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The following has been taken from an alert issued by Christian Concern.  It is vital that Christians seize the opportunity to fight back against the anti-family / pro-perversion legislation that is making this country more evil and less free, taking rights away from those who believe marriage is between a man and a woman, and allowing men and women with "vile affections" to trample all over those who believe in decency. Make no mistake, this legislation will be used to harass churches and other religious organisations that do not comply with LGBTXYZ propaganda. And if this is not opposed, far worse will come: Paedophilia, bestiality, 'marriages' that include more than 2 people, etc.

House of Lords vote on civil partnerships in churches

A motion has been tabled to annul regulations that currently allow civil partnerships to be registered in churches.

Baroness O'Cathain has tabled the motion in the House of Lords because she believes that the regulations are unsafe, and that churches are not adequately protected from litigation if they refuse to register civil partnerships.

A debate on the regulations and a vote is scheduled to take place this Thursday.

Please write to a Peer – either one you know, or one whose surname starts with the same letter as yours.

Please ask them to support the motion tabled by Baroness O'Cathain and say, in your own words, that:

    • The regulations are not safe, as some churches could be put under legal pressure if they refuse to register civil partnerships.
    • Local authorities could refuse permission for churches to host weddings unless they also agree to host civil partnership registrations.
    • Two separate legal opinions from Mark Hill QC and Aidan O'Neill QC say that the regulations do not sufficiently protect churches who do not wish to conduct civil partnerships.
    • The regulations do not take account of situations where a church does not have the final say in how its building is used.

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