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The terrorists, then, are the TRUE Muslims! The fact that other Muslims say they are ‘misinterpreting’ the Koran is irrelevant at this time, for the Koran DOES include commands to kill unbelievers. © Alain Lacroix | Dreamstime.comI have been asked to provide a Christian assessment of the Islamic atrocities being enacted throughout the world. This I find rather odd, as I have written in some detail about Islam for a long time. I will give my assessment in bullet-form (no pun intended), rather than repeat views I have already given many times.

One thing must be stated – when examining what is now happening we must not fall either to unchecked anger or to unchecked fear. And the subject requires both realism and proper argumentation, which I see as divided into two major areas – Christian, and political. Of course, any political argument must be founded on what scripture tells us. The material below is written without anger, and after two decades of observing Islamic behaviour and claims.


  1. The Islamists who now murder and wreak havoc, no matter what country they are in, are obeying the Koran. For world leaders to support this is unfathomable, as is their blatant ignorance.

  2. Thus, those who are terrorists are merely copying what Mohammed did when he wrote his version of ‘religion’, much of which was borrowed from both Old and New Testaments. However, his reasons for devising a new religion was not for the sake of worship, but was because he was so angry that his fellows did not accept him. Thus, he decided to make himself rich and powerful, using violence as the key. This attitude has prevailed throughout the centuries. Note that Allah was, until not so long ago, just one of many gods in Mecca.

  3. The terrorists, then, are the TRUE Muslims! The fact that other Muslims say they are ‘misinterpreting’ the Koran is irrelevant at this time, for the Koran DOES include commands to kill unbelievers.

  4. What is the answer to these terrorists? The answer to this question is simple. Where they are massed as an army, they must be put to death immediately, and should have no public voice. This should involve many soldiers from many countries. In countries where terrorist attacks are by small numbers, they must be shot dead. Death is God’s answer to murder. There would be no need for a trial where these people are seen to kill, and who hold weapons.

  5. Militants holding weapons should be shot on the spot, their possession of weapons being proof of their intent. If they wish to be martyrs, that is fine – but at least they will not be alive to wreak more havoc. I would add that nothing I am saying cannot be found in scripture. In the Old Testament whole armies were chased and killed, without mercy. The thinking was very logical – if they were dead, they could not come back and attack Israel! It is also true justice.

  6. Militants who stand down, should be placed on short trial and suitably restrained, or put to death if found to have killed. Any who continue to shout their ideology should be incarcerated permanently in isolation, with no parole and without other human contact. They cannot then persuade others to join them. This is all common-sense... forget their ‘human rights’, which they shredded when they embarked on a career of murder. At all times Islamic terrorists should have no access to any form of propaganda and news.

  7. News groups should not be allowed to broadcast terrorist speeches.

  8. Free speech of terror? There can be no such thing as ‘free speech’, which is a device that should only apply to decency and honesty. Where free speech means declaring war on others, expressing murderous intent, or the support of terror, then free speech cannot be allowed. This much is obvious and logical. Western leaders already allow Muslim haters to fill the airwaves because of ‘free speech’ (which is nothing but socialistic political correctness) – but those who use free speech to reject Islam are allowed to be murdered. It should be noted that, time and again, murderous Islamists openly say that freedom is to be rejected and sharia imposed. They literally scream that WHEN they gain power they would kill anyone who resists or ‘defames’ Mohammed. Why is this allowed to continue in the West?

  9. Islamists hate those who speak against their false gods and religion, and wish to kill them. ALL of these must be brought to swift justice, beginning NOW. Trials should be very short, where adequate proof of intent and practice exists. Much of this can easily be viewed on television in hate-filled Islamic rallies.

  10. All Western countries must put into force the strongest, swift measures to silence and incarcerate hateful Muslims... because their hate translates into murder and the mindless brutality of sharia. Thus, sharia areas that are self-imposed by Islamic groups in Britain must be immediately got rid of and adherents arrested and incarcerated. Likewise the UK pseudo-government of Islam must be declared illegal and all who support terroristic Islam must be incarcerated. Islamists who are not UK born must be deported immediately, regardless of what the fascist EU demands.

  11. The above are direct and vital responses to terroristic Islam, which is fascist by nature. It is noted that Islamists are using the very same tactics used by homosexuals to get their own way. The response to Islam itself is given below, because it is separate from responding to murder and wickedly illegal activities. These are within the field of legality.


  1. Muslims who wish to remain Muslim are just as culpable before God as any other cultic members, or even ordinary citizens with no religion. Yet, Christians may not oppose them violently, or speak ill of them, or develop censorial laws against them (so long as their actions are not themselves censorious or evil against others). Those who obey a cult do so because of spiritual blindness, and these we are to witness to in the form of the Gospel. We can even do them good. Note that most Muslims, like Romanists, are ‘born into’ their false faith. They are literally brainwashed into how they think, which can be very limited indeed. They find it difficult to comprehend Western ideas and freedom. Even so, murder is murder.

