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Dear Andrew Higginson (or whomever it may concern),

I am writing in dismay and bewilderment, having learned that Tesco has chosen to become the major sponsor of 'London Pride', the largest LGBTXYZ festival in Europe.

I shop at Tesco regularly - often more than once a week, but henceforth refuse to spend a penny in any of your stores. I will not buy my food from you; I will not buy fuel from you; I will not purchase insurance from you; I will not take out a mobile phone contract with you (as I was actually thinking about doing); I will not shop online at Tesco Direct (as I have done before); and when I walk past a Tesco store, feeling a little thirsty or peckish, I will not drop in to buy a drink or snack, preferring instead to visit somewhere more reputable, or simply wait until I get home.

My reasons are many:

i) Homosexuality is not innate.
There is simply no good, solid evidence that it is, and plenty of evidence that it is not. Even Peter Tatchell readily admits that homosexuality is learned behaviour, saying "Much as I would love to go along with the fashionable "born gay" consensus (it would be very politically convenient), I can't. The evidence does not support the idea that sexuality is a fixed biological given." (

In fact, I saw an article recently about a transexual bodybuilder, who changed his appearance from male to female, who says he is still sexually attracted to females, and is now a lesbian! As the article says: "Bruce has never identified as gay and, according to the Voice, would technically identify as lesbian." (see:

It is simply perverse, and most ordinary people are repulsed by homosexual behaviour.

ii) Homosexual behaviour is the reason why we now have a global AIDS epidemic.
It is fact that AIDS started amongst promiscuous homosexuals, and the World Health Organisation readily admits that they are still responsible for almost half of new cases, despite the fact that homosexuals account for only 1.5% of the population, according to a recent government survey. You may call this heavily 'disproportionate'.

Amongst men, homosexual sex is the cause of a staggering 74% of new HIV cases in the USA (, and in the UK, sex between men accounted for 38.5% of new HIV cases in 2010 (, with most heterosexual cases being imported from the likes of Africa. Both of these figures are highly disproportionate considering that a recent government survey put the total LGBT population at 1.5%.

If Tesco sponsors a celebration of homosexuality, my mind will immediately correlate the Tesco brand with disease and perversity. Is this the image that a food supplier wishes to put forth?

iii) I am a Christian, and there is a concerted effort by homosexuals to remove my right to believe what I believe, and my right to translate my beliefs into speech and action.
Only the other week, a poor man was heavily demoted from his job as a Housing Manager, having his salary reduced from £35,000 to a mere £21,000 a year, for simply calling homosexual marriage "an equality too far". [Ed: This refers to the case of Adrian Smith, who having called Government plans for homosexual marriage "an equality to far" on his private facebook page, was found guilty of gross misconduct, and demoted.]

It has got to the state where fascist homosexuals will not even tolerate difference in opinion, and would rather destroy the finances of a family.


iv) It is not just Christians, Jews, and Muslims that find homosexuality unsavoury.
Most of the people I know identify with no particular religion, and several have already said that they will stop shopping at Tesco because of its foolish decision to support perversity.

v) It makes no business sense!
In supporting 1.5% of the population to parade through the streets in states of undress (which would get people arrested on any other day), you immediately alienate a far greater percentage who find such behaviour disgusting. You therefore lose customers.

vi) I feel that homosexual activists have an unhealthy fascination with children.
I do wonder why Ian McKellen felt the need to go around the nation's schools, trying to remove the natural mental barriers that children have towards homosexuality. I do not want people like him having any kind of contact with my children, since the Home Office reported in 1998 that cited a study showing that "approximately 20 to 33% of child sexual abuse is homosexual in nature". Again, there is a certain disproportionality at play here, given that homosexuals, according to the very same Home Office, account for a mere 1.5% of the population. Yet, a Christian drugs adviser was sacked by the Home Office for citing the report of the same Home Office that sacked him! You could not make it up!


vii) If Tesco wishes to support London Pride, will it also support other parades?
For instance, what is [sic] my church wished to put on a 'Christian Pride' parade? Or, would Tesco support a 'Conservative Pride' parade? And why stop with religio-political issues! What about 'Cat-owners Pride'? And why not provide financial sponsorship for 'Canoe Pride', hosted by Westminster Canoe club? I daresay all of these issues would be more legitimate than gay 'pride'! [Ed: At least these wouldn't entail pornographic acts being shown to children in the streets]

So in conclusion: Tesco can either remain neutral; or it can side with the family-destroyers, bullies, and perverts; thus losing many customers, and bringing itself under the judgment of God Almighty. If Tesco choses the latter, I will make it my personal business never to spend a penny in any Tesco business, and to warn others to do the same. There are many who quietly share my views - in fact, many more than the vocal1.5% of homosexuals.

Awaiting your response,
Name Removed


© 31st October 2011

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Bible Theology Ministries - PO Box 415, Swansea, SA5 8YH
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