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Is the West REALLY the Cause of Terroristic Islam?

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The West is so used to being blamed for the rise of ‘radical Islam’ that few examine the accusation in any way! By accepting the ‘blame’ the West is bringing trouble to its own doorstep and acting as spokesmen for Islamic terror groups. In America in particular there is a new fashion – white people blaming themselves for their skin colour!! This is because of the current hatred shown by coloured people towards the white people (thanks to Obama), who they blame for all manner of things. So, self-blame is endemic. Where are the men of power, godly men who stand up to boorish and evil heathen, who can see with spiritual discernment?

In Islam, blaming others is a typical Islamic ploy, amongst several (this paper is based on a much longer article: ‘Refugees and Asylum Seekers’, A-589, where you will find some very revealing facts about Islam and how it operates, mainly by lies and deception). Blaming the West for everything is just one of its standard ploys.

By blaming the West, Islam deflects accusations from its long history of violence and hatred. Its propaganda has been very successful, because even the West hangs its head in shame over non-existent ‘crimes’. But, it is all a diversion used by Islam, so that it has an excuse for its evils and a ‘reason’ for its violence.

Simple Diversions

Islamic spokesmen divert attention from Islamic atrocities by claiming that others (usually Christians or Jews, or their countries) have done similar things. Then, they talk about these ‘similar’ things rather than be drawn to speak about Islamic doctrines. The idea is to distract the speaker with often remote ‘similarities’. This is why Muslims call attention to the ‘sins’ of the USA, etc. They are all smokescreens and have nothing to do with reality – that Islam is a murderous cult because the Koran calls for murder of non-Muslims and the subduing of nations. It is about time that the West understood this underlying fact.

It is why the West has been duped big-time to think that ‘Palestine’ is being ‘occupied’ by Israel and that the very precise defence-killing of terrorists who bomb Israel is ‘the same as’ ‘Palestinians’ murdering Israelis at will. Muslims will point to the Roman Catholic wars against Muslims, rather than talk about the wholesale murders and genocides by Muslim armies for centuries beforehand and afterwards. They equate accidental deaths of people with the mass killings by Islamic terrorists. Until the West realises this tactic is being used, no blame for Islamic terror will be placed on those who do it – Islamic terrorists!

This is important. In Europe, officials literally excuse Muslims who commit heinous crimes because they are ‘refugees who have suffered much’. This is a blatant excuse that should not be allowed space at all! Muslim migrants tell officials all kinds of lies and ‘reasons’ for their behaviour – and it is the host country that must change, not the Muslims. Few migrants have suffered anything at all!

Muslims, knowing Western ignorance and fear of being called ‘racist’, smile with satisfaction that the West runs and hides and allow the ‘reasons’ to exist. In reality, those who commit crimes and show great hate, are merely showing us what they were like in their own countries. But, the Islamic tactic of diversions is used to great effect and will continue to be used, until Europe is subdued as is the USA – who now tells everyone that whites are racist and are guilty of everything bad. (For more tactics, see the two articles on ‘refugees and asylum seekers’ A-589).

Islam and its violence “only exists because of the way Westerners have acted”. That is what Westerners parrot every day because that is what they are told by Muslims. Excuse me? Yes, they actually say that, and the servile West believes it! The entire blame for Islamic barbarity rests ONLY with the West – it is all the fault of the West. But, wait a moment... Islam began 1400 years ago, before the ‘West’ came into being. At the start it subjugated women (because Mohammed had a thuggish attitude towards them), raped at will, had raiding parties to steal goods and money, and made war with fellow Arabs, who they enslaved.

Mohammed did not ‘blame’ anyone – he just attacked whoever he could profit from! (The idea of blame is of fairly recent origin, to excuse Islamic excesses). And none of those attacked were from the West. No-one was to blame, except the Islamic hordes who overran, captured and subjugated their fellow Arabs. He also murdered all the Jewish inhabitants of Mecca. He was just a war-lord who hated everyone and loved power. And to give his activities a religious feel, he added Islam, a pretend-religion used to excuse his genocidal mania. Today, Islamists love their power!

