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“But Almost No Heterosexuals Are Gay”

Some gays claim they have been homosexual since childhood. Yes, of course, and there are good reasons for it, according to genuine research (I disregard pro-gay research, because it is prejudiced against truth).

Some very young children are groomed. So they grow up thinking gay is all there is. Others see and hear promiscuity and pro-gay scenes in their homes and on TV, etc. Yet others are drawn into the gay lifestyle because gay propaganda makes it seem so cool (well, in a way they are right - dead people are definitely 'cool'). Whatever!

But the main point to make is that ALL homosexuals, without exception, begin life as heterosexuals, and remain so. They can't get away from that. And this is what genuine research tells us: gays are made, not born.

Everyone is heterosexual at birth, because that is the way we are made. That is why people must 'orientate' themselves to become gay. No-one 'orientates' to become heterosexual, because it is a natural state! It is why large numbers return to heterosexuality, at least once, and some many more times; others permanently. Those who go back to being normal (heterosexual) from homosexuality, and back again, do so much like a drug user who returns to his habit. The habit kills him, but he returns (to homosexuality), such is the psychological reliance on his habit. He does not return because taking drugs is 'natural'. He does it because it is habitual.

So-called transgender issues are a farce. Men and women who wear clothing of the opposite sex are only gays in disguise, literally! They look and act pathetically, and at one time society was free to say so. Just because the law has been misappropriated by gays, don't think that everyone now accepts these weird looking people as normal, with or without bits taken away or plastic bits added! Remove legal restraints and gay intimidation and the truth will soon be expressed.

The whole academic transgender scene is just gobbledygook, full of theories that cannot ever be proved, and recommendations that cross the barrier of decency, morality and social good. It is just very bad science.

Which brings us to the point - WHY should we accept homosexuality as normal and good? It has brought us AIDS. It kills millions. It has increased the number of rare diseases amongst gays. It seduces children, at a time when they are far too young to make such choices. It is dumbing-down academic thinking. It wickedly trashes Christians and their beliefs… but far worse, gays act this way legally in the hope that Christianity will just fade away. Hard luck. It won't.

Gays think they have now got it all taped down to their liking. Nope! Don't think so! A majority of people who read this stuff agree with me. The trouble is, they are intimidated by stupid remarks made by pro-gays. So, they don't respond. But, they are out there. And, mark my words, many of them threaten to fight back. Most of them are not Christians, so you can guess what kind of reaction they will show. And gays will have brought it all upon themselves. If they act like fools, they must take the consequences. (This is not hate speech - just common sense based on watching society's reaction). This is why I predict gays in the future will push the legal punishments to the full – they hate truth, hate Christians and hate God.

Some have challenged me because I hint that my critics are ignorant and my own thinking is superior. Well, let's get it straight (that's a pun) - in this matter 'critics' have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at me, but NOT ONE has shown natural intelligence or intellectual prowess. A bit like gnats attacking an elephant. Yes, in most cases my knowledge is far superior to anything said to me by gays and pro-gays. I have been opposed not by intelligent remarks but by stupidity and prejudice. Go on - look back at everything said by 'critics', who seem to get all their scant 'knowledge' and prejudices from the backs of cereal packets!

In my various articles I have presented the facts discovered by genuine research. But, all 'critics' can do is shout abuse! Or, throw out stupid remarks. Or, ask inane questions that don't deserve an answer. In many ways they remind me of Pharaoh at the time of Moses - despite all the plagues, he continued to disobey God, stupidly and continuously. But, the reason he did not respond is that God had 'hardened his heart'. This is significant. It meant that God had deliberately stopped him from responding wisely. He was doomed because God said so. God wanted to show everyone that He was supreme, and the Creator.

I see modern day homosexual activists just like that. They are already doomed to die of AIDS, and will be judged as wicked by God on the last day. They are examples, just as the men of Sodom were examples, of absolute wickedness, and their end will be hell.

No doubt all the usual pretend-theologians will jump up and down and say "That's not Christian"! Frankly, you are ignorant if you say that. You are incapable of rational thinking, so I don't bother to respond.

Just remember that one day gays will know the overwhelming anger of God. They will be sent to hell. That is what scripture says. For now they are pests and social enemies. They kill themselves and others. Ask Africa! (As I have said before, retrospective projective analysis shows this to be the strongest possibility: that gays started the AIDS problem there. Others have said it, but their voices are silenced).

So, ALL gays begin life as heterosexuals. That means, when they first try out homosexuality, it is their first sad and wicked change. Later, many of them change back again, because homosexuality is abnormal, a devastatingly stupid and immoral choice. They live on the back of propaganda. If a genuine debate was held between experts, homosexual arguments would just disintegrate because they are like vapours and brainless. That is why, almost without fail, homosexuals avoid questions of morality and truth, and try to argue along lines of 'discrimination' and other emotional lies… smokescreens to hide their evils.

I can again guarantee 'critics' will write in with all kinds of scalding comments. They will all be meaningless, but it helps them to spend some time spilling hatred for heterosexuals and Christians! I invite you all to watch the comments boxes… see I am right! Even so, remember that ALL gays KNOW they are wrong and KNOW they are immoral. Hence their hatred in the comments boxes couched in drivel. Now I will sit back and wait for the flies to stick to the jelly! Go on, watch the inane comments flow in.

(Note: Each of these 12 articles (A-800 to A-812) were first published in 2006 on a news-article website, now closed down. They were then republished by Yahoo and rediscovered by us by accident.
At the time they were the top-ranked articles on the site, but homosexual activists hacked into the system to reduce their popularity - such is their free speech and tolerance! It is this fascism that proves the weakness and intellectual paucity of their arguments.

© October 2006


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