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The Conditions of Omar

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Why Muslims are killing Christians

I am one of those who does not accept Islam in any form. By “one of those” I mean one who has studied the subject in some depth over a long time, and know what Islam says and does. I wish to tell you about the ‘Conditions of Omar’, because, though you are unlikely to have heard of them, they have been active ever since Mohammed undertook his murderous ‘conversion’ of Arabs and others in his day. They have never been rescinded or ignored by Muslims, and are behind the barbarous activities of the current ‘worst Islamists’, the ISIS terrorist group now tearing-up Iraq and Syria.

But, before I explain what these ‘conditions’ are, I must provide a few definitions... because I know just how argumentative ignorant liberal Christians can be!

Are All Muslims the Same?

No, they are not! Right now in Iraq the civil war is between Muslims who take their teachings direct from Mohammed, and those (Sunni muslims) who have the same teachings which have been modified by their interpreters. We can see the result – carnage and widespread genocide on the basis of disagreements over texts! Can you imagine the same thing happening between, say, Congregationalists and Calvinists?

Let us not become puffed up in our pious refusal to accept such barbaric behaviour... the Romanists had their own barbarism, called the Inquisition and the Crusades! They were willing to kill and maim others who did not agree with their interpretations. Indeed, they are still of similar mind in fully-Catholic countries. And Nazi fascists murdered millions on the strength of their favoured interpretations of philosophy, as did Stalin on behalf of communism.

Apart from these interpretational differences there are also the differences between arrogant violent Islamists and what are called ‘moderate’ Muslims. But, do not be fooled, because even this group can be sub-divided! For example, there are Muslims who are genuinely willing to live and let live, and to be as one with their host citizens (as in, say, the UK), but these tend to be much older immigrants who came years ago to work and not to cause sedition. These integrate well, work for a living, speak English, and generally support and obey UK laws. No amount of rampant Jihadism would cause them to rise up, or secretly oppose, their hosts. Though there is a warning – that even those who are of this generally ‘good’ group are pressured by violent thinkers into complying in some form or another. This is how young Muslims in the UK and the USA have suddenly travelled to join ISIS and other jihadists, murdering others for the sake of texts they disagree on. Of course, in reality, Islam is not a true religion – it is a religious façade for political power.

Think this is just about Muslims? Then think again... what of those football ‘fans’, thugs, who turn up at ‘away’ games not to watch the game but to attack fans of the other side, stomping on their heads, kicking them unconscious, etc. These may have started off as normal fans, but now they are nothing but violent men who, if allowed freedom, would just as easily kill other ‘fans’. However, we should not be detracted from the maxim that Islam contains in its own holy books, directions to kill Jews and Christians. This is evidence of Satan’s ways, not seeking God.

One expert in Islam, Raymond Ibrahim, declares unequivocally (as do many others, including myself), that Islam is replete with murderous intent against any who will not submit to Allah (who is NOT the same as the Christian God). It is there in black and white! But, he says, academics, governments and the media (even misguided Christian leaders) continue to whitewash Islam, giving jihadists carte blanche to attack and kill, maim or otherwise harass and terrorise, Christians, Jews and women.

The most basic factor in any study is to list known truths. But, modern men are afraid to do this because of their false belief in multiculturalism... and in order to curry favour with those they have a financial interest in, or who can advance their careers, etc., they will be deliberately blind to atrocity. In other words, if non-Muslim countries openly and strongly condemned Islamic murders and openly questioned its teachings, jihadists would find no supporters amongst them.

There is a need to publicly condemn Islamic terror tactics, especially in terms of murder, displacement of peoples, and vicious assaults on freedom. If these public declarations are not made, terrorism and murder become commonplace. I remember the time (as some of you may also remember) when Billy Graham infamously stated after a visit to Soviet Russia, that Christians were not being persecuted in that country! An uproar rightly ensued, especially as there was a steady stream of information about persecution coming daily from reliable sources! His simple statement effectively condemned all Christians in Russia, most of whom had to meet underground and in forests and fields, in secret, and who were liable to arrest and intense punishment in gulags and Siberian wildernesses, many dying for their faith!