What we see today is just a continuation of what Mohammed did all those centuries ago. Nothing has changed. So, to blame the West for Islamic barbarism and murderous genocide is childish and historically stupid. If YOU repeat the same Islamic lies about the West – think again and stop being an Islamic spokesperson!

The Barbary Pirates – an Example

The Barbary pirates were Ottoman (Muslim) privateers based in North Africa – including Algiers, Tunis and Tripoli. They operated throughout the Mediterranean, the West African coast, and even as far away as South America and the Atlantic as far north as Iceland. These Muslims raided many Mediterranean towns and even towns in Britain.

Their purpose was to capture Christians, who would be sold to a variety of Arabic countries as slaves. This pirate activity went on for a long time, but is usually used to describe those of the 16th century onwards. Thus, Islamic piracy was no new thing, but was well-established for centuries, and was extreme in its activities, forcing many villages to close down, abandoned, along the coasts of Spain and Italy. It took several centuries before settlements again started to appear in those regions in the 19th century. For three hundred years the pirates captured up to 1.25 million people as slaves – the high numbers killed are not known. The pirates were joined by Europeans dedicated to death and riches, such as the infamous Barbarossa brothers who worked on behalf of the Ottomans. Like Europeans who join ISIS today.

While the rise of powerful European navies controlled the pirates to a lesser extent, it was not until after the Napoleonic wars that Vienna (1814-15) agreed to kill off the pirate trade that things began to calm down almost to nothing. Two wars by the USA against the pirates (because they kept attacking American ships) greatly subdued the Barbary trade, which was finally crushed when the French conquered Algiers in 1830. You will note from this brief history that it was Islam that caused the entire problem. The West had been subjected to centuries of continuous Islamic attacks, and it was only in the early 1800s that the West finally hit back.

Where, in all this, is the blame on the West? The Muslims repeatedly attacked the West, acting barbarically, for about 400-500 years! They were repulsed by tiny Malta many times, but at a high price. They forcibly subjected many Arab nations to foul practices for the same time. Even British fishermen were terrified of being captured in their own waters by Muslims, to be sold as slaves in North Africa ( Thus, Islam terrorised the West over a very long period of time.

Muslim Terrorists and Ransom Payments

Lionel Beehner, August, 2014, in National, looked at the dubious wisdom of paying ransom to Islamists such as ISIS. For relatives of those captured, it is not sound to pay to redeem victims. Over the past five years alone Al Qaeda-type groups have been paid $125 million, which goes directly to further their war against the West and others (New York Times, August 2014), encouraging them to get more victims. This information came as a USA reporter was murdered by ISIS. Why kill him? Because the USA dared to execute air strikes against them in Iraq! This is a warped way of blaming the West for defending its own people – just as Israel is being blamed all the time for hitting back at Islamic terrorists, Hamas! This is like blaming an intended victim if a murderer falls on his own knife!

In most cases terrorists are attacking what they perceive to be ‘Christians’, simply for being Christians. They see themselves as being in a ‘permanent state of war’, though they themselves were the warmongers, even after signing bogus peace treaties... made bogus by ignoring the settlement papers (Paul Silverstein, The New Centennial Review, Spring 2005). Though the West called the pirates “pathological parasites” they did little to combat them. And this was their downfall. Just as is the refusal of the West to hit the Islamists hard today. Courage is non-existent.

In 1785 Thomas Jefferson finally objected to paying tributes (protection money!) to the sultan of Morocco and governors of other North African territories run by Islam so that American ships could sail unmolested. But, Britain and France refused to be an ally in this idea. Thus, the USA did it alone by attacking the pirates in the Mediterranean. This also led to the marine law of ‘hot pursuit’, where a national navy could pursue a foreign ship even if it sailed into international waters after attacking ships in the offended country. Again, then, we see the West merely defending itself against warring Islamists and not provoking Islamic fury by making the first strike.

