannot have refugee status. The acceptance that ‘refugees’ are forced to use clandestine means to enter Europe/UK is an opinion and not a proven fact. That migrants use false papers is not necessarily because they cannot otherwise escape persecution.

That, too, is unproven and unprovable. The last paragraph assumes the person is fleeing persecution, when the person cannot prove who he is or even where he has come from. Note that several countries in the EU have proved that migrants are lying about their country of origin, and are NOT fleeing war or persecution! Thus, lawyers are making money on their personal assumptions and unproved hypotheses, and these allow criminal Muslims into the country by a legal route.

The paper concludes that Article 31 “provides important protection to refugees”. Yes, if they ARE refugees. To date, almost no entrant can prove his identity or place of origin, or that they are escaping war or persecution. Widespread facts DO prove most migrants are NOT refugees and are NOT escaping a dangerous country.

Readers should never accept that lawyers always have best intentions at heart: they are more concerned with winning their cases with clever arguments. Or, they are socialists. Remember – if a migrant has no papers and enters a country illegally, then courts only have their word that they are genuine ‘refugees’. Facts and figures tend to deny their word being true, and that many will use taqiyya to obtain entry to a country. Indeed, it is their Islamic duty to lie to the West. See next section.

Migrants Fake Being Syrian

I have spoken of this deception before, but it is vital to understand what is happening. In this case Pakistani men are claiming to be from Syria, because such a claim entitles the claimant to faster acceptance. In Serbia, they have the gall to throw away their identity papers just yards from the border post! As I keep saying, time and again, without papers a person CANNOT prove who he is or where he comes from... though anyone with sense can tell the difference between a Syrian and a Pakistani.

One should also be concerned that many criminals are now making false Syrian passports in Turkey... so these will be presented to borders, while real passports are thrown away. Serbian police say that about 90% of all migrants claim to be from Syria, but have no papers to prove it. And almost all the migrants say their date of birth is January 1st!! We MUST oppose this easy option – to allow in migrants on the possibility they might be Syrian. Most are not! (September, 2015, express.co.uk).

Muslim Refugee Children??

When Brussels was hit by two bombs killing many people, it was reported that Muslim children clapped with glee in Western classrooms! (March 24th, 2016, express.co.uk) (Infowars, 23 March 2016). This happened in at least Antwerp, Brussels and the Netherlands. A teacher who Tweeted the information was later visited by police, because the mayor wanted him to keep his mouth shut. This is common throughout the EU, so that Muslims are not blamed and are accepted. These are CHILDREN! If this is how they are now, what will they be like as they grow older? The answer is obvious unless all the EU bluntly uncovers what Islam is really all about. EU leaders will NOT tell citizens the truth about Islam, nor will they warn of the criminal, violent or subversive nature of adult Muslims.

This bad situation will get worse, as we learn that Muslims in Brussels are REFUSING to tell police who the terrorists are. The very fact that they refuse proves that they are guilty of subversion and terroristic collusion. For that reason alone they should be deported. There is no reason at all to believe that accepting Muslims into Europe will cause them to drop their hatred.

But, there is every reason to suppose that while we give them everything free – food, housing, money, health, education, etc., - they will continue to hate us and take what they can get. This is because it is part of Islamic strategy, to diminish the West and to reduce its finances. Nothing in this Western acceptance makes sense! Rather, it speaks of Western stupidity and treachery. Or, to be more succinct, it points to the wickedness of EU leaders who brought this crisis upon us without our knowledge or approval, and who regularly impose false details on the people, who remain in the dark. I will repeat – there is NOTHING good about Islam, and this must be reinforced if we are to survive another ten years.

We must remember that the one-time US presidential candidate, Dr Carson, said he "would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation," because of the official teaching in the Koran and by hadiths, of taqiyya. Migrants are being taught to throw away their papers and to use taqiyya routinely, so as to cause Western infrastructures to collapse, and to confuse over violence and terrorism. And EU fools welcome this deception!

Of course, Carson is too late for the USA – they have had a Muslim as ‘president’ for years... and see how he has brought the USA to its knees! So, imagine the ruin a proud open Muslim would finally inflict upon the nation. This move, to completely ruin America, is seen in Obama’s idea to fill the country with Muslim migrants, who will immediately begin to force their women to have multiple babies to increase the Muslim stock... just as Muslims have predicted.

"I do not believe Sharia is consistent with the Constitution of this country," Carson said, referencing the Islamic law derived from the Koran and traditions of Islam. "Muslims feel that their religion is very much a part of your public life and what you do as a public official, and that's inconsistent with our principles and our Constitution."

Carson said that the only exception he'd make would be if the Muslim running for office "publicly rejected all the tenets of Sharia and lived a life consistent with that."

"Then I wouldn't have any problem," he said.

However, on several occasions Carson mentioned "Taqiyya," a practice in the Shia Islam denomination in which a Muslim can mislead nonbelievers about the nature of their faith to avoid religious persecution.

"Taqiyya is a component of Shia that allows, and even encourages you to lie to achieve your goals," Carson said.”

(http://www.meforum.org/5522/ben-carson-taqiyya  )


“As for the widely cited notion that taqiyya is a Shia doctrine, this needs to be corrected, as it lets the world's vast majority of Muslims, the Sunnis, off the hook. According to Sami Mukaram, one of the world's foremost authorities on taqiyya,

‘Taqiyya is of fundamental importance in Islam. Practically every Islamic sect agrees to it and practices it ... We can go so far as to say that the practice of taqiyya is mainstream in Islam, and that those few sects not practicing it diverge from the mainstream ... Taqiyya is very prevalent in Islamic politics, especially in the modern era.’ (Sami Mukaram, At-Taqiyya fi 'l-Islam (London: Mu'assisat at-Turath ad-Druzi, 2004), p. 7, author's translation.)

“Taqiyya is often associated with the Shias because, as a persecuted minority group interspersed among their Sunni rivals, they have historically had more reason to dissemble. Today, however, Sunnis living in the West find themselves in the place of the Shia. Now they are the minority surrounded by their historic enemies—Western "infidels"—and so they too have plenty of occasion to employ taqiyya.”


“Nor would making Muslims swear on Bibles be very effective. As long as their allegiance to Islam is secure in their hearts, Muslims can behave like non-Muslims—including by praying before Christian icons, wearing crosses, and making the sign of the cross[2]—anything short of actually killing a Muslim, which is when the taqiyya goes too far (hence why Muslims in the U.S. military often expose their true loyalties when they finally reach the point of having to fight fellow Muslims in foreign nations).

For those with a discerning eye, taqiyya is all around us. Whether Muslim refugees pretending to convert to Christianity (past and present), or whether an Islamic gunman gaining entrance inside a church by feigning interest in Christian prayers—examples abound on a daily basis.”


“Consider the following anecdote from Turkey. In order to get close enough to a Christian pastor to assassinate him, a group of Muslims, including three women, feigned interest in Christianity, attended his church, and even participated in baptism ceremonies. "These people had infiltrated our church and collected information about me, my family and the church and were preparing an attack against us," said the pastor in question, Emre Karaali. "Two of them attended our church for over a year and they were like family."

If some Muslims are willing to go to such lengths to eliminate the already downtrodden Christian minorities in their midst—attending churches and baptisms and becoming "like family" to those "infidels" they intend to kill—does anyone doubt that a taqiyya-practicing Muslim presidential candidate might have no reservations about swearing on a stack of Bibles?”

This is why I have not mentioned the ‘thousands of conversions’ of Muslims in the Middle East, so eagerly announced by charismatic news sources. If the above Muslims attended a Christian church for a year and acted like family before wanting to assassinate the pastor... what if these ‘converts’ are not Christians at all. REMEMBER TAQIYYA!!

Any Muslim who openly converts in the Middle East, knowing that their fellows will kill them for it, are either genuine, or false. If false, then their truth will soon be known as they kill those who befriended them. If genuine, then we thank God – but still require them to prove themselves, and this may take some time. Do not be easily fooled by talk of conversions! Even in the UK I am always wary of anyone who says they have been saved. They must prove it by their words, thoughts and actions.

Obama – not ignorant!

“Navigating America’s ship-of-state in the wake of terrorist attacks in Paris by Islamic State jihadis, President Barack Obama has made an incredulous decision to sail full speed ahead into some very dangerous waters.

Islamic State boasts about having used the influx of Syrian refugees flooding Europe as concealment to position terrorists for those attacks. Despite this and despite warnings as to the dangers of doing so, Obama has announced he will press forward with resettling thousands of Syrian refugees in the U.S.

Over a century ago, another ship navigated into harms way when a captain refused to heed warnings he was given — opting instead to sail full speed ahead. Motivated by ego rather than the safety of the lives entrusted to him, Captain Edward J. Smith sealed Titanic’s fate.”

(Lt Col J Zumwait [ret marine officer, in The Blaze, Nov 2015)

The fake president Obama is not ignorant of these matters, but acts BECAUSE he is aware of the results of his actions. He wants America to fall to Islam and will do what he can to ensure this happens. He uses the same tactics used by EU leaders, but Europe is starting to wake up...

“As Obama not only ignores warnings about terrorists hiding among Syrian refugees but also aggressively fights efforts to improve the vetting process for them, he — like Captain Smith — will not be remembered kindly by history for the consequences of his decision.

Smith’s gross negligence that April night in 1912 cost the lives of 1,516 passengers. Obama’s negligence, which might even prove criminal, will cost many more lives among 321 million passengers onboard his ship.

Obama remains committed to relocating Syrian refugees — most of whom are neither Syrian nor refugees but immigrants seeking the economic benefits of democratic welfare states. He mocks Republicans opposed to this effort, claiming they fear “widows and orphans” — most of whom are neither as 70 percent are young males.”

