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"In remarks on Tuesday in Geneva to the United Nations, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said religious and cultural beliefs are standing in the way of homosexual human rights worldwide.

"Now, raising this issue, I know, is sensitive for many people and that the obstacles standing in the way of protecting the human rights of LGBT people rest on deeply held personal, political, cultural, and religious beliefs," said Clinton."
(Christian Post, Wed Dec 7th 2011

Well, there you have it folks: you do not matter, the institution of the family does not matter, decency does not matter, the health of the nation does not matter, the churches do not matter, Christianity does not matter, and most terrifying of all: God does not matter.

The core of what Ms Clinton has said is that gay rights trump everybody else's rights. That is, men, women, and children (yes, children) must be given total sexual liberty, and this goal trumps all else. More than that, you must pay for people (even confused and manipulated children) to be mutilated, having their sexual organs removed, and plastic bits added; and you must simply sit back as perverts seek to seduce your children and brainwash them in schools. You must also comply when these people enact the next stages of their plan: To remove age of consent laws; and to redefine marriage to allow for same-gender unions, with no limit on the amount of participants in a union (ie legalised polygamy).

Already, if you speak against the 'gay' movement, you stand to lose your job, as is evidenced by many cases in the UK. In the future, expect prosecution, harassment, prison, and to have your kids taken away from you by social services who will declare you to be an unfit parent for opposing perversity and pedophilia.

Clinton's speech is abhorrent (but what else would one expect from her?). She states that gays are "arrested, beaten, terrorized, even executed."  and that many are "treated with contempt and violence by their fellow citizens while authorities empowered to protect the look the other way or, too often, even join in the abuse..."  Of course, she fails to mention horrific stories about how Christians are treated in foreign countries, and the UK and US governments give billions in aid to these heathen nations. Unfortunately, homosexuals are celebrated and are treated as superior to everybody else right across the Western world, when in fact we should bear in mind what Paul says about them in Romans 1:26-32.

The nation must repent, or face God's wrath and judgment. Even if the nation fails to do so, homosexuals and government should realise that God will not be mocked. He will enact personal judgment against those peddling this vile agenda, and He will also judge the West as a whole for spitting in His face. As one man said, if God does not judge us, He will have to raise Sodom and Gomorrah and apologise.

If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land:
But if ye refuse and rebel, ye shall be devoured with the sword: for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it.
(Isaiah 1:19-20)

We must repent! The alternative is ruin. 

© 10 December 2011

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