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Charismaticism and New Versions

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When the Toronto Blessing began its foul work, charismatics told us we were now in a ‘post-biblical era’. Thus, the Bible did not really matter, because we could put any meaning we wish into it... such as charismatic heresies. This came after the charismatic movement (arose ‘formally’ in the mid-1960s out of Pentecostalism) began to use new Bible versions. Coincidence? This paper is not a critique of charismaticism itself, but about the new versions they use with devastating effect.

Go to Amazon and you will find ‘Bible Doctrines: A Pentecostal Perspective’. This is the wrong way to examine doctrine! And, ‘doctrines’ (plural) is used in scripture to describe the false teachings of Satan! A true study of scripture leads us to read what God says and to allow interpretation and theological perspectives to arise ‘naturally’ out of what is written. What this Pentecostal book does is to read scripture with a pre-judged theology, looking to see if scripture agrees with its presumptions.


The New King James Bible is not usually pooled with the other new versions, but that is exactly what it is. And, there is a ‘Spirit-Filled Life Edition’, too, just for Pentecostals and charismatics! You will find that the New King James Bible did not (as it claimed) just use the same original, authentic sources used by the KJAV of 1611. It also relied on the Westcott and Hort (W&H) clone, the Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament (26th edition), and the United Bible Societies’ Third Edition. Both are founded on Westcott and Hort text and methodology.

Some complain that this is unfair, because the New KJV only has W&H references as side references. This is not acceptable, because most people will accept these references as sound. God does not provide us with occult readings or texts from cults and heretics, so as we can see the differences! So, why should a ‘true’ version include cultic readings?

The NKJV publishers try to defend their Bible, but say “It is now widely held that the Byzantine Text that largely supports the Textus Receptus has as much right as the Alexandrian or any other tradition to be weighed in determining the text of the New Testament.” Perhaps you did not notice the emphasis – the W&H sources (Alexandrian; corrupt) are given more prominence than the Textus Receptus (TR); the Alexandrian sources have a “right” to determine the text of the New Testament, and, almost as an after-thought, so does the text supporting the TR.

Spirit-Filled – a Claim without Support

The “Spirit-filled” Bible by Jack Hayford was developed “expressly for Spirit-filled believers” and is now the “standard for balanced scholarship in the Pentecostal/Charismatic tradition.” That charismaticism is already being called a ‘tradition’ is almost laughable, since it only began as such in the 1960’s! Any ‘tradition’ this movement has must have been written in advance! And even Pentecostalism only began as a movement in the early 1900s. Surely this ‘bible’ does not claim the same kind of authenticity as the TR and original sources?

And, what on earth is a ‘Spirit-filled believer’? EVERY genuine Christian is filled with the Holy Spirit at the moment he is saved! The Bible is God’s word to mankind: He did not give it for specific people, or even for believers. It is God’s account of how things are, whether or not people believe it. (For unbelievers the Bible is testimony to their sin, and will become their epitaph).

Bible truths were given to men who wrote them down by divine command. It says what it says – it is not specially tailored to suit charismatics! The publisher says this is NOT what the new bible claims... but why say it in the first place? It is said because Hayford is a “hyper-charismatic pastor”! His church reputedly has at least two heretics as members (though many ‘reformed’ churches can boast even more!).

According to one source, “Evidence abounds of Hayford’s hyper-charismatic, ecumenical, and occultic tendencies” (Reported in the 11/1/89 and 9/15/91, Calvary Contenders; and the 12/91, CIB Bulletin). This is why we cannot trust his ‘Spirit-filled’ Bible for charismatics! In which way is he better than W&H? Note that this ‘bible’ is the “standard for balanced scholarship in the Pentecostal/Charismatic tradition.” This means that the majority, if not all, of charismatics and charismatic Bible-schools are influenced strongly by a man who was occultic, ecumenical and hyper-charismatic. Anyone who has studied charismatic teaching and behaviour will know that the movement is based on the occult. True ‘scholarship’ cannot be founded on error!

Of course, the bible “most used” depends on which publisher is claiming it! While Nelson claims the Spirit-filled bible is prominent, Zondervan makes a counter-claim for its own publication, the ‘Full Life Study Bible’, which, it says, “represents the mainstream of modern charismatic theology”. It is said to be the “most moderate” of charismatic bibles... which implies that the other one is over-the-top! Yet, both include personal interpretations of a charismatic nature. The Nelson bible uses Strong’s numbering system, which would confuse anyone who regularly uses it... thus, there is a mixing of charismatic and reformed meanings.