The warning, then, is that while we can be thankful for those who remain moderate, we must also be aware that jihadists in the West come from moderate families. They are ‘turned’ through the bad influence of terroristic ‘plants’ and ‘dirty money’ coming from Saudi Arabia, whose religious and political aim is to Islamise the UK and all of Europe, and to impose horrific Sharia law on every citizen. If that dark day finally arrives, Christians WILL be attacked and subjugated, because this is the essence of Islamic global aims. The ‘Conditions of Omar’ are central to these aims, and are waiting in the wings of every western country that stupidly allows pressure from Islam. Allow the fake ‘religion’, yes – but NOT Sharia!

So, while we can thank God that moderate Muslims are currently peaceful and do not want Islamic terror, we must not rely on their continued friendliness, because the day will come when Sharia will rule and even the moderates will not be able to resist... if a ‘higher’ rule calls them (Islamic clerics and young Islamic thugs), they will be just as subject to punishment as Christians, Jews, etc. And, of course, they would fight amongst themselves, as they now do in Iraq, making the west a battle-ground.

It is therefore a plain fact that ‘peace in our time’ is due not to politics or religion, but to God’s grace and mercy towards us, though we deserve it not. And remember Chamberlain’s vain hope when he waved that bit of paper for all to see, a concord signed by himself and Hitler for ‘peace in our time’; the hope was dashed and crushed very quickly as the Nazi war machine took its course of action against free men everywhere.

In the UK and the rest of Europe, most Islamic people, from whatever part of the world, tend to buy or rent housing in their own areas, making them effectively Islamic strongholds. In these places Muslims need not speak the language of their host country, because they can buy and sell and commune with those of their own kind. And those Islamic areas in any town tend to become scary places to move about in. In certain areas there is even illegal use of Sharia.

And, of course, in the UK there is even a bold Islamic shadow government! It is there to produce Sharia policies, in readiness for Muslim take-over. This means that many Muslims are already conditioned to ignore UK laws and religious liberties that still exist (because, under Islam, there is no such thing as liberty or freedom of thought) It is common Islamic practice to go along with host-country laws until there is a preponderance of Islamic people. The more Muslims there are the more strident becomes Islam and the demand for Sharia laws. Thus, right now in the USA, American judges are allowing Sharia modifications to the law. Once the tipping point is reached and Muslims are dominant, the ‘gloves come off’ and Sharia is unashamedly imposed.

Yet, British politicians placate and even promote Islam at the expense of Christian and other objections. They do so for their own short-term financial and power gains. What comes next is not their concern, because most politicians roll-over willingly to accommodate the current strong figures and movements in their midst. We have seen this, to our cost, with homosexuality and atheism, and even in environmental matters, which cost the taxpayer unnecessary millions.

Personally, I have no problem speaking with a Muslim or viewing him in a friendly manner. But, I cannot accept his religion, which is pagan and atheistic. I do not wish to hate or harm any Muslim in my town. Even so, for the past decade, whenever I have greeted Muslims in the street NOT ONE has bothered to look me in the eye, let alone return the greeting – he just looks down at the floor! It was not like this in, say, the 1960s and 70s. Yet, I will continue to treat them as I treat everyone else. I know, though, that this will likely be fruitless for most of the time. And this will get worse as Muslims buy up properties in several areas that are now ‘mini-Meccas’.

One long street leading from the town centre is filled with Muslim shops, and I rarely see white folks entering to buy, simply because of the intimidation of Islamic presence. All of these factors must be borne in mind when considering the awful future before us if Christians do not plead their cause with the Lord and obey His word. We must also resist Islamic intrusion into freedom of speech and thought, despite political stupidities.

And for those who love to pick holes... I will repeat that I have no hatred for Muslims, but I loathe their religion, which is godless. Islam drives whole countries back to the Dark Ages and treats human life, especially female, with utter contempt. Thus, if Islam ‘died on the vine’ I would rejoice, that millions of sad people are no longer subject to its awful demands and brainwashing.

Now let us look at the reason why jihadists such as ISIS are intent on beheading Christians or letting them live under hazardous and crippling terms.

Conditions of Omar

Raymond Ibrahim points out that the ISIS jihadists now taking over much of Iraq and Syria are imposing these ‘conditions’ to the letter! This is why Christians must understand what they are. Some believers have an inkling of what they are, but do not seem to link them with what is happening right now. Once they understand what these ‘conditions’ are they should contact their MPs and insist they take note, not just for the sake of brethren in Syria and Iraq, but because of what will happen in the UK once Islamic voters are the majority. If they do not listen, they are fools.

