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“Recent attacks on Christianity in Croatia in the name of anti-discrimination toward homosexuals have Christians taking to the streets in protest against what they term 'Christianofobia'. The spark for the protests is the case of one religious education teacher, Jelena Mudrovcic, who was accused of “homophobia” in her religion class and taken to court by a homosexual activist group."(LifeSiteNews, 18 March 2011)

I have been to Croatia 17 times since 2005 and my observation is that Croatians are generally conservative, respectful and laid back people. The country is predominantly Roman Catholic, but it is interesting to see that another set-up attack on a Religious Education teacher by homosexual lobby groups has provoked a public protest by religious people and the coining of the term “Christianofobia”. Good for them.

Why don’t we have similar public protests in the UK as pro-gay politicians force us to submit to the whims of homosexual lobby groups?

© 24 March 2011

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