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Anti-Muslim Bigotry... or biblical reality?

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“The sad truth is that any honest dialogue with respect to the biggest issue facing humankind today, which is Islamic supremacism, is being shut down as offensive speech. This only causes further mistrust of Muslims and further abuse of the term “Islamophobia.”

Until honest dialogue about these issues once again becomes possible, the West will further become subjugated under Islamic supremacists and become increasingly prone to jihadist attacks. Jihadists are becoming more emboldened over time by the weakness of the West’s response to them.” 

I am quite used to being called a bigot and a hater. It does not matter what the topic is, if I maintain a biblical stance, those without truth tend to call me a hateful, bigot! I can give as much biblical/secular fact as possible, but it makes no difference, because my detractor only wishes to cause me grief, not seek truth. In other words, the ‘bigot’ is not me, but my detractor.

Readers who have read my articles on Islam know what I say and know I am being honest and biblical. They know I analyse many reports a day from reliable sources. At least, I hope that is what they think. If not, I cannot change what I say, because what I say is what I really think, founded on actual data. This also applies to writings by others. In this paper I will look at a suggestion sheet published by the Clarion Project, who usually produce some interesting and useful material.

But, I have an issue with a paper sent to me a few days ago entitled “5 Things you can do to challenge radical Islam” (sent out by Clarion ). This is because it clashes with reality, and appears to mislead Christians. Of course, I could be wrong, and that is why I use the word ‘appears’. The reader must use his or her own critical judgment. Suffice to say I believe, strongly, in my own assessment of the Islamic situation (because it is based on what I see and hear). Significantly, Clarion is USA-based, while we are in a country infected by increasing Islamic attacks and growing demand for the implementation of sharia. I urge readers to look at the paper I refer to, so they can come to a proper conclusion. My own conclusions are below.

Four of the paper’s suggestions seem fairly good, though they require far more explanatory notes to qualify them. To me they are rough points without sufficient detail for me to accept them at face value. But, I have a problem with suggestion number three. As one of the points that should enable us to avoid being ‘bigots’ the paper says:

“Stand up Against Anti-Muslim Bigotry

No-one wants to be blamed for things they didn’t do. Targeting ordinary Muslims for the actions of radicals creates a sense of fear which makes Muslim activists less inclined to trust non-Muslims to defend their liberties and interests (1) Radicals use anti-Muslim bigotry to increase recruitment, since it allows them to stoke a sense of grievance in the vulnerable people they are seeking to radicalize (2)

Anti-Muslim bigotry and radical Islam empower each other. Say no to both and challenge anti-Muslim bigotry (3) whenever and wherever you find it.”

(The numbers in brackets are found heading the texts below).

Superficially, point three sounds good and sensible and I know my critics will clap their hands. But, the point unravels when it is examined properly against the known facts and scripture. At least that is my personal view.

And remember this – as a Christian I know that ‘liberals’ (including Christians) speak ill of us and blame us for all manner of things; some even want us dead. Think not? This is because you have never come face to face with vicious people who call themselves my brethren and yet are willing to throw me to the lions!

Homosexuals have threatened and attacked me for about four decades – but I do not use that as an excuse to go out and shoot them! Similarly with Muslims, for only about 15-20 years... but, I do not use that as an excuse to go out and kill Muslims! So, the idea that supposed ‘bigotry’ causes someone to kill in the name of Allah is not all it seems to be!! Only one’s own will determines whether or not a man should kill someone. And when they do, outside of a true war situation, it is murder, no matter what the supposed provocation. In reality there is no provocation – what Islamic killers do is what they have done since Mohammed killed and robbed those he hated.

In this article I will show that my attitude towards Muslims is responsible and certainly not ‘bigoted’. The suggestion in the paper by Clarion is not useful as it does not face up to the facts of Islam, even though it usually writes very good material. Of course, they will say otherwise. It is up to you to see if what I say here is right or wrong, godly or not. For our present purposes ‘bigotry’ is defined by some as ‘intolerance towards those who hold different opinions from oneself’. This oversimplification can apply to almost everybody in the world! It is inadequate when dealing with life’s biggest problems. God Himself is intolerant of God-haters!