Charities on TV, EU leaders, and socialists alike all claim the need to help these ‘poor families’ coming to Europe – even though the vast majority of migrants are fit young men of fighting age! They do it to soften the image of the migrants who, in reality, are not persecuted, nor poor, nor starving, but haters of the West. There are almost no families, and, as I have warned before, we cannot know if those who are designated ‘families’ really are genuine families. They may easily be decoys, or just those who wish to get state benefits. Almost no migrant entering Europe is fleeing from war. Another point is that even families have been part of the general Islamic fight, many having been terrorists, or helpers, even the children.

“Even if the Muslim immigrants were primarily women and children, they too have willingly played roles as suicide bombers. Hasna Aitboulahcen most recently may have become Europe’s first female suicide bomber, allegedly blowing herself up as Paris police closed in on Abdelhamid Abaaoud — the mastermind of the attacks. As will be the case with many future immigrants who turn radical, her own family and friends’ vetting process failed to identify her as a threat.”


“A black market for fake Syrian passports exists in Turkey. Meanwhile, Muslim immigrants headed for the U.S. carrying false passports have been caught by alert officials in Honduras. Such routing and financial ability to purchase airfare suggest possible Islamic State funding.

In saying he will press forward to resettle Syrian refugees, Obama ignores evidence of the European turmoil Muslim immigration is creating. Videos show endless waves of Muslims descending upon villages like swarms of locusts, stripping towns of anything of value. Bloodied homeowners are shown in disbelief and shock nothing is done to protect them or their property as law enforcement is simply overwhelmed by the sheer numbers involved.

Even if no terrorists were among them, these immigrants clearly come armed with a lack of intent to respect the host nation’s laws.”

This ex-army officer (who has fought in Iraq and other Islamic countries) properly understands Islam and its aims: “... historically once a Muslim population grows in numbers, it exhibits a more aggressive side — one focusing on maximizing its culture and laws, as mandated by Islam, at the expense of those of the host nation.” Referring to the first American town, Hamtramck, to elect a Muslim council, and the glee shown by the Muslims, he said: “Towns such as Hamtramck will become future breeding grounds for jihadists — just like the Belgian city of Molenbeek was for Paris terrorist mastermind Abaaoud.” In the few short months since he wrote his article, many more towns have fallen to Islamic violence and demands.

Another White Elephant?

Because of the Koranic teaching of Taqiyya, almost no border police or others can detect when a migrant is lying when all they have to go by are words. Some can tell because they are experienced at dealing with liars. But, Islamic terrorists are taught how to avoid being found out. That is why the latest possible method of detecting if someone is terroristic or not will probably fail. That is, a lie-detecting machine that examines eye movements. (19th Feb., 2016, http://motherboard.vice.com/read/eyedetect-converus-eye-tracking-lie-detector-syrian-refugees  ).

One company has this device at the moment, called Eyedetect, and boasts 98% accuracy. Hm. Already, most migrants refuse to give their fingerprints! Do you really think they will stick around to have a test that has 98% accuracy? And huge numbers disappear once they reach Europe anyway.

It is still my firm view that only those who have their identity proved should pass through a border into Europe If they have genuine refugee status. I could not care how long this takes, because Islamic migrants are like no others, for they carry terror and hate in their hearts easily while smiling at the West. As I said earlier, no other religion, to my knowledge, explicitly teaches followers to kill everyone who does not agree with them. That is why they MUST be checked and why Muslims should not be allowed entry for ANY reason.

A Glimmer of Legal Hope

The legal adviser to Migration Watch examined the court case we have already alluded to previously, R.v Matela and others, where people used false passports to obtain entry into the UK. He confirmed that the refugee Convention says a person claiming such status has to prove that he:

  1. presented himself to the authorities in the UK without delay:

  2. showed good cause for his illegal entry or presence in the UK: and

  3. made a claim for asylum as soon as was reasonably practical after his arrival in the UK.

Having said that, the adviser adds this comment:

“The section 31 defence is available only to a refugee as defined in the Refugee Convention and would not in the normal way be of assistance to a failed asylum seeker. Furthermore, the refugee must show that he complied with the three requirements set out in paragraph 1 above. There is a further hurdle to be cleared as set out in section 31(2), which states that if on his way to the UK the refugee stopped in another country he will have the benefit of the defence only if he shows that he could not reasonably have been expected to benefit from the Refugee convention in the other country. In practice a transit stop on the way would not be regarded as bringing this subsection into operation. Undue delay in claiming asylum after arrival will go against him and may well in any event affect the credibility of evidence given in support of his claim to refugee status.” (Harry Mitchell QC, Migration Watch UK 2013)

Since he made his judgment, others have tried to exonerate illegal entrants. In particular, they avoid dwelling on the fact that migrants travel through many countries to reach north-western Europe and so do not qualify under the terms of the refugee Convention. It has also been noted how much money the fit young Muslims have, which Lt Col Zumwait observed, must have come from jihadists.

Revocation of Refugee Status

(UK government ruling, dated 19th January, 2016, which replaces earlier practices, some of which have been quoted in this and other articles)

According to latest UK legal requirements, revocation of refugee status occurs when:

  • it is clear that someone no longer needs protection (cessation)
  • evidence emerges that status was obtained by misrepresentation (cancellation)
  • someone commits a serious crime or represents a threat to our national security such that they no longer deserve protection (revocation)

Even though this is the law in the UK, EU provisions appear to ignore this law. For example, those who commit serious crimes cannot be thrown out if they claim against ‘human rights’! How many are deported for entering with false papers? Or, if it is found they come from a country where their lives are not in danger? And, a large number are an actual threat to us, but are not deported. Of course, many are UK citizens. The simple answer is to firstly revoke their citizenship, and THEN deport them. But, the UK has no stomach for such hard-nosed security.

Alongside this new framework is another policy intention – to conduct ‘safe return’ investigations. Already, Muslims guilty of serious terroristic activities cannot be sent to their own countries because their countries are deemed to be ‘not safe’. My view is that if they are guilty, they have lost all claim to live here, and all rights. I do not care if their own countries are not safe (in Western eyes) – they have placed us all in grave danger or have murdered; if they suffer at the hands of their own countrymen, I do not care.

There is a great deal more to this 38 page legal document, but it does not alter the plain facts, that ALL Muslims of ANY age are a potential danger to our country and people; if not a physical danger, they are definitely a force to diminish and destroy culture, ideas and freedom of speech. Note how Muslim children clapped and shouted with delight that people had been bombed to death in Brussels.

Just One Month in Sweden!

Multiculturalism and Islam have had just one month to operate in Sweden, and already Swedes are at their wits’ end. One of the most ridiculous (and dangerous) policies in the EU is the almost instant housing of ‘unaccompanied children’. Until now, that is. (See later section on so-called ‘children’).

Two ‘unaccompanied children’ savagely and repeatedly raped a young boy in their hostel. But, both rapists were adults! One was an Afghan aged 44!! (26th March, 2016, http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/7687/sweden-negative-image  ). This kind of obscene abuse of the system has been a constant feature in the so-called ‘refugee’ crisis. (Remember – it is a self-inflicted crisis, engineered by Merkel and EU leaders, from a situation in the Middle East that has nothing at all to do with the West: disregard the wild claims by Islamists that it is all the fault of the USA and the West).

A TV programme in Sweden has already changed Sweden’s national anthem from “I want to live, I want to die in the North”, to “I want to live, I want to die on Earth”. Apart from being nonsensical, because everyone dies on earth, it is playing out an absurd multicultural game so as not to offend Muslims from the East. This immediate change of song to suit Muslims is frightening; it is only a song, but indicative of how quickly the West is ditching its own culture to allow Islam to take over.

Also in Sweden, adult migrants who are foolishly given residence permits can jump the housing queue, in a country where there is a chronic shortage of houses to begin with. Migrants have this as an automatic right!

“The Immigration Service has the right to send "unaccompanied refugee children," who are often, in fact, undocumented adults, to the local municipalities -- and then it is their problem to procure accommodation. It was also recently reported that adult migrants with residence permits have a right to bypass Swedes in waiting lists for housing.”


“February 3: Teenage girls attending the Vårboskolan high school in the Malmö suburb of Arlöv were sexually assaulted and stalked by young migrants in their 20s who take Swedish language classes at the school, according to the local daily newspaper, Sydsvenskan. As most of the migrants are male, the gender balance at the school has been severely skewed. 14-year-old Emilia and Nora told Sydsvenskan:

"The guys stared at us and made kissing noises. They said things we did not quite understand, told us we were sexy and good looking and stuff like that. And they took pictures of us and other girls with their phones. During recess, they stand outside waiting for us and then they follow us. Sometimes guys have groped us in the lunch line."


“February 6: A gang of youths threw stones at a police patrol in the immigrant-heavy neighborhood of Hageby in Norrköping. The police officers were monitoring traffic when one of their cars was set on fire by a gang of 15 or 20 youths, who then proceeded to throw stones at the officers. Four youths, aged 16-18, were removed from the scene, but inexplicably not arrested.

February 7: An ambulance was vandalized by unknown persons in the immigrant-heavy suburb of Tensta in northwestern Stockholm. Three windows of the vehicle were smashed. If the patient for whom the ambulance had come had been critically ill, "the consequences," as the police reported, "could have been dire."

These are just a few examples of typical Muslim migrant behaviour. They are never taken to task or arrested. None of them see the inside of a courthouse. That is why, as in relatively untouched Britain, Swedes have had enough. Britain has also had enough of its Muslim migrants, whose behaviour is nothing less than appalling and criminal. As in Sweden, we are not allowed to make these revolting facts known.

“February 8: According to an opinion poll commissioned by the daily, Dagens Nyheter, immigration and integration are now the leading political issues for Swedish voters. 40% of respondents said that immigration was the most important issue -- double the number from previous poll. Johanna Laurin Gulled, a research analyst at the Ipsos polling institute, told the paper that this was the biggest shift the institute has ever seen in any poll. Education, the most important issue in June of last year, is now in second place.”


