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Deradicalisation is a Secular Myth

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It might seem odd, but I will begin this article by defining a ‘taboo’. You will see the relevance as the paper progresses.

A taboo is a social restriction or prohibition. That is, a taboo is something society does not wish to have freedom. There are all kinds of taboo, depending on culture, era and people. Some of these prohibitions are ludicrous and some are much needed, whilst in-between are taboos developed for reasons that can be debated.

There are also taboos set in stone by God, and these remain taboos no matter what society thinks or wants. And, at times, these divine taboos will be reflected in many disbelieving societies. Examples are murder, incest and theft. Other things that ought to be taboos still, are being cast out, such as adultery, which is almost a leisure activity nowadays! Another is ‘living together’ coupled to promiscuous sex and even multiple children by multiple fathers.

What should concern us in this paper is not the taboo set by society, which changes with time, but the taboos set by God, because no matter what people think, a taboo set by God is a law and must never be broken. Once a taboo from God is broken and is done without conscience, the dangers are immense. In essence, a taboo from God, when broken, puts the person breaking it into an ever-increasing sinfulness. It comes about thus:

In the case of ‘ordinary’ sin not in the category of a taboo, we have

Temptation to sin Sin Repentance Forgiveness

In normal circumstances, once the person gives in to temptation he sins. A Christian will later, or even at the time, realise his error and will repent, seeking God’s forgiveness (and the forgiveness of a person, other than God, whom he has offended). The person will recognise the problem when faced with the same kind of temptation again, so will avoid that sin. He may also again fall to the same temptation, in which case he will plead with God to help him to resist and stop.

Usually, the only time an unsaved person will repent and seek forgiveness is if he is found out. The repentance is toward other persons, not God, and forgiveness is often given though it is not sought after. (But, what is called ‘repentance’ in an unsaved person is not the same as repentance by a Christian). So, the difference between an unsaved man and a saved man when it comes to sinning is vast.

Now let us apply this to the breaking of a taboo, in this paper defined as a deliberate avoidance of godly action and replacing it with wicked action; we can say a taboo is greater than a ‘standard’ sin (though the penalty remains the same). It is wicked rather than plain error, because the sin goes beyond ‘normal’ sin into an area of activity ruled by Satan. Even an unsaved society views certain sins as ‘bad’. In this paper we will look mainly at murder and allied evils, committed by unsaved persons, bearing in mind that the unsaved have no godly conscience though they might experience pangs of awareness making them feel emotional guilt.

Where an unsaved person breaks an important taboo, such as promiscuity or murder, this is what happens:





No Repentance but feeling of guilt




Repeat Sin


Worse Sin


Worsening Sin


No Conscience & growth of psychopathy


Desire to repeat the sin


Repeating the sin perpetually


Inward anxiety when NOT repeating the sin (indication of addiction)


Desire to repeat sin but seeking a far worse form


Constant repetition of the sin without remorse and with increasing refusal to stop,
because of addiction anxiety


Disregard for public disapproval and a shift to committing the sin publicly
and even with a desire for it


Once public, the person commits the sin openly with arrogance

I could give much more detail as to the process of breaking a taboo, but you should have the idea by now – the breaking of a taboo, only once, puts the person on a very different path to the one he might have walked prior to actually committing the physical sin. Before breaking the taboo, the person worries that others will find out, perhaps he has some feeling of shame, and he might make a weak attempt to stop his thoughts leading to action (which are just as sinful as the action). Everything changes when he allows his desires to surface, and when he actually breaks the taboo. I can assure you of this and have witnessed it many times!

When the taboo is broken and everything is known publicly, the sin is then flaunted rather than hidden, the person enters into a downward spiral of making his sin more known and more potent, without any sign of conscience or repentance. (This can even happen to a weak Christian, though he might still feel the pang of conscience). This is why we now see open adultery, fornication, promiscuity, violence, foul language, etc.

It only takes one breaking of a taboo to liberate the person and free him from conscience. It is like speeding towards a cliff until the person literally throws himself off, such is his perverted desire. Only with a taboo, the cliff is God’s restraint (which applies to all men, saved or unsaved), and once the cliff jumped off the person moves even faster to establish his life in the chosen taboo-break.

When the person has ‘crossed the line’ there is usually no turning back, and the person becomes worse and worse in his chosen taboo-breaking (ANY taboo set by God). He thus lives in self-destruct mode and usually ends up totally out of control, with consequent disintegration of soul and behaviour. This is seen in promiscuity, violence, sexual perversions, and jihad.

So, breaking a taboo only once leads a person to not only repeat breaking it, but to become even more persistent in breaking it, continually, without remorse. The person is immersed in the taboo, and continually seeks ways to keep breaking it. Very few who live this way return to normality, but live ever-worsening lives, because the broken taboo alters brain activity so it is fed by the taboo.