It is since that time that nations have crossed foreign borders in pursuit of terrorists, and this is why the USA and other countries have used airstrikes against ISIS. Such action may, or may not, be absolutely legal – but their hostility to being attacked in their own lands is morally justifiable. The previous talks between the West and Islamic pirates were not prompted by morality, but by the effect on profits. Even so, the pirates were in the wrong, not the West.

“This fed a cycle—or what one U.S. ambassador at the time described as a “protection racket”—that continued for centuries. A similar dynamic is dividing Americans and Europeans today. "We must find a way to break the cycle,” David Cohen, the undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence at the Treasury Department put it to a Chatham House audience in 2012. “Refusing to pay ransoms or to make other concessions to terrorists is, clearly, the surest way to break the cycle, because if kidnappers consistently fail to get what they want, they will have a strong incentive to stop taking hostages in the first place." The same thing might have been said by a U.S. official in the late 1700s.” (National Interest)

All the time what we are seeing is a Western response to Islamic aggression, which was, and still is, unjustified. The reason why Islam attacks the West has nothing to do with the supposed ‘sins’ of the West; the reason is the Islamic idea that it must subdue the whole world for Allah. Yet, today, a terrorist group could expect around $10 million per hostage... because the West continues to dance with their evil partners. Even back in the late 1700s the USA was paying about $600,000 a year plus $20,000 in naval goods to North African Islamists for safe passage. The result of paying ransoms to Islamists is an increase in the number of hostages and payment of ransoms, which worsen the terrorist situation.

“Jefferson was right not to give in to the pirates’ demands and faced a duplicitous Europe all-too-willing to pay up rather than risk conflict. Today’s European leaders are similarly too willing to give in to these groups. We can all agree that the Islamists in Iraq and Syria kidnapping and beheading their captives are “pathological parasites.” But the lesson of eighteenth-century piracy is that acquiescing to these organizations will only make things worse.” (as above)

We can see that the West was only guilty of paying ransoms to the heinous Islamic states of North Africa. The West had done nothing to ‘cause’ Islamists to kill, maim or take slaves. To say otherwise is to reject history and become pawns of Islam. It is ISIS, not the West, who are to blame for their terror and genocide. In a speech in Slovakia, David Cameron said ISIS was "one of the biggest threats our world has faced." ( 19th June 2015). Yet, he does nothing.

Cameron Wrong – Again!

He also said the reasons why young Muslims in the UK joined ISIS,

"... is ideological. It is an Islamist extremist ideology – one that says the West is bad and democracy is wrong, that women are inferior, that homosexuality is evil. It says religious doctrine trumps the rule of law and the Caliphate trumps nation state, and it justifies violence in asserting itself and achieving its aims."

And this is where Cameron and Western leaders have got it wrong. ISIS is NOT extreme – it is an accurate portrayal of authentic Islam! Cameron, like so many leaders, has a superficial understanding of Islam and its aims; Islam, as per Koran, is hateful and murderous. He also got it wrong about homosexuality, which IS evil. It is my view that homosexuals should sink or swim without our involvement; if Islam wishes to kill them, it can only be God’s judgment upon them, and not only an Islamic hate (at least on paper; they indulge in homosexuality and paedophilia): they are as unwanted as ISIS.

Even so, ISIS is blaming the West for its own evils. Bear in mind that ISIS started its campaign in Syria, taking advantage of the civil war in that country. ISIS is a rag-tag collection of mercenaries who simply use Syria as a base, ‘trying out’ its techniques on the Muslim population, and committing genocide against Christians and minority religious groups. The internal fight between Assad and anti-Assad is separate from the ISIS war. None of this was created by the West.

Cabinet ministers certainly do not help (the following quotes are from Gatestone

“A growing number of journalists, politicians and Islamist activists, however, argue that growing radicalization and support for ISIS is the consequence of an isolated Muslim community, which feels aggrieved with government policies. Baroness Warsi, for example, a former cabinet minister, told the BBC that the British government was fuelling the problem of radicalization by "disengaging" from Muslim communities.”

