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You may be very surprised to hear that NO CHURCH can save you! That is right. All denominations are man-made, and there is no power in them to save you. Only the true churches who believe the very Word of God, and preach the true gospel of God's saving grace, with a true Shepherd of the Sheep as their Pastors, are able to make you wise unto salvation. It is God, the Holy Spirit, in His power alone making you hear the very Words of God which can save you. Many are called, but few are chosen.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the only Redeemer and Saviour. Christ died on the Cross at Calvary to bear all the sins of His chosen people. He took their punishment on the Cross which was due to them as sinners. He was the substitutionary sacrifice, in the place of His chosen Bride.

Everyone is a sinner, dead in their sins, unless and until the Word of God quickens (makes alive) them to see and to know that they have been brought into the very Light of Christ. They are brought from death to life, from living in the world of sin and the devil, to the glorious liberty in Christ. Set free from sin. God gives the gift of repentance, and so all their sins are forgiven and there is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who walk no longer after the flesh but walk in the Spirit.

No use being in a dead church, where the Vicar might even be a lady, for God chose only men to be His Pastors. Many dress up in all their fancy garb, but that means nothing to God. God does not see the outer man, but the inner man of the heart. No-one can fool God! He knows everything and sees everything. Nothing is hidden from Him, whose eyes are everywhere. True Pastors of God's Word, are servants to the flock, and ordained to feed the sheep with the living Word. These are to be supported in every way by prayer. Many of our churches are under the power of Rome, and are false, and preach another Jesus, another gospel, and they have another spirit. You cannot be saved by a false gospel.

If Christ is not magnified and proclaimed in every way, then you are in a dead church, and if you are truly seeking God and desire with all your heart to be truly saved, then come out from among them and be separate. If you are truly hungry and thirsty to know the TRUTH, then God will gently lead you, and He will find you. He seeks for such to worship Him.

May this little Christian Tract speak to your heart, for the glory of the Lord.