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China is saying that if the USA discontinues buying its anti-virus drugs from them. The USA will fall into utter chaos and death. (NYTimes , 11 March 2020)

Firstly, it would not take much for USA producers to copy the drugs, if they exist.

Two – never give in to bullies and socialists!

Three. Call on God, not a country that hates the West just as much as Islam does.

Fourth. After the Coronavirus wave starts to die down, start to consider switching trade to a safer country that is not socialist – the UK being one of them.

Thus far the West has capitulated to socialism/Marxism just for the sake of greed. Now is the time for even the greedy bosses and foolish leaders to cut off those who do us harm – Islamic and socialist countries. For Britain this includes taking business to the USA and other non-EU countries. If this is not done then the givers of hate will win again and we will have lost the opportunity to break free.