No, it is Muslims who ‘disengage’ by clamouring together in Islamic areas and rejecting British ways of life and law. Government policies have nothing to do with it. Policies that adversely affect British-born non-Muslim citizens do not cause those citizens to join ISIS – ISIS causes Muslims to join its foul ranks, because the Koran guides them to do so. Terroristic agents merely tap into this unused source.


“Islamist groups argue that foreign policy and police scrutiny directly cause extremism. CAGE, an Islamist group that worked with the black-hooded British ISIS executioner, "Jihadi John," has claimed that heavy-handed security services and "long standing grievances over Western foreign policy" cause young Muslims to turn to violence.

Two of the husbands of the sisters who left for Syria with their children have claimed the British police "actively promoted and encouraged" the radicalization of their wives. They fled to Syria, the husbands claim, because of "oppressive police surveillance".”

“Heavy handed security services” are aimed at Muslims ONLY because they are troublesome and ranked with terroristic individuals! Muslims are ONLY stopped and searched because they are violent and anti-social, as police statistics prove. These people are surveilled because of their own activities! Protests are a smoke-screen.


“Others, meanwhile, claim that the government does not do enough. Manzoor Moghal, a Muslim commentator, notes that the families of three British schoolgirls who joined ISIS in February expressed similar criticisms: "On that occasion, the parents and their lawyer took their complaints to Parliament, arguing that the Metropolitan Police had been 'a disgrace' in failing to give sufficient warnings of their daughters' vulnerability to the zealots".”

This is a really good accusation – it is the fault of the police that their daughters ran off to join ISIS!! It is not their fault for not keeping an eye on what they were doing or indulging-in on the internet! In typical Muslim fashion, they divert attention from their own Muslim lives by blaming someone else (as the first quote below shows).


“All these critics downplay any individual responsibility for the young British Muslims who embraced jihad. The academic Frank Furedi writes:

"When it was revealed over the weekend that 17-year-old Talha Asmal had become Britain's youngest suicide bomber, many reports suggested that he was a 'victim' of ruthless online groomers. His family described him as 'loving, kind, caring and affable'. The obsession with representing young 'vulnerable' suicide bombers as victims is related to the association of the act of radicalisation with vulnerability. The irrational connection of an act of terrorism to the status of victimhood is so deeply entrenched that the British media have little interest in the real victims in this drama – the people that were maimed and killed by this 'caring and affable' 17-year-old."

Islamist-led Muslim groups are keen to attribute the process of radicalization to extremist online material. Officials from the Muslim Council of Britain -- a group run by operatives from the Muslim Brotherhood and Jamaat-e-Islami -- refer to "slick ISIS media" found at the "margins of the Internet." These groups might only be keen to blame the Internet, however, because it distracts attention from their own, more persuasive fundamentalism.”

As I have warned elsewhere, it is not beliefs that are the problem, but what those beliefs translate as – in this case violence, murder and mayhem. In most cases of this kind of evil, the terrorist was always ‘loving and peaceful’!! As I show plentifully in A-590, this kind of double-life describes the Muslim approach to life – smile to your face and hate in your heart (a Koranic teaching). A killer is a killer, and it is the killer who is responsible for what he does, NOT ‘policies’ or ‘police’, or the West. And extremist material on the internet only serves to feed what the Koran already teaches and what is already in the hearts of ‘moderates’.


“Commentators from across Britain's political spectrum seek to ignore the crucial role that extremist preachers and sects play in the radicalization process, inculcating vast swathes of the British Muslim community with fundamentalist ideals.

Owen Jones, a Labour Party-aligned columnist with The Guardian, writes that the government employs "a rhetoric of collective blame that does nothing but play into the hands" of ISIS and other extremist groups. Western wars in Iraq and Libya, he argues, have produced the ISIS threat.

As with Baroness Warsi, Jones seems unable to identify ideology as the key cause. In his mind, Islamism is not a concerted global threat, but an organic response to chaos caused by Western folly.”