“February 11: Aside from the housing shortage for migrants to Sweden, there is also a severe absence of appropriate jobs. Rather than talk about the problems that come with the illiteracy of so many immigrants, the Swedish government announced that it is now going to introduce a "fast track" for immigrants claiming to have a teaching degree. Recently, Swedish schools have gone from being top-rated among the OECD countries to being among the worst. Thus, fewer and fewer people want to work in the school system. In 2013 the Swedish Teachers' Union described the situation as "extremely serious." The government still claims that many of the new arrivals are highly educated, and now it wants to speed up the process of approving foreign teaching degrees. Critics maintain that the "fast track" for immigrants is probably a euphemism for lowering school standards even more.”

There is much more evidence in the article to show that Sweden has lost its edge in all sectors of society, and has allowed even murder by migrants to be hushed up. Citizens MUST know what is going on, before it is too late. Migrants MUST be deported, before they turn Europe into a battle-ground.

Note that also in Sweden there is a large influx of Roma – Bulgarian and Romanian ‘travellers’ (tinkers) who are now beggars. But, as they tell us, putting money into their begging cups is not good or kind. We have discovered this in Britain where there is a growing ‘professional class’ of beggars, who are far from poor and often have more money than those who give it. I know that because of this, people in rural Hungary do not like Romas coming to the country, saying they are usually criminals and beggars, not to be trusted. So, these can be added to Muslims who cannot be trusted!

Even those caught out as terrorists are let free! And other criminal migrants also get away with light sentences, if any at all. WHY SHOULD ANY CIVILIZED COUNTRY PUT UP WITH THIS KIND OF MEDIEVAL BEHAVIOUR?

As in Britain, Sweden is allowing migrant Muslim doctors to work in their advanced health system, even though their medical training is far inferior in their own countries. This can lead – as it has already – to fatalities and extremely wrong diagnoses. Especially as the doctors rarely speak their host country’s language. Meanwhile, Sweden’s leaders are complaining that British newspapers have got Swedish policies “all wrong”, even though they are only reporting on the facts! Until Sweden, and ALL EU countries, investigate the truth about Muslim migrants, the EU will suffer extensively under the sheer weight of migrant entry and behaviour.

More on the Law and ‘Refugees’

Yewa Holiday researches the possible mis-application of law against refugees who enter the country illegally. Basically, she asks if this illegality can be used as a prosecution device.

“My research explores the prosecution of refugees for offences relating to entry to or presence in the UK without any―or insufficient―reference to article 31(1) of the Refugee Convention. These offences include using a false passport or deception to enter or exit the UK or failing to produce a passport on entry. Article 31(1) prohibits the penalisation of refugees for such offences provided that certain criteria are met. The plight of refugees wrongfully prosecuted for these offences was first highlighted by Liz Hales and Richard Dunstan in the 1990s. Shortly afterwards, in R v Uxbridge Magistrates Court ex parte Adimi [1999] EWHC Admin 765 (29 July 1999), the High Court held that the prosecution of asylum seekers for offences arising from the use of false documents or deception was unlawful where the prosecution had occurred without regard to the protection from the imposition of penalties contained in article 31(1) of the Refugee Convention. The government then enacted section 31 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 which provides a defence, based on article 31(1), to a specific list of offences. When section 31 was debated in the House of Lords, the government assured the House that it would be a rare case that was prosecuted as most could be dealt with administratively. In rare cases, section 31 would provide a safety net.”

(From ‘A Place of Greater Safety’, 26th February 2014, Faculty of Law, Oxford University)

Despite all this, says Holiday, prosecutions continue.

“Of those who are prosecuted, defence lawyers routinely advise guilty pleas. These cases are also characterised by a failure of investigation by the police and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). Prosecutors do not appear to consider the question of refugee status as part of the process of considering whether it is in the public interest to pursue a prosecution. It is striking that in the analogous cases of offences committed by victims of human trafficking (related to their status as trafficked victims), the CPS has worked proactively and produced excellent guidance for prosecutors. All the cases I have come across have involved claims for asylum on entry or in transit and have involved people suffering trauma as a result of their flight from persecution. They later recount persecution such as torture (including rape) which they or their families have suffered. While it can take time for refugees to open up about their experiences, the signs are clear on arrival, from the claim of asylum to the use of false documents.”

Please note that “it can take time for refugees to open up about their experiences”. This may be true, but it can also indicate (as police know in standard cases) that they need time to concoct stories. The use of false documents or having no passports are NOT necessarily “signs” that prove they are genuine refugees! It is legal nonsense to say the ‘signs’ are of any worth at all. As for being ‘victims’ of ‘trafficking’... how can any lawyer prove they are ‘victims’ and not willing customers who pay large sums just to get to a northern country to receive large sums of benefits for life? And have these people really suffered ’trauma’? Once again I point to the very real danger of falling to taqiyya!

The report also queries prosecution of ‘genuine’ refugees. My argument asks the same questions that ANY barrister should ask: (1) If the person has no genuine papers, HOW do you know he is a refugee worthy of asylum status? (2) Without papers, HOW do you know he is even from a war zone? (3) If from a war zone, HOW do you know his life was personally in danger? (4) and HOW do you prove he is not a terrorist or an economic migrant? (5) and, if claiming to be married, HOW do you know he is married and the woman is not just a willing illegal associate? (6) and, if there are children, HOW do you know they are children of the couple, and not just stage-props used for effect?

There are many other questions to ask, that even diligent investigation might not answer! Unless these defence lawyers face up to the possibility they are being subjected to taqiyya, we will get nowhere. It is not good enough to say that it is better to allow one person in if we are unsure... that one person might easily be a terrorist who will go on to kill hundreds, or he will join with a terror cell to commit more acts of murder!

I will keep repeating – without genuine papers, we have no proof who these migrants are, or if they are genuine refugees and asylum seekers. The potential cost to life in our own country is too great to make such a mistake. Even if such people are imprisoned, it is likely they will then be allowed to stay in the country, so their tactics will have worked. Bear in mind that even in a UK prison, their lives are 100% better, with free room, food and facilities! They would not stay long, and will then be given free-everything, which is what they wanted in the first place.

The UN Is Responsible, Not ‘the West’!

When the state of Israel came about by UN and Arab agreement in the 1940s, the UN agencies responsible created ‘refugees’ (Hadar Sela, ukmedia watch, June 2012) who became known as ‘Palestinians’, through the agencies of UNRWA and UNHCR.

UNRWA took care of Arabs in the British Mandate who either fled the new State or were expelled (for violence against the new State). But, UNRWA changed its stance and, instead of just helping, it began to clone violent Arabs, making a poor situation extremely bad. (This the UN has done ever since). UNRWA was supposed to only deal with Arabs who became ‘Palestinians’, though an independent ‘Palestine’ did not even exist. Interestingly these people did not even know they had become ‘Palestinians’ – they were just Arabs moved to a different part of the Middle East. They received help even though they were not ‘refugees’. In the beginning there were only 711,000, but this figure ‘magically’ became over five million! (The majority of present ‘Palestinian’ stock did not originate in so-called ‘Palestine’).

How? Because though the original term ‘refugee’ was applied to any Arab who lost their home in the conflict, it continued to be used for descendants! This is how it is used today, without any intelligent reference to circumstances (i.e. terrorism, and the inability of PA to produce jobs, good healthcare, and so on). And guess who is the main funder of UNRWA? The USA via Obama. In this way Obama is perpetuating the myth that Israel is an ‘occupier’ and the ‘poor people’ are ‘refugees’! Something called the ‘Kirk Amendment’ in the USA has been proposed to get to the original number of refugees – which is about 30,000 only. NOT the entire non-state of ‘Palestine’!! Especially as a few million Arabs moved to the country AFTER Israel had been set up. When this number-crunching exercise is complete the question will be asked by the USA – ‘WHY should we fund those who are not refugees?’ Logic tells us that if Arabs moved INTO the country and not out, they CANNOT, by definition, be ‘refugees’! But, of course, logic and history is not an ability that Muslims have.

Some USA politicians are trying to stop the Amendment, saying it is insensitive to Jordan et al. So what? The whole world is being drowned by PC revisionism and false reporting. And not just in Arab countries, the UN or the USA. It is happening on a daily basis in all of Europe, whose leaders are satanically subjecting their countries to Islamism and terror. Thus far, opposition to the Amendment have not resurfaced to any significant degree. Meanwhile numbers of ‘refugees’ in Arab countries have been inflated by 57%. How is this possible? The article calls it a deception, and I agree.

The UN refugee rules state that when a refugee is offered citizenship in a host country, he can no longer be called a refugee. Yet, UNRWA insist there are two million ‘refugees’ in Jordan, even though most of them have Jordanian citizenship! In other words, UNRWA is deceiving the world with highly inflated numbers. The UN itself is responsible for UNRWA, so it must take the blame. And, as the article adds (to be acknowledged by blind EU leaders): “... it is more than likely that the situation in Syria is similar.” In other words, the numbers of Syrian ‘refugees’ are likely to be inflated and deceptive. (See later section).

The article continues thus:

“And the carnival carries on. UNRWA keeps a team of over 29,000 people, among whom only two hundred are not Palestinian. We are talking about a huge system, which also deals in incitement, through the education system which the organization holds. This is the UN’s biggest agency. Just for comparison, UNHCR, the commission which takes care of all the rest of the world’s refugees, keeps a much smaller team of 7,685 employees, and takes care of 34 million refugees. In UNRWA there is one worker for every 172 refugees. In the UNHCR – one worker for every 4,424 refugees. The budget per head at UNRWA is also more than double that at UNHCR. Taking into account the fact that a significant proportion of those listed are already citizens of other countries or that the lists are inflated, as in Lebanon, that means that a Palestinian “refugee” costs the international community – and especially the US – a lot more than any other refugee in the world.”

