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Dear Friends,

Once more I am appealing to you to sign this petition if you have not done so already. And please get one, or even two, others to do likewise.

Please sign here:

You may already have signed a similar petition of mine, earlier this year, that has so far generated over 6700 signatures, in support of Peter and Hazelmary Bull, an elderly Christian couple, who run a bed and breakfast business in their own home, in Cornwall, but who in 2008 discovered that they had contravened the Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORs) through refusing two gay men, Steven Preddy and Martyn Hall, a double bed. In addition to having to pay damages of £3600 to them, homosexuals then besieged their guesthouse with demands for double rooms, seemingly in a bid to destroy the business. Mrs Bull, 66, also received abusive and menacing phone calls, whilst her 71-year-old husband lay critically ill in hospital. .

I am therefore appealing to you, yet again, to sign this new, Government approved e-petition, asking for the SORs to be completely repealed or drastically amended. Many of you have urged me not to give up on this issue. Will you therefore support the Bulls and this petition, for if it achieves 100,000 signatures, it automatically qualifies for the SORs to be scrutinised by the Commons Backbench Home Office Committee with a view for Parliamentary debate. We need to hold the Government to their agreement. (N.B. if you are not a UK resident please forward it to someone who is). The petition, at the time of writing, has only reached just over 2,700 signatures. I realize that a petition on its own is not going effect the government, but if we were to achieve 100,000, at the very least, this would send out a message to Mr Cameron that Christians and fellow travellers also deserve to be heard in a modern democratic society.


Firstly, only those with their own email address can sign. Thus no paper petitions or someone entering many names on one email address is accepted. 

Secondly, to prevent spam, the signatories are asked to type in two distorted looking words that appear in a box. This prevents automated programs from abusing the service. If you are not sure what the words are, either enter your best guess or click the reload button next to the distorted words. This can be a frustrating business and someone has suggested not to put a space between them. Complete the process even if you think you have not quite got the two words right. Persevere! After you have signed, your signature does not become live until you receive an email back asking you to validate it by clicking on a link. 

Thirdly, the petition has complete anonymity, names and personal details do not appear on this petition - only the numbers who sign. We need 100,000.


There is no need to read any further, but if you require evidence for persuading others to sign, I invite you to read on.

BE WARNED: This will not make for bed time reading.

I need to say first that I do not intended to attack those vulnerable men and women, boys and girls who possibly, through no choice- initially- of their own, have developed an emotional disorder or sexual addiction - not through genetics but through environmental influences coupled maybe with temperamental weakness. These require our love, compassion and assistance towards the healing of their souls - not condemnation. Indeed there but by the grace of God go I. However, with regard to out proud, militant and fundamentalist homosexuals, I could not express the situation better than a lady who wrote in 2007:

"I am a committed Christian aged 63 and so very grieved that a minority in this country could push things so far that the majority of us could be forced into tolerating their views in our churches, schools, businesses and homes or risk prosecution. I for one will not accept that my church will be unable to refuse to marry same-sex couples or hire out halls for gay parties/events or even to accept gay couples into a Christian bed and breakfast. In all these issues including the adoption one - I will gladly go to prison but I will not have these things forced upon me or my family. ... I want the right to choose what I teach my children and grandchildren - not have it forced upon me that I must teach them about "another kind of love" as they put it in a leaflet being prepared - I will not teach my grandchildren this, nor stand by and agree to someone else doing so, and I sincerely hope that there are many, many women like me who feel the same in this country. If this law is passed in this country my freedom to choose will have been taken away. "

That was written in 2007. At the time many would have thought, "Oh, come on. Nonsense. You're being alarmist." With hindsight, We have to say that the situation has moved rapidly way past what even she envisaged.


Mr and Mrs Bull were caught by the Sexual Orientation Regulations. Ask anyone what the SORs are and invariably they give you a blank look. If you tell him or her that they 'Outlaw Discrimination On The Grounds Of Sexual Orientation In The Provision Of Goods And Services' they will look even more stupified. And yet since this dull and innocuous sounding piece of legislation was enacted in 2007, decent people from all walks of life have been publicly humiliated, fined huge sums of money, lost their jobs, had their businesses shut down, threatened with up to seven years in prison *1 and had their children taken away to be put into the care of homosexuals. *2 It is only when you or a family member, like Mr and Mrs Bull, find yourself suddenly thrust onto the 6 o'clock News, for making an incorrect response to homosexual or secular demand, that this becomes a personal reality. It could happen to any of us.