  2. Those who are ‘moderates’ can, if threatened by Islamic terrorists (as in the Middle East), do whatever those terrorists want of them. This is because they are afraid. We must always be sympathetic towards such folks, who, though following a fake religion, are as spiritually blind as we were before we were saved. This is why the government MUST relieve society of ALL (Islamic or not, Western or Eastern, etc) who speak in hate openly threatening violence or death. If this threat was removed, then moderates could remain moderates and live in peace with others.

  3. It would be impossible to ban Islam. As with any other banned movement, adherents would only go underground, doing whatever they wished anyway. This is how homosexuality acted – until the law gave them ‘freedom’ to hate everyone else (it is ironic that one of the first groups to be eliminated by hardened Islamists would be homosexuals... who themselves have tried to eliminate Christians! A just reward!). Muslims are not routinely persecuted, but they routinely persecute Christians violently. It is a fact that in world terms, 95% of all persecutions are of Christians, much of this activity coming from Muslims.

  4. The West MUST understand that being against Islam is NOT ‘racism’ as so many Western leaders claim! Islam is a set of beliefs and culture secured by people of all races. Therefore being against Islam is NOT racist. To think otherwise is rather naïve and untaught.

  5. Muslims must be allowed to peddle their wares in the marketplace of ideas. Any religion can do this, just as Christians should be free to preach the Gospel. I see no problem with that, because God determines who will be saved, not propaganda or hard-line speeches. In spiritual terms, I would dearly love to see all cults and false religions banished forever – but we must wait until the last day to see this. Sadly, we are not in a theocracy, so cannot act as king David would have, by throwing all Muslims out. Now, we must rely on the Lord for protection and for what to say and do.

  6. Governments must give all religions this freedom (including Christianity), so that people can hear arguments for and against. I can say this truly, because only God will persuade men and women to shun evil, or a false religion, and be saved. Thus, it is not Islam itself that government needs to ban, but only the aims and actions of Islamists who threaten, or enact, mayhem and murder, etc. So long as every religion is allowed the same freedom to preach and to offer public arguments against, there is no need for sweeping, harsh bans. In this way the ‘bad bits’ in the Koran can be openly argued against in the media and by law. (Note that thousands of Muslims in the Middle East are claimed to have been saved in the most recent spate of Islamic terror).

  7. Sharia has no place in the West... or in Islamic countries. This is because it is incompatible with freedom of speech and action, and with freedom of religion.

  8. In God’s eyes there is no ‘freedom of religion’. Nor does it exist in my own eyes. But, we must face reality – false religions exist. False religions are anathema and God will deal with all who defy His commands.

  9. Sharia and many Islamic beliefs and practices are fascist by nature. Sadly, many judges, who once defended the right to free speech, now defend the right to be silenced by sharia. This cannot be allowed by the people.

  10. Elements of Islam (such as that which operates feudal marriage ideas, female clitoral mutilation, etc) that harm individuals cannot be allowed to operate in the West, regardless of fear of offence to Muslims or fear of their retaliations.

  11. Muslims are sinners who need to be saved by God’s grace. Christians must show love to Muslims where it is appropriate. If Muslims remain temperate but reject the Gospel, that is their choice, sinful though God sees it. This does not prevent Christians from praying for individual Muslims or helping individuals in need, and so on. As a Christian, however, I see nothing biblical about sending money to whole Islamic countries, no matter what the reason is, for showing ‘unconditional love’ for those who murder, or who defame God. This is because any help given benefits Islam and not individuals, who may still hate the West and God.

  12. Christians, in the face of growing Islamic horrors, must be aware of what is going on. It is very evident to me that though I have ‘Islam-watched’ for several decades and can see the reality, very few fellow believers have done so. They are vulnerable to all kinds of pro-Islam propaganda, including support for Palestinians (so-called). They are also vulnerable to intense anger, making them susceptible to organisations of ‘white hate’. In any Islamic country there are small numbers who do not want to live under sharia hatred. Again, only individuals can legitimately be helped. For this reason I am totally against our government sending vast sums of aid to Islamic countries for ANY reason (even humanitarian), the proceeds of which end up in the pockets of either terrorists or high-level government officials (as in ‘Palestine’, a ‘country’ that does not even exist). It is up to concerned Muslims to oppose, and even fight against, those who want them to be terroristic and who murder their own kind.