So, don’t believe the so-called ‘Palestinians’ and don’t believe the UN refugee programmes! Note that of the 29,000 workers in ‘Palestine’ only 200 are not ‘Palestinian’!! Given the hatred and warmongering of PA, do you honestly think we should take any notice of its deceptions? Or, of any claim it makes on behalf of ‘Palestine’? In this deception we see an UN organisation with a huge ‘Palestinian’ (Hamas?) staff telling the world how hard-done-by ‘Palestine’ is, while it approves of bomb-lobbing at Israel. This is yet another side to ‘refugees’.

Why Arab Countries Abandoned Real Refugees

(Source: 4th Sept., 2015, Frontpage Magazine, whose strap-line is ‘Inside every liberal is a totalitarian screaming to get out’!). Arab countries have somehow made the West feel guilty (well, those refusing to investigate the truth) about its own crisis in its own backyard! If a house owner has a vicious dog in its yard, it is the responsibility of the house-owner to keep it in check, not a house-owner in another country! But, the West is oblivious to this obvious piece of logic! Let me reiterate – IT IS NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE WEST TO PUT RIGHT WHAT ISIS OR ARAB COUNTRIES DO. Let them sort out their own mess! It is a mess caused by the Koran and terroristic Muslims, not by the West.

“Western media is reporting on the Muslim refugee crisis as a humanitarian problem that the West must deal with. But where are the media’s questions about the huge financial and land resources available to oil rich Arab and Muslim countries? Where are the Islamic solutions in this equation?

The world is often lectured to about the urgency of respecting Arab and Islamic brotherly love, but where is the Arab action to rescue fellow Muslims and Arabs from the claws of ISIS?”

It has always been my view, based on facts, that Muslim nations want the West to be overwhelmed by Muslims so that its economies collapse and we are reduced to Third World economic status. Then, we can all enjoy the pleasures of Islamic totalitarianism, poverty, and medieval practices.

“Where are Arab feminists, especially those who demonstrated against France for banning the hijab? They are silent and doing nothing to rescue thousands of women that are victims of Islamic jihadist rape and enslavement. The only compassionate women helping women in the Middle East are the Christian mother Teresas and Kayla Muellers of the western world.

Where are the mighty Arab armies who waged dozens of wars against Israel? Why aren’t they fighting ISIS and building tent cities in the vast deserts of Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and the wealthy Gulf States? They are all claiming they are “moderate” Muslims and that they are against ISIS. But is one substantive thing they have done?”

Arab nations have NEVER done anything substantive to benefit the wider world, including their own Muslim inhabitants. Their way of life is typical of life under Mohammed and Allah – poverty-stricken, except for the leaders! Below are some of the reasons why Muslim countries rarely prepare for disaster to save lives of other Muslims and heavily rely on the West to rescue victims of Islamic jihad:

  • Muslim countries know that the West will take care of their mistakes so they don’t have to avoid the negative consequences of their actions.
  • Western countries quickly come to the rescue, open their wallets and land to prove to the world that they are not Islamophobes. That is why Islamists call us fools!
  • Arab countries lack compassion and action to rescue each other despite the rhetoric of Arab/Islamic unity. Saudi Arabia and Gulf nations never open their borders to poor Muslims in distress. Even Egypt rejected the Darfur refugees who were later forced to go to Israel, which took them.
  • Oil rich Arab countries make it very difficult for other Arabs to visit except for haj. They are very tribal and refuse to dilute their culture with influx of foreigners. Third world country workers are treated inhumanely and are rarely given permanent residency, citizenship or equal rights as citizens.
  • Arabs would rather spend their petrodollars on expanding their influence in the West rather than making life better for their own citizens or supporting other Muslim nations who are financially less fortunate.
  • Islamic groups believe that refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan will spread Sharia in Europe, which is the main goal of jihad.
  • By clearing the area from the opposition and citizens who are not contributing to the empowerment of ISIS, clears the way for ISIS to expand beyond Syria and Iraq. Europe and America are absorbing the opposition to ISIS, so why stand in the way?
  • Life and saving lives and avoiding human tragedy are not more important than jihad in Arab culture.

The author (a former Muslim) of the article says: “I hope the West will think twice before accepting the thousands of Muslim refugees from the Middle East.” Here is a former Muslim – will you, the ignorant of the West, listen to him?

Turkey – Enemy of Greece

” I have the strong fear that the Turkish people smugglers get support from the authorities. In particular, the port authorities pretend as if they know nothing,” (News Directory, 31st March, 2016). I hate to say it, but this much has been VERY obvious from the start – Turkey is a hard-line Islamic country well-versed in taqiyya.

This is why Greek authorities do not trust Turkey and says it is complicit in Muslim movements to the West. Yet, the stupid West, thanks to Merkel, is even paying Turkey billions for the privilege! And, to make it an even worse deal, every Turkish citizen will be allowed a ‘free pass’ into Europe, thus potentially increasing the number of Muslims in Europe by many more millions. Concerning reduction of ‘refugees’ entering Europe from Turkey, Greece accuses Turkey of deception, saying that thus far there has been no reduction... but Turkey is billions better off”

Hijrah Advice

ISIS is giving all Muslim ‘refugees’ hijrah advice – guides to deception of the West. (Daniel Greenfield, Shillman Fellow, David Horowitz Freedom Centre, October 2015). Remember the practice of taqiyya!

The idea is to teach ‘refugees’ how to infiltrate the West (such as shaving off bears, removing hijabs, and so on), and many Syrians can buy fake passports from their government! Around 75,000 are expected in the USA each year (minimum) thanks to Obama. Christians are being detained in the Middle East and the USA but Muslims are being taken in in large numbers, by using the UN.

He says some pretend to be Christians and others lie anyway about everything (mentioning taqiyya), but, thanks to the UN and its love for Islam, there is no need for most of them to pretend. He adds that a large number of Muslim leaders hide in the West and then return to conduct acts against the West, because of the naïve and irresponsible behaviour of Western authorities. The main deception is for ‘refugees’ to pretend they are not Muslim or, to pretend they are ‘moderates’, secular, etc. Moderates can ‘just as easily be jihadists’, said Greenfield, confirming my own warning not to trust those who claim to be ‘moderates’. So, the West is taking in thousands of ISIS sympathisers by not checking who they are. In the case of Obama, this is deliberate and treasonous. These sympathisers then go on to group together ‘moderates’ to attack Western police, etc. (As more than one Muslim leader said recently, “There is no such thing as an Islamic moderate”).

“It is Obama who made a false division – political Islam and ‘ordinary’ Islam, forcing the West to side with one or the other.” And they stupidly do. ALL of Islam is militaristic, political, and religious. ‘Mosques must be investigated and closed down if necessary’. He says Islamic terrorism is an international network, part of real Islam, and not separate from it.

Many ‘Syrian refugees’ are ISIS Sympathisers

A minimum of 31% of all Muslim refugees from the Middle East to the USA are ISIS sympathisers. (Freedom Post). Probably a higher percentage in Europe. But, the mainstream media are trying hard to hide this fact. Frankly, one only has to see the hatred in the faces of ‘refugees’ to realise something is radically wrong.

The UN’s UNHCR is acting as an umbrella organisation for the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), intending to “flood the non-Muslim world with Muslims, as part of the Islamic agenda to spread Islam and Wahhabism worldwide.” At the same time the UN Security Council is manned almost exclusively by Arab Islamic countries, who continually vote against Israel, though Israel is the victim of continual attacks by Hamas and others. Even so, Israel graciously accepts refugees from war zones in Arab countries. The OIC is said to be the “most dangerous Islamic group”. Freedom Post regards the USA intake of unchecked Syrians as “national suicide in progress”. Presidential hopeful Donald Trump calls the Muslim intake “as dangerous as the Trojan horse”.

“Indeed, Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the Muslim tool for global Islamization, is the most dangerous Islamofascist, Islamosupremacist group operating on global scale, comprising 57 Muslim countries with their unified political agenda against the non-Muslim world, generally, and individual non-Muslim countries, specifically.

Goals: spreading Wahhabism and forming Sharia compliant Caliphates worldwide by Islamizing the non-Muslim countries.”



  1. Using Civilization Jihad, aka Stealth Jihad, conquer the non-Muslim world by gradually chipping away its rules of laws, human rights, freedom of speech, religion, and expression, replacing its Constitution with Sharia Law.
  2. Using Muslim migration/invasion (al-Hijrah), flooding the non-Muslim world with Muslims, replacing its native populations with Muslims.


  1. Through various political and financial measures, forcing the non-Muslim countries to implement laws censoring and prohibiting its citizens to criticize the toxic Islamic death rape cult.
  2. Through various political and financial measures, forcing the non-Muslim countries to admit Muslim invaders under the moniker “refugees”, as the current “Syrian refugees”.
    Saudi Arabia recently added another tool to its tool box of global Islamization and Wahhabi globalization, the presiding seat on the United Nation Human Rights Council (UNHRC), through a shady deal with U.K.’s David Cameron, despite the fact that Saudi Arabia has been one of the worst, if not the worst, human right violator on the planet.”


“2. They were essentially created, and are generously funded, by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and George Soros

Besides being concocted and funded by the Wahhabists, under the guise of OIC and UNHCR, from mostly Saudi Arabia and Qatar, this scam of the so-called “Syrian refugees” program was also generously financed by the twisted, ex-Nazi collaborator and demented self-hater George Soros and his funding of the European refugee crisis through his Open Society Foundations and w2eu.

Refugees arriving in Greece on people smugglers’ boats are given a ‘migrants’ handbook‘ packed with tips, maps, phone numbers and advice about getting across Europe.”

The rest of this report is shown below in full, because it contains important facts.