Not long ago we were told that what homosexuals did in the privacy of their own homes was none of our business. Fine. Then we discovered that what they do in public places with their gay pride marches and dogging in picnic and beauty spots is none of our business either; and now we are finding that queer propaganda, falls on us and our children like black atomic dust, either through the TV and radio, through what our children are being taught in school, scouts groups, or even through our idolatrous churches.

How soon before billboards and posters, proclaiming 'SOME PEOPLE ARE GAY, GET OVER IT' *3, are placed in every street, every work place, school, sports club, church or even hanging on our fridge doors, telling us that even to feel uncomfortable with sodomy will qualify us to be forcibly made to attend a diversity course at the national headquarters of the homosexual lobby group, Stonewall, London - as happened to a Bristol councilor, Chris Windows, when he expressed concern about gay (Sir) Ian McKellen proselytising homosexuality to Bristol schoolchildren *4?

Madam would you like your little boy to grow up as homosexual?

"I would always love them no matter how they turned out."

Madam, that was not the question; would you like your little boy to become homosexual?

"Oh, yes I would want just that!"

Only this reply will save a mother from being deemed unfit for bringing up even her own children.

For the two homosexuals, Steven Preddy and Martyn Hall, mentioned above, there is no live and let live, they knew perfectly how deeply offensive it would be to Mr and Mrs Bull to have them acting out sodomy under their roof and how the Bull's would accordingly respond. The two men could have respected how they felt and gone elsewhere. They had a choice of many double beds, possibly hundreds in Cornwall, catering for their "special needs", but no; the evidence points to their having been led deliberately to the elderly couple's doorstep, by Stonewall, the homosexual lobby group who seem to be able to force our government to suspend the democratic process and get what they want when they want it.

Stonewall have achieved their meteoric rise to power through the use of propaganda:

i. Gays are born gay: it is genetic and they have no choice but to behave the way they do

ii. Gays are bullied almost to extinction, on the same scale as that of black people and the Jews

iii. 6-10% of population are gay

iv. Homosexual relationships are good and healthy for a nation.

These lies have been swallowed even without them touching the sides of the throat. Open discussion in Parliament, or the public arena, challenging these fundamental, false presuppositions is never permitted; and anyone, foolish enough to request this, like councilor Chris Windows of Bristol City Council, is immediately accused of being a narrow –minded, homophobic bigot and shouted down by mantras, designed to short circuit reason.

To make doubly certain that this freezing of speech might happen even in the remotest corners of the British Isles, the Labour government, almost as soon as the SORs and the Gay Adoption Bill had been enacted in 2007 brought in the Crime of Inciting Homophobic Hatred. Even children found guilty of this crime carry a record that goes with them to the end of their school career. *5

In spite of the fact that Lord Waddington won for the British people. in 2008, a freedom of speech clause amended to this legislation which said, "for the avoidance of doubt, the discussion or criticism of sexual conduct or practices or the urging of persons to refrain from or modify such conduct or practices shall not be taken of itself to be threatening or intended to stir up hatred." *6,  this freedom of speech amendment is already trumped by the police and magistrates using clause 5 of the Public Disorder Act, whereby anyone found guilty of insulting or offensive language can be fined or sent to prison *7.

The pro-gay government under Gordon Brown did not like Lord Waddington's freedom of speech clause because it didn't privilege the sexual behavior of homosexuals over the remaining 99% of the population that is straight; or to use a phony nomenclature - heterosexual. Consequently the Labour government has vowed, if ever it regains power, to reverse this amendment , which would mean that I would be liable to up to seven year prison sentence for even writing a letter like this.

The most demonic and subtle ploy, however, is to accuse anyone who objects to homosexuality of being a repressed homosexual, or even transsexual, as expressed by the Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove in an article in the Times, 2003, entitled, "When the Straight and Narrow is the Wrong Path" (an article that seems to have mysteriously vanished). Pity any child in a school who dares to dissent from the party line. The teaching staff responsible for political correctness will immediately label him or her as a repressed gay and recommend gay affirming counseling or even medical procedure - with or without the knowledge or permission of the parents.