Another definition (Webster’s) is ‘obstinate or intolerant devotion to one’s own opinions and prejudices...’. Yet another definition (Cambridge dictionary) is ‘a (bigot’ is a person who has strong, unreasonable beliefs and who does not like other people who have different beliefs or a different way of life.’ The word ‘bigotry’ also has plenty of synonyms lavishly used by homosexuals and Islamists. adds that this intolerance is also of ideas, races or religions. Collins dictionary adds even more fuel with its synonyms, like ‘fanatic’, ‘racist’, ‘extremist’... The list goes on and on.

So – what does Clarion mean, when it says those who speak against ‘ordinary’ Muslims are ‘bigots’? Are they trying to say that we are racist? Or, extremist? Or, fanatical? If so – why? I hope you can see that even on a superficial level, point three is not defined properly enough for anyone to accept it at face value? Only those who do not think for themselves will accept and use it without question, probably applauding its sentiments (which is all it is).

Clarion uses strong imagery to describe those they think are ‘bigots’, and I turn around what they say to face Clarion. Its use of words is meant to tell us that anyone who speaks out against ‘ordinary’ Muslims is a bigot. It uses the arguments first set out by Islamist clerics, and passed on to western police and governments, and their argument is meant to stifle any criticism of Muslims. Call them/us ‘bigots’ and the job is done – but not for truth, only for Islamic supremacism.

The way they word their statement is depicted as the end-game, the only way to deal with Islam, with no possibility that those they call ‘bigots’ can have a reasonable response. In other words, their statement is... bigotry! If we do not just shut up we ‘must be’ bigots!! By being simplistic Clarion is overstepping normal argumentation and imposing its own thinking on everybody who dares to be critical, and so earns the very accusation they aim at critics – the statement is itself bigotry.

Nothing in point three even hints that possibly what is called ‘bigotry’ is actually sound, reasonable, and maybe even correct. Looking at it with Clarion’s mind – is not Clarion being bigoted by saying people like me are bigots? The whole reason for calling people like me a bigot is to try to shut us up, by making us feel ashamed. I am not ashamed of my views concerning Islam and Muslims! Anyway, let us now look at point three without rose coloured spectacles. Let us begin with number one in brackets.


“No-one wants to be blamed for things they didn’t do. Targeting ordinary Muslims for the actions of radicals creates a sense of fear which makes Muslim activists less inclined to trust non-Muslims to defend their liberties and interests.”

So true. But, the rest of the sentiment is simplistic rather than over-simplified. I have been blamed for several decades for everything you can think of. None of it is true. Yet, I have not planned to go out and shoot the liars, or blow up their homes, or run them down with trucks! And it is also rather inciting to talk of “targeting ordinary Muslims”... for example, when I speak of ‘ordinary’ Muslims I am merely commenting, not ‘targeting’. How do you target what is uniformly found through-out a movement?

I do place the onus for peace on ‘ordinary’ Muslims, because all Muslims worship the same false god. It is THEY who must put a stop to the actions of their violent brothers. Furthermore, it is naïve to speak of ‘ordinary’ Muslims when violence and murders throughout the world are done by ‘ordinary’/’moderate’ Muslims. That is a fact, so Clarion should look more closely into worldwide terror tactics!

So, who ARE these ‘ordinary’ Muslims? As I have pointed out elsewhere, no-one knows who amongst the ‘ordinary’ Muslims are guilty or will turn to terrorism, but we DO know that all terrorism in the West is committed by ‘ordinary’ Muslims, who need no excuses against the West to murder. This is exemplified by the case of Nolen in the USA (see below). Therefore, we must be vigilant and suspicious/wary of all Muslims. This is common sense and logical.

The idea that there is a necessary link between placing blame and creating a “sense of fear” is a false argument. When I have been blamed for so many things I do not feel fear – anger at times, yes, but not fear. Mostly, though I just shrug. And, at times, I work hard to dispel wrong notions in those who hate me.

This argument - that Muslims feel fear - is found in the words of Middle Eastern Muslim jihadist clerics, who use it to further their own cause. What “Muslim activists” think is not relevant, because activists have their own peculiar ‘take’ on the world that has absolutely nothing to do with anything done by westerners. They thrive on creating fear and on gaining personal power. They also love to invent countless ‘reasons’ why they ‘must’ attack the West, All of it is a farce, unreal. I could not care less if they ‘trust’ me or not, because their basis for objecting is invalid. I only care that they should not murder or wreak mayhem.

