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From K B Napier, Bible Theology Ministries commenting on an interview on 'The Meaning of Life' programme, unfortunately aired on RTE 1 TV, 1st February. (Guardian, 1 February 2015)

Oh dear. The trouble with a foul tongue is that the owner often trips over it.

My dear Stephen, as I teach Christians, I often have to say that atheists are stupid. Lo and behold – you have just proved me right. Sadly, many look upon you as one with superior intelligence... but your words and actions tend to disprove it; your intellect has not been guided by intelligence.

Like so many of your ilk (homosexual) your heart and mind are filled with hate. You feel it necessary to regurgitate your own self-hate by projecting it onto someone else - in this instance, God. That is, what you have said about God is a mirror of your own sad soul. This is another stupidity, and what you said today on Irish TV underlines just how stupid atheists are... and, how childish. I have yet to hear anything that is NOT childish coming from atheists! All you did was throw out unsubstantiated accusations against the God you say does not exist! How baffling is that?

Why do I insist on saying you are stupid? Because that is what God says you are. King David wrote about you, and others like you. He said that "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good." Yep, that just about sums you up, along with all your cohorts who speak as you do. The word 'fool' in Hebrew is nabal. It means to be senseless, vile, and stupid. David has got you in one, eh? And I don't even think he watched the archive series of Blackadder!

The word 'fool' has a root verb, nabel, and it means the same thing. It adds that you should be treated as foolish and with contempt. It also means you will fade away, wither and fall, droop... disappear from the public mind No-one will remember who you were just a few years after you die, except maybe gay activists who will use it to prop up their wicked, rickety, useless propaganda. You know, like El Cid propped up on his horse in his final attack. On the other hand, to my knowledge, the name of God has already been known for about 7,000 years (the real age of everything). And I have no doubt His name will continue to be known until the end of this earth's time, and beyond that... because God lives in eternity. Unlike you, who lives in an immoral false hope that will end abruptly when you die, which is a closer event than you think. (Nabel, by the way, is what is known as a 'primitive root', something very similar to the old-style evil root driving your own wickedness).

David also seems to have summed up your life thus far – corrupt, having done abominable works, not doing any good. Come on, Stephen, you must admit he is pretty accurate! By coincidence, in the New Testament, God refers to your chosen sexual perversion as an abomination. Interesting how the same word crops up for you and your kind. Don't you think?

You smirkingly said that God is an "evil, capricious, monstrous maniac". This is because you think that God is responsible for creating the ills and sins of this world! In this you prove to be – stupid. A close examination of these ills will show that man is responsible for his own demise. An excellent example is the way gays readily kill themselves with AIDS – how stupid is that! Just as you are responsible for your own wicked sexual choices. Only in God's word, what He says is serious and eternal; what you have said is fleeting and will be forgotten very quickly. Ironically, the God you claim is not there will be watching your death, and will later judge you, reminding you of your wickedness, rewinding your silly statements, before He sends you to the hell you laughingly think is another myth. Atheists have this odd illogical approach – if they shut their eyes they can't see their own wickedness or the result of it (hell), and by pushing out insults and angry retorts they have the odd notion that this alone 'proves' they are right! (For your showbiz interest, I here insert some canned laughter).

You said to your interviewer, who asked what you might say to God as you stand before the 'Pearly Gates': "How dare you create a world in which there is such misery that is not our fault? It's not right."

Now the notion of standing before the Pearly Gates is, of course, fake. If you do not repent, you will never even get a distant sniff of Heaven. But, to say misery is not man's fault is, well, very underwhelming. It is the usual atheistic drivel. It is drivel because it is patently obvious that mankind made its own misery. Adam and Eve defied God's command and brought sin into the world. It is the same sin that you have eaten and embraced, pronounced it to be 'good' and become fat on the proceeds, like a kid eating junk-food – when God calls it evil. You are (?) so far fortunate not to be riddled with the usual exotic diseases of gays, but it may not always be so. Even without gay-specific ills, your life, by your own admission, is a broth of many evils and miseries. You are a mess, and have openly said so. I concur, Stephen. And your life will continue to be miserable and get even worse.

The amazing thing is this... after calling God "monstrous", you make the utterly stupid, unfounded declaration that "The moment you banish him, life becomes simpler, purer, cleaner, more worth living, in my opinion."

Yes, it IS your opinion! And it is stupid in the extreme! You have already tried to get rid of God. You have chosen a foul, disease-ridden sexual perversion that is known to be a death-culture, a life that inherently gives pain and depression. Your chosen life is far from 'simpler' and 'purer' – unless your mental aberrations are considered to be so! Your choice kills millions by AIDS. Your choice grooms and damages children and young people. In what way is gay sex clean and pure? Rats love living in sewers, so what are you really saying?

Your choice denies freedom of expression to anyone who does not share your glorification of your death-cult. I have no doubt whatever that your sexual choices have led your life into a pit of your own making: It is a neurological fact that we can re-wire the brain with wrong choices, and that these corrupt changes cause us to arrive at irrational decisions. Your depression and other ills are all symptoms of a godless life and your deliberate re-wiring of your mind. And you think that by hooking up with a ridiculously young man that these miseries will go away. Sorry, Stephen, they won't (don't you think it odd that someone so young is mating you? Oh well, let's see what you think when he disappears; you'll probably sink into yet another depression). Unless you repent and change, you will die a lonely and fearful man, before you meet the God you say does not exist.

