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Today I again read reports from Germany of sympathy being shown for Muslims, even when they commit murder, rape and mayhem. This coincides with sympathy for so—called ‘moderates’ in the UK and USA. I simply don’t understand it.

Let me repeat something... I have NO SYMPATHY WHATEVER for people who are Muslims. They chose to lay in the dirt, so they must live with it.

THEY choose to be violent.

THEY choose to be godless.

THEY choose to be run by sharia, so their lives are crippled,

But, they want the WEST to pay for it all.

If an individual is prompted by God to come to me or be counselled towards salvation, then I will spend as long as it takes. But, I hate his religion, morals, ethics and life.

I have no sympathy whatever and neither does the Lord. Until Christians sort out their unholy sympathies and friendships with unbelievers, we will see mayhem and chaos.

We have no biblical warrant to help those who are opposed to God, and no Christian should deliberately choose to invite such to live in the West. As the saying goes, I am fed up to the back teeth with Christians who give support to Muslims for being Muslims, and who don’t condemn Islam outright.

As it now stands I do not trust ANY Muslim (no matter how nice he or she might appear), but neither do I trust any Christian who sympathises with Islam or Muslims.

Am I hard-line? Yes, I am. Because God is.