MacArthur, in on the Act

These ‘study bibles’ are not translations, but insert denomination-friendly notes and meanings into already translated bibles. The more recent ‘MacArthur Study Bible’ (1997, Nelson) is of this kind. David J Stewart says of this bible “It’s filled with heresy and really bad theology” (, and is not surprised by this because, he says, MacArthur is a “Modernist who dares to claim the name of Christ, while denying the redeeming power of the literal blood of Jesus Christ.” For those who are unaware of it, this man is indirectly linked to the charismatic movement. His ‘study bible’ is based on the NKJV... a new version of scripture.

An example of the heresy in the NKJV is how it translates “narrow is the way” (Matthew 7:14) as “difficult is the way”. For those who do not recognise it, this bad translation makes salvation a matter of Arminian effort, rather than a gift. And this is the essence of the charismatic understanding of salvation. Like so many authors of today, MacArthur founds his study bible on corrupt sources, linking him to W&H.

New versions of scripture are very good at reducing God’s word to personal opinion, and salvation to something we can gain for ourselves simply by seeking or asking for it. Charismatics believe in this way to Heaven! And so any ‘bible’ that supports the perverse doctrines (of devils) will be acceptable – if any bible is accepted at all, seeing as how we are now ‘post-biblical’!

New versions suit charismatics well, because the KJAV and its sources do not teach what charismatics teach. So, getting rid of the KJAV is the best way to salve the conscience. After all, that is what Rome does all the time!

Dake’s Bible

Charismatics, then, choose new versions because they best serve their cultic purpose, making them no better than the ‘bible’ used by JWs and Mormons, etc. Anyone can corrupt the KJAV simply by adding their own cultic interpretations. The following is taken from

“As I have now learned, the Dake's Bible was really the text of the Charismatics before there was a movement called ‘Charismatic’. Let me give you one Scripture that is foundational to what Hagin, Copeland, Hinn, Crouch, etc. are now teaching around the world.

This quote from Dake's Bible is the very first New Testament note in the edition that I have owned since the early seventies. The edition I am quoting from is the sixth printing, December 1971.

"Gr. Christos, 'Anointed.' - Used in N.T. 577 times. Like the name "Jesus" it has no reference to deity, but to the humanity of the Son of God, who became the Christ or the "Anointed One" 30 years after He was born of Mary. God "made" Him both Lord and Christ. The Heb. Is 'Messiah'." (Dake's Annotated Reference Bible, Finis Jennings Dake, published by Dake Bible Sales, Inc, Lawrenceville, Georgia, New Testament, p.1.)“

This blasphemy is believed by charismatics around the world. It is heresy, as the writer, J R Chambers says in the same article, quoting a book I have read myself:

“No Biblically solid minister or Bible student would accept the quote above. It is rank heresy and must be totally rejected or our view of Jesus Christ as the eternal Son of God is compromised. To suggest that Jesus became the Christ or the "Anointed One" thirty years after His birth is to commit heresy. This is an ancient heresy that is called "adoptionism." Kenneth Scott Latourette stated in his book, History of Christianity, Volume 1, the following:

"Others, called the Ebionites, maintained that Jesus was merely a man, a prophet, a spokesman for God, as were the great Hebrew prophets of the past. Although some of them accepted the virgin birth of Jesus, others are said to have taught that Jesus was the son of Joseph and Mary, that at His baptism Christ descended upon him in the form of a dove, that he then proclaimed the unknown Father, but that Christ who could not suffer, departed from him at his crucifixion." (Latourette, page 121-122, Harper Collins).”

Where do the charismatics get this kind of evil from? Yes – new versions! Iraneaus referred to this ancient heresy in his book, Adversus Haeresies III.16.1:

"Certainly the Gnostics confess with their tongues the ONE Jesus Christ, but in their minds they divide Him."

Thus, charismatics teach the heresies of the ancient Gnostics (amongst others). If you have read all the other articles in our KJAV series, you will know that the Alexandrian school of theologians was mainly Gnostic, and their work is used as the source of modern bible versions. Yet, scripture itself declares that God was both man and God even before He was conceived, Luke 1:35.