3. They are not being admitted to any of the wealthy Islamic countries

These wealthy Islamic countries, despite being leading members of the OIC and surreptitiously flooding the non-Muslim countries with Muslims behind the guise of the UNHCR, do not admit any of their own. Indeed, despite the brouhaha and lies by the traitorous government officials in the West and their corrupted mainstream media lap dogs about the immigration issue, and prodding the citizens of the Western countries, including the American public, to open their hearts to these so-called “Syrian refugees”, these vermins conveniently ignore the elephant in the room. Saudi Arabia (which has 100,000 vacant, fully equipped tents that can reportedly house nearly 2 million people), Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emigrates, Bahrain) refuse to admit even a single one of these so-called “Syrian refugees”, while Saudi Arabia (led by King Salman) offered to build 200 mosques in Germany if it agrees to host these “refugees”. Based on this fact, and this fact alone, one would imagine the agenda-filled scam should be apparent to anyone with half a brain.

4. Few of them are from Syria

In fact, only about 20% are from Syria. The rest are from Iraq, Afghanistan, and many Islamic countries that are not experiencing any wars or conflicts whatsoever, such as Bosnia, Eritrea, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Morocco, Libya, and Egypt.

5. Those of them truly from Syria do not want to leave

After the “factfinding” trip to 2 Syrian refugee camps in Jordan and meeting with Syrians there, Dr. Ben Carson came away even more convinced that America shouldn’t accept any of them. He indicated, “I did not detect any great desire for them to come to the United States. You’ve got these refugee camps that aren’t completely full. And all you need is the resources to be able to run them. Why do you need to create something else?” Carson also said that his visit gave him no new confidence that potential terrorists could be screened out of the refugee population, a process he recently likened to handling “mad dogs.”

Overall, the retired neurosurgeon came away with the sense that refugee life in Jordan wasn’t so bad. “It’s really quite impressive when you go over there and see it,“ Carson added, noting the some parts of the camps even had schools, electricity, and indoor plumbing. He also insisted that the refugees were “a lot happier. They were quite willing to stay there as long as it takes before they can get back home.”

6. Few among them are true refugees

“Depending on the incoming waves, 75%-80% of them are men, dressing in designer clothes and sporting latest models of iPhone and iPad. Many of them have padded bank accounts. This is completely atypical of any refugee groups in the past.”

NOTE: “Syrian refugees are atypical and 80% fake”.

“There is a concerted effort by the OIC, traitorous government officials in the West, their minions, and the corrupted mainstream media, to obfuscate the truth these so-called “Syrian refugees”, including hiding the fact about the gender and age composition of the group.”

“Ungrateful & violent Muslim migrants scream insults “F--k You” and “Allahu Akbar” at host country.” No genuine refugee insults its host! And many return home to the country they falsely claimed was ‘unsafe’, when they have accrued sufficient cash from state benefits! The report above calls them “economic parasites”.

7. Less than 3% claim to be Christians, which means Europe is filling itself up with potential and actual jihadists, whose very presence exponentially dilutes any Christian atmosphere and environment, thus increasing crime across the board, violence, murder, and totalitarian demands. The aim of OIC is simple – to Islamicise Europe and the USA, and so to keep Christians in Arab countries, where they will be eliminated quickly.

“8. Most of them are Sunni Muslims

The vast majority are Sunni Muslims, who make up 2,128, or 93 percent, of the Syrian refugees in the U.S. even though they compose 74% of the Syrian population. Again, they are hand-picked by the OIC to fit its political agenda and Islamization plan, as Wahhabi (Salafi), the strictest and most violent Muslims, are Sunnis and not Shiites.

9. A good percentage of them are infiltrated ISIS fighters, Al-Qaeda operatives, other terrorists, and terrorist sympathizers.

ISIS have declared that up to 50,000 of its fighters have successfully infiltrated the West via the “Syrian refugees” program, as part of their human smuggling 500,000 migrants to Europe as “psychological weapons” to create chaos. Recent Paris attack lent credibility to their claim, as at least 2 of the attackers were found to be members of the recent so-called “Syrian refugees”. Furthermore, based on recent studies conducted by the Arab Center for research and policy studies (ACRPS), Doha, Qatar, at least %13 of these so-called “Syrian refugees” openly support ISIS, at least %15 of them deny ISIS as a threat to their national security, and at least %31 of them are ISIS sympathizers.”


“At least 37% of “Syrian refugees” oppose airstrike on ISIS. In short, it means at least 37% of them are against killing ISIS by airstrike.” WHY NOT?

“At least 31% Syrian refugees oppose anti-ISIS campaign to degrade and ultimately destroy ISIS. In short, it means at least 31% of them are ISIS sympathizers at best and ISIS supporters at worst.” Do you STILL believe those Syrian sob-stories? If you do, what is wrong with you?

“At least 36% Syrian refugees oppose Arabs fighting against ISIS. In short, it means at least 36% of them do not want their own kind to fight ISIS, so as to easily assign blame and maintain the narratives about the West and Israel as Zionists, as usual, if non-Muslims do the fighting for them.”

“Any of the above collected answers would be quite concerning by itself. However, the most alarming one is probably that at least 13% of them support ISIS. This means at least 1,300 out of 10,000 that Hussein Obama is going to import into U.S. are potential terrorists who would likely commit terror acts sooner, or later, as sleeper cells, either on U.S. soil or abroad, or both!” All these figures are highly significant. Al-Jazeera Arabic Poll found that of 60,000 responders, a massive 81% supported ISIS.


“At least 15% Syrian refugees say ISIS is not a threat. If so, the natural ensuing question would be why these immigrants are escaping Syria and classified as “refugees” in the first place?”


“Please note that it only took 16 hijackers to kill nearly 2,977 civilians, brought down the World Trade Center (WTC), and caused the deepest recession in U.S. history; 8 to kill 130 and injure 367 civilians in the Paris attack (Nov 13, 2015), France, and lock down the city of Brussels, Belgium; and 2 to kill 4 and injure 264 in the Boston Marathon Bombings.”

Given these facts, only fools would import Muslims into a Western country. And that is exactly who we have as leaders. Why not immediately hand over governments to Islam and get it over with?

To Prove My Point...

“At least 50 ISIS supporters have infiltrated the Brussels airport, still reeling from the mid-March terror attack that claimed scores of lives. And little is being done about it.

That’s according to an open letter from Belgian police, who say they know of 50 Islamic State supporters working at their airport but are being restricted from taking actions.” (Horn News, 1st April 2016)


“Airport police in the letter “said they were not satisfied with security. They complained that employees of all ranks had access throughout the airport, and that there were insufficient checks on passengers before they entered the terminal to check in for flights,” according to the New York Times, and say that “security workers had been complaining about conditions for more than a year.”

According to the Daily Mail, the complaint from airport police — widely circulated in Belgian papers — says, “Some people suspected of having fought in Syria came to the airport as ‘false tourists’. We reported their presence but we do not know if anything was done with that information.”

The letter continues, “When we checked these people, we were surprised more than once. It was men with a radical ideology and a long police history,”

“Even today, there are at least 50 supporters of the Islamic state who work at the airport. They have a security badge and have access to the cockpit of a plane,” says the Daily Mail.”

Belgians – including terrorists – can travel to the USA without a visa... even the Muslims noted above who have been fighting in Syria and have long criminal records. What hope is there in Europe? If there are FIFTY terrorists/terror suspects at one location alone, with access to airplanes, what of OTHER EU countries, airports and other important workplaces?

“Europe Still Sleeps and Europeans Still Die”

That is the title of an article on the Belgian bombing (Bruce Thornton, Shillman Jouranlism Fellow, David Horowitz Freedom Centre, published by Truth Revolt). And the sub-title says “And Europe can’t say it wasn’t warned”! Anyone with a sane and clear mind could predict what would happen when Europe began to take in Muslims who were unidentified. As I have said many times, much more is coming. Thornton echoes the same thing, adding “According to AP, 400-600 ISIS-trained terrorists are making their way to Europe.”

Do not be fooled by that small number. As I have said elsewhere it only takes one idiot with a bomb to kill hundreds! And it only takes 600 ISIS operatives to recruit and train potentially thousands of jihadists.

“Europe can’t say it wasn’t warned. In 2002 Oriana Fallaci published The Rage and the Pride, a passionate defense of Western civilization and an indictment of those who appease Islamic illiberalism. Ten years ago Bruce Bawer’s While Europe Slept gave first-hand reports of Europe’s feckless immigration policies that fostered and appeased Muslim radicalism and violence. A year later Claire Berlinski’s Menace in Europe and Melanie Phillips’Londonistan sounded the same alarms. And there are the dystopian novels of Michel Houellebecq like Platform and last year’s Submission, which link Europe’s cultural and spiritual exhaustion to the rise of homegrown jihadism and Islamization.”

In terms of practicality, it does not matter who did what... what matters now is that Europe is being filled with jihadists/terrorists, and they are killing people, in ones or twos and in larger groups. Without a hard-line response they will grow worse and larger in number. When police tried to find the terrorist who was still at large after the bombing, Muslims (‘moderates’ of course) stoned them and threw missiles so that they could not do searches. They did this to protect the terrorist, and police fell back!!

“An even more important prophet is Bat Ye’or, whose Eurabia (2005) documented “Europe’s evolution from a Judeo-Christian civilization, with important post-Enlightenment secular elements, into a post-Judeo-Christian civilization that is subservient to the ideology of jihad and the Islamic powers that propagate it.” The result is the dhimmi mentality of Europe’s elites, which manifests in word and deed Western inferiority to Islam, and guilt over alleged crimes against the Muslim world.”

