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The way churchmen pontificate about news items as if they knew what they were talking about! ('Carnage' of gun violence must stop, bishops say: Anglican Communion, 13 March 2013)

The gun violence in the USA is exactly the same as the rampant gun and knife violence in the ex-Russian Eastern Bloc countries, (brought to the UK by 'immigrants') in many parts of Muslim Africa, Mexicans who overrun the USA border, and... well anywhere!

The violence comes not from ordinary gun-owners, but from people intent on harming or killing!

The cause is not gun ownership – which is nearly always illegal for these violent men and women – but sin!

Wearing a purple shirt and a view of tolerance behind church walls will stop none of it!! Criminals do not get their guns legally nor do they tell police they have them! Stop gun ownership legally and the only ones who will have guns will be criminals and police.

These bishops should shut up and not pretend what they say is the majority view. By saying what they say they support the Marxist in the White House in imposing dictatorship on the USA. They should be ashamed of themselves.

No man, and no fake president, will stop illegal killing of people with guns, knives, etc., because those doing it are criminal in mind and intent, driven by sin... or Obama's rule.

Therefore, preaching the Gospel would do better. And applying the death penalty within days of court judgment.

Like everyone else, these bishops are out of touch and unbiblical in their pompous statements, helping no-one but radicals and Marxists to control the world.