Insidious Homosexual Propaganda in Schools

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There has been an element of homosexual propaganda in schools since 2003 at latest, but as with all homosexual activities, the boundaries are continually pushed. The latest gay activities taking place in schools should horrify all sane-minded parents, and it is up to them to complain in no uncertain terms to their MPs, councillors, and schools - for the sake of their children.

LGBT History Month

Late last year, following a similar stunt in 2008, homosexual activist and film actor Ian McKellen toured UK schools to indoctrinate children about homosexuality. (The Christian Institute, 12th Oct 2010)

Now, we learn that the gay agenda, via ‘LGBT History Month’ will be infiltrating the classrooms of children as young as four years old. This insidious propaganda will be a part of every subject: From English to History; Mathematics to French, and is being backed by David Cameron’s coalition. (Daily Mail, 23rd Jan 2011)

In any case, why are homosexuals displaying such an interest in children? Children are the product of normal sexual relations. Homosexuality cannot produce children, because it is a perverted form of sexuality which God calls ‘vile’ and ‘against nature’ in Romans chapter 1. So the question that begs to be asked is why do homosexuals have any say on what children are taught? Children are not a part of their lifestyle.

Social Engineering to Normalise Homosexual Sin

The answer is that this is social engineering on a massive scale. The fact that homosexuals are targeting children as young as four shows that they are intentionally grooming children (in a similar way to how paedophiles groom children. A disproportionate amount of child abuse crimes are homosexual, as a 1998 Home Office report shows). It is an effort to normalise homosexuality, so that the next generation are taught from infanthood that it is normal and natural.

This social engineering has been a long time coming. In November 2003, Section 28, the law that banned the promotion of homosexuality in schools was repealed by the Labour government. Nearly 8 years later, we are seeing this perverse promotion in action. I wonder what we will be seeing in another 8 years time? Does that worry you?

Where is the Outrage?

Frankly I can't believe parents aren't up in arms about this. Have we really become so dumbed-down as a nation? I can say with certainty that an aversion to homosexuality is not just a Christian premise. Swathes of the unsaved recognize that homosexuality is wrong, and I can't imagine that many people actively want their children being subjected to homosexual propaganda. In the words of Philip Lardner: most people view homosexuality as “somewhere between unfortunate and simply wrong.” (Lardner is an ex Conservative party candidate who stood for office in North Ayrshire and Arran at the 2010 general election, and was chastised and sacked by David Cameron for his comments.)

To parents I ask this: Do you honestly want your four-year-old child to be taught about ‘families’ of two men, or of children with two ‘daddies’? This is what Schools Out (who launched LGBT History Month in 2005) want to teach your kids. Here is a video example of this propaganda in action:

What confusion will this cause a child who is at such a crucial age of development? Again I ask parents: Do you really want your children being taught that sexuality is something to be experimented with? A kind of ‘try-before-you-buy’ of all possible sinful behaviours before settling on which one they want to pursue in their lives? Make no mistake, this is what is being pushed. What do you think of the state subverting your authority as a parent? Do you want your children catching AIDS via the aforementioned ‘experimentation’? AIDS is still largely a homosexual disease, because it started amongst homosexuals. It was known colloquially as the 'Gay Plague', or 'Gay Cancer' in the 80s, and was initially named the 'Gay Related Immune Deficiency' syndrome (GRID) by the medical community.

The Political Elite and the Designs of Satan on Society

Remember, this social engineering is being whole-heartedly backed by David Cameron’s ‘conservative’ majority coalition, and the plans that this government have to foist yet more of the gay agenda on us all make the vile Harriet Harman look soft by comparison. As if Christians needed another reason not to vote for any of the three main political parties, this is it.

Sadly however, homosexuality is just the beginning. The next groups campaigning for ‘equal rights’ are polygamists, paedophiles, and those who practice bestiality. Will Christians roll over for these groups, too? This should be an unnecessary question to ask, but I honestly do not know the answer. By voting Conservative, Labour, or Lib Dems, Christians are inviting the designs of Satan into their very lives. The time to repent is now. Beginning with Christians.

April 2011 Edit: For further information on the agenda of child sexualisation in UK schools, see this BTM article.


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