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Dear Sirs (Letter published by Highland News 12 December 2014)

After reading the report over 'gay revs' on the front page of Highland News (4 December 2014), certain things that are hard to say have to be said. We say them with deep sorrow and a heavy heart. For many it is known already, but the truth has to be formally recorded about the Church of Scotland. The national kirk is an ungodly institution run by godless, and graceless, men and women. The kirk is both a disgrace and a sinful blot on our nation's spiritual landscape, and shame on it. The scandalous evidence of its reputation is in the public domain for all to see. Instead of being a light in the midst of darkness it has blackened the nation by approving of practices which a holy God, and His unchanging word, condemns and abhors.

Let us set the record straight here. Nowhere in the Bible does God approve of a homosexual relationship, and neither does a holy God let sinful man redefine marriage. Scripture clearly tells us that the Rev Scott Rennie should not, because of his immoral lifestyle, be in the Christian ministry. A manse and a pulpit is no place for a man who unashamedly disregards God's word and Divine law, and who has no love for the truth. The practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching. Homosexuality and Christianity can never approvingly coexist beside one other. It never has and it never will. This is absolute truth as recorded in the Bible, and Divine truth cannot be edited.

And when the Church of Scotland says and thinks otherwise, and it quite clearly does, then it is guilty of hypocrisy and religious sacrilege. In their approval of relationships which are depraved, ungodly and unbiblical, then God's damning words of judgment are pronounced upon the hierarchy of the church. He regards them, not as true Christians but as "traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the truth." (2Timothy 3v4&8) This is God's verdict, not mine, and what solemn condemnation it is. He will not be mocked, when church commissioners dare to poke fun at all that is sacred and 'change the truth of God into a lie.' (Romans 1 verse 25)

In HN's report we were reminded how the kirk continues to defy and undermine the word of God by asking Presbyteries to vote on whether to allow congregations to appoint 'gay' ministers! The folly of putting God's law up for a vote, especially in a morally compromised church, is nothing less that demonic. The church is not a political entity and ought to know that the Bible, the word of God, is its operating manual and no law is paramount to that. Who does the Church of Scotland think they are when they freely give Presbyteries and Congregations the opportunity to vote on whether they should accept 'gay' ministers? Any church that brazenly, and bizarrely, fancies it can decide on what is acceptable or unacceptable in the perfect word of God has lost its very right to be called a church. Not only is it an apostate church it is also a synagogue of Satan.

While we salute the Inverness Presbytery, and 49 of its members, for rejecting the proposals we deeply lament that there were 13 presbyters who didn't. These individuals, who clearly have no respect for the truth of God's word, should be removed sine die from all church courts until they repent and believe the gospel. This, in fact, is what is desperately needed more than anything else, both in the heart of the Church of Scotland and in the heart of every other Scottish church that has turned its back on God's word: repentance and reformation.

Donald J Morrison

Also see letter to (Newsletter NI, 16 January 2015) 'Church of Scotland is Godless'