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Fact About Christian Life, 101

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There are certain fixed truths about living the Christian life. Do you know what they are? I will concentrate on just one of them… read the questions below and then see if your answers meet God’s demand.

  1. If you plunge your hand into a pot of red paint, what colour does it come out as?

  2. If you deliberately enter a room filled with people dying of a rare and untreatable disease that starts to kill on contact – what will happen to you?

  3. If you decide to swim in a large bath of the most corrosive acid on earth – what will happen?

  4. If you walk into a public house where the worst violent men meet, what will they likely do to you?

  5. If you run with criminals after they rob a bank and refuse to stop for armed police, what do you think will be your end?

  6. If you choose to become friendly with wicked people, will you come away morally unscathed?

How did you go? Do you think your answers comply with what God expects of you? Now read the following:

“Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.” (Psalm 1:1)

Verses 2 and 3 describe the man who refuses to be in the company of sinners, especially if they scorn the Lord. To ‘walk’, halak, is to act, speak and go along with, the ungodly in their chosen sinful purposes… to live as they do. To stand, ‘amad, in their company means to be established in the ways of sinners, chatta’, which exposes one to be condemned as an offender. To sit amongst them is to dwell comfortably amongst them, mowshab, when they scorn God, luwts. That is, because they are unsaved and sinful they laugh in derision at God and everything godly, mocking those who dare oppose them with truth, and teaching others to do the same.

This verse contains the three ‘positions’ of believers who move away from the narrow path and into the territory of the sinful. They walk, stand and sit… showing that they have adopted the ways, words and thoughts of the godless many. Can you now see the relevance of the six questions above? Did you come up with the right answers??

Even if you immediately pull your hand out of the red paint, it will take a time to clean it off. But, the question is – why do it in the first place?

If you foolishly enter a room of dying people knowing you will also die – is that witless, or is it a good thing?

How long can you swim in a bath of the most corrosive acid? A few minutes at most?

Instead of going into a normal café for lunch, will you come away from the public house freely or injured, or even worse?

To add some excitement to your life you decide to run alongside bank robbers and the police open fire. Will you end up dead?

God tells us we should not enter the den of the wicked, because it will affect us morally and spiritually, whether temporarily or for the rest of our lives.

It does not matter why you decide to walk, sit or stand in the places where the ungodly are. If you do so deliberately, you WILL be affected, morally, ethically and spiritually. When God saves us, He does NOT expect us to re-enter the very environments where godless people are. To do so is to join with the scorners and detractors, as if one of them, sending a very clear signal to the Lord that you think nothing of His salvation. This can be done in so many ways – which is why believers MUST, of necessity, be VERY careful about the way they conduct their lives.

To put it bluntly, to go into the places inhabited by sinners, or where they congregate, or where they plot evil, is to cast God’s holiness aside and to adopt the persona of the wicked. The reasons for doing so are irrelevant – because God commands us not to do so. Any reasons given are just excuses and will never be accepted by the Lord.

Spies were sent by Joshua to see if the Hebrews could take the land of Canaan. They hid and lurked, moved in the shadows and tried not to look different – but not once did they become like those they spied on. So, they returned to Joshua untainted by the many sins of the Canaanite nations.

When Christians enter the lair of Satan’s people and pretend to be just like them, they dishonour God and bring shame upon themselves. In their case the paint sticks and cannot be washed off, as they walk, stand and sit amongst the ungodly. No reason on earth can justify such a betrayal.

So, friends, if you deliberately join with sinners and speak think and act as they do, do not delude yourself - you WILL come away touched by their sins. You WILL be tainted. Why? Because you are doing what God has openly commanded you NOT to do. God will not bless you if you thus defy Him.

Now read the rest of Psalm 1…

The saved man delights in everything to do with God and seeks to practice everything the Holy Spirit lays on his heart, which will always be good, holy and pure. He does not want us to go back into the places of sinners, because it would be like a dog returning to its own vomit (2 Peter 2:22). And if they return to the places of sinners for financial gain, God will make sure they do no good, and will cast them away from Himself. It is like eating a small amount of bad food we should not have – we vomit it out again, and “lose (our) sweet words”… we cannot simultaneously be amongst sinners and speak truth at the same time. (Proverbs 23:8). We cannot meditate on God’s law and, at the same time, dwell on the unlawful ways of sinners we mingle with. (Psalm 1:2). Obviously, the more time we spend with unbelievers the less time we can spend with God and in His service.

The saved man will not want to be amongst evil men, but wants to live peaceably as a tree next to a river, bringing forth beautiful fruit and living long; his life does not perish as do the lives of sinners. And, by living as God wishes him to live, he will prosper. Maybe not financially, but definitely spiritually, which is far more important.

But, those who are ungodly “are not so”. Like chaff or rubbish, they are blown away with the wind… and the believer who joins with them will suffer the same fate. What shame is upon those who enter Heaven, but in this life they dishonour the Lord! The sinners they live amongst do not hear His testimony… for if he spoke out they would kick him out of their presence. The believer who foolishly joins with unbelievers, pretending to be the same (some worse than others), will limp into Heaven, while sinners they lived amongst will enter hell, perhaps even shouting “You KNEW about this and didn’t tell us!” And so they are confined in Hell, never to know the wonderment of being in the “congregation of the righteous”.

And if you are amongst those who join with sinners and act as they do, remember that God knows His own, but “the ungodly shall perish”. And be warned – what you think you might gain by being amongst sinners and pretending to be like them, will also perish.

Anyone can fall to the lie of sinful behaviour, words and thought. But, to deliberately choose to do so is itself a grave sin, one that the Lord will penalise you for. You think you get away with it, but He watches and waits… will you repent, or will you carry on the pretence of sin? If you do the latter then you actually sin and cannot escape the consequences. This is because pretending to be sinful is exactly the same as being sinful, because God warns you not to do it - we are to shun even the appearance of sin. (1 Thessalonians 5:22). There is, then, no excuse.

Think carefully, friends. If you are like this, come away immediately, for you do not know if the Lord will cut you down soon. Or, much worse, He might allow you to carry on, perhaps gaining much by way of finances or plaudits… but, He will withdraw His active presence. And THAT, my fellow believers, is the worst judgment we can have on this earth. Search your life, repent and live!

These are basic facts of Christian life. Do you know all the others, too?

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