Recently, in Syria, jihadists (ISIS) gave local Christians three options: (1) to convert to Islam, (2) to remain Christian but pay tribute (dhimma) and be subject to humiliating lesser status, or (3) to die by the sword. Many Westerners were shocked by this, but it is nothing new. It is the strict interpretation of what the Koran says and has been in force since the time of Mohammed! It is what Muslims will insist upon if they took over the UK and the USA. Think not? We already have ‘mercy killings’ (murders), and brutal murders in our streets, committed by Muslims!

Dhimma requires Christians to pay a ‘tax’ (protection money) of half an ounce of pure gold for their safety. (Reported as a recent demand made by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, Middle East News, BBC, 27th February, 2014). That was not all. Christians also had to comply with the ‘conditions’: Christians could not renovate their churches or build new ones, put up crosses or religious symbols, ring bells or pray in public. They may not carry arms and MUST obey ALL the daily rules given to them by ISIS; rules that are designed to humiliate and burden. ISIS met with local Christians and delivered the three options. If they did not obey, then they became “legitimate targets” and would die by the sword. Is this godly? Is it fair? Is it the mark of a true religion of ‘God’? No. It is just thuggery let loose.

Yet, the media, academia and governments are ignoring what is going on, and even when they report it, they imply that it is some kind of personalised misinterpretation of Islam, an aberration. BUT IT IS NOT! IT IS TEACHING THAT ARISES DIRECTLY FROM THE KORAN! As I have said before, terrorists are the true Islamists, not the moderates; those called ‘moderates’ are actually ‘bad Muslims’! And this is how jihadists see them and why they are willing to kill even their own kind, Muslims.

Time and again, especially in the USA and in the UK, academics and other high-profile (and therefore in charge of statements to the public) figures speak of those of us who warn about Islam, as ‘Islamophobes’ who ‘demonize’ Islam. This cannot be farther from the truth! The warnings about the dangers of Islam in any country are fair and, if anything, understated. They are accurate and chilling. By dubbing us as ‘Islamophobes’ they bring immense danger to our shores. It is simply not ‘cool’ to mention the truth about Islam! (See the resemblance to so-called ‘homophobia’? You should, because it is the same fascism).

In the USA people like Senator John Cain are furious with anyone who mentions Islam as a religion of atrocities. It is likely that if he had somehow gained the White House he would be just as Islamicised as Obama. Even the CIA in the USA believes that ISIS and other jihadists are proclaiming a ‘perversion’ of Islam. What this does is to allow ‘reasonable’ Islam to gain great ground by highlighting the actions of a few. It is all false – ISIS are not perverted in their Islam: they are enacting the Koran to perfection! In other words governments are bringing in Islam and its horrors by the back door by misleading the public, and by being deluded and ignorant themselves.

This deliberate ignorance forgets to mention such texts as Koran 9:29, where Muslims are told it is acceptable to fight and kill Christians and Jews, unless they pay tribute and allow themselves to be treated badly as third-class citizens or dhimmis (contained in the ‘Conditions of Omar’ – see below). At the time of being subjugated by invading Muslims (middle ages), Christians, in order to stay alive, agreed to certain conditions, which came to be known as the ‘Conditions of Omar’. Ibrahim translates these as the following:

“Not to build a church in our city—nor a monastery, convent, or monk’s cell in the surrounding areas—and not to repair those that fall in ruins or are in Muslim quarters;

Not to clang our cymbals except lightly and from the innermost recesses of our churches;

Not to display a cross on them [churches], nor raise our voices during prayer or readings in our churches anywhere near Muslims;

Not to produce a cross or [Christian] book in the markets of the Muslims;

Not to congregate in the open for Easter or Palm Sunday, nor lift our voices [in lamentation] for our dead nor show our firelights with them near the market places of the Muslims;

Not to display any signs of polytheism, nor make our religion appealing, nor call or proselytize anyone to it;

Not to prevent any of our relatives who wish to enter into Islam;

Not to possess or bear any arms whatsoever, nor gird ourselves with swords;

To honor the Muslims, show them the way, and rise up from our seats if they wish to sit down;

We guarantee all this to you upon ourselves, our descendants, our spouses, and our neighbours, and if we change or contradict these conditions imposed upon ourselves in order to receive safety, we forfeit our dhimma [covenant], and we become liable to the same treatment you inflict upon the people who resist and cause sedition.”

