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Muslim Immigrants. Are they really saved – or are they playing Christians for fools?

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I am not known for being easily swayed, by either Christians or unbelievers. I am, however, convinced by hard facts. So, when I heard of Muslims being ‘converted’ in their millions throughout the Middle Eastern Islamic world, I was very wary. It turned out my wariness was possibly justified (see A-839, A-840, A-867, A-868, the past ten years of our warnings about Islam, and our articles on the Islamic practice of Taqiyya. I use the word ‘possibly’ because I have found few solid facts, only claims).

I also found it very odd that there appear to be no jihadist groups chasing down these millions and killing them, as one would expect. When I asked the leading Islamic newspaper in the Middle East to give me examples of Muslims converting, they could not. Was it a ‘put up job’, by Islamists? And it seems many of these ‘converts’ became Roman Catholics and, therefore, not Christians at all. I am always suspicious when people claim to ‘convert’, because this can indicate not salvation, but a simple change of religion.

So, when I read and hear of Muslims being ‘saved’ in the UK, and in EU countries, I wonder why they are still alive - not that I wish retribution upon anyone, but it is very strange, especially as these ‘conversions’ have come about mainly since Germany brought in millions of young male Muslims of fighting age. One church claiming Muslims are being saved, is just a quarter of a mile away from a long trading street containing mostly Muslim shops, a mosque and a Muslim ‘education’ centre. I find it odd that the Muslims in that quarter do not hunt down ‘converted’ Muslims who attend these churches. And in some towns, churches are amidst Muslims areas. There are repeated accounts of Islamists persecuting and even killing converted Muslims… so why is this not the case with converts now?

I believe God does and will save Muslims. In what number I do not know. On the other hand, Arminian/charismatic/Roman churches erroneously believe we will see a massive turn to Christ towards, or in, the end times, despite scriptural teaching to the contrary… so they will expect and want to see Muslim conversions. Are their emotions and Arminian stance covering their eyes against truth? Or, are the ‘conversions’ genuine? This matter of salvation is entirely in God’s hands, so He will save whom He will, regardless of anyone’s wariness, including mine. But, certain facts cause me to remain wary. I am also wary because most of the claims of the salvation of Muslims I hear about tend to come from Arminian churches, in which emotion and charismaticised expectations can be greater than truth.

Do these churches think it is fashionable to convert Muslims? How did they get hold of these Muslims? How is it possible for Muslims (who tend to be darker skinned and/or Middle/Far Eastern-looking, apart from anything else, so would be noticed as they enter and leave) to freely attend a church and are not attacked by other Muslims? The answer given, of course, is that because they have been saved, God will look after them. If they are saved this might be true.

But, there may also be another, more sinister, answer that Christians must consider for their own safety and integrity – Muslims might choose to attend with the blessing of their local imams, because their aim is not true and their salvation is an example of taqiyya (lying and deception). In which case they know just how gullible Christians in Arminian churches can be, and how they fall over themselves to be first to greet a prize visitor – a Muslim. Are these Muslims playing Christians because of this gullibility? Why? To possibly harm Christians in the West? Or, to spread emotional closeness to all Muslims by watering-down the dangers?

Over the past decade I have had documented proof that Muslims are glad to ‘convert’ and remain covert for years, before killing their host pastors and families. In the West, though, the main aim is to convince Christians that Muslims are, after all, nice folks, so as to facilitate Islamic take-over. I know that churches who claim they have Muslim converts will condemn my ‘attitude’ and say I am ‘heartless’ or even ‘un-Christian’, whereas I am simply bringing out relevant warnings and points of discussion, given the Christian penchant to be willingly duped by believing anyone who says they accept Christ have actually done so, without hard-nosed investigation. I never accept anyone’s claim to salvation at face-value. This is why we interview anyone who wishes to attend our church meetings. Only genuine believers may attend. Sometimes those who are unsaved may be allowed, if it seems God has caused them to be born-again and so almost at a point of salvation.

See My Point?

I am asking awkward questions and making tough statements because I have studied Islamic pretence and wickedness for at least a decade. I receive countless reports from around the world about Islamic duplicity and wickedness. I know what hardened Muslims are capable of, and know they can effectively lie to our faces. The majority of Muslims lied to get into the West. They know the quickest way to gain entry is to claim to be a Christian and so gain entry by way of asylum, even though almost no recent Muslim migrants qualify for this status. Yes, God can and does save some. But, it seems to me that Arminian churches are full of false euphoria and DO see ‘saved Muslims’ as special prize exhibits. (See A-589, A-590, A-593). This has happened for many years – if an unusual and unexpected person says he or she is saved, they are paraded before congregations as prizes!

I still remember with immense sadness when the church of a famed pastor I attended many years ago was so enthralled when an Hindu priest said he was saved, they bent over backwards to accommodate him. He was at the top of the invite-to-tea list for several months. I warned the pastor to be very careful, because I knew the man, who told me it was his aim to get to know as many religions as possible to help him in his priesthood. He said he used lies to get to his goals, and that he moved around a lot having fathered many babies.

