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Jesuits, the Popes, and Islam

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Alberto Rivera, quoted extensively by Chick Publications, claimed to be an ex-Jesuit priest. This was never proved. He said things that, in human terms, seemed ‘off the scale’. One such claim was that the Roman Catholic ‘church’ developed and encouraged Islam as a counter against the Jews, who refused to hand over Jerusalem to Rome. This, too, has not been proved. (‘Not been proved’ does not equal ‘false’. He may, or may not, have been truthful).

Rome is literally the ‘spawn of Satan’, a counterfeit Christianity that hates true Christians and the true Gospel. So, any claim that Rome is acting against Christians, or is using outright lies and deception is not to be rejected out of hand. As far as I am concerned I cannot accept Rivera’s claims because his past has not been verified. The actual start and cause of Islam, then, is not our interest in this article. We simple wish to know if the Jesuits have any part in the spread and acceptance of Islam.

This is of particular interest today, given that a new Jesuit Director General was appointed in 2016, and the current pope is also a Jesuit – the first known in all of Rome’s history. It is also of interest since Muslims have had talks with Rome about the popes running Jerusalem.

If you search on the internet, you will find many articles either copying the Rivera story or using it to say Islam was invented by Rome. Without proof of who Rivera really was, or for his narrative, such a story must remain in the realm of conspiracy theory – something I am not keen to propagate. As I say, it may, or may not be true.

One source who speaks against Rivera is himself treated with some suspicion, Walid Shoebat (  ). To put it bluntly, he refers to Rivera (deceased) as a ‘conspiracy theorist... a con-artist’. He also points out that there are no ‘primary accounts’ to confirm Rivera’s story. In strict terms of argumentation this is not an actual proof against Rivera, but only an indication, and proof there is no known proof!

No primary proof can simply mean none has yet been found, in much the same way that the supposed tomb of Jesus ‘has been found’, when nothing primary can support the claim. Nothing has been found (to this point) to support Rivera’s claims. This does not, in itself disprove them, but it does tend to make them unlikely to be true.

Benedict and Father Samir

In his first year of office pope Benedict XVI held a conference for former theology students at the summer residence (Time magazine, 2009). The subject was Islam and the speaker was Jesuit Father Samir Khalil Samir. Born in Cairo he was/is an expert on Muslim history and theology. Benedict later spoke at another conference, mentioning the same ideas as Samir, starting a period of fury from both Romanists and Islamists. Then, in 2009, Ignatius Press published a book, ‘111 Questions on Islam’, based on Samir’s Jesuit ideas. Samir said the book required almost no revision, because the problems with Islam remain the same. This is absolutely true, for Islam does not change its medieval thuggery or lies.

Samir says the main problem with Islam is that it does not have an unified head who can speak with authority, and be accepted as such by Islamists (see the hint of a pope here?). Otherwise, he says, one faction will simply tell another faction that their view of Islam is not their own – which exactly is what happens. Another Islam expert agrees: Father Samir Khalil Samir, also a Jesuit. But, he says, ‘Christians’ cannot claim to be less violent than Islam... citing the Crusades. The problem with his statement is that the Crusades were instigated by Roman Catholic popes and NOT by Christians or by scripture. He suggests we should support Islam and not to ‘undercut’ it, because we are in a ‘pluralist world’. This, of course, is typically Romanist, but NOT biblical. As far as the Lord is concerned we are not in a pluralist world, but a deceived one. Rome has a special section for ‘Interreligious Dialogue’, which also favours Samir (Time).

One source is 

So, was Rivera right? Did Rome create Islam? I do not think so, but quote this source simply as a matter of interest. Also read my article on Allah and look at 

Any references to Alberto do not endorse him, nor do they judge him wrong. There is no proof either way to persuade me. Therefore, his claims stand alongside others that reject him and what he says. It is up to the reader to decide for himself. It should also be noted that the Jesuits were set up specifically to ruin true Christianity and genuine Gospel truth. It is my considered view that the Jesuits invented Arminianism. The Jesuit Director General is known as the ‘Black Pope’, who controls the pope in Rome (the White Pope). I would not be surprised if Rivera told the truth, for Rome is a place of great wickedness, capable of anything. A series on Catholicism and Islam says Islam has been connected to Rome from its inception (  ).

Islam Controlled by Rome?

“... while radical Muslims are an enemy of Christians, they are controlled by the Jesuits of the Roman Catholic Church.” (Christianity Beliefs, as above). The Jesuits, too, are enemies of Christ. This belief runs along the same path as the one given by Rivera, but at least is verifiable.

The Jesuit network is occult as well as powerful. It is claimed that the Jesuits control Islam everywhere, through the Wahhabi form of Islam. And one conspiracy group says the Jesuits took Islamic murders to the USA ( However, the group that says this begins its proposition with the telling words “we believe”. This is not proof at all, but a personal conclusion that may, or may not, be true.

Another group says the doctrines of Islam and Rome are identical ( But, identical statements do not necessarily prove anything. It IS known, however, that Mohammed copied large portions of both Old and New Testaments and inserted them into his Koran. It is more likely, to me, that Mohammed’s religious ideas are just as heretical as Rome’s and are ‘coincidental mates’. Satan can give the same ideas to multiple sinners!

The Jesuits led campaigns against Islamists, as well as against genuine Christians in the 16th and 17th centuries. The aim is to strengthen Rome’s claim to be the ‘mother’ church and to spread authentic Roman dogma, rather than to maintain Islam. There is also a claim that a man denounced by Turkey is a “Trojan horse of the Vatican”. He is Islamic cleric, Fethullah Gulen. Journalist Agil Alesenger, wrote that Gulen is part of a Roman plot to infiltrate Islam ( In this dialogue, Gulen was specially ordained by pope John Paul in 2003 for this purpose, and was backed by the CIA, charges given in The Irish Catholic. But, again, no primary proof.

