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A Public Letter to Nicky Gumbel

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Dear Nicky,

I saw in the Christian Herald that you read ‘everything’ to do with Alpha. So, did you read the volume of letters generated in a Kent, UK, newspaper, a few years ago, when I challenged and opposed Alpha? What about the many articles opposing it, in The Beacon newsletter? And the lengthy three-part Articles in our publications’ list that have been issued for several years? And what about the same articles rewritten as a book and available from us? Or, the same materials offered on our web site... an internet resource that is quickly becoming established throughout the world? I ask, because you remain silent about it all!

If you are so sure about your ground, why do you ignore these criticisms? I’ll tell you why: it is because, though you are no doubt very sincere, you are also very wrong. Worse than that, you are relying on the strength of the Alpha course, believing your own hype. In so doing, you have become arrogant, believing that you can afford to ignore those who are critical. Please, Mr Gumbel, don’t believe your own hype!

The more I read of your Alpha course, the more dismayed I am that so many churches are seduced by it. Thousands of so-called ‘leaders’ are swept off their feet by Alpha. Where is their discernment? We are called to give a reasonable account for those things we proclaim. Yes, you have certainly given an account, one that has an eye on the media and on PR. But, you can never persuade someone like myself, whose opposition to Alpha grows with every day that passes. That is why you will not tackle critical material referring to your course.

Not that it really matters now, for, as a ministry, we intend to oppose Alpha across the world through our web site. We intend making our ‘Aspects of Doctrine’ course the most feasible opposition to Alpha that there is. How? Simply by telling it as it is: teaching scripture as it ought to be taught, the way scripture itself teaches us, by allowing its own words access to our souls.

We will not use hype. Nor will we be seduced by the vain glories of marketing, or the marvellous support given by world religious ‘leaders’. If the whole thing takes off, it will do so by God’s grace. If it merely ticks over, it will not matter, for it will be as God requires it. Either way, we will oppose Alpha.

Many say that we are thereby scandalising and rejecting a godly way to reach folk. I reject that red herring hotly! What I am opposing is NOT a godly way to evangelise or teach young Christians, but a heresy that, thanks to charismatic error, is teaching the world that they can obtain salvation and God’s blessings simply by taking them!

What I oppose, then, is a form of godliness that has no substance, a sham propagated by you and by all who support you. I cannot tell if your salvation was real. Only God can know that. But, if it is real, then you are in grave spiritual danger. And, if God has not already removed His active presence from you, He soon will. How can I dare to utter such words? I can do so with the full authority of scripture, for we are commanded to judge our fellow believers before the world does. Therefore, I judge what you are doing through your Alpha course, as one who has turned heretic. You already committed gross sin when you publicly introduced and spread the vile Toronto Blessing. Now, you make matters worse by extending the heresy via a public course.

In scripture there are many examples of the way God judges men who abuse or reject His word. You are consistently rejecting His word of truth. How? By teaching the Alpha course. It is Arminian and charismatic, and both are alien to God’s word. You teach that anyone can come to God by his or her own efforts and decision. You teach that they can obtain the Holy Spirit, by claiming Him at special weekends. May the Lord have mercy on your soul, Nicky.

Scripture is very, very clear, and election and predestination are the threads running all through the Bible. If you really knew God’s word, you would not work against it! As Jesus said, if you love me, keep my commandments! Why, then, do you preach and teach salvation by works (one’s own decision to be saved is of works) and why do you encourage people to receive a false spirit, the same evil spirit that came through the Toronto Blessing?

Nicky, you cannot answer me, because whatever answer you give will clash with election and predestination! You teach Arminianism, so you cannot answer me Biblically. Alpha is a terrible error that makes heretics of thousands. If you indeed read everything about Alpha, then I sincerely hope you will rethink your position and repent. But, of course, that would also require you to publicly denounce your own cherished beliefs, and very few Christians ever do that, when they have been found out in sin!

Will you just read all that we produce and ignore it? That’s fine – but remember that whilst Alpha takes the world by storm, it can never replace the true Gospel of Almighty God. We do not have your huge cash resources or the backing of influential (and heretical) world religious leaders. But, like dripping water, we will make an indent in the stone hearts of some. How do I know this? Because God is not with Alpha and He demands that Christians stand for the truth of His word. And, large numbers have turned away from Alpha, after finding out its heretical source.

Many people on the Internet will read of our opposition to Alpha. And yes, many of these will support the course. Even so, we will continue, because every individual who accepts our opposition is one less convert for you to deceive! We do all this because we wish to obey the Lord. It is not about how many people take our course, or how many are ‘on our side’. It is about simple obedience to God’s word.

It is my view that Alpha is just another vehicle to take people further in to charismatic and ecumenical error. It is a tool of the coming mass apostasy, an apostasy that charismatics ignore, and replace with the erroneous teaching of mass Christianisation of the world. Alpha is also a tool used to ease-in one world religion. It is, broadly and in detail, heretical and anti-scripture, despite its claims to the contrary.

Do I care if many ridicule me for saying these things? If I did care about superficial ridicule, do you really think I would continue to fight Alpha in public? Frankly, ridicule or scorn will do nothing. I could not care two hoots if folks decide to laugh! What matters to me is that I oppose the evil of charismatic, ecumenical heresy. What matters to me is obeying the Lord and preaching His truth. What matters is the teaching of real, authentic doctrine.

What all this means, Nicky, is that whilst this is a letter to you, it does not require a direct response to me personally! What it requires is a direct response to God and to all the people you are deceiving. You must repent and publicly denounce what you have done. Then, you must learn, humbly, what God truly says in His word and teach that. You might retort that it is me who is arrogant. But, Nicky, I am making my stand firmly on scripture alone. I am only repeating what God’s word says. This cannot be arrogance. It is, rather, the preaching of the word of God. You have added to the word with Arminian error and charismatic evils. That is why I know I am on sure ground and you are already in quicksand.

Use fine sounding words if you wish. Publish a retort if you wish, full of loving rebukes and sickly references to all those whose ‘lives have been changed’ by Alpha. Really, it will not make one iota of difference, for sin is sin and heresy is heresy. Yes, lives are being changed, but they are changing in to monsters. These monsters are crafted on the same lines as Satan himself, who can come as a bright light and as a beautiful creature. Lives changed by Alpha will remain stuck in Alpha.

All praise is being given to Alpha and such praise is correct, for it identifies the source of the ‘gospel’ you preach, Alpha itself! Not God. Not Jesus Christ. Not the word of scripture. Only Alpha!! I pray that you will indeed repent, but it is possible that God has already given you up, just as He gave up Ananias and Saphira to their lies.

I also pray for the downfall of Alpha, or at least for the diminishing of its influence, so that God’s true Gospel might shine forth in their lives.

Until that occurs, I will fight Alpha.

© June 2001

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