“He is, and was, eternally the Son of God, anointed of the Holy Ghost. The doctrines of Hagin, Copeland, Crouch, and Hinn, etc. are clearly associated with this heresy. Paul Crouch, in a statement to Benny Hinn on TBN, stated that Jesus received His divinity back when He ascended out of hell after being born again. (See our video, TBN - The Temple Of The Gods and Goddesses.)”

Chambers gives a personal note on this terrible heresy:

“I remember a horrible crisis that occurred about twenty years ago in the church where I now pastor. We had won a man to our church and he had made wonderful progress in the study of Scripture and his spiritual life. We elevated him to a very strong leadership position and made him a key teacher in our Sunday School. He then became involved in the Copeland doctrines and began to teach the doctrine of unbiblical prosperity. One day, he proudly began to argue to me that Jesus only became the anointed one at His baptism and was not the divine Son of God until this point. I immediately knew I had a serious problem.

When our church board met to solve the problem, we asked him to either renounce this idea or resign from his class. He refused and we dismissed him. Of course, he went up the road a short distance and started his own church. We lost a host of family members; all of which have never been stable in their Christian life since that time. I remember that the Dake's Bible had become his primary study Bible and the arrogance that I now know was evident in Finis Dake had become evident in this individual. He has never returned to the stability and truth that he traded for the Charismatic deception.”

I quote this anecdotal evidence because I saw it occur time and again (thousands of times) when the wicked, foul movement known as the Toronto Blessing came to the UK. It literally devastated thousands of churches, bringing them into confusion and fear. Many who called themselves ‘saved’ moved away from true churches and into charismatic churches, drinking in the poisons of the movement, which (literally) knocked countless believers off their spiritual feet.

Since that time in the mid-1990s, those who moved into charismatic circles have ruined their lives, never finding peace, because they moved away not just from a local church, but from God Himself. Then, having ingested poison they then continued to poison themselves by using charismatic sources of information, such as Dakes’ Bible, et al. Since then, charismatics have become a formidable adversary of truth, being a major cancerous growth known as tares.

Unlike Chambers, who does not wish to ‘name names’ I WILL ‘name names’ if it is necessary, and in this I follow the example of both Paul and Jesus. Now, if you read the following of an unnamed person, would you not think he was led by demons? Of course you would – so believe it of Dakes. It is Gnostic through and through!

"I was immediately able to quote hundreds of Scriptures without memorizing them. I also noticed a quickening of my mine to know what chapters and books various verses were found in. Before conversion, I had not read one full chapter of the Bible. This new knowledge of Scripture was a gift to me, for which I give God the praise. From the time of this special anointing until now, I have never had to memorize the thousands of Scriptures I use in teaching. I just quote a verse when I need it, by the anointing of the Spirit."

Anyone who knows anything about the occult can tell you this sounds very much like demon activity. How many men do you know who can, say, pass a degree exam by knowing NOTHING in his chosen field of study? It is impossible! Yet, Dakes said he had the same knowledge as Jesus Christ by saying he did not read or study the texts he now was given as a ‘gift’ (John 7:15). Dakes is said to have been arrogant – one can see why! Yet, how can a man be arrogant about something he has never earned?

Below is a report taken from Dakes’ life. Sadly, it is typical of charismatic life today, and this should warn people about the ‘authority’ Dakes has in charismatic study and theology. The quote is necessarily long:

"Finis Jennings Dake was born in 1902 and died in 1987. His son Finis, Jr. says it took Dake seven years of constant work to complete the 35,000 notes included in the 1,400-page Annotated Bible. It is a virtual systematic theology and a compilation of Dake's views and doctrines. "Dake was ordained under the Assemblies of God in Texas. For a time he did evangelistic work in Oklahoma. He then moved to Zion, Illinois, where his fortunes declined, following a scandal involving a 16-year-old girl.

The May 27, 1936, issue of the Chicago Daily Tribune reported that 'An indictment, returned last February in Milwaukee, charges that on April 23, 1935, Dake took Emma Barelli, 16 years old, of Kenosha, from her home town to East St. Louis for immoral purposes.' (pg. 1). The following day, the newspaper reported that Dake registered at hotels in Waukegan, Bloomington, and East St. Louis with the girl under the name Christian Anderson and wife.

Dake, according to government investigators, said he picked the girl up as she was hitchhiking and she insisted he drive her to East St. Louis, where he was to deliver Bible lectures in nearby communities. Dake denied that any immoral action had taken place, claiming, 'I did take her there but there was no immorality involved. I wanted to get her a job.' (Chicago Daily tribune, May 28, 1936, pg. 17).

