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The words ‘Final Solution’ are loaded with association, Nazi Germany’s policy of exterminating the Jewish people and its religion. However, in English the words ‘final solution’ also mean a complete answer to a problem. Katie Hopkins had every right to use them. (Independent, 26 May 2017)

A final solution is needed to the Islamic doctrinal driver that murdering and slaughtering of infidels and non-compliant Muslims is a ‘golden ticket’ to a seat at Mohammed’s table in heaven and other sensuous delights. (Culture Watch, 24 May 2017) 

My statement has nothing to with race, but a total rejection of a perverse, pagan, dark, satanic set of incoherent idolatrous beliefs that represses and destroys everything and every mind that is infected by it.

Mohammed was a murderer from the beginning; demanding submission by all to a false god and belief system he was inspired by Satan to deliver. History records it. The Koran and the Hadiths celebrate the narrative and followers of Islam rejoice when its doctrines are 'executed' across the world today.

True Strong and Stable leadership

It is urgent and imperative that political leaders in the UK, collectively, be strong and boldly declare, without apology, that Islam has no place in the UK and the rest of the world.

How can there be stability and safety anywhere when Islam is protected and honoured by the government and its institutions?

Islam is the antithesis of what people in the West value most: the liberty and freedom to live under the law of the land in security and peace and to choose who they want to govern them.

The politicians know the truth, but are too scared or entrapped in political correctness or some insane social liberalism dogma (psuedo-equality) to declare the truth. Islam has no place in the values and culture of the UK, unless it is to become an Islamic state and who wants to live there – not even Muslims!

The government must name Islam as being completely toxic to the mind, heart, body and soul of the follower and therefore is not accepted here. Anything else, and not even Theresa May will be able to deliver strong and stable leadership!

Islam and Nazi Ideologies

What is the difference between Nazi elitist delusions of ‘Arianism’, establishing a Third Reich of global supremacy, a final solution to the Jewish problem and Islam’s foundational belief in a world caliphate and that all people everywhere must submit to Islam in faith or bondage under Sharia law if not slaughtered?

How can a religion that praises a doctrine of deceit and deception to achieve its goals aka ‘taqiyya’, be consistent with the rule of law and values of love thy neighbour as yourself, which have historically motivated the methods of justice and governance in the West.

Every Muslim naturally applauds their religion, their religious texts and Mohammed. How can they then condemn it? They don’t! It’s death, punishment or imprisonment for those who ‘insult’ Islam in an Islamic state.

We see this across the world in the persecution of journalists and Christians by Muslims. (Nothing to do with the Gulf wars, this has been going on since Mohammedanism began. (The Guardian, 26 May 2017)

How does that fit into the British way of life, historically based on Judaeo-Christian values that have edified our culture so richly?

How does that fit with being a rational caring and loving human being?

Healing Starts with Diagnosis of the ‘Islamic Mind’

To have any chance of a person being healed the correct diagnosis has to be made and the correct treatment applied.

Yet in the UK and elsewhere, political leaders refuse to recognise the toxic root source of the terrorist activity in the UK and other ‘hidden’ barbarity in the Muslim community, Islam.

Would it not be the greatest kindness to people of all nations who follow Islam for UK politicians to declare the blatantly obvious that Islam is killing you and many others across the world? Stop drinking the poison of Islamic doctrines. Be free! Live! Love the true God and your neighbour!

The profile of the terrorists in the UK, Europe and across the world shows that the common denominator is Islam not whether they are devout or apostate to their rituals.

Practically, Islam must be made illegal in the UK and all mosques razed to the ground. If people still want to follow Islam then they must leave the country as there is no such thing as a ‘soft’ or ‘moderate’ Islam – this is propaganda.

The poison of Islam must no longer be available for consumption in the UK. A total prohibition of Islam and its followers is required*. That is the only final solution. Anything less is allowing an ‘Islamic Mind’ to dominate and enslave all. 

(*The reason is NOT because Islam is a false religion, but because it teaches death by jihad to infidels and wishes to stop all freedom of thought).

© 28 May 2017

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