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The Toronto Blessing - a Summary (1994)

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We have already published a number of articles on what has been called the 'Toronto Blessing'. In this paper, therefore, a summary will be given that accurately portrays the situation. The first and most important fact to note, is that the 'Blessing' is not of God, but is a part of Satanic strategy. Satan can appear as an angel of light, and he is certainly shining brilliantly today! What is most phenomenal about this false 'Blessing' is the way thousands of Christians (and those who think they are Christians) are literally flocking to 'Blessing' meetings, despite the glaringly obvious evil source of all that is happening in them.

Some critics do not understand why we are making such 'a big fuss' and insist we ought to 'wait and see' what the outcome of the whole episode will be, before we make such weighty statements as the above. But that is not scriptural! Our work involves us as watchmen. Our task is to keep vigilant and to warn others of approaching dangers. We see the dangers and now we tell others to beware. What appears to be good is, in fact, bad. God's word does NOT tell us to 'wait and see' if something is of God, or not, when He has already given discernment (and scripture) in the matter! The evidence that this movement is not of God is overwhelming, yet charismatics (in particular) and others are being drawn without resistance. This points to delusion.

The original 'leaders' (or should we call them 'founders'?) of this movement teach and preach heresy, yet we are supposed to ignore it. I have heard tapes of them, watched videos, and talked with charismatics. Their meetings are nothing but Satanic ploys. The voices of Rodney Browne and his brother can be heard changing as they speak. Those who have experience in dealing with demonic possession or oppression recognise this to be a sign of demonic, not God's, presence. Play these parts backwards and you can hear other words being spoken...Browne can be heard gloating "Yes, Satan - they're the herd"*! His brother, on the other hand, pleads for Rodney to bind Satan and to help him to resist.

Like other cult activities, charismaticism now has a standard set of responses to those of us who oppose the whole 'Blessing'. They even use the same words and phrases! This is defensive, not something borne of true assurance. Many charismatic leaders now accept that a high proportion of the phenomena in meetings is false or even demonic. Yet, they are allowed to continue and are even encouraged. Leaders claim the phenomena are authentic and are just like those experienced in former 'revivals'. This is a lie, yet sheep-like followers make the same claims.

Knowing the phenomena are a real threat to acceptance, leaders try to shift emphasis, by saying we must now ignore the phenomena and simply accept the 'fruit of the spirit' evidenced in so many lives. Frankly, we do NOT accept they are Holy Spirit 'fruit' because they CANNOT be true fruit! (See Article on the subject). They are not accepted because scripture says otherwise.

Rodney Browne scorns those who want to examine the spirits and says that we must simply jump head-first into the 'Blessing' and listen to our 'hearts'. This suggestion should warn us, for it directly opposes what God tells us to do. I watched a four-hour video of a Rodney Browne meeting. I was horrified by it as people did exactly what they were told to do! Significantly, when he touched people, he placed his hands on their abdomens in order for them to 'receive the Spirit'. This is an occult practice. The people he touched then experienced a variety of occult symptoms, such as falling down, being thrown backward, laughing hysterically, etc. In a number of people (including the well known), there were sudden and dramatic changes in their faces and actions, which I recognise from dealing with people possessed/oppressed by demons. In their cases, they were certainly not being hysterical or merely hypnotised. Some of them were clearly distressed but, once they 'came out' of their state, they appeared to be unaware of what had happened. It was sickening to watch. (See assessment in Article A-036).

What we are seeing today is the dramatic unfolding of Biblical prophecy. The Toronto Blessing, building on the excesses and heresies of the charismatic movement, is spearheading a great apostasy with signs and wonders of Satan. A tool of Romanism (an antiChrist), it will be used to bring about union with all kinds of evil. This will be accompanied by a deliberate persecution of true Believers who want to remain faithful to God's word. Such persecution is already taking place, as we ourselves can testify, and as others report to us.

Persecution is encouraged by leaders of the 'Blessing' - one of whom suggests that God will 'kill' all who do not accept it! In a 1995 meeting in Birmingham, England, two protesters were standing outside when several large, bouncers came out. They threatened the two Christians with violence if they did not move away and said they'd find out where they lived and come around to sort them out! That is the real spirit behind the Toronto Blessing!

The evil 'Blessing' ignores scripture, and yet uses scripture to support its claims. Sadly, such uses are twisted and badly applied, as texts are wrongly interpreted. People are made utter fools of by manipulative leaders, who think they are doing God's work! The signs and wonders themselves tell us it is NOT God's work. The 'fruit' are nothing like the fruit of the Spirit described in scripture. The preaching - if it exists at all - is superficial and lacking in Truth. Leaders and followers alike act out wild scenes of spiritual debauchery (I have witnessed some movements that were the same as those made by voodoo and spiritist dancers). Without exception, leaders who go on stage with Browne, praise him for what he (not God)has done in their lives! And he accepts it all!

Make no mistake about it, friends, we are seeing a mass movement of Satan that heralds the Last Days. We know this because scripture tells us so. We call on all true believers to expose the lies of the 'Blessing'. We do so out of concern for those caught in its trap, that they may repent and seek the spiritual reality of the Lord. We have no personal enmity toward either the leaders or the followers, but we loathe what they are doing, with a righteous anger. They are deluded beyond all measure and must be warned. They are blindly following a false dream. The answer is to delve deeply into God's word and to humbly repent. It is a fact that to love the Truth of God is sufficient excitement in itself... we do not need the toys of Satan (but, it seems, many of us want them)!

Believers who oppose the movement (and, necessarily, charismaticism itself) will be persecuted by their fellows. You will be scorned and laughed at. People will show contempt for you. Even if you have known them for many years, they are likely to turn their backs on you. This is because leaders tell them that people like you are deluded, not them. Acceptance of the 'Blessing' is now being used as a test of salvation itself. Do not be afraid of all this, but rejoice that the Lord has shown you His Truth and that His favour thus rests on you. But, do not be complacent or proud! We must remain vigilant and faithful and must attempt to warn others, in love.

Show holy anger for the twisting of God's word and for the misleading of His people, many of whom are mere babes in Christ. They hear leaders speak with such 'authority' and honestly think everything is alright. Pray for the downfall of leaders of this false movement, that they may repent and stop harming the flock of Jesus Christ. Know what you are talking about by reading scripture for yourself. Pray that the Lord will guard your spirit from both deception and pride.


(* Taken from an audio tape produced by Banner Ministries, Belper, England).

© December 1994

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