The SS in Yugoslavia

I have often warned that Islam is socialism. This is how Hitler managed to obtain the support of Islamists in the Middle East. He enlisted Muslims in a special SS unit, the Yugoslav Nazi ‘Handschar’ (Turkish word for scimitar) division, which was known for its brutality, quite in keeping with Islamic terrorism. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem (Mohammed Amin al-Husayni) readily asserted that the Nazi national socialism was equal to Islamic principles. This unit especially hated Serbs and Jews. The Mufti worked with Eichmann and sent troops to ‘Palestine’ to eliminate Jews, if Rommel broke through British lines in Egypt. He also helped to block Jewish escapes from Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania.

The university attended by Husayni is named after a daughter of Mohammed, Fatima. The famed vision by three little girls in Fatima, Lisbon, ‘connects’ Rome with Islam... though it cannot be more tenuous a link! A closer link is the formation of the 13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Handschar (1st Croatian), personally recruited by Husayni. It was the largest contingent, composed of Bosnian Muslims and Catholics. They all saluted Rome with the Roman salute (the same as the salute to Hitler).

Anti-Jewish propaganda, used by the Muslims in WW2, was written by Jesuits who later tried to put the blame onto Jews. This was similar to the ‘Dreyfus Affair’ in France: "A conspiracy of politicians, right-wing journalists, many of the Catholic clergy and the leading army generals had connived not only in convicting the innocent Dreyfus, but in condemning France’s entire Jewish community, along with its Freemasons, Protestants and left wingers, as potential traitors.”

Many national leaders during WW2 were used as puppets by the Jesuits who advised Hitler, including Mussolini, Petain, Franco, Cardinal Initzer, Frank, Jesuit priest Tiso, Pavelic, Degrelle, the Grand Mufti Husayni ( ). Yet, today, a Jesuit astrophysicist, Manuel Carreira said “Islam is the worst plague that humanity has seen in the past 2000 years” (Jihad Watch, 17th April, 2016). I think the best we can say is that many groups switch sides if it is convenient. On the other hand, pope Francis insists that the Koran and Islam are OPPOSED to every form of violence! (Jihad Watch, November 2013). Yet, the murderous intent, beliefs and actions of Islam are abundantly clear throughout the world, and even declared by Islam.

To add to this confusion (Rome is very good at that), the Jesuits “warn against demonising Muslims” ( There is no need to demonise them – they do that for themselves! A leading Jesuit scholar, the day before the new Black Pope was elected, said “Let us not be misled into thinking either that Muslim-Christian conflict is the world’s greatest conflict, or even that war is the most serious threat to the human future.” (Father Dan Madigan, in What did he mean? He was referring to the Nazi extermination of Jews and Christians in WW2, an act supported by Jesuits and Muslims alike! He also refers to other Catholic actions against fellow Catholics... nothing to do with true Christians. He spoke out in relation to the imminent visit by a Muslim lesbian (Times online).

Many Catholics misuse Luke 13:29 (“And they shall come from the east, and from the west, and from the north, and from the south, and shall sit down in the kingdom of God.”). Of course, this has nothing at all to do with ANY pagan, whether Roman Catholic or Muslim. Only the elect, those who are saved by grace alone, will sit at that feast. Jesuits are blasphemous to say they and Muslims will be seated.

Kissing Cousins

“Why are Jesuit universities in the United States hiring Muslims to teach Islamic studies? And why would a Muslim professor leave a well-paying post at a state university to teach at a Jesuit institution? These are just two of the questions raised earlier this year at a meeting of Muslim professors of Islam at Jesuit universities, which was held in Washington, D.C. The meeting was organized by the national coordinator for interreligious dialogue of the U.S. Jesuit Conference, and Jesuit and Muslim scholars from nine Jesuit institutions took part.” (American Magazine, September 2008). Why indeed! The answer is that both are fascist and pagan, and hate God and Christians, despite their outward statements.

One speaker, Irfan Omar, of Marquette University’s theology department, pointed out that the value of teaching Islam in a Jesuit university is not limited to the Muslim students. “The continuing challenge facing Jesuit institutions and all educational institutions, for that matter,” the Indian-born scholar reminded the meeting, “is how to provide students with the widest possible exposure to important relationships. Success in business depends on creating networks and intercultural exchanges. But such efforts should go beyond commercial perspectives. Muslims can play a significant part in this process as Islam and the Muslim world are constantly on display in the American media.” And Jesuits are helping Islam to spread its dark Satanic wings over the world. Any search on this subject throws up the Jesuit connection.

There are many activities amongst Jesuits that promote Islam. For example, Les Deux Rives’, which uses ‘dialogue’ to do so ( They cover all the Mediterranean, so no doubt use this foundation to fight anti-Islam sentiment throughout Europe at a time when Muslims are defying law and order, and killing people. The same meddlers organise joint events to promote ‘mutual understanding among Muslims and Christians’ even though Jesuits are not Christians. The only understanding this brings is the fact that it reeks of ignorance and weakness in ‘Christians’! It is a weakness Muslims will use to full force when the time is right.

This is but a rudimentary examination of the topic, but Jesuits are certainly at the heart of Catholic-Muslim cooperation, just as the pope in WW2 was complicit with Hitler in his hatred for Jews and others.

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