Reformed fellow Christians do not like the way I write, nor will they like my answer to the above paragraph. It is this – hit Islam hard, shoot dead all terrorists, deport ALL Muslims who show even a hint of sympathy for ISIS and other Islamic terror. DO NOT put them in European prisons that would cost us money. Just get rid of them all, including their families. It WOULD have an effect! And if that brings more violence, throw the violent protesters out, too!

“But a secularized Europe committed to multicultural fantasies and la dolce vita as the highest goods has dismissed these prophets as bigots and “Islamophobes” who distort the “religion of peace.” Yet after the collapse of the Ottoman caliphate in 1923––the “catastrophe” Osama bin Laden mentioned after 9/11–– the theorists of modern jihadism were forthright and plain in expressing the intolerant and triumphalist Islamic beliefs and jihadist imperative consistent with Ye’or’s analysis. Islam’s nature, Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna wrote, is “to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its laws on all nations, and extend its power to the entire planet.” Fellow Muslim Brother Sayyid Qutb concurred: “Islam has a right to remove all those obstacles which are in its path.” The Ayatollah Khomeini, leader of the Iranian Revolution, agreed: “The great prophet of Islam carried in one hand the Koran and in the other a sword; the sword is for crushing the traitor and the Koran for guidance . . . Islam is a religion of blood for infidels but a religion of guidance for other people.”

Jihad, the natural and openly-proclaimed activity bringing ‘holiness’ to a Muslim, is now the sole aim of almost all Muslims in the world. That is why they have terrorised and murdered thousands upon thousands around the globe. They publicly tell us they want to kill us. Yet, Europe still invites them in, and they continue to come, probably in their millions. They are kicking down our tents and taking over our culture and societies. And EU leaders stand back smiling with approval - because they are protected from harm. Only the plebs, the voters, are harmed and now live in fear. And still they keep on coming, chanting that their evils and violence have nothing to do with Islam. And the president of Belgium repeated these fake claims, thus giving ISIS and others even more strength and freedom to kill.

The President stupidly (yes, stupidly) and ignorantly, with puffed chest and sharia written all over his head, said “No religion condones the killing of innocents, and the vast majority of ISIL’s victims have been Muslim.” Islam has ALWAYS taken countries by violence, force and murder! Modern Muslims are only being murdered as well because they are not becoming as violent as terrorists! They are an ‘internal discipline issue’ to warn all other Muslims they had better toe the line or die in the same way. These ‘ordinary’ Muslims even have to sign a contract with ISIS to do whatever they want them to do. Thus, the president is an utter fool, and his stupidity will lead to many more deaths. But, he will not care – he has bodyguards! And as he publicly makes a fool of himself, proving to Islamists that he is weak and ready to be assimilated, other ‘moderate’ Muslims do nothing. They do not care, either, because they can see a day coming when sharia will silence the Westerners anyway!

“But the most powerful refutation of this common delusion is the scarcity of public protests by observant Muslims against the “extremists” who allegedly have “hijacked” their faith. After each jihadist atrocity there is typically more celebratory ululation and cries of “Allahu Akbar” in the Muslim world than marches against terrorism by heretical “extremists.” There are no “million Muslim marches,” no “not in our name movements,” no large scale Muslim attendance at memorial services for the victims. Yet perceived insults to Islam or Mohammed will produce violent mobs and lethal rampages.

Nor should this surprise us, when poll after poll registers significant pluralities and majorities of Muslims who approve of violence against infidels, and support the implementation of illiberal shari’a law. The latest evidence for such support from “moderate Muslims” comes from Brussels, where the planner of the Paris and Brussels attacks, Salah Abdeslam, was hiding in plain sight in the Muslim-dominant district of Molenbeek. Yet it still took four months for Belgian police to find him, and when they moved in for the arrest, they were met with rocks and bottles from residents who knew he was there and never tipped off the authorities.”


“Yet this is just one of many such enclaves in Europe. Ca n’Anglada in Barcelona, Marxloh and Neukölln in Germany, Seine-Saint-Denis and Clichy-sous-Bois in France, Malmo in Sweden, and many other towns and neighborhoods across Europe house disaffected and unassimilated Muslim immigrants whose faith predisposes them to contempt for the infidel and his secular laws, and justifies violence against the enemies of Islam. And despite the segregation, unemployment, crime, costly welfare transfers, and jihad-preaching mosques in these neighborhoods, Europe has accepted hundreds of thousands more Muslim immigrants in 2015 alone. Undoubtedly among them are untold numbers of ISIS-trained terrorists, many of them from the 5000 European Muslims who have gone to fight for ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

That is the reality everyone knows who wants to know. But too many in the West do not want to know, just as those enamored of Soviet communism did not want to know about the gulags and show-trials and engineered famines that killed at least 20 million. Like yesterday’s communist sympathizers, today the sleepwalkers of Europe are trapped in their ideological fever-dreams––fashionable self-loathing, guilt for colonialism and imperialism, sentimental one-worldism, and noble-savage multicultural fantasies. Worst of all, they are crippled by a refusal to appreciate and defend their political and cultural inheritance––prosperity, human rights, freedom, consensual government, and tolerance––created by their ancestors.”

Chief Rabbi is Correct!

Chief Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman “said that Israelis should not fear punishment in civil courts or heed the warnings of IDF generals, but obey Jewish law and kill terrorists outright in instances of knife attacks or other assault.” (13th March 2016, breaking Israel news.com) And, “If a terrorist shows up with a knife, it is commanded [by Jewish law] to kill him,”

His obedience to Jewish law is far more evident than is Christian obedience to God’s law! I concur totally with his statement, because it is also God’s law to put a murderer to death, and it is why I personally believe every terrorist should be shot dead immediately, otherwise he would be kept in a prison, being paid to stay alive, and still fermenting violence and unholy ideas from his cell, when he should be dead for committing murder.

The Rabbi’s call came just before a young Israeli soldier shot a terrorist, after the terrorist was already injured. The soldier was charged with manslaughter. It would be better if Israel listened to the Rabbi.

“Don’t start worrying that someone will take you to the High Court of Justice, or that some [IDF] chief of staff will say otherwise,” he said, referring to comments made by IDF chief Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot, who dismissed the Jewish teaching last month when he cautioned soldiers not to respond with “unnecessary force” to terror attacks.”

Unfortunately, the General has one eye on foreign opinion. But, why? Non-Israeli’s already hate Israel anyway! And Christians who know scripture will recall that a charge of murder may only be made if the murder is witnessed... terrorists, whether by knife, bomb or rifle, are usually witnessed, because they WANT people to see them as Islamic martyrs. In which case, shoot them dead, which is far more sure and biblical than a liberal sentence of life. It is God’s punishment. Though coming at the problem from a slightly different angle (Jewish), the Rabbi is right to say: “As soon as the terrorist knows that [if] he comes at you with a knife he doesn’t return from that alive, it will deter them. Therefore it is a mitzvah [Biblical commandment] to kill him,”

He is referring to the daily stabbings and other means of killing committed throughout Israel and especially in Jerusalem. Where he differs from my own approach is that he says if a terrorist has been disarmed and can no longer kill, he should be given a life sentence. I have already stated my reasons for NOT doing this. Even in the UK, two terrorists (who murdered) in prison have completely ruled other prisoners, demanding that they conform to Islam or die! So, they radicalise others while in prison. This is why they should have died and why the death penalty is much needed again... it being God’s command anyway. No, I am NOT bloodthirsty and I HATE having to ‘return fire’ – but it is sensible and right. Because the UK has ignored God’s command to put a murderer to death, we have suffered countless murders from our own citizens, let alone murders by terrorists! God told us this would happen and He blames leaders for the situation, saying that their stupidity causes God to condemn the entire nation as guilty. As one who has been ‘in the thick of it’ with ultra-violent men, I believe I have a right to declare my position. I have witnessed what they do if they are in public, and I KNOW they MUST be stopped permanently.

Christians yes – Muslims no

As I have said elsewhere, Muslims must sink or swim; they choose Islam and must therefore put up with what Islam does. Christians, on the other hand, must be given asylum. We do not know what ‘brand’ these people have in their hearts, but better to take them all than to throw away a few genuine believers.

The EU Human Rights Court have just announced that Christians who seek asylum cannot be denied. (Christian Post, 31st March 2016). They should not be sent back to their countries run by ISIS, unless they have had a “fair evaluation”. Which is more than a Muslim gets - completely free passage, even without papers!

The background to this is an ex-Muslim who converted to Christianity in Sweden. An apostate from Islam is automatically put to death, so if this ‘convert’ is returned to Iran, he will be arrested and killed. The discrimination shown by Sweden is stark: if you are a ranting, criminal, violent Muslim, you will be accepted no problem. But, Christians, who say and do nothing wrong, are rejected. It is a very odd world that prefers evil to good in terms of social stability.

My only caveat is that Muslims use taqiyya to get what they want, if it favours their own religion. They will say they have converted just to gain entry and to stay as an asylum seeker, the most coveted status giving immediate rights and benefits. And, what is meant by ‘conversion’? To what? Romanism? Genuine Christian belief? Only another genuine believer could possibly root-out whether or not this man is a real Christian saved by grace. If he is not genuine, he could easily be a terrorist. The matter of taqiyya is a very serious barrier to accepting ANY Muslim as peaceful, or a real convert. Have Muslim ‘friends’? How do you know they are genuine?

Gulf States – Reject Refugees

“Arab Gulf States Close Doors to Syrian Refugees” (Middle East Forum, 31st March 2016: MEF). In this article it is pointed out that a few Islamic states accept a limited number of refugees. But, it also says that these countries can easily afford to do so, being rich in both money and land.

The UN, however, keeps accusing the West of doing little to help... even though this ‘crisis’ is NOT our problem!

“The New York Times reports that the Sec. General opened a conference in Geneva today, demanding "an exponential increase in global solidarity", insisting that "Neighboring countries have done far more than their share" and imploring "Others [to] now step up." And, of course, the stress was on European Union member states and the United States of America to do more.”