*4  (relevant part of video starts at starts 2hrs 20:56 to 2hrs 28:45)






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But from whence did the SORs come, for they are not peculiar just to Britain; their influence is felt on every western continent to the extent that many, like Mr and Mrs Bull, now feel like strangers in their own country? Why have the SORs been able to change fundamental beliefs regarding truth, morality and what it means to be human, that have been handed down from generation to generation, for thousands of years? Are they a direct revelation from the very mouth of God? Or are they simply a 21st century, scientific response to self-evident truths that up till now had never been really understood? The answer is neither.

The SORs represent the 'legal' enforcement of an ideology that has swept in like a Tsunami to fill the spiritual vacuum left by the western Church; ever since that institution relocated itself from where the battle rages most furiously to the leafy suburbs and the outermost fringes of society: to christenings; weddings and the grave yard. This ideology is based upon the philosophy of Hegel (German philosopher 1770-1831), which when first expounded, 200 years ago was probably judged to be so incomprehensible and incommunicable that it would have little practical impact on society. This could not be further from the truth. Because whether Hegel himself or those listening to what he had to say, understood it to be the case, when he propounded his ideas he changed the world.

Hegelian philosophy in the hands of Karl Marx has given us Communist Russia, China, North Korea and Cambodia and paradoxically Nazi Germany... and now 21st century Britain and America.

New Marxism/cultural Marxism (otherwise known as the Frankfurt School) has infiltrated the West, without any obvious violent overthrow of established authority. It has been achieved over a long period of time - eighty years. Its aim of undermining a nation, through slowly taking control of its language, history, media, religion and education has succeeded beyond the wildest dreams of its long dead founders. But above all, the supreme task was to subvert and destroy the very building block of western society, marriage and the family.

Joseph Stalin said,  "America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."

Little could he have imagined that this would become true of the entire West.

To that end homosexuality was the weapon of choice to carry out this task. The out-proud homosexual - the very physical incarnation of cultural Marxism would lead the charge in smashing down categories and boundaries of male and female, human and animal, pure and impure, true and false – in fact of all antithesis. *8


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So much for philosophy and ideology, but who are the flesh and blood faces behind the SORS, those who whilst we go about our every day work of raising and nurturing the next generation, never slacken in their pace in planning to destroy it?

In Britain the SORs originated from Stonewall, the homosexual lobby group, whose present chief executive is Ben Summerskill. This was formed in 1989 by a group of homosexuals that included Matthew Paris, whose civil partner is David Cameron's speech writer, *9, Lisa Powell MBE, Michael Cashman and the actor, Sir Ian McKellen OBE . They were aided in establishing Stonewall as one of the most powerful minority lobby groups in Britain by "useful idiots" (a technical term coined by Lenin), like Tony Blair who, just before he became Prime minister in 1997 was promised all the kingdoms of the Earth if he were to abase himself, just like the present Home Secretary, Theresa May, to Stonewall. *10.

However, the person who took overall responsibility for the SORs prefers to work below the radar – far from public attention. Angela Mason CBE, ex-wife, lesbian, anarchist, ex-member of the Marxist Angry Brigade and IVF mother left her post as first chief executive of Stonewall in 2003 in order to take charge of the Government's Women and Equality Unit of the Department of Trade and Industry. It was there that she oversaw the Sexual Orientation Regulations in 2006/7. She is a very busy lady indeed and moved on to create the Equality and Human Rights Commission, (ECHR). Indeed she is one of its commissioners *11 The ECHR, including its Chairman, the Leninist Sir Trevor Philips, are an unelected body who, using the mantras of "equality and diversity," divide society into a growing number of competing groups (based upon age, race, disability, being a man or woman, religious and ideological beliefs, homosexuality, transsexuality, being pregnant etc., etc.), called protected strands.

And it was the ECHR, an instrument of Stonewall which dragged Mr and Mrs Bull into court, legal expenses paid for by the public including Mr and Mrs Bull themselves. And, referring to the case of Christian foster parents, Eunice and Owen Johns, who were rejected by Derby City Council for fostering any more children because of their refusal to promote homosexuality, Angela Mason and the EHRC likened Christianity to an infection. Clearly Ms Mason given half a chance would disqualify Eunice and Owen from even raising their own children, whilst she a Marxist, anarchist and IVF lesbian mum would claim to be at the very cutting edge of 21st century motherhood (ed. though in any sane society she would be found guilty of child abuse).