And why should we care about jihadists maintaining their ‘liberties and interests’? The only liberty they want is for their own murderous actions; they want power; they want sharia; they want to subjugate all westerners and all weak Muslims. Clarion is actively promoting jihadists by saying that jihadists have excuses against the West, excuses that can be traced back only to the past one or two decades, and which never existed previously. It is my strong view that jihadists, committing murder, no longer have any human rights, only charges of murder that must be made good by the death penalty demanded by God.

Sadly, Clarion’s ‘strapline’ is ‘challenging radical Islam (and) promoting human rights’. When it comes to Islam, both cannot be done at the same time! It seems to me that Clarion is giving rights to what they call ‘radicals’ but denying the west rights to criticise the very foundation on which ‘ordinary’ AND ‘radicals’ base their false religion. Perhaps the problem is not thinking through their own policy and aim – it is Muslims themselves who say there are no ‘ordinary’/moderates and that ‘radicals’ are not radical at all, but are genuine Muslims! Until Clarion sort their error out, they will confuse and vilify real Christians who have proper reasons to be critical of ALL Muslims.

This has nothing to do with ‘mistrust’ of westerners: jihadists have already devised a list of excuses for committing atrocities, and naïve westerners think it is a list to spread around as if it was meaningful. It is not. The West is being blamed for the rise of ISIS and other wicked killers. But, few have actually researched these vain excuses... those who have, find that the excuses are invalid, and deliberate lies.

And it is the ‘ordinary’ Muslims who carry on the fight, in their hearts and minds. The majority of violence and murders come not from terrorists, but from ‘ordinary’ Muslims. Check the daily news reports! Until they commit to displacing their violent colleagues, there is nothing to trust but plenty to be wary of.


“Radicals use anti-Muslim bigotry to increase recruitment, since it allows them to stoke a sense of grievance in the vulnerable people they are seeking to radicalize”

Look! Let us get it straight – Islamic leaders tell us time and again that there are no moderate (AKA ‘ordinary’) Muslims. And it is the ‘moderates’ who commit the atrocities. Thus, they are no better than their outwardly murderous terroristic colleagues. To say wariness and suspicion is an excuse for ‘radicals’ to murder is to be led by the nose by Islamists. Those being called ‘radicals’ are the REAL Muslims, because they follow the Koran to the letter. The ones who the West calls ‘moderates’ or ‘ordinary’ are, to proper Muslims, heretics to be put down.

It is true that ‘ordinary’ Muslims are ‘vulnerable’ – but only to their own naiveté! It annoys me greatly that westerners are offering advice on ‘anti-Muslim bigotry’. By doing so they do the job of the recruiters! Why is natural concern called ‘bigotry’? I have spent a lot of years examining the Islamic question, from many angles, and I KNOW we have every reason to be wary of all Muslims. At the same time I also urge Christians to be courteous and civil to Muslims who do not show their hate.

Those who accuse us of ‘bigotry’ are welcome to discuss it with us, because we have plenty to say... and all of it is logical, truthful, and based on actual facts. Do not insult my intelligence by repeating Islamic accusations against us, when Islam is exploding all around the world and increasing its hatred and desire to be victorious. Protecting Islam by accusing fellow Christians is not the way! And, may I urge you to remember WHO is named the ‘accuser of the brethren’!

‘Radicals’, the REAL Muslims, are obeying their Koran. The weak or heretical Muslims are those referred to as ‘moderates’ or ‘ordinary’. However, as Islamists tell us, they only have to show the contents of the Koran to these ‘ordinary’ Muslims for them to become terroristic. This is what makes the case of Alton Nolen in the USA very worrying. He was an ‘ordinary’ Muslim, a ‘moderate’. But, he calmly said he beheaded a woman and attempted to behead a second woman, because he read about it in the Koran and felt he ought to obey.

He openly said he was not ‘radicalised’ or influenced by any terroristic group. No – he was simply being an ordinary Muslim! ( ). This fact overturns the arguments put forward by Clarion. Westerners, or what they think, have nothing to do with Islamic violence – it arises not from us, but from the Koran. Any ‘reasons; they give to ATTACK THE West is just a smokescreen, a massive set of lies.

