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Open Email to Ms Julie James MS (Labour) 

Dear Ms James

I am writing to you to express concern over the RSE Bill that is passing through the Senedd and its potential harm to children and young people.

I notice that in the transcript of the meeting on Children, Young People and Education Committee 8 October 2020 that the meeting was highly supportive of the use of explicit content in RSE lessons.

Professor Emma Renold 10:44:22

“Yes. I fully support Iestyn (Stonewall) there. I think what I'd like to add in terms of the flexibility of the curriculum is that for RSE you do need explicit content. If it's not named, it won't be taught. So, there's a balance, but an important balance between explicit content with flexibility that allows teachers to work with their students so that they work progressively. We call this a spiral curriculum, which maybe we'll come back to. There's a balance to be made, but it's vital that we have explicit content and that flexibility, so that teachers can basically deliver developmentally appropriate practice. I think we'll come on to that later, but that's the point I wanted to make in terms of the flexibility of the curriculum.”

Explicit content hurts and harms people of any age and especially children and young adults. https://www.nspcc.org.uk/keeping-children-safe/online-safety/inappropriate-explicit-content/ 

Stonewall are ideology driven to promote all things LGBT and in particular encourage the creation of fear, uncertainty and doubt in young people of their ‘gender’ identity and ‘sexual orientation’ to create more ‘recruits’ for their abnormal behaviour and practices – although they like to position them as normal and mainstream, which they are not.

Explicit sexual content does not need to be shown to children and young adults to communicate what is normal, abnormal and inappropriate behaviour.

Heterosexuality should be the foundation of all sex and relationship education. We are all born male or female with the sexual organs to support procreation of children. If this was not true the human race would not exist. Forget the Intersex argument – very rare biological abnormalities are not a norm.

I understand that Education Minister Kirsty Williams has said that she will publish the RSE Code to govern how the subject will be taught. But the Code is not itself part of the Bill and has not yet been published. MSs are therefore being asked to vote blind: existing protections are being stripped away without MSs knowing what will replace them – if anything. The safeguards must the included in the Bill before it is voted on.

As a process, this approach undermines the integrity of the Senedd’s law making standing. How can a Bill be voted on without all its content. It’s farcical.

Please would you therefore challenge the inclusion of explicit sexual content being in the RSE Code and ensure that the interest of the child and young person are put first as opposed to the advancement of the LGBT agenda, which is harmful to the individual and society.

Yours sincerely

James  Waddell