No – those wars did not create ISIS. It is true that the West interfered in affairs of the Middle East, but these cannot be used as an excuse to raise an army of psychopathic killers. Remember, they began by killing their own Muslim brethren. They began by slaughtering Christians – a command found in the Koran. To blame the West for what the Koran teaches is rather strange! Not to see Islam as a ‘global threat’ is to miss the point and to allow ISIS and others to carry on with an excuse that does not hold water. It is true that Western interventions allowed even more extreme Islamists to rise... but it was not the West who is responsible for their evils. As one commentator said – guns need fingers to pull the trigger, and those fingers pull the trigger out of personal choice to be violent.

The Iraq war was condoned by some Arab states. Americans were invited into Saudi space. The oil the West needed was not the cause of terrorist fights... because the oil belonged to Arab nationals anyway.


“Islamist terror is not the product of Western policy. It is, as David Cameron rightly notes, a global ideological network, with both violent and non-violent branches. It may thrive in chaos, but it is committed to enveloping everyone throughout the world.

The notion that British terrorists are victims of their circumstances is a fallacy that only serves to inspire sympathy with murderers, downplays the reality of global Islamism, and undermines efforts to combat terrorism.”


“The Claystone report claims that Salafist Islam is an ally in the fight against terrorism. The report also makes the baffling claim that people who commit terrorist acts do not necessarily subscribe to extremist beliefs.

In the world of Giles Fraser, Baroness Warsi and friends, it seems as if terrorists are not radical, extremists are not extreme, and Islamism is not the product of Islamist ideas.”


“... on the question of moral responsibility, David Cameron seems to have it right. The West is not to blame for terrorism. Islamist violence is actually the product of a religious ideology openly committed to enveloping the world. It is not our domestic or foreign policies that Islamists dislike, but the existence of anything not belonging to their version of Islam -- which includes us in the West.”

Above quotes are from Gatestone Institute.

To put it in simple terms, ISIS and ALL Islamic terrorism have nothing to do with the West. Their aims are just to bring in a worldwide caliphate: blaming the West is a tactic used to slow-down reaction times and to confuse ignorant Western leaders with multitudinous false claims made to increase their angst! Islamic terrorists would carry on regardless of the West, and whether or not the West was guilty of anything. This is because what is happening now is a working-out of the will of Mohammed, chief-murderer and hater of all people. Their true basis for their evils is the Koran.

Love of Self-Blame

The West has been groomed to hate itself and blame itself for the sins of others! This is because we have had no true leaders for a long time.

“Despite the fact that everyone agrees that the Paris attacks were cruel, there is plenty of quiet chattering that blames the French themselves, or more expansively, the West itself, for these attacks. How can it be the West’s fault that Islamist terrorists massacred innocent civilians in Paris? Should we self-blame?

Islamic State justifies its behavior by arguing that there is no distinction between civilians and combatants in this jihad. The only difference is between those who follow the straight path of Islam versus infidels.” (The Blaze, November 2015).

Just as abused wives are convinced by their abusers that they are to blame for the husband’s violence, so the West is totally indoctrinated with the idea that the West is to blame for the wickedness of Islam. It is all a lie. Islam is evil because of Islam!

Check the Truth, Not the Rhetoric

Millions of Muslims blame the West for every ill imaginable, except for their own genocide and mayhem. Muslims are as guilty, if not moreso, for immorality, which they enjoy immensely. And though the West is the land of the devil, they insist on coming to the West to obtain far better financial rewards! At the same time Arab nations turn their back on Muslim refugees. As far as they are concerned, the West can become bankrupt by helping ‘refugees’, while they keep their money and stay relatively quiet. The real problems are caused by intra-Muslim wars, not the West. (Gatestone Institute, September 17th 2015). Muslims have no intention of helping their own Islamic adherents!