(Allow the main mouth piece of gay and lesbian propaganda in Britain, the BBC, to present a cutting edge mum, the Rev Sharon Ferguson, fit for the purpose of dealing with the complexities of 21st century Britain )

Under the guise of championing equality, the ECHR discriminates against Christians, like Mr and Mrs Bull and the unborn child, whilst discriminating in favour of Islam and gay establishments.

John Bellamy, who runs Hamilton Hall, in Bournemouth, for gay men, applied for and succeeded in getting from the ECHR an exemption from the SORs, describing them as "discrimination against gays". He said: "We are a unique venue and we only admit gay and bisexual men. Under this law, we would go out of business." *12 (Be warned; this, unlike the Bulls' B&B, is not a family friendly seaside hotel).

Pav Akhtar, an out-proud homosexual and Muslim, is Head of Diversity at the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) which is responsible for the professional development of over 40,000 teachers in Britain. Like Mr and Mrs Bull, Kwabema Peat, a Christian ex-head of year at a North London secondary school, also made an incorrect response to homosexuality when he voiced dissent at in-service, TDA session at his school. This was run by lesbian Sue Sanders, chief executive of Schools Out *13, who aggressively asked him what made him think that being heterosexual was natural? And what happened to Kwabena Peat for voicing his dissent? He was initially suspended and subsequently sacked. *14

By way of contrast, the homosexual Headmaster of Perry Beeches School, Liam Nolan, who was found guilty of gross sexual conduct with another man in a popular picnic spot and fined £1000 with £1500 court costs, was elevated and made a champion of diversity by Stonewall and is now an educational advisor to the government. *15

Sir Adrian Fulford, homosexual High Court Judge and Judge on the United Nations International Criminal Court claims that "Pink Law will not be an anomaly but rather the shape of things to come."








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Ever since the sixties, and certainly since 1997, gay politicians, occupying the front benches of the Labour Party (ed. and now the 'Conservative' party also) and the most powerful positions in Government, purporting to represent a bullied, oppressed, victim and minority group, have taken pride in subverting authority and with corrupting society further and faster, than any other western nation, with "flagship" and "ground breaking" legislation like the SORs. *16

Read the Alan Redwood's MP's account of the disgraceful way that the SORs were rushed through Parliament without proper debate *17

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, speaking to Stonewall, incredibly proud that she and the Home Office came top of this year's Stonewall Workplace Equality Index has said:

"I think that shows how far we, as a society, have come;".... "As a country we have come a long way;" and "as a party, my own party, the Conservatives have come a long way. We now have more openly gay MPs and openly gay ministers than ever before."

And yet again:

"We've come a long way. I said at the start of my speech that as a nation we have come a long way, and we have." (but) "despite the real progress we have seen in recent years, there is much still to do."

Extraordinary, that she can claim that Britain is headed towards a secular utopia when someone from her own party, Ian Duncan Smith admits that, "the collapse of marriage has brought soaring crime rates, doubled the chances of living in poverty and cost the country an astonishing £100 billion a year...."

Further on Theresa May said:

"despite the real progress we have seen in recent years, there is much still to do." ... "And we will go further – we will implement section 202 of the Equality Act which will remove the ban on civil partnership registrations being held on religious premises."

But the Christian Church, for the last two thousand years, with all its faults, has defended the faith and acted as a bulwark against barbarism and paganism. It remains the last defense of marriage, the family, children and civilized behaviour and yet in the words of Theresa May:

"We are committed to taking action to tear down these barriers and to help build a better Britain."

My own Conservative gay MP, Conor Burns, has used precisely the same jargon when I raised my concerns about the queer, Stonewall actor, (Sir) Ian McKellen, being allowed to cruise around the nation's schools, under the pretence of tackling homophobia. Mr Burns also said:

"The government remains determined to take concerted action to tearing down barriers to equal opportunities and to build a fairer society, and I fully support them in this aim." *18




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This brings me to Peter Tatchell, a self proclaimed supporter of paedophilia, pornography, prostitution and all things queer ( google who last year - 2010 - was offered a peerage, presumably for his championing human rights but certainly not the rights of sex trafficked children and women, or the aborted child.

In "Beyond Equality" he shows us where the "tearing down barriers" is already leading:

"In many ways, our transcending of heterosexual mores is a positive and immensely liberating experience. Compared with most straights, queers tend to be more sexually adventurous with a wider repertoire of sexual behaviour, less bound by the strictures of traditional morality, and more experimental in terms of relationships. We don't need a marriage certificate to validate our partnerships"

"Although getting rid of homophobic discrimination is a laudable aim, it doesn't go far enough. Ending anti-gay bias will not resolve all the problems faced by lesbian and gay people. Some of our difficulties arise not from homophobia, but from the more general eroto-phobic and sex-negative nature of contemporary culture."