I hope you can see that while all Muslims are Muslims, not all Muslims want hatred and murder. Yet, they are susceptible to intimidation by groups such as ISIS, and even to local threatening groups in the West. We can do little about Middle Eastern and other Islamic sharia countries, unless the world sends in large numbers of special soldiers to eliminate the murderers (where there is no commonly-accepted view of sharia and violence). In the West, we can have more impact, and MUST have such impact swiftly. That is, those who openly or secretly urge others to commit atrocities and hatred MUST be immediately held and incarcerated, with no public display or media coverage, except to simply state a sentence given.

The government must NOT issue citizenship to any Muslim who rejects Western hospitality and laws. Even if issued, government MUST remove citizenship of those previously accepted for such and who are hateful. These must be sent back to their own countries quickly, even if they have families in the West.


There are two approaches to Islam in the West. These are 1. Political, and 2. Spiritual. Be careful to separate the two, even though one arises from the other.


  1. Islam in the West must be treated with extreme caution, given that when Islam reaches a ‘tipping point’ (when a high percentage of Muslims will transfer power from Western MPs etc., to Muslims) its leaders bring in sharia law and demand that everyone obeys Islamic mores. This occurs even when there is no terrorism or outward intimidation. However, it means that Muslim-run countries become backward and bear the seeds of discontent and hate, especially when Islamism has supplanted Western mores and values.

  2. Muslims may live according to their religion, BUT not including murder, intimidation or any other non-Western value that harms society. Interestingly, one of the first targets if Sharia took precedence would be the killing or incarceration of homosexuals, even though Islam has taken its current template from homosexual propaganda!

  3. There should be NO state-provided Muslim* schools or non-English speaking classes. Those who cannot speak English must learn the language outside of school at the expense of parents. This also applies to ALL foreign-speaking people. (Nor should government provide Roman Catholic or any other religious school using public funds. On the other hand if such schools are paid for by private agencies, government should not interfere, if the school provides sensible and genuine education and complies with the law).

  4. Any ‘sharia-only’ no-go areas must be treated as criminal and quickly demolished, removed. Those who instigate such areas must be discovered and given police warning and/or prison sentences, in the same way that protection rackets have been treated.

  5. Muslim MPs should NOT be allowed to sport Muslim-only attitudes, even if they represent mostly Muslims. Otherwise, as with homosexuality where gay MPs bring in pro-homosexual actions, Muslim MPs will change the nature of Britain with Islamic culture.

  6. Immigration from all countries must be stopped immediately. Muslim applicants especially must be stopped until each and every one is vetted, and have had their backgrounds checked. They must only be given temporary status, which should last several years, so that they prove themselves to be worthy of a more permanent status. (This should also apply to ALL immigrants, and fake marriages should not have any effect on this). Muslims who show violent, sexually corrupt (e.g. sex rings) and other hateful, criminal actions must be deported immediately. (It MUST be immediate to avoid them hiding or bringing pleas before courts, and being married should not be an impediment to deportation). If they have been made citizens, their citizenship and passport must be removed, even if they have families in the UK. If the Muslims who act this way are UK-born, their lives must be limited and made a matter of police interest/prison.

  7. Stopping of Muslims in the street is a legitimate activity, given the huge number of black Muslim crimes. Black/Muslim outcries at this are irrelevant. Police refusal to stop or arrest on the basis of colour and religion is an insult to the law and the British people, and allows for unfettered crime.

  8. Muslims in the UK – all of them – have a duty to tell police of any suspected terroristic activities in their midst. It is part of their role as citizens. If the Muslim communities do not do so, then they must be surveilled. Those who know of terroristic actions or threats are themselves guilty of conspiracy if they say nothing. In all this police must take a hard-line.

  9. Muslims must integrate. They should not be allowed to take over whole sections of towns and cities or whole streets, because this sets up a ghetto mentality and allows many Muslims to live here without ever speaking English, etc. Muslims need not take part in, or approve of, certain Western activities and beliefs, just as I refuse them, but they, nor I, may not act terroristically to stop them.

  10. Muslim youth must be taught by parents, imams and government that we will not tolerate criminal activities, Muslim gangs, etc. Of course, the same can be said of many other communities, but it is a fact that Islam is currently heading the league of untrustworthy and violent communities in the eyes of the rest of the UK. Muslims must PROVE they can be trusted, and part of this is to be intolerant of terroristic activities. Stating ‘outrage’ and ‘offence’ is not good enough.

  11. Muslims who openly and publicly state their hatred for the UK, its people, and love for Islamic horrors, must be deported immediately. UK-based youth and adults who have joined terror groups anywhere in the world must not be allowed to return. If they do, they must be arrested and treated as murderers, whether or not murder has been proved. This is because ISIS etc., are about murder: therefore, those who join do so on that basis, of wanting to commit murder, or to assist it. To allow them back is to bring a tiger into our midst. They must learn their lesson NOW, so that others will be deterred.