"The tragedy of the Palestinians," Jordan's (late) King Abdullah wrote in his memoirs, "was that most of their leaders had paralyzed them with false and unsubstantiated promises that they were not alone; that 80 million Arabs and 400 million Muslims would instantly and miraculously come to their rescue."

The only tragedy in all this is that millions of people are indoctrinated with the same poisonous rhetoric against the West, and have been force-fed Islam. You can be very sure that when a group forces its members to accept what they say, that what they say is worthless, and unable to stand on its own feet in a free society. The ‘tragedy’ has nothing to do with the West – it is self-engendered by Islam.

“Tragic? No doubt. But who is to blame? According to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, it is the West. In March, Erdogan criticized the West for having taken only 250,000 Syrian refugees. And, according to Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, not Syria's neighbors, but the United Nations Security Council's five permanent members (the U.S., Russia, Britain, France and China), should pay the price.”

Why? The violence comes from Islam and the Koran. They are not our responsibility.

“In reality, millions of Muslims are trying, through dangerous ways, to reach the borders of a civilization they have historically blamed for all the world's evils, including in their own countries'. Turkey's leaders are blaming non-Muslims for the tragedy. But they do not speak a single word about super hydrocarbon-rich Muslim countries in their own neighborhood: Not a word about Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Oman (all of which employ large numbers of Asian workers) has taken a single Muslim Syrian refugee.”


“In the 1970s and 1980s, when Saudi Arabia faced a labor shortage, it recruited thousands of South Korean and other Asian workers to fill job but refused to employ Palestinian refugees.

Until the First Gulf War, Kuwait employed big numbers of Palestinians but refused to give them citizenship. After the war, Kuwait expelled 300,000 Palestinian refugees.”

(Note: In Saudi these workers were treated like dirt, paid less, and were given sub-standard housing).


“The Syrian refugee crisis in lands stretching from the Middle East into the heart of Europe is another episode in a grandiose, multi-faceted Middle Eastern dilemma: Muslims in this part of the world view the Christian West as "evil;" yet they know Christian lands are the most decent places to live economically and politically. Wealthy Arab states rigidly turn their back on the plight of fellow Muslims who are in need of a helping hand; and Islamist hypocrites blame it all on the West.

Sadly, no one questions why "West-hating" Muslims go West; why their fellow Muslim Arab nations do not raise even a helping finger, let alone a hand; or why non-Muslims should pay the price for exclusively intra-Muslim wars and the wave of migrants they create.”

(Above quotes are by a Turkish Muslim).

Stupidity in the Face of Stupidity

“Many are keen to blame the rise of the Islamic State on the West, but does this self-abnegation actually bring us closer to understanding the phenomenon of Salafi jihadism and the ISIS group in particular? Daryl McCann writes.

To paraphrase Bernard Lewis, blaming the West for all the world's ills is just as chauvinistic and arrogant as the dated assertion that the West is responsible for everything good in the world. It is, as Lewis would say, "the same prejudice" but "turned inside out".” (14th September 2015,


“Many are keen to blame the rise of the Islamic State on the West. It is the fault of the British and French signatories of the 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement for planning to divvy up management of the Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire at the conclusion of the First World War.

It is George W. Bush's and Tony Blair's fault, they also say, for overthrowing Saddam Hussein and breathing life into Salafi jihadist outfits such as the one run by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi - also known as "Sheik of the Slaughterers".


“Piers Morgan, writing for the Daily Mail this past week, continued the narrative by attacking the United States and the United Kingdom for the "shockingly misguided decision" to intervene in Iraq in 2003, initiating a war "that started the region's slide into barbarity". The apocalyptic millennialist Islamic State group did not exist on George W. Bush's watch but Western interference had "stirred up the hornet's nest out of which ISIS and its barbaric ilk have emerged and thrived".