Remember that Islam has been a military pseudo-religion since it began. It swept through many countries killing and looting, following the example of their leader, Mohammed. This is what Nolen read and why he acted as he did. Islam is a godless regime that harbours and demands murder of anyone who refuses to be Muslim. This is why so many adherents are, to put it bluntly, psychopaths who enjoy killing. In many of their actions we see demonic influences. It is not anyone in the West who provokes Muslims to atrocities... it is their own beliefs and lust for power and blood. The West, by accepting the existence of ‘Islamophobia’, is bowing the knee to Islam and helping it to commit murder (with a West-enhanced ‘excuse’).


“Anti-Muslim bigotry and radical Islam empower each other. Say no to both and challenge anti-Muslim bigotry...”

This kind of talk sickens me! It is the call of the vanquished, those who are already under the yoke of Islam. So-called ‘radical Islam’ is the REAL face of Islam. It requires no reason to murder and rampage – the Koran commands them to do it, NOT the West. My own comments against Islam are NOT “anti-Muslim bigotry”, but carefully worded arguments to be ultra-wary of all Muslims. At the same time, we must be courteous and civil, as we would be with anyone we meet. But, we can go no farther, because we simply do not know who amongst those quiet ordinary Muslims will want to kill us. In itself this is not particularly against Muslims, but against murder... Islam is rooted in institutionalised killing, for no other reason than Mohammed said so.

On the other hand, we MUST be anti-Islam (and so anti-Muslim by association), because God demands it. They are idolaters who worship a false god, and this incites absolute fury in, and from, God. See how He commanded Joshua to get rid of ALL Canaanites for being godless idolaters! Not just a few, but ALL of them. Sadly, the Israelites allowed some to stay amongst them – and so corruption began and, later, continual attacks. This is happening in the West.

I do not care if someone does not accept my personal comments or ideas. But, I DO care if they reject what God says. And when this rejection is by fellow Christians I will not allow them to get away with it. This is exactly what Clarion does when they call us ‘anti-Muslim bigots’. As Christians we have no right or mandate to accept Muslims into our midst or to comfort them. Whilst we may not mistreat them for being Muslims, we may not give them room to expand and subjugate us, either! It is their stated aim, so why help them to do so by jibing at ‘bigots’ who have every reason to be very wary of Islam?

By accusing us of being ‘bigots’ Clarion forgets what God thinks of Muslims (re idolaters and pagans)! He makes it very clear that even the ‘ordinary’ Muslims will end up in hell. So, where is the Clarion Gospel message to these people? Muslims encourage great wariness because they are godless idolaters who harbour wickedness. It is not our part to protect them from the results of this!

I believe Clarion has slipped up with their suggestions. Instead of giving us a simple guide, they have become simplistic. I can be wary and yet courteous. I cannot trust Muslims because terrorists have all come from ‘ordinary’ stock. Am I saying that all Muslims are terroristic? No, at least not yet. But, the evidence from news sources, Islamic clerics, and the Koran, is overwhelming... ALL terrorists in the West have fooled even their own families and friends, who ALL say the terrorists were nice, friendly, peaceful, and so on, before they killed.

We are being stopped by political correctness from even discussing Islamic violence and its cause. Now, Clarion is doing the same. Experts in the Middle East have examined the claims made by terrorists, that ‘the West is to blame’... and found it all a pack of lies; they have debunked the claims. The terror and deaths come not from us but from the hearts of those who read the Koran and put it into practice. So, by emphasising point three, Clarion is a part of the problem. I urge you all not to put your guard down and do not accept the shameless claim that those who are critical are ‘bigots’.

Clarion is free to argue against our summary. In itself this is proof we are not ‘bigots’. We suggest readers look at all our output on Islam and Muslims. You will find we talk about what is known, not what is emotion. We deduce from facts. We see the proofs of ‘ordinary’ Muslims becoming terroristic.

The following are just a few titles to read on this topic:

(We also tend to issue daily reports from a variety of sources)








Also read our very detailed arguments (some based on international law) on the illegal migration by ‘ordinary’ Muslims. As a research-based ministry we urge all readers to examine what we say against scripture and the daily facts. We believe Clarion is playing a bad hand on this occasion. It is up to you to discover whether we are right or wrong in this article.

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