"We get equality, but at a price. The cost to our community is the surrender of our unique, distinctive queer identity. The unwritten social contract at the heart of law reform is that lesbians and gays will behave respectably and comply with the heterosexual moral agenda. No more cruising, orgies or sadomasochism!" (Ed. Look at the way Tatchell bemoans the notion that gays will have to cover-up [not totally remove] their public display of perversity!)

"In a society where there were no pressures or privileges associated with being straight, a lot more people would be queer or bisexual ... If this is true, and everyone is potentially queer, then the struggle for lesbian and gay liberation (domination) is in everyone's interest." *19

In "Teenage Sex - What Should Schools Teach Children?" He writes:

"Until very recent times, all sex education was overwhelmingly biased towards promoting heterosexuality, marriage, parenthood and traditional family life. Anything outside this exclusive framework was either ignored or condemned..."

"This old-style monocultural sex moralism is now totally out of sync with our modern multicultural society where there is a great diversity of cultures and communities, lifestyles and love-lives."

..." Nothing must be off limits." *20

"Sex education, to be effective, needs to start at a very early age, beginning gently in the first year of primary school and gradually becoming more detailed and explicit at secondary level..."

"The best way to persuade teenagers to adopt oral sex and mutual masturbation is by making them look and sound sexy."



Polysexual Perversion:






National celebration of Degradation:

(Ed. One link of a gay pride parade has been removed, because it included disgusting pornographic acts taking place between men in London's Soho, which would result in normal people being arrested on any ordinary day)

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If marriage and the family are the final citadel, the trophy, the jewel in the crown that they must have at all costs, the route to this must surely lie in the surrounding streets and suburbs (metaphorically speaking). It is here - in hand to hand fighting, building by building, street by street where the battle rages most fiercely and the enemy is experiencing next to no resistance. The territory is our schools. If the enemy can possess the hearts and minds of the next generation then the conquest of Marxism will be complete.  (ed. In reality, this will probably not be metaphoric in nature - Homosexuals are extremely violent in nature, and mentally unbalanced. The account of Sodom and Gomorrah details their true behaviour - they are perverts who will stop at nothing to achieve their horrific desires)

To this end Sir Ian McKellen cruises, virtually unopposed, around schools in Britain, subtley breaking down the natural reservation of children towards unnatural behavior, under the pretext that "we should be kind to each other." Didn't schools at one time have a duty of parental care for their pupils – something about In loco parentis?

Watch McKellen's consummate and impeccable performance.... even without the need for a wolf skin. *21

(Incidentally, the Head Teacher of the Severn Vale School, primed by Stonewall, claimed that 6% of the population were gay and on that basis he calculated that 72 of his pupils had special needs. When I phoned and asked him whether he had identified these 72, and was he giving them special care and attention, the answer was, "No."

Originally most people thought that 10% of any given population was gay. Some still do; but this figure was manufactured, during the 60s by the American sex 'scientist', Alfred Kinsey, a homosexual pervert who died as a consequence of performing some bizarre sex experiment on himself.. However, the Office of National Statistics calculate that only 1% of the population identifies itself as gay.)

When McKellen, on the clip below, said that "we should be kind to each other" it is a pity that he never demonstrated what this meant by reading out the poem, "The Love That Dares To Speak It's Name" by James Kirkup, before the assembled children, staff, governors, office staff and dinner ladies at the over 54 schools and whole educational authorities where he has left his trail. He read this out at a Secularist gathering in a restaurant, off the Tottenham Court Road, in 2008, by way of celebrating the repeal of the Blasphemy Laws. It is an obscene and pornographic poem, describing in graphic detail a homosexual soldier pouring out his lust on the dead body of Christ. *22

In the same way that the mother's womb has become the most dangerous place for the unborn child, so schools are becoming the most dangerous places to which parents might send their children. The parents' genuine concerns at Elton John being used to promote homosexuality at Bromstone Primary School, Broadstairs, Kent were more than justified but were treated with the utmost arrogance and contempt by the Head Teacher: *23