But wait! Remember the story of the Barbary pirates? That they inflicted violence and barbarity on Western sailors for no reason? So, how can the arrogant Morgan say that it took the USA in recent years to cause the rise of Islamic barbarity?? Islam has ALWAYS been barbaric and violent. It has killed its own believers over many centuries, as well as non-Muslims. Yet, there are Western writers and leaders who fear we will ‘demonise’ Muslims by calling them terrorists! Er, perhaps I am being rather pedantic, but if someone murders in the name of Allah, then they ARE Muslim murderers. Or, am I missing something in logic and intellect?? ISIS and similar groups are not sudden arrivals. They are just re-inventions of normal Islamic activity. What they do is what the Koran expects of them.

“Far from being a new species, the Islamic State is a particularly venomous variant of Islamic revivalism. The latter is a long-time force in the Middle East, and we can see it at work in lives as diverse as Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab (1703-92), and the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hassan al-Banna (1906-49). To whatever extent the West is culpable for the rise to power of monsters such as Al Qaeda in Iraq's Musab al-Zarqawi or the Islamic State's Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, it prodded into action a coiled snake.”

ISIS et al are like the thugs in Western streets whose hate for their fellows result in bursts of evil. A woman who worked for me heard suddenly that her only son was killed by a punch in London. All he had done was to enter a chip shop for a snack. The thug outside, in typical thug-manner, demanded to know why he was looking at him. The young man was not looking at him, but he was beaten anyway, and lost his life. Islamists are just like that. They do not need a reason to kill, except for the demands made by Mohammed, a psychopath. But, they will use any fake incident to give them a public relations excuse.

Yet, whether there are ‘reasons’ or not, they will kill and race to make the whole world subject to Allah; their main reason is self-status, though such status is evil. Those who subscribe to the Islam-led propaganda that the West is guilty of everything, do immense harm and lend support to genocidal killers who could not care less about the West. Like the London thug, they will lash out simply because they wish to, for no reason or any reason, because Mohammed said so.

The West is Guilty Whether it Acts or Does Not!

“When the West intervened in Libya, it later turned into chaos. When the West did not intervene in Syria, it turned into chaos as well. Therefore, it is hard to draw a definitive conclusion whether it is good or bad to intervene, Justin Vaïsse, director of the Policy Planning staff of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs told EurActiv Slovakia in an exclusive interview.”

(Feb. 2015,

So, whether the West intervenes or not, it is blamed! This is a common deception by Islam – ALWAYS blame the West, so the real cause (Islam) is not discovered! Those who side with the Islamic idea that “The West is to blame...” do not check the facts. Even when the West does nothing it is STILL held liable by Islamists!

There are plenty of historical works to back up my claim, that the West is just a convenient scapegoat to cover the real intentions of Islam. It is also convenient not to investigate these claims, though Islam has ALWAYS been violent and wicked, even towards its own believers. Blaming the West for the rising-up of Islam is weird, because Mohammed commanded followers of his false religion to act that way. Muslims are hardened by their false faith, but some manage to see through the rhetoric and deception. Most Muslims do not openly leave Islam for fear of being put to death as apostates! Loyalty to Islam is out of fear of death.

The West has made many mistakes, but none of it gives an excuse to commit genocide in modern days. As I have said before, INDIVIDUALS press triggers, not countries or the West! Islamic murders would murder even if the West did not exist. They do it to bring about a ‘final solution’ to unbelief in Allah. They intend to take over the world by brute force, to make it into one big Gulag. It is this intention that foppish Western leaders should take note of, rather than weeping into their handkerchiefs with crocodile tears because ISIS demands it, blaming them for everything, including the price of eggs in China! 

Get it straight – the Koran demands violence and murder and all the evils practised today by Muslims. Thus, the Koran is responsible for the hate and violence coming from Islamists... and the same Koran is read by ‘peaceful’ Muslims. Also, the one and a half millennia of Islamic murders cannot be placed on the shoulders of ‘the West’. The ‘West’ as it is now referred to by Islamists has only existed for about fifty years, whilst the wickedness and genocide by Islam has existed for 1400 centuries!! So, what else do Islamists blame their evil on? THINK HARD and stop being so naïve!

(Also see articles on ‘refugees and Asylum Seekers’)

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