The pastor asked me to check him out and I did. But, meanwhile, the man began to be fawned over by the entire church, including the pastor and deacons, and by the time I had prepared my evidences, the pastor refused to listen. He even lied before a deacon that he had ever asked me to investigate the Hindu, as he flew into a tyrannical rage! To me, he was a man found out to be duped. His reaction was to fly into an angry tirade rather than admit to his error. At any rate the Hindu soon vanished when people began to discover the truth for themselves.

The meeting was horrendous and I had to leave that church immediately such was the pastor’s hate, famed though he was. I mention this horrible incident, because similar incidents may be played out in many churches who believe Muslims are being saved. Are they? I believe Muslims can be, and are, saved. But, it seems worthy of note that these claims come at a time after Muslim jihadists have asked local Muslims in every area to pretend to be Christians, so as to further the jihadist cause. I hope my wariness and suspicions are unfounded, but until I hear to the contrary I will remain alert.

Remember a Man Named Paul?

Saul of Tarsus, before he became Paul, was a Pharisaic ‘jihadist’! He was responsible for the deaths of untold numbers of Christians before he met Jesus Christ personally on a dusty road and was saved. Though his salvation is obvious to us today, in his own day Christians were extremely wary of him and his conversion. They wondered if he was claiming salvation simply as a way to root-out believers for death or imprisonment. So, they avoided him and did not trust him for a long time. It took several years of evangelism, personal hardship, and the call of God shown in his words and actions, before the churches warmed to him fully. They had the right attitude, one that should be found in Western churches today.

From the New Testament records we see Paul as a strict fanatical Pharisee, with a fiery hatred for the followers of Christ. He freely and avidly hunted-down Christians to persecute and kill them. In his own day, then, he was like the jihadists of today and almost no-one believed his claim to salvation for a long time. They observed him from a distance, and looked to see if his words, attitudes, aims and behaviour all came together to form a cohesive picture of one who is saved. Slowly, they could confirm by all these aspects of Paul’s character, that he was indeed saved.

As I show in the above account of the fake Hindu ‘Christian’, even a well-known and highly-regarded pastor was duped by him. So was the whole church. Why? Because they saw him as a prize they could publicise before other churches. This desire for a novelty conversion completely overtook their godly duty to ‘test the spirits’. I was the only one to see through the Hindu’s lies – but does that mean I was wrong? No, sadly, I was 100% correct, but no-one listened, just as most people today will not listen to warnings about Islam in general.

First Line of Defence is Down

One or two nations within the EU are legitimately not accepting the line spun by EU leaders, that they must allow Muslim refugees into their countries. They KNOW the truth – all the ‘refugees’ are fake; they throw away papers that prove who they are, and pretend to be refugees. As I have shown in detailed articles, almost all the migrants are NOT refugees nor do they qualify for asylum. So, they must find ways to get accepted by host countries. Some send their children first, and because they are already in a country, governments say they ‘must’ be followed by their families! Most sneak into countries illegally. Churches seem to be oblivious to the stark fact that if these people enter illegally they will also live illegally. Yet, many churches help migrants to live illegally, somehow equating this with ‘doing good’!.

I knew health officials who were once part of point-of-entry ports and airports. They checked every single migrant for diseases and kept them in detention centres until the diseases had been treated. But, this department was closed down! Now, long-gone diseases are coming back with a vengeance!

I also have it on good authority from trusted sources, that Border controls are at a minimum, thus allowing thousands of illegal migrants into the country. I was told that almost no immigration officer believes the legitimacy of migrant excuses, which they say are invented and prove migrants to be illegal. But, government does not listen. Amongst all this confusion local churches are playing their part to maintain migrants who make certain claims. In almost every case in the past, migrant pleas were accepted as genuine, though churches have no idea they are lying, and have no way to investigate legitimacy. After so many years I can say these churches have been walking a very poor pathway by helping those whose stay in the country is illegal. Simply believing claims made by Muslim migrants is foolish in the extreme. Of course, the churches will assert they ‘know’ if a migrant lies, mainly by way of being Christian themselves. I know many Christians who have been duped!

Second Line of Defence is Also Down

We live at a time of immense danger to Christians, yet many are letting their guards down by believing Muslim converts are all genuine. They might even say they use godly discernment. Again, I question both their motives and their discernment, because, to my knowledge, almost all the ‘helping’ churches are Arminian in doctrine, so their authentic Christian positions are already badly tainted if not heretical or non-existent. When they thus tell me they ‘know’ a Muslim is genuine, they fly in the face of immigration officials who believe otherwise, when they have plenty of actual evidence to go by.

My sources show there is a current fashion amongst Muslims to pretend to be Christians, because they know it is the fastest way to become an asylum seeker. What they do is tell officials they are now Christians, and so, if deported, their lives would be in danger. And they use the loop-hole to stay in the UK (and other EU countries). But, the officials, with far greater knowledge and means at their disposal, do not believe them! Yes, it is possible some might indeed have been saved – but to simply believe the claims is foolish and very dangerous. If the helping churches have been duped, then they are helping jihadists to fill our country, and the first ‘enemy’ of Islam happens to be Christians and Jews, who they willingly and gleefully murder. If Saul of Tarsus was kept at arm’s length for a long time until he had proved himself in so many different ways, WHY are modern Christians being so quick to believe Muslims who claim to be converted? Test the spirits!

