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Hans Küng: The Romanist Behind Governments

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The Swiss theologian, Hans Küng, born in 1928, is professor of fundamental theology at Tübingen university. Though he attended the Second Vatican Council, he is considered by the Roman Catholic institution to be a dangerous foe and rebel, who even enthrones his own bishops. He questions papal authority and other Vatican claims to infallibility, etc. Because of this, many Protestants thought he might be an ally. But, he is not – he is just another kind of Roman Catholic. Why write about him in this paper? We do so because Küng is also dangerous to the Christian Church as a whole, as well as to Christian truth and freedoms.

Küng, Mind Behind World Leaders

He loves the limelight! This is a well-known fact amongst Roman Catholics and others. He is seen often in the company of world leaders and aspires to be one himself. There is a saying that behind every great man there is someone else pulling the strings. In this case, the truism is correct, for Küng manipulates world order and politics through his ‘enlightened’ form of Roman Catholicism and humanism.

His influence over British politics should not be underestimated. Tony Blair, an ‘almost-there’ Catholic, is married to a staunch Roman Catholic wife, who champions the homosexual cause. They send their children to Catholic schools and attend Catholic Mass, having many Catholic priestly friends. Hans Küng is acknowledged by Blair to be his mentor and Blair openly says that his own political stance is influenced strongly by Küng’s theology and worldview. Thus, Britain is being steered toward the Romanist fold via politics.

Mr Blair attended a conference in the summer of 2000, led by Küng, who gave audience to many world leaders. Blair himself met privately with the man to discuss the future of Britain. Make no mistake about it – Küng’s Romanist hand is firmly on Britain’s helm!

Küng’s Influence

What is his motivation and stance? What makes him so dangerous? Let his own publicity information be used as a source. (‘Foundation Global Ethic’, Tübingen, Germany).

Kung is an established writer of significance, whose books are read avidly by world leaders. He writes on subjects such as ‘Global Responsibility in Search of a New World Ethic’ (SCM Press, London), ‘A Global Ethic. The Declaration of the Parliament of the World’s Religions’ (SCM press). He has written: ‘Christianity. It’s Essence and History’, and on Islam and Judaism. To him there are no real distinctions between any of the world religions and this is a key to understanding his stance, which is ‘inter-cultural and inter-religious’. His ‘Foundation Global Ethic’ is set up for ‘research, education and encounter’. This is behind Tony Blair’s new religious organisation, that sets out to merge all religions.

What is his work all about? Basically, it is about the way all religions can help world peace. This he wrote about in his book ‘Global Responsibility’ (English volume, 1991). To quote: “the idea that the religions of the world can make a contribution to the peace of mankind only if they reflect on those elements of an ethic which they already have in common: on a fundamental consensus on binding values, irrevocable standards and personal attitudes.”

So, this is the old chestnut of working together on a foundation of ‘those things held in common’ – the classic ecumenical scheme and also one held by charismaticism. It ignores doctrine in favour of a false kind of ‘love’ that is not found in scripture.

The notion of a ‘Global Ethic’ says that: “There can be no peace amongst nations without peace amongst religions; No peace is possible between religions without dialogue between them; and no dialogue can be had between the religions without investigation of their individual foundations.” You will note there is no mention at all of the Person Who is solely the ‘Prince of Peace’ (Jesus Christ, NOT the pope, as Catholics claim!), or of God’s way of obtaining peace. Rather, ‘peace’ depends only on cooperation between the various religions. Part of the way to obtain this peace is to ‘understand’ and ‘accept’ the similarities. But, ‘salvation’ to a Jew is entirely different from the salvation of a Christian or a Muslim. Muslims do not even worship the same God, but an ‘Allah’ of their own making!

The constant conferences and studies held by Küng led to the ‘Declaration Towards a Global Ethic’, endorsed in Chicago, 1993, by the so-called ‘Parliament of the World’s Religions’. That meeting, though almost unknown to true Christians, will influence ecumenism immensely. Its representatives agreed on ‘principles for a global ethic’ and ‘committed themselves to four irrevocable directives’. These consist of a commitment to a culture of:

  1. Non-violence and respect for life
  2. Solidarity and a just economic order
  3. Tolerance and a life of truthfulness
  4. Equal rights and partnership between men and women.

This is just New Age in another dress! It contains bits of Hinduism, with spatterings of Christianity and Islam. It also contains the germ of intolerance toward anyone and any religion that will challenge the falsity of this new order. The Foundation has been funded by Count K. K. von der Groegen, since he read ‘Global Responsibility’... just as many world leaders have. The ideas appear to be sound: shunning material prosperity for the sake of ‘higher ethics’; but they are deceptive; they are plans that will decrease individual freedoms and opportunity to earn an income commensurate with one’s ability and output. They also mean a spreading of world wealth to countries that have unstable and money-grabbing governments, whose only aim is to build up their arms and the personal incomes of powerful leaders.

The interest alone on the funding capital is so vast, it funds Hans Küng and a team of researchers ‘long term’! The Foundation is to ‘support wider initiatives and projects in line with its aims’. This holds the prospect of a huge number of anti-Christian and unbiblical activities. The basis of it all will be the ‘Parliament’ made up of all the major world religions. No doubt, smaller religions will become affiliates at some time, thus bringing much closer the One World Government spoken of by ecumenists and New Agers alike, espoused by charismatics worldwide, and already underscored by historical Roman Catholic schemes. (2010 note: And as being actively led by the USA, UN and EU).

The Aims of the Foundation

The aims are: ‘To carry out and encourage inter-cultural and inter-religious research; the stimulation and implementation of inter-cultural and inter-religious education; the enabling and support of the inter-cultural and inter-religious encounter necessary for research and education.’

The Foundation, then, will research the similarities within each religion to produce a cohesive and agreeable mix of theology, bringing out concepts such as ‘equality’ and ‘peace’, ignoring Christian, Biblical truth, in favour of that ‘peace’. It will write and disseminate its ideas via books and conferences, so spreading its spiritually pernicious lies widely – especially as it receives huge funding. “Churches, schools, colleges, academies, universities, associations” and “interested groups of every kind, national and international” will be used to spread this new ‘gospel’.

We can see from this just how serious and widespread the influence of the Foundation will be! The other ‘interested groups’ will include governments, world leaders and possibly world organisations such as UNESCO, the UN, etc. Even our children will be brainwashed into accepting, or at least being desensitised by, the work of the Foundation! This is a key organisation – one that is taking us well on the way to a One World Government, which, even if not yet attainable, will largely guide our leaders along Romanised and humanistic paths, quietly, without fuss, and largely unreported in the media.

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