It is a pity that the Head Teacher was not able to show the children a video of Elton John's performance at the Albert Hall, celebrating paedophilia, in aid of raising money for Stonewall. *24

Likewise, the Scouts and even sports clubs are becoming unsafe places for children. Between 2000 and 2011 there have been around a hundred cases of scout leaders, in the UK alone, convicted of paedophilia. The most recent offender was jailed in October of this year. He, like the homosexual, claims that for him paedophilia is natural and presumably should be celebrated *25. The Scouting Association actively recruits gay leaders, as part of their signing up to diversity ideology *26. Indeed Ben Summerskill, chief executive of Stonewall, is calling for all organisations over a certain size to be composed of 6% of gays and lesbians. These quotas will have to be filled.

When Swiss parents complained about the sexualisation of their children they are stamped on. *27

In Britain, the Terrance Higgins Trust has been given £200,000 grant to launch sex education in schools .*28 We can judge what form this education might take by looking at their publications. *29 ( I risk offending people by showing this material but would sincerely hope that they would feel equally angry If their child was led by their school to look at this.)

In Germany the authorities have been encouraging parents to sexually arouse their children and have also threatened to imprison parents who refuse to have their children educated by the state. *30

How soon before normal parents will be deemed unfit to raise their own children because they will not endorse homosexuality and lesbianism? Look at this unmitigated evil of the court of Vermont USA ordering a mother to hand her young child into the permanent custody of a lesbian *31

*21 ( you need to turn the sound up when he speaks)











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Sitting and hoping that this will all go away is not an option. The enemy, once it gains ground does not set up camp, drinking cups of tea and smoking pipes; it moves on taking more territory until there are no more dissenters left. Tragically for the homosexuals, who are mere Marxist pawns, their campaign will never end, for no matter how far they go with their rage, even to the ends of the universe, their real needs can never be satisfied. These can only be quenched by the saving grace of Jesus Christ and the living water that he offers that leads to eternal life in Him. But their job has been done, and they are now expendible; for already another section of society has been primed to carry on the rebellion against God's created order: this is our children who are being taught to reject the values and morality of their parents, *32 and to join the "useful idiots" like those supporting the 2009 Manchester Gay Pride.*33

Ever since the sixties, when sex became detached from the boundaries of marriage and family and from the morality and truth of the Judeo/Christian faith, it has become merely a recreational activity that can be practised in whatever form one wishes; but like high explosive that is no longer confined by its steel casing, or a nuclear core that is withdrawn from its protective surrounds, it becomes a force for destruction when it is no longer bounded by the protective laws that used to surround marriage. Children are being encouraged to experiment with sex to find out what they feel comfortable with, but this is like leading them to play with detonators and fuses in the hope that the bomb on which they are sitting won't go off.

It has resulted in the dehumanising and the reduction of the individual to being simply a lump of meat, to the commodification of children, to the misery of unwanted pregnancies, abortion on an industrial scale, an explosion of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, HIV, AIDs, rape, the continuing break-up of the family, teenage murders on a scale never before experienced and of course sex trafficking, child abuse whilst in care and foster homes, and finally the "Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name": paedophilia on a scale not yet fully grasped. So much for a "successful and progressive society." Long ago Britain rejected God, as He reveals Himself through the Bible. As a consequence, successive governments have been powerless to contend with uncontrolled human passion. Greed, ambition, lust and rage like a whale going through a net, have broken the strongest cords that once bound our society and families together; and because the biblical definition of marriage and the family is the last cord restraining gays from doing whatever they want, once they have grasped it out of the hands of society, they will change it, as Peter Tatchell has so clearly described above - beyond tolerance, beyond marriage, and beyond recognition.


*33 (Ed. Link to song omitted. The song, by a well-known female pop-star calls anyone who disagrees with homosexuality "medieval", "tiny-minded", harbouring "hatred", "evil", "racists who can't tie laces", etc, etc. And the main part of the chorus is a common swear phrase. Now who's "uninspiring", eh [that was another lyric, by the way!]!? )



This is only the first of many sips from a bitter cup, that will be offered to you and your family, year after year, until drunk to the last dregs... unless, that is, we wake up, cry out for God's mercy and take a stand.

Open your mouth, grasp a pen, join a group, mobilise and above all pray in the mighty name of Jesus Christ; but do not just sit there.

And please sign the Petition


© 25 October 2011

Published on

Bible Theology Ministries - PO Box 415, Swansea, SA5 8YH
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