As I have shown in my book ‘The Global Green Agenda’, the UN and ALL its Secretary Generals have been, and still are, Marxist. Their word, then, is far from acceptable or workable. What better Marxist ploy to reduce all the West to slavery and economic disaster than to bring in millions of Muslims? To ‘step up’ would be a monstrous step towards our own doom. As I have said before, Islam must sort out its own problems! These problems were created BY Islam.

Of course, political fronts such as Oxfam cry out loud and demand the same communistic/socialist drivel. This unreasonable call to the West has been made because we are “rich” (with massive debts)! Such riches have been worked hard for. In the Middle East Muslims have no such concept, and those who are rich do not spread it about! If we took in the millions demanded, we would just become as poor as they once were.

As MEF says, though Saudi Arabia claims to have absorbed half a million Syrians, they have no actual proof for this in the form of hard data. So, is their claim just another example of taqiyya? It is fact that most Islamic countries have taken none.

“But the onus is, apparently, on Britain, France, and America. We are destined to follow Germany's lead, a country now inundated with migrants not just from Syria, because Mrs. Merkel stupidly threw her doors open and declared, "Come one, come all!"


“Perhaps we should look to the words of Batal, a Syrian refugee who spoke to Bloomberg, for why the pressure is being placed on Western countries and the Anglosphere: "In Europe, I can get treatment for my polio, educate my children, have shelter and live an honorable life... Gulf countries have closed their doors in the face of Syrians."

And this man openly tells us why he came to the West – he can get everything free. In the West, with benefits, he has a king’s ransom compared to what he had in Syria. But, this is just not good enough! Coming to take everything without contributing anything is not a reason to accept ‘refugees’!

Muslim Journalist Actually Telling the Truth!

I accept it as truth because she has a passport and papers and is not trying to enter the West illegally. I also recognise her frankness in a very dangerous Islamic country.

“A female Muslim journalist from Qatar brought a new angle to the immigration debate recently when she reportedly wrote a column for a Kuwaiti newspaper arguing that Muslims have no right to criticize GOP front-runner Donald Trump over his proposal to temporarily halt Islamic immigration to the United States.

“It is strange that we (Muslims) believe we have the right to condemn such statements rather than address the implications of some of our extremist curricula, our education, and our regimes, and be ashamed (of them),” journalist Nadine Al-Budair wrote in the daily newspaper Al Rai, according to a translation provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

“It is strange that we condemn (the West) instead of addressing what is happening in our midst,” she continued. “It is strange that we condemn instead of apologizing to the world.”

(Conservative Tribune, March 2016)

In the light of explosive world-wide violence, it would be absolutely right and mandatory that Islamic authorities should take note and shun Mohammed and the hateful parts of Islam. Otherwise their future will be drenched in blood, because the West will not stand for their viciousness for much longer. What they keep repeating in public is very different from reality. Every time they say they are a religion of peace, another idiot blows himself up, killing many more! Western realisation is very slow in coming – but it will.

Indoctrination of School Children in Spain

Schools throughout Spain will now be forced to teach the full religion of Islam, at a time when liberals have successfully removed Christian teaching and symbols from schools. (Gatestone Institute, 2nd April, 2016). Christians should read that and weep!

Though approved by the government, the lessons and guidelines have been written by the Islamic Commission of Spain. The curriculum will teach every aspect of Islamic doctrine, alongside Islamic culture and history... and we already know that these are taught using massive lies. Children will also be taught to follow the example of Mohammed... children taught to be murderous paedophiles! And all language used will be ‘politically correct’. Very young children will begin by repeating the Shahada, ‘There is no God but Allah and Mohammed His Messenger’! It will be taught that Mohammed was the final prophet, thus making Jesus second in authority and subservient to Allah (in Africa, Muslims are taught that Jesus is the slave of Allah). In this way Spain will very quickly become Islamic (again!).

“Students are also to "understand that Islam is a religion of peace — spiritual or internal peace and social or communitarian peace. The prophet teaches us to live in peace. Islam promotes solutions to resolve conflicts and social inequality."

Moreover, the guidelines call for primary students to "comprehend and explain the existence of other monotheistic revelations of Allah: Judaism and Christianity." But it remains unclear whether students will learn about the three instances in the Koran (Suras 2:65, 5:60 and 7:166) in which Allah turns Jews into apes and/or pigs.”


“In Block 8, students are asked to "analyze the stages of the establishment and flourishing of Islamic jurisprudence [Sharia law] during the splendor of al-Andalus."

Al-Andalus is the Arabic name given to those parts of Spain, Portugal and France that were occupied by Muslim conquerors (also known as the Moors) from 711 to 1492. The Islamic State (ISIS) has repeatedly vowed to "liberate" al-Andalus from non-Muslims and make it part of their new Islamic Caliphate.

The guidelines also encourage students to use the internet to learn more about Islam, even though the internet is playing an increasingly important role in the radicalization of young Muslims.”

This is not a sudden thing. It began in 1992 when the Spanish Socialist government wanted to end the grip of Romanism on Spain, but accepted that Islam could teach its doctrines. However, since that time (of course, it is what Islamists do well), Islamic agitators have demanded more and more from Spain. The new curriculum does NOT mention anything controversial or violent about Islam. It has always been my view (as an ex-school teacher) that NO religion should be taught in schools. In this way no-one can propagandise pupils, and Islam would not have a platform. This Islamic inroad is under the watchful eye of Riay Tatary:

“The guidelines were drafted by CIE president Riaÿ Tatary, a Syrian who has lived in Spain for more than 45 years. Tatary, a medical doctor who is also the imam of the Abu-Bakr Mosque, the second-largest mosque in Madrid, is often portrayed as the epitome of Muslim integration and moderation.

Tatary is the chief interlocutor between Spain's Muslim community and the Spanish government and has received a civilian merit award from the Ministry of Justice for his work on Spain's law on religious liberty.

But Spanish counterterrorism analysts (here and here) have long suspected that Tatary is closely linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is highly critical of Western concepts of justice and democracy. The Brotherhood's motto is: "Allah is our objective; the Prophet is our leader; the Koran is our law; Jihad is our way; dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope."


Spanish political analysts said Tatary's attempt to enforce the Spanish Muslim vote was alarming:

"At first glance, it does not seem objectionable that a group, whatever its nature, defends the rights of its members. However, when it comes to an entity that appeals to religion to impose a massive discipline of the faithful in the political arena, we cannot but be alarmed. Especially when that religion is engaged in relentless war within itself and with the rest of the civilized world."

21 Years Ago in the USA!

Before 1995, Ronald Reagan said:

"Can we doubt that only a divine Providence placed this land, this land of freedom, here as a refuge for all those people in the world who yearn to breathe free? Jews and Christians enduring persecution behind the Iron Curtain, the boat people of Southeast Asia, Cuba, and Haiti."

(litigation-essentials.lexisnexis.com, 1995)

Reagan was talking about genuine refugees escaping totalitarian regimes and wanting to live in freedom. It did not apply to Muslims who wanted to transport their brand of evil to the USA to subjugate the country under Islam! The quote is in the North Carolina Journal of International Law and Commercial Regulation, published in 1955, and has a subtitle: ‘The deception of Foreign Policy in the Land of Promise’.

“Despite these optimistic words, it is widely understood that our nation's resources are limited. Therefore, it is necessary to restrict immigration to the United States to admit only the number of individuals who can be assimilated successfully. With an estimated eighteen million refugees in the world, a dramatic increase from only 1.4 million in 1960, refugee issues have emerged in the forefront of national politics and media news. 3 In response to the current influx of refugees onto American soil, many Americans have asserted that the United States has reached the limit of its capacity to accommodate and assimilate immigrants. 4 Further, it is argued that immigration poses a substantial threat to American economic and social welfare. 5 Yet human rights supporters persistently have maintained that as a democratic world leader, the United States has a duty to provide refuge for those fleeing persecution due to their religious or political convictions.”

Notice the vital wording:

‘our nation’s resources are limited’. Even in a country the size of the USA everything has a limit. If that is true of the USA, what about relatively tiny islands such as the UK? Our resources are no longer ‘limited’; they are so overstretched as to be greatly in deficit and collapsing.

Note how ‘it is necessary to restrict immigration’! That was 21 years ago! Therefore, an even greater restriction is now needed. Obviously!

See how ‘only the number of individuals who can be assimilated successfully’ are supposed to be admitted to the USA... Muslims do NOT assimilate, but demand that the USA is assimilated by Islam. So, NO Muslims admitted match the requirement.

The above requirements were based on a mere 18 million refugees worldwide. Today, a similar number can now be given for Syrian migrants alone. And see how immigration issues dominated news even then.

In 1995 the USA considered that it had ‘reached the limit of its capacity to accommodate and assimilate immigrants’, and that quote referred not to Muslims but to non-Muslims who wanted freedom. Muslims do not want freedom: they want to spread their cancerous false religion so that everybody in their host country obeys a caliphate.

‘Further, it is argued that immigration poses a substantial threat to American economic and social welfare.’ It was true in 1995 and it is certainly true today. The UK is already straining under a huge deficit caused by allowing hundreds of thousands of Muslims into the country, who contribute nothing but mayhem or lack of input. They reduce what is available to genuine UK citizens, and bring many services (health, education, housing, etc.) to the brink of collapse.

More could be said about this excerpt from the book, but you get the gist! In the USA, Obama has ignored its message and gone to extreme lengths to mitigate a murderous religion and its ‘moderate’ members, all of whom want sharia and Allah-dictatorship. Cameron has done the same in the UK, as have all EU leaders, except perhaps for brave Hungary and Poland, who still have a memory of being invaded by other totalitarian regimes.

