Society and Culture
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In our Sunday meetings many topics arise from our study time...

Many might think I want everyone to think and act like me, because I am so strict about doctrine and I insist that EVERYONE believes scripture in the same way.

BUT... do not confuse this with being dictatorial!

Scripture itself – God’s own word – says we must ALL believe the same doctrine, and, because God only gives us ONE definition of doctrine, there can be
only one way to think about it.

HOWEVER... all believers are individuals, made so by God. I am saddened by those churches that make everyone a clone... so every woman wears the same kinds of clothing, or the same kind of hat, and men must wear a suit.

Many churches make conformity to its internal characteristics a matter of orthodoxy. When you enter them all the members look the same and act the same way. There are churches where spontaneity is frowned upon and smiling is almost a sin!

In these churches ideas are a matter of suspicion, and individuality is like backsliding!

Friends, a spontaneous or smiling person can lose his or her freedom in Christ by obeying a corporate mantra! Those who once were openly happy are forced to comply with the corporate dirge, sing badly with poor music, and be driven into a corporate mundaneness!

Don’t let it happen! Be YOU, or your personality will suffer. So will your spirit. 

God has made you different. Yes, we must all believe the same doctrine, but if ANY Church causes you to lose your smile, or your wellbeing, or your spontaneity... walk away!

You are You because that’s how God wants it. don’t me grizzled by a demanding and unduly funerial spirit that lets you lose yourself in a pool of grey compliance.

I never complied and so am usually shunned... but, I don’t care, because God is my Lord, not the local pastor or congregation! They might believe all the right things – but if their lives are made miserable by their compliance with an human code of conduct... well...

Smile and be free, my friends!!

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