Jihadists are happy to be ‘sleepers’ and can be found in every sphere of life, public and private. They will remain dormant pretending to be what they are not, for years, until the ‘time is right’ to erupt and kill. I would remind readers of what they read and hear after every jihad incident – that the perpetrator was always polite, nice, quiet, friendly, kept to himself, and so on. Everyone was surprised by his sudden murderous activities. Except that investigations prove he (or she) was not so decent after all, but planned when and how to kill in cold blood. Of course, my reservations about Muslim converts might be wrong. In which case I would be most happy. But, in the present climate, I prefer to be ultra-wary… God knows my heart, even though fellow brethren do not.

“In 2017, Open Doors surveyed 123 Christian asylum seekers in Sweden. According to the report:

More than half of all participants in the survey (53%) reported that they have been affected by violent assaults at least once, due to their Christian faith. Almost half of all participants (45%) in the survey reported that they have been threatened to death at least once and 6% reported that they have been a target of sexual assaults.

Cashin joined associate editor Morgan Lee and editor in chief Mark Galli to discuss why Iranian migrants, more than any others from the Middle East, are drawn to Christianity, whether or not all these conversions are bona fide, and what the Western European governments must do to better protect migrant religious minority communities.”

(  )

BUT – note that this report appears to refer to Roman Catholic and Lutheran ‘converts’, so this makes them fake converts to a fake religion, on top of those known to be bona fide liars! On the other hand it does show what Muslims can expect if they DO convert to anything remotely called ‘Christian’. So, I ask again why those who say they have been converted today are not being attacked viciously? Why are they not paying a heavy price for their new found faith? Is it because theirs is a fake conversion on the payroll of Islamic jihad (whether violent or cultural)? Maybe not, but we must ask the question, to say safe.

Taqiyya and Other Strategies of Dominance

Read my other materials on taqiyya – basically, it means Muslims are taught to lie if it is in the best interests of Islamic furtherance. It happens continually throughout the West, and it is why Muslims are allowed to enter western countries. Islamic taqiyya is VERY compelling and Muslims use it with open hands and smiling faces. And people in the West are so keen to adopt-a-Muslim they believe every word.

Muslims know the only real wall against their immediate dominance is the Christian culture that is behind the West, though it is under attack internally. Hence, their prime target for attack is Christianity. So, do you not find it strange that so many Muslims are now claiming to be ‘converted’ at this particular time in history? Is it really God’s work, or is it fake? (Remember – thousands of duped Christians thought the ‘Toronto Blessing’ was of God, too! How stupendously wrong they were!). I ask the question for a very serious reason - Islamic jihadists have put out a call for all Muslims to pretend to be Christians. This started in 2016.

(  ).

Jihadists had the gall to produce a 58 page booklet showing ardent Muslims how to fool Christians and so be in a position to kill or harm them: “Safety and Security Guidelines for Lone Wolf Mujahideen’. The booklet advises Muslims to use utter surprise, so catching Christians unawares. Of course nightclubs are also a favoured place to attack because of the loud noise and drunk-people-confusion.

The main idea is to blend in with Westernism, which also involves cutting beards off and generally not looking Muslim. This is another aspect of taqiyya. Some are urged to wear small Christian crosses to help convince Christians, and to avoid visiting mosques and Islamic prayers. Other detailed instructions show how to look and sound like a non-Muslim. They are even told they may wear western-style perfumes or after-shave. They are urged to get a western passport so they can travel between western countries (to carry out terrorism). And claiming to be a Christian is now a big ploy to get one, via asylum status. The booklet mocks police exercises in fighting terrorists, saying that in them the police show Muslims things they had not even thought of! (Question: How do jihadists get to obtain these exercise videos? Via Muslim police officers?). The booklet advises Muslims to be as western as they can be because they are then less likely to appear on police and security radar.


Based on what I have learnt over the past decade, from worldwide reports, UK police counter-terrorism activities, reliable sources in immigration, and from this instruction to look like Christians, I will remain very wary of ALL Muslim claims. If Muslims claim to be saved, I will be very cautious until they prove their lives to be consistent with God’s word. Counter-terrorism chiefs teach against Christians and in favour of Islam, which is yet another reason to be very cautious.

I believe God has and will save some. I also believe Islam will continue to dupe the West and even produce fake Christians, whose claims will be accepted almost instantly by gullible, mainly Arminian, churchgoers and pastors.

Remember the words of immigration officials – they do not believe ANY such claims, but have to watch helplessly as the claims lead almost automatically to receiving asylum status & passport. To enable such a status a pastor has to write a letter in support of the Muslim’s claim. We can only pray pastors are not being fooled by Islamic taqiyya and by Muslims intent on proving what good jihadists they are after reading the terrorist handbook. Am I saying all Muslims who claim salvation are liars? No. I am simply warning Christians not to be so naïve, to ask questions, and to observe behaviour, rather than put us all in grave danger and aiding jihad to spread.

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