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"MPS WILL debate the intimidation, bullying and harassment they suffered during the general election campaign as part of a crackdown led by the Leader of the Commons, Andrea Leadsom." (Sunday Express, 13th August 2017).

So, what do they do? The PM demands action and an investigation.

The Leader of the Commons demands a debate.

All MPs demand something is done to report every incident and stop it.

“We must act to stamp this out."

But similar abuse of Christians, by homosexuals, Islamists and police is okay!

As dregs of society Christians must just put up with it, whilst we are fair game for the most horrendous abuse from everyone.

We have often said that nothing is done about wicked activity unless it affects MPs. And we are right! The full force of law will be brought upon any who dare to abuse an MP. But Christians can (as the saying goes) ‘take a running jump’.

I have also said before that I find it all sickening. One law for those who make it, and another law for (or, rather, AGAINST) Christians.

Will our esteemed advocates bring this disparity to the notice of MPs and the PM? Or will they (again) miss the boat?