When Dake came to trial in Feburuary 1937, he placed himself on the mercy of the court by entering a plea of guilty to the charge of violating the Mann Act. He was sentenced to a six-month stay in the House of Corrections in Milwaukee. Dake admitted to having 'petting parties' with the girl, but again denied any improper relations had occurred between him and the girl. The Waukegan News-Sun reported, 'Had he been found guilty by a trial jury, Rev. Dake would have been subject to a maximum sentence of 10 years in a federal prison and a fine of $10,000.' (Feb. 10, 1937). Dake called the jail sentence a 'vacation' and said he would use his incarceration as an opportunity to preach to the prisoners and devote time to writing a commentary on the Bible.

The Assemblies of God severed its relationship with Dake, and he later joined the Church of God, Cleveland, Tennessee. It is not clear how his union with the Church of God ended, but Dake eventually became independent of any church."

When we look at new versions, we MUST examine WHO was behind them, for very good reasons. Even if we ignore his immorality, we can still see error in Dakes’ ‘bible’. Such as his comments on Jesus, in the book of John:

"He is a person with a personal spirit body, a personal soul, and a personal spirit, like that of angels, and like that of man except His body is out of spirit substance instead of flesh and bones...

He has a voice; breath; and countenance. He wears clothes; eats; rests; dwells in a mansion and in a city located on a material planet called Heaven; sits on a throne; walks; rides; engages in other activities....

He has a personal soul with feelings of grief, anger; repentance; jealousy; hate; love; pity; fellowship; pleasure and delight; and other soul passions like other beings.” etc.

(Dake's Annotated Reference Bible, Finis Jennings Dake, published by Dake Bible Sales, Inc, Lawrenceville, Georgia, New Testament, p. 93.)

Dakes clearly did not understand the imagery used by God and Jesus, and his confused ideas led to Copeland and others saying we are all “little gods”:

"Anthropomorphism is the ascription of human bodily parts, attributes, and passions to God, and taking the substantiating statements of Scripture to be literal, and not figurative. In support of such teaching an appropriate question is: If God did not mean all He said about Himself in over 20,000 scriptures then why did He say such things? They certainly do not add to a true understanding of Him if the passages do not mean what they say. Furthermore, why would God, in hundreds of places, refer to Himself as having bodily parts, soul passions, and spirit faculties if He does not have them? Would it be necessary for Him to tell us He has such in order to reveal that He does not have them? Would He not be more likely to say in plain language that He does not have eyes, hands, mouth, ears, and other bodily members?" (Dake Annotated Reference Bible, P 547).

"Truly He is not only all that man, angels, and other beings are in this respect, but infinitely greater in everything; and man, in reality, is simply a miniature of God in attributes and powers.”

(P 587)

The ideas of Dakes led Copeland and Crouch to declare that “Jesus never claimed to be God” (TBN broadcast), thus bringing Dake’s ideas up to date. To quote Chambers:

“These men and women, from Dake to almost every key leader of the Charismatic world, talk about Jesus out of both sides of their mouths. One moment they seem to exalt Him properly, but then they say these careless things that are utterly confusing. This gives a perfect fulfillment of Jesus' very words in St. Matthew. Read these words of the Lord Himself.

"For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many." (Matthew 24:5).

Being a witness to the Toronto Blessing in all its vile hues, and having studied charismaticism, I can say that Dakes and other new versions of scripture rule in the charismatic fold, which is NOT the fold of Jesus Christ. The fold of Jesus is filled with lambs saved in eternity. The fold of charismaticism is filled with wolves, destroyers of God’s elect.

It is a fact that some charismatics may be Christians. But, if they are, they MUST come out from amongst them, for otherwise they remain in sin and anti-God teachings. However, it is another logical fact, that if the charismatic movement began with a few who were saved plus those who were not, and then grew in number via the Toronto Blessing, taking genuine believers out of normal churches, then the longer this movement continues, the greater will be the number of those who are unsaved. Even so, the movement itself is without God and without Christ.

The movement began with the ‘smaller’ errors of Pentecostalism, which was itself born from predominantly-witchcraft meetings at Azusa Street, and is now fully-fledged as its own heresy. It uses new versions, because they better suit its unscriptural demands. And this is why it uses Dakes. All are traced back to W&H, and these are traced back to the Gnostics and Alexandria. They have no excuse.

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