  12. Schools may not force pupils to attend Muslim mosques (or any other temple belonging to cults), but must have permission from parents.

  13. School RE classes should concentrate on Christian teaching, because this is the centuries-old foundation of schools themselves. Islam can be taught, not as preferable to Christianity, but only as an example of a cult/foreign religion. Also, Muslim or other foreign-extract pupils must learn English in their own time, so that we do not bear the cost in our taxes. The same goes for translation services used by police and hospitals, etc., which cost taxpayers a fortune and allow foreign people to live here without bothering to integrate. If translators are needed, then those they act on behalf of must be billed with the cost.

  14. Muslim police officers must NOT be allowed to continue work if affected by such periods as Ramadan, where they do not eat. There is evidence of police being unable to operate physically and properly when chasing criminals, because of weakness caused by lack of food. Nor should they be allowed to pray five times a day when it interrupts their duties. The same applies to any Muslim in any job.

  15. The above is but a short summary.


  1. Christians must view Muslims as they would any other cult members, or those who are unsaved. This means viewing Muslims as those who need the Gospel and salvation. Discussions with Muslims on an ordinary level must be careful (until the law is less fascist). Only those called by God to evangelise Muslims should do so, and there are very few of these. (Contact BTM for a name of one such highly-experienced evangelist, T.I.).

  2. We must accept Muslims as they are. That is, if they say they are peaceful and prove it by their lives, then they are just as acceptable as any other member of the public. But, if their behaviour is bad, we must shun and avoid them, for our own safety. However, scripture commands us not to be closely involved with those who reject God, though we may work with them and treat them as any other unsaved persons.

  3. Do not have ‘dialogue’ with Muslims (or any other cult member). The reason is simple – what they teach and believe is sinful and has no value. We must simply declare the biblical truth, in love and with compassion. The majority of Muslims are brought up to be so from birth, and so they know nothing better. Anyone who has had contact with ‘brainwashed’ people know that to break this cycle of thought is very hard, and needs patience and much prayer. This can be made very difficult... in my home city where once Muslims would smile and give a greeting, today they do not, preferring to look at the ground and not reply to a greeting. Therefore, do them good when you have the opportunity, but do not go out of your way to have an invented reason to do so. At no time should any Christian suggest that there is ‘common ground’ religiously.

  4. If you do talk with Muslims, try to record what is said, so that you can avoid any future accusation of using ‘hate speech’. This is now a sad fact of life.

  5. Always show Christian grace and goodness before Muslims, not anger or hatred.

  6. However, where there is violence, sexual schemes and hatred, one must be careful but truthful. This is when behaviour has become criminal or just evil, or blasphemous towards the Lord. In all cases it is IsIamic behaviour that matters, rather than beliefs. I say this because it is the only criteria that can affect how we legally respond to Muslims. Likewise, we can only respond to the behaviour of non-Muslims rather than to what they believe, or do not believe. If their behaviour is extreme or injurious to God’s Name or to His people, then we must respond accordingly, legally, socially, and spiritually. This brings me back to the difference between ‘moderates’ and terrorists. So long as Muslims are peaceable and do not hate, then they can be viewed as we would view anyone else. The difference is that any ‘moderate’ can be persuaded by intimidation to harm us, and so we must be on our guard. This is no different from living in an area of town where there are many drug-addicts or gangs, or even Roman Catholics.

  7. If your children have Muslim friends, the children must be warned of Islamic terrorism. They must also be shown that Islam is a false religion. Ideally, of course, it would be better for them NOT to have Muslim friends, just as they should avoid members of any other cult or false religion. This is said on the basis that only ONE bad apple can rot the whole barrel, whereas a barrel of good apples does not make one rotten apple good! The same goes for ANY false teaching, even within the Christian churches. At any rate, it is difficult to know who children join with, so parents must be vigilant, but not angry or hateful. Pray that your children show wisdom, and ask God to protect them.

  8. It is a Christian maxim that we should not have close friends amongst any who are unsaved. The above is only a reflection of that truth. This is because those who are unsaved tend to affect how we respond to unsaved people in general, and stops us from witnessing truly to them. Also, the unsaved, like the rotten apple, can corrupt us in many ways, often without our awareness.

  9. There is much more to say!

I know that almost none of the above will be taken up by those in power. This is not the point of writing the article. The point is that as Christians we MUST display genuine Christian lives, and this may at times be hard-nosed. We must also be absolutely honest at all times. What I have written is open and blunt, and reflects the feeling of many in the UK today. I have no such feeling for ‘hate' factories created by certain pseudo-political groups. The views I have expressed have been forced by the actions of Islamic terrorists, and those ‘moderates’ who refuse to show friendship for their host country. Politicians MUST act NOW, or see civil unrest.

© 14 January 2014

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