Persecution of Christians
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Below is a letter addressed to the Professor John Vinney, Vice Chancellor of Bournemouth University, making a formal complain to the alleged assault of a member of the public at an Open Lecture at Bournemouth University on 27 February 2012 by a visiting lecture Professor Eric Anderson, Department of Sport Studies, from the University of Winchester.

To: Professor John Vinney, Vice Chancellor of Bournemouth University, Dorset BH12 5BB

2 March 2012

Dear Professor Vinney,

I wish to bring your attention to a deeply disturbing experience I had whilst attending a meeting entitled an "Open Lecture: "Changing the Game - Gay Athletes then and now," given on Monday 27 February, 11:00-12:00, Student Hall, Talbot House, Talbot Campus, Bournemouth University, given by Professor Eric Anderson, Department of Sport Studies, from the University of Winchester.

I have never in all my thirty plus years of having been a teacher in secondary education witnessed such blatant propaganda, and distortion of reality, on Monday, as that given by Professor Anderson as opposed to open academic enquiry. Though initially purporting to be about tackling homophobia in sport, his lecture moved to its main aim which was to recruit young people into the homosexual life-style and to urge young men to experience the "pleasures" of same sex behaviour [1]. This is in spite of fact that the Terrance Higgins Trust recently reported that homosexuals (who according to the office of National Statistics account for only 1% of the population) are responsible for 70% of AIDS, HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Britain. [2] Though this lecture was given under the guise of beating homophobic bullying and advancing Equality and Diversity, it was unashamedly the opposite. Apart from trashing truth, Professor Anderson confidently and proudly discriminated and incited irrational hatred towards Christians, the older generation, "straight" men and anyone who in the slightest way voices criticism of the gay agenda. At the time I took notes, but I would also like to obtain an official transcript of the lecture.

Professor Anderson spoke for almost the entire duration, making sure that at the end, there was next to no time to question him or his breathtakingly crude propaganda. Seeing that only one person ventured to ask a question and that no one else was prepared to respond to what he had said, I offered to speak and was invited to take the floor. However, before posing my question, I felt compelled to object to the obscene language, insults and slander that laced this so – called academic's polemic and which were designed to intimidate into silence anyone who was critical of queer theory. But I never got to ask a question, for he immediately screamed at me to stop, be quiet and get out. He then advanced rapidly across the floor - in front of possibly upwards of 70 sports students - and started to violently push me backwards, with his body (being careful not to use his hands), shouting all the time into my face and trying to silence me. I was quickly surrounded by a number of staff who aided him in unceremoniously ejecting me from the hall.

This incident tarnishes the reputation of the University as a place where free, democratic, respectful, open, safe and honest enquiry are encouraged, a place where the pursuit of truth is paramount. But the one abiding lesson that the students and teaching staff would have carried away from this lecture was that one never openly criticises or questions the philosophy and ideology that drives the gay agenda – unless they want to kiss goodbye to any career or future employment.

I was violently assaulted by this bully; and there are ways of doing this without the use of hands or leaving marks as the sports students were clearly shown. I have reported this as a hate crime to the police and contacted lawyers, but with the complete inversion of the justice system in Britain, I sense it will be me that gets a visit from the thought police in the early hours of the morning. To redress the total lack of Open Debate, I have also volunteered to speak at the University to offer a truly diverse and alternative view of the homosexual condition and the political ideology that presently drives it with such fury. I await confirmation that this courtesy will be offered to me.

[1] Professor Eric Anderson:

The senior pro-vice chancellor of Winchester university is lesbian, Elizabeth Stuart

[2] (August 2016 website error)

I am, yours sincerely

David Skinner

Comments by K B Napier: The bullying in universities is rampant and University bosses allow and promote it. Universities today are feeble shadows of the search for truth today... Their bosses are better suited to Brownshirt recruitment than to honest academic study.

Even if Mr Skinner gets his time to speak, we know that the university will allow plenty of homosexuals to shout him down and insult him! But would it give him the same number of staff to eject the abusers as were used by the screaming visiting professor?

I doubt it. They don't have backbone today!