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Has God Found You?

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You are probably thinking, NO. For I do not even believe there is a God. Do not throw this away, because it could be the means that God might use to speak to you. We are not JWs or in a cult, but believe in the true and living God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Many believe that they can say a few words to a preacher and say that they found God. But this is not true. Only the Lord Himself searches out His sheep who are lost and finds them. The Lord Jesus Christ came to save the lost, not those who are righteous in their own eyes. Some have even said to us that they have “done God” whatever that might mean.

I can assure you that if God wants to save you, He most assuredly will, in His right and perfect time. You can be the worst sinner there is, but if you are one of His chosen people, chosen before even the foundation of the earth was laid, then He will intervene in your life and bring you to Himself. We are all sinners and have come short of the glory of God. We have all broken His holy commandments, and even if we have only broken one, which is unlikely, then we have broken them all. In any event, we are all sinners from the fall. God makes us willing in the day of His power, and there is nothing we can do to make ourselves right before a Holy God. It is all His sovereign will and work. It is a wonderful miraculous work of Christ in salvation, worked out by the Holy Spirit.

He will never bring anyone against their will. Those who have no desire to be saved, thinking it all rubbish, may find that God will then leave you alone to live out your life without Him. Then the consequences will be dire, because you will go into a lost eternity forever.

Religion does not achieve anything, it is all man’s way, not God’s way. No-one can be saved through Religion, but only become a Religionist in a false way. “There is a way which seemeth right to man, but the ways thereof are the ways of death.”

The Lord Jesus Christ is the only door by which we may enter in.

“He is the only way, the truth and the life, and no man comes to God the Father except through Him.” John 14 v. 6

If you are to be a member of the true church of God, the bride of Christ, then He will often allow you to go through great trials in your life, often saving you at the last minute from disaster, so that in His chosen time, He will find you and open your blind eyes to Him, who is the truth. His hand would have been on you throughout your whole life, maybe even giving you little glimpses of His power. But it is only as He brings you to Himself, that you are convicted of your sins and that you fully yield to His mercy and grace in forgiveness. There is no pride in a true Christian, who only desires to serve and follow Christ. The world means nothing to a true Christian, but we have to live in it as a witness, and are salt and light in a perverse, evil world.

So, dear friend, if you are to be one of God’s chosen sheep, he will find you a lost sheep, roaming through this mad world, and bring you Home. The whole meaning of life becomes apparent to you, and the purpose for which you were born and live.

There is nothing else like it on earth. I can vouch for it!

May God be merciful to me and you, a sinner.

Get a King James Bible and read the gospels found at the beginning of the New Testament (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) and you will find out much more. To those who are found, it is a living Book. It is God’s inerrant Word to us all.

Praise Him!


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