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Don't Call Micah!"

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When people are losing themselves in revelry and enjoyment there's nothing worse than a lone voice calling for restraint with a prediction of tears to come. That's exactly what happened when the prophet Micah was around! Let's see what 2 Chronicles chapter 18 tells us about human nature and apply it to the present day Toronto Blessing/charismatic scene (though it can also be applied to many reformed churches).

King Ahab of Israel and king Jehoshaphat of Judah came together in a pact, to fight a common enemy at Ramothgilead. As they settled down to a pre-war feast of the finest food, Jehoshaphat (one of the best and most godly kings Judah ever had) asked Ahab to pray to God for guidance. Ahab gathered together 400 of his prophets. To a man, they all said the same thing:

"Go up; for God will deliver (it) into the king's hand." (V5)

But Jehoshaphat was not convinced and asked if there were any other prophets Ahab could call on. The text suggests that Ahab must have grimaced, for he reluctantly admitted that there was one such man, named Micah. But he was not very keen to call him to the court!

“(There is) yet one man, by whom we may enquire of the LORD: but I hate him; for he never prophesied good unto me, but always evil: the same is Micaiah the son of Imla." (V7)

Oh no - don't call Micah!! But Jehoshaphat urged Ahab to send a messenger. Back at the court, a false prophet, Zedekiah, made a set of iron horns for Ahab, symbolising great strength. He told Ahab that he would crush his enemies, no problem. All the other prophets rallied around Zedekiah, saying:

"Go up to Ramothgilead, and prosper (win): for the LORD shall deliver (it) into the hand of the king." (V 11)

The messenger arrived at Micah's house and told him that Ahab's 400 prophets had all predicted success in the proposed war. He pleaded with Micah to give the king good news. Micah, however, said:

"(As) the LORD liveth, even what my God saith, that will I speak." (V13)

He went to the king, who asked him if he ought to go and fight... and Micah told him exactly what he wanted to hear! But, after so many years of hearing Micah's opposing prophesies, he gritted his teeth and demanded to know the truth. Micah obliged, to Ahab's exasperation...

"I did see all Israel scattered upon the mountains, as sheep that have no shepherd: and the LORD said, These have no master; let them return (therefore) every man to his house in peace." (V16)

Ahab - by now almost tearing his hair out - turned to Jehoshaphat and said ‘see, I told you so!’

"Did I not tell thee (that) he would not prophesy good news unto me, but evil?" (V17)

But, Micah had not finished! He continued to prophesy that he had seen God on His throne, surrounded by a myriad of angels. God said "Who shall deceive Ahab, so that he gets killed at Ramothgilead?" (translated). In the vision, Micah saw the prophets contradicting each other and a spirit told God that he would go and deceive Ahab's prophets so that they would all lie.

Micah boldly told the king that his 400 prophets were liars! Zedekiah was filled with rage and punched the prophet in the face, demanding to know if he was lying too. Micah calmly said proof will come soon, when Zedekiah hid himself in a secret room like a coward as the enemy defeated the king.

As a reward for telling the truth, Ahab ordered Micah to be placed in prison in the city of Amon, and fed only bread and water until Ahab returned victorious. Ahab, you see, was convinced that a consensus of numbers had to be the truth - and so Micah, merely one man, had to be wrong! Well, said Micah, if you DO return, my falsity will be shown and God has not spoken through me. And so kings Ahab and Jehoshaphat went to do battle...

Ahab had his doubts, though, for he asked Jehoshaphat to fight in his royal robes, whilst he fought in disguise. The king of Syria ordered his chariot captains to ignore all except for Ahab - they were to go straight for him and kill him. They could only see one man in royal robes, and so they chased after Jehoshaphat, but God protected him and the chariot captains wheeled off again to find the right man.

Although they could not find him, a ‘stray’ arrow did, and Ahab was struck down. Badly wounded, Ahab told his charioteer to get to a less crowded part of the battle. He managed to stay fighting until dusk and then he died, just as Micah had prophesied.

This real account should teach us several things in days of Toronto Blessing/charismatic error. TB adherents follow the majority because they are the majority, believing that a large number cannot possibly be wrong! But, they follow false prophets, who despise those lone voices of the few true prophets. "Don't call Micah!" they shout in dismay, because they hate the truth and prefer lies.

But, modern-day Micahs utter the truth anyway. For their pains, they are 'punched in the face' by leaders of the TB who reject any idea that they are themselves speaking lies. They persecute and despise those who oppose them. Thus, opposing prophets are cast aside as nothing, scorned and rejected. After all, the TB and charismatic movements are so vast and so all-embracing, the Micahs CANNOT be right! They are so few in number - and they only prophesy doom and gloom anyway!

But, the Micahs know that the fate of TB/charismatic leaders is sealed and proof of their error will be shown. The leaders continue in their folly, only to be deposed by God, either in this life or in the next. Let this text be a warning to the false prophets of charismaticism. Let it also encourage true prophets. The king even tried to disguise himself to avoid detection (just like Satan), but he was killed anyway. False prophets never escape God's wrath. Keep opposing the TB and charismaticism, and never forget the terrible words of 2 Chronicles 19:2:

"Shouldest thou help the ungodly and love (help) them that hate the LORD? Therefore is wrath upon thee from before the LORD."

Right now, at this very moment, God's faithful are roaming bewildered and lost, because the true shepherds have been seduced. Like baying wolves they surround the Micahs of the Church and, to a man (because they have all learned the same words from each other!) they repeat unbiblical utterances and entice the sheep from the fold, only to destroy them. Many entice by using fair words and false words of 'love'. They attack the Micahs with circumspect words, taking care to be 'ever so humble'. But, their humility sticks to the heart like a cancer, for it is the false humility of Satan!

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