Modern jihadists, such as ISIS, follow these ‘conditions’ to the letter, without compromise, and have no scruples about murdering Christians and Jews, or anyone else who rejects their horrific, barbaric, ‘Dark Ages’ demands. Though these conditions were applied to a particular tribe at the time of invasion centuries ago, for jihadists, they continue to be valid for all of time! Hence the foul beheadings and general slaughter. It is why the Saudi Sheikh, Marzouk Salem al-Gharndi said this in a recent Friday mosque sermon:

“If the infidels live among the Muslims, in accordance with the conditions set out by the Prophet—there is nothing wrong with it provided they pay Jizya to the Islamic treasury. Other conditions are . . . that they do not renovate a church or a monastery, do not rebuild ones that were destroyed, that they feed for three days any Muslim who passes by their homes . . . that they rise when a Muslim wishes to sit, that they do not imitate Muslims in dress and speech, nor ride horses, nor own swords, nor arm themselves with any kind of weapon; that they do not sell wine, do not show the cross, do not ring church bells, do not raise their voices during prayer, that they shave their hair in front so as to make them easily identifiable, do not incite anyone against the Muslims, and do not strike a Muslim. . . If they violate these conditions, they have no protection.” (quoted by Ibrahim: note how the ‘shaved heads’ are symbolically similar to the wearing of yellow patches by Jews in WW2 Germany).

While British people are warned not to speak ill of Islam, Islam itself kills with impunity, and western governments sidle up to Saudi Arabia, one of the most virulently hateful Islamic countries on earth, as though they are friends of the West. Yet, the Saudis hate us! They hate Jews. They hate Christians. They fund terrorists and terroristic speakers in the UK. They want the UK to be fully compliant with Sharia and for the UK to obey Allah... or else.

The speech by the Sheikh repeats the conditions of Omar! In Saudi, Pakistan, and many Islamic countries, this kind of barbarism is repeated against Christians. For western academics to keep vaunting the way the world has gained from Islam is farcical! The gains of the world are NOT due to Islam, but only to Arabs who had great minds! Islam itself is blind and darkens and rots everything it touches.

So, the horrors of jihadist actions are not unusual or perverted forms of Islam. Heads used as footballs are not unusual. They are the TRUE version of Islam and the Koran. This is why western civilizations MUST resist the growth of Islam, including the building of large mosques. As far as strict Muslins are concerned these large buildings are declarations of dominance and ownership of the places they are built in. The massive mosque planned for London, is paid for by the Saudis and will be the symbol of Islamic ownership of not just London, but of the entire UK.

Yet, there are ignorant Christians who tell us we should be ‘tolerant’! They do not understand what is happening and offer only a fake ‘love’ that amounts to subservience to the demonic gods of Islam (and they would be the first turncoats to accept the rule of Sharia in an Islamic rule). These gods are rising up everywhere that westerners turn a blind eye to... including the non-existent ‘Palestinian state’, with its abject hatred for Israel and Christians, and for those who accept it as a genuine country... including many Christians.

I urge readers to see what is going on in real terms, against the backdrop of a murderous and pagan/atheistic religion, which is not really a religion, but a ‘religious form’ of political/militaristic movement, godless and illegitimate, violent and without a shred of humanity and brotherly love. By all means see these Islamic souls as in need of salvation, and treat them with human compassion... but reject their religion as a whole, because it drags them down into darkness, and brings about many horrors for those who will not accept Allah.

Additional note to ponder on... If a religion tells you that women are nothing but animals in disguise, to be used and abused at will, and tells you it is alright to kill people who think differently, it will produce psychopathic personalities with no compassion for any other person. Is this not what we see in many ‘hard line’ Islamic countries today? Is it not what we see in Syria and Iraq – men who enjoy killing and putting dead bodies through demeaning acts... playing football with heads and eating their hearts? And what does this tell us about young men who leave their homes in the west to join them? Yes, we are looking at psychopaths, who will, in turn, produce more psychopaths. It does not matter that those from the west are conditioned into being psychopathic... because the end result is the same. This is our western future if we allow Islam to carry on as it is. It MUST stop right now. The UK already has its own home-grown stock of disgusting thugs who have the same attitude as Muslims travelling to Syria; we do not need to add to this repugnant group of evildoers. We must continue to evangelise Muslims (though this is becoming increasingly hard and dangerous), but the time has come for punitive measures and restrictions. Calvin had it right when he banned Catholics from Geneva. Who has the courage in our government to do the same with hard line Muslims?

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