You see, Stephen, atheists KNOW God exists. That is why they shout against Him so loudly, making all kinds of excuses for their own miseries. And we always know who is the most miserable and who has the least to say – they shout the loudest. Homosexuals in TV audiences always do that – they heckle anyone who dares to oppose their evil lifestyles. Why? Because they KNOW their critics are right. They KNOW that God says their lives are an abomination worthy of hell. What do they do? They shout! Like kids in a schoolyard. They have nothing to say so they drown out criticism and truth. They make absurd and illicit laws and follow a fascist path.

Yes, Stephen, you KNOW God exists and that is why you come out with your drivel. Many gays in your show-biz fake atmosphere do the same thing, and you ALL, without exception, prove the stupidity God charges you with.

Without God, then, you say life would be wonderful? Then why are you on record as moaning about all the ills you believe you suffer? You live without God, so your life should be a shining example of your glorious, healthy, balanced, godless ethos. Yes? But, it patently isn't, is it! If anything, it is painfully and ingloriously worthless and filled with doom and darkness. YOU know it, just as I know it, yet you even boast about it. Hm. Can't you see how illogical you are? Your avid fans, of course, will jump immediately to your side. But, so did the SS do so with Hitler. Their opinions are worth zero.

God created a perfect world. Man then ruined it. Try reading Genesis – it is, after all, a completely historical record of events from day one. That you do not believe this, is your problem, not mine, nor God's. So, mankind, and now you in your meagre existence, determines that the misery must go on and on. If God truly does not exist, then WHY do you shout about Him? And WHY is it that without God everything is oh so wonderful – when it obviously is not? You are on record as having moaned and groaned about your awful life. Well, if God does not exist, how can you blame Him?

The injustice you speak of is made by mankind. ISIS, in all its foulness, is a great example of living without God! They created their own injustice by lopping off heads and slicing babies in half. God didn't create that. YOU and your kind created it.

The insects that cause blindness... they were not created that way. Sin affected all of creation, including animals and insects. Only your stupidity refuses to examine what Christian scientists say, BECAUSE they are Christian! This is a rather blinkered and odd way to speak out against science by real scientists. Ignoring a whole vast argument for the sake of maintaining a fake evolutionary stance is... stupid. It doesn't make sense to throw out huge strides in science just because the scientists happen to be Christians. Remove your mental block and you might see the wood for the trees. Or maybe not, given that you have rewired your brain with nonsense.

You demand to know "What kind of God would do that", requiring men to kneel before Him. Very graphic but also very silly. God is God Almighty, the Creator of all things. He neither needs us nor has to tolerate us. If God exists, and He does, as you very well know, Stephen, despite your protestations, then He is entitled to demand anything HE wishes from us. There is a whole section of theological philosophy behind that one, but you have no idea what it is! All you do is issue insults. Very mature. Try saying what you said about Allah... then get someone to sew your head back on.

Stephen, you will die, as we all will. You might leave this world sooner than you think. You just don't know. On the Day of Judgment you will answer for your evils and the way you debase God (that you laugh at this or don't believe it, is irrelevant; unbelief does not negate truth). You are doubtless an intelligent man. So, why not prove it by saying something relevant and factual? Why not leave aside railing against the God you say does not exist? If He does not exist, why talk about Him at all? Can't you see your own illogic?

Like all atheists you throw out ridiculous comments and mingle truth with lies, facts with fiction, and expect us to take you seriously. Sorry, Stephen, but your illogic and stupidity prevent me taking you seriously at all. To return your accusation against God, in your interview (and away from it) you deserve no respect whatever. You made ridiculous remarks, thinking you are very clever. But, how clever can you be when you are always on the verge of a mental breakdown, unable to think adequately and sensibly about anything, let alone God?

I close with the words of Paul in 1 Corinthians 16:22. "If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be Anathema Maranatha." He was repeating God's words. As you should know with your colossal intelligence (well, that's what your fans say you have), God exists and you won't win! Wait a short while until you leave here. Then you'll find out. As far as I am concerned I can reject what you say, because it doesn't make sense and is just the usual childish invective we have come to associate with atheists. You can shout and kick and scream as much as you like. It is all worthless and meaningless.

You don't believe Heaven or hell exists. But, I will be there with all those you deride, when God charges you with your heinous life and godlessness. We will hear you bleat your vain excuses, probably in great fear, a fear that will level off into constant anxiety and loss. We will hear God pronounce His judgment against you. We will watch you leave that place to enter hell. There, you can scream, shout and kick, but this time with real reason. And as you do so, you will at last see that your whole life was a sham and that God is indeed real. Your only possible way out is to believe, to repent of your wicked lifestyle, and to apologise to the God you so hate. This rebuttal is a warning from God – heed it and repent.

Stephen, you KNOW you are lying. You KNOW God is there. Thinking I'm an imbecile does not alter your coming eternal demise.

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