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On the BBC news today – a U.S. spokesman said the ONLY way to defeat ISIS and other malefactors is to pour in huge amounts of aid (a new Marshall Plan) to the countries producing them. (BBC News, 22 October 2016)

This is what we can expect from Obama and Clinton and it is another kind of communism.

The CAUSE of terrorism is ISLAM, not poverty.

The CAUSE of their poverty is ISLAM, not normal conditions.

As we’ve seen in Iran, give these bullies plenty of cash and it will be used to produce nuclear weapons and more terrorists. I can only hope that Congress and other countries can see this,
otherwise we will all be paying bullies to continue bullying us on an even grander scale!

As I have said before, I refuse to send charity money to Islamic countries, because the CAUSE of their predicament is ISLAM, which kills growth and even the desire for growth. Unfortunately, Westerners are easy prey for charities who splash pictures of babies and toddlers with big brown eyes all over the TV screen, knowing that people are too ignorant to say no.

But, it is the leaders of these Islamic countries who are at fault, not us.

It is their Islamic identity that prevents their own people from living well and being healthy. It is their obedience to Allah that makes them starve or thirst.

If the West stopped ALL its charitable and governmental support, we might get somewhere.

The absurdities coming from government spokesmen is frightening – they NEVER admit that ISLAM is the cause and end result of its own dire circumstances. Instead, they give out our tax-monies with great flourishes, so that Islam can do an even better job of destroying the West and bringing in its stagnancy and wickedness.

Stop wearing blinkers and get tough-nosed, or those children who are so cute today will grow into those evil men and women who want to kill us... thanks to our money.

This has NOTHING to do with giving genuine aid – it is about sustaining a pagan pseudo-religious military machine that is already murdering and committing mayhem. STOP IT. These Islamic countries have made their beds – now let them lie in them.