‘Refugees’ Sent to Undermine Europe

Invaders do not always come with ‘planes, tanks and guns’. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcKjqmDStxo  which shows how a country can be invaded without obvious signs. (However, the signs are now all too obvious!). As we have also shown elsewhere, Islam is sending its members to Europe deliberately to bring Europe to its knees economically and socially.

One Syrian girl speaks the truth about so-called ‘refugees’. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXSnm4H5DiU 

“All of these players, these politicians are nothing more than puppets, they don’t serve the people, there is no real democracy, they serve the rich and powerful who run the world and that would be the bankers who control the money supply. The bankers make huge amounts of money….wars are great for them and ultimately they control the politicians.

Psychopaths are running the world.” (Ken O’Keefe. See video:

http://www.maxresistance.com/the-syrian-deception-refugee-madness/  )

Get Real About ‘refugee children’!!

If a charity wants to reap vast sums of money in donations, just put children in the advertisement... with big eyes and a sad expression! It is probable that the kids shown have nothing to do with the ‘refugee problem’ in the Middle East, and perhaps they are ‘sad’ because their mother told them they cannot have sweets because they are about to have lunch! Remember – it is just marketing.

Having said that, there are VERY FEW Muslim children and VERY FEW actual Muslim families, coming to Europe. I have referred to this delusion elsewhere and repeat here: If these migrants throw away their papers, how do we know the children are actually children? How do we know what country they come from? How do we know that their ‘parents’ are actually their parents?

“Men sporting beards but posing as child refugees are invading Sweden and begging for money and support for their pleas to be allowed to stay in the country.

More than 1,200 Muslim "children" sporting beards swarmed into Stockholm in a single day, holding signs requesting passersby to support their refugee status claims and petitions for permission to stay, according to a report by WND.”

(Christian Today, October 2015)


“Citing Gateway Pundit, the report said the bearded men incongruously posing as children even penned their signs in Swedish in hopes of gathering more sympathy and monetary donations.

The Swedish government is reportedly struggling to find accommodation for these "children" and other migrants while at the same time trying to address the growing concern among its people.

WND slammed the migrants for their obvious deception. It also blamed the Swedish government and its left-wing supporters for creating the problem.”


"These adult Muslim males are entering the country by lying that they are 'children' in order to take advantage of the insane asylum and refugee policy in Europe [that] demands that all 'children' automatically get their asylum application fast tracked and cleared,'' Gateway Pundit said.

"Meanwhile the Swedish people work hard with low pays and high taxes to pay for this exploitation of an insane asylum system."

In 2005 my wife and I were in Berlin. As we walked back to the Berlin Gate, we saw a young woman, who looked Middle Eastern, set up a ‘post’ on a corner. She sported a brand new pram and a child (hers? Maybe), wore very smart new clothes, and held a professionally printed sign asking for money. The following year, we saw a very similar act of begging on the Charles Bridge in Prague. This time the beggar was a man, again possibly Muslim, crying out to passers-by, on his knees, with a bowl in front. As one very familiar with tactics used by both Muslims and beggars in the UK, I walked past. This is not due to lack of compassion; it is due to knowing too much about people who beg, and then go home to their own houses or apartments, to enjoy the state benefits they already have!

The refugee system is indeed ‘insane’. Though the ‘children’ are so obviously grown men, they are STILL treated as children by the state! And why should the state (in whatever EU country) not carry on in its stupidity, when they are using tax-payer’s money and not that of the politicians? “Gateway Pundit admitted that "the socialists are hell bent on destroying Western economy and culture beyond repair and recognition." This is a fact. The world is careering towards a one world government, but to be successful quickly it has to destroy capitalism and bring in communism. The giving of state benefits is a good way to ‘redistribute wealth’ from those who have to pay for it, to those who contribute nothing at all. Fools all! Wicked all!

Amazing What a chair Can Do

In January, a huge furniture shipment was being sent to refugees in Greece, to help them live amidst hardship. But, when Greek border agents looked at the shipment, it actually contained a staggering 52 tons of guns and ammunition in 14 containers destined to move on to mainland Europe. That is, guns for terrorists. This led the source to say this is to help the ‘armed invasion of Europe by Muslims’. (http://beforeitsnews.com/immigration/2016/01/refugee-deception-arms-show-up-in-greece-instead-of-furniture-for-the-refugees-2452334.html  ).

Note that the majority of so-called ‘refugees’ are very fit, well-muscled young men. There are almost no families or older couples. The arms shipment above is only ONE shipment out of many hundreds that enter Europe every single day. Only a random check is made by border security staff in each EU country, and, in Calais, the use of microwave technology has been banned from searching lorries, just in case it harms illegals inside! (But, illegals can come in to kill us!).

Leftists Encourage Terror Intake

“The political left have, throughout the period of the flood of migrants, engaged in a feeding frenzy in which they have disgracefully used the "migrant crisis" to further their political battle against the opponents they despise so much; those who dare to hold a different view.

We, the public and the politicians in the West, who are not of the "left" persuasion are regularly admonished for our "inhuman"thoughts, our lack of compassion, our lack of desire to help and so on ...”


“We are told we demonise and dehumanise "refugees" all of whom are, we are told, without fault and are always innocent and incapable of even a bad thought. Such is the innocence of the left-wing student and the sinister intent of the more malicious left-wing anarchist, bent on the destruction of the "West" and where they cannot achieve that, blaming the West for all the World's ills. If a group of terrorists attack the West, it is not their fault so the leftists tell us, but the fault of evil, colonial Western "foreign policy". ISIS they have a little more trouble with, as ISIS or the more accurate name of "Daesh" is beyond reason and, as if to prove it, also rapes and murders other Muslim, though you'll find little condemnation of even Daesh among the ranks of the political left.

Apparently, so the unchanging monologue goes, the troubles in Calais are also the fault of the terrible "right-wing media" and yes, even of the public too!”

Sadly, the same tiresome monologue can be heard amongst Christians, who obviously do not realise they are repeating propaganda spread not only by outward Muslims, but also by Obama and his cronies, and all EU leaders! It seems none of them has read history undoctored by liberals. If they had read unbiased historical narratives, they would find that it is Islam that is to blame, not the West. But, as I have shown in a much earlier section, Islam uses this mirror-accusation to great advantage... as soon as they are blamed (for anything) they immediately fire-back with accusations of what they say are similar historic actions on the part of the West. Only the ‘useful idiots’ in the West do not bother to check the facts! They therefore do not see that the ‘similarity’ is all in Islam’s head.


The West is in mortal danger from Islam, through the unchecked Muslim hordes entering their countries. We are in danger on many fronts – violence, murder, rape, theft, burnings... and also from the simple fact that no country can afford to take these people in. Remember, virtually NONE of the migrants are fleeing war!

A far worse problem exists. It is non-assimilation of Muslims, because they want everybody in their host countries to bow-down to Allah... or else. Their very presence is ruining all semblance of Western culture, and the end of the West will come VERY soon. The greater the influx of migrants, the faster we will fall.

This means ALL Christians and Jews, and ALL Muslims who reject violence (very few) will know the wrath of willing psychopathic killers, even in our own countries. They have not come to escape violence in their own countries, they have come to perpetuate and increase violence! This is why they are here – to clean out our national treasuries, and to crush us with Islam, taking us back to medieval days.

Christians will not be allowed to worship God. They will not witness openly. They will be put to death. They will even pay taxes to Muslims (protection money – if Muslims feel like letting us live). Do not believe this? Then look at EVERY country where Islam rules! Look at Christians in those countries who pay Muslim taxes to stay alive.

The great Muslim migration is about taking everything we have, and not paying anything back. It is about subjugating every Westerner, like it or not.

In every Islamic country progress does not occur. There are no great scientific actions and findings. There are no great writers. There is no true art. Music must be (as in Nazi Germany and communist Russia) approved by Islamic thugs and play the tune that Mohammed might have liked. Education is limited to the Arabic alphabet and to propagandising children and students with Allah-ifics. There is no freedom of thought and no free expression of ideas. Those who differ are beheaded.

All of this is what we can now expect.

The ONLY way to deal with it is to stop migration of Muslims to this country, stop any political influence they try to exert through parliament (because it is subversive, if not treasonous), stop home-grown terror affiliation. Deport those who show terroristic leanings, even if they have not yet murdered anyone. Do the same with their families. Let them enjoy the Islamism they so desperately want to copy.

ALL terrorists who kill MUST be put to death, without publicity, except to say who they are. Islam must be cut down to size, before it cuts us down, literally.

Christians have no just cause to side with Islam – God hates idolatry and pagan false religions. Islam is possibly the only (fake) religion that calls for the death of ‘infidels’. It is also the only one to do this publicly and without penalty. For these and many other reasons above, Christians should not befriend Islam or Muslims in general. They may speak on a private level to individuals, IF the Holy Spirit GENUINELY calls them to do so. Other than that rare occasion, Christians MUST assert the superiority of God over Allah, strongly and without excuse. This means we CANNOT join with Muslims in group faith sessions! (Indeed, the same applies to ANY ecumenical movement, which is an offence against Almighty God).

Also remember that all the evils Muslims point to in the West are freely indulged-in by Muslims! They drink, smoke, take drugs, watch pornography, rape and kill! And many even eat and drink during Ramadan day-time.

I have now written three long articles on the Islamic invasion that has already reduced Europe to nothing, and deceived so many Christians. And Islamists laugh, because they see in this the weakness of Western leaders; and they are right! If readers are not warned by now, they never will be. These same gullible people will fall to Islamic lies, taqiyya. In effect they will be the first to point out fellow believers when Islamic thugs knock on the door.

Do not, by the way, think I am hateful or lacking in compassion. Genuine refugees have my compassion, but all the others (the majority) do not. Nor do I hate them. However, I do hate Islam and do not respect the religion. As I have said many times, I cannot love or support what/who God hates. Christians must learn how to distinguish reality and fantasy, what is good and what is wicked.





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