The above are the mechanics of breaking a taboo; the western world runs on the bad air of satanic delusion. Part of this is to get rid of all vestiges of Christian values and teaching, even though most of it is far removed from the genuine Christian beliefs of true believers. And so those who commit the worst atrocities are welcomed… especially jihadists and homosexuals. Jihadists deceive by saying they only commit these atrocities because of the way the West has treated them in the past. And the reason they commit them today is because the West blames them for atrocities!

The West fails to understand why Muslims act as they do. Since its inception, Islam has murdered its way around the world and forced everyone they conquer to obey. This is because the Koran says they must do it, and Muslims who do not do it will themselves be punished or murdered. It has nothing to do with being western or not. It is a key teaching of Mohammed, who invented the idea of Islam so he could get away with his slaying of Jews and those who opposed his barbaric theft of countries.

Does Deradicalisation Work?

The simple answer is an emphatic “No!!!” The USA has tried it, and so have European countries. Expensive deradicalisation programs do not and cannot work. This is because western elites think they know it all, but know nothing and try to apply western ideas of secular psychology to medieval religious practices.

The problem is not about someone going off course and entering a forbidden world of murder. It is about the central core of Islam itself, as taught in the Koran, that ALL people who oppose or resist Islam MUST be murdered. But, westerners treat Islamic ideas of murder by misinterpreting what is plainly obvious. They see murder et al as a problem of mental capacity. In the same way they ‘treat’ killers in the West instead of putting them to judicial death because God says so. And, they simply do not understand the way breaking of a taboo works!

We looked at the breaking of a taboo and what it does to the taboo-breaker’s mind. Now let us apply it to jihadists. They think thus:

The Koran says so


Its commands must be obeyed


The first breaking of the taboo of murder creates anxiety and fear


The first breaking of the taboo is enacted


Conscience is ignored because the jihadist is obeying Mohammed and the Koran
and is promised all kinds of goodies in heaven

âBecause he is praised by the Koran the jihadist carries on believing himself to be right
and obedient and so anxiety quickly subsides


He wants more praise and honour so goes on a jihad spree – the taboo of murder
is ignored and is viewed as a virtue


More jihad! Thus the jihadist progresses from plain murder to efficient psychopathy, and is UNABLE to stop murdering and destroying. It is a lust.

What we are seeing in jihad is the formation of addiction that cannot be stopped by secular means (treatment rather than punishment; deradicalisation programs rather than the death penalty). God demands the death penalty, swiftly applied, for deliberate murder. Fake excuses are irrelevant.

It takes a lot of ‘psyching-up’ to be deliberately violent first-time. It is not self-defence. It is a deliberate act of the will, which is why there is a legal difference between manslaughter and first degree homicide. The first is a desperate fight to stay alive, the other is a chosen aim, to murder someone in cold blood.

Though the steps leading up to deliberate first murder are often mentally painful, the first murder is the worst. But, evidence shows that once enacted, the first murder, the initial breaking of the taboo of murder, is quickly forgotten. It gives a great sense of freedom, and the perpetrator desires to do more of the same – hence serial killers (which all jihadists are). It is the same kind of freedom experienced by those who cast aside personal responsibility to become bi-polar or neurotic.

By making themselves free of an emotional and moral tie to truth and a defiance of conscience in murder, the person doing it literally ‘lets go’ of all constraints and pushes onwards, increasing the violence and murder, and enjoying the wicked pleasure of killing for its own sake. This literally produces a brand new psychopath, who ignores all calls to justice and morality.

He has gone from initial anxiety through to the first murder, to the exultation felt by those who free themselves of conscience and good. They become slaves to their desires and cannot stop… Satan has completely purchased their lives by tearing them away from conscience. They are addicted to killing, and this gives them intense pleasure. But, like all who are addicted, earlier acts of sin no longer satisfy, so they concoct ways to kill that are even more satisfying and vicious. They CANNOT stop. This is why all talk of deradicalisation is worthless, and certainly not realistic. Nor does it fit God’s command, that a deliberate murderer MUST be put to death instantly via judicial process. This might even be dying by armed forces’ involvement on a battle field.

Will the West learn? No, I do not think so, because the West has become a cesspit of moral decay and spiritual death, and does not even value life, as shown by removal of the death penalty. (Unsaved people think the death penalty is the same as murder, but it is not). It is ready for destruction. The ONLY answer is repentance and obedience to Almighty God.

However, scripture warns that we are at the start of Satan’s freedom to do his worst. And he is obliging with vengeance. The end is literally nigh… and a time for believers to act out their beliefs and salvation, while unbelievers are driven by Satan to commit everything they can to defy the Lord. Supposed ‘deradicalisation’ is only a part of the great delusion, because Satan’s wish is to totally destabilise all societies by giving them their hearts’ desire, even if it is mass murder.

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