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It is true that Stonewall and 'gays' presently have government and others on their side.

We may not be able to alter laws right now... so just do what you can:

  1. If someone known to be homosexual comes on radio, or presents a program – switch off.
  2. If a program is about gays and lesbians etc., switch off!
  3. Then tell the radio station by email. Just a simple message such as "I switched off so-and-so because I do not wish to listen to homosexuals". Sometimes programs are interesting – but we should not give a quarter to these people.
  4. Same goes for TV – repeat the process.
  5. Same goes for the other media, including films.
  6. Just keep on telling them, so they KNOW this behaviour is not accepted by everyone.

Indeed, the behaviour is not accepted by the majority of the population, but they stay silent because they fear 'gay' reprisals.... Which always come.

The majority in society hate what homosexuals do, and the way they force everyone to comply. But, being arrogant, homosexuals do not seem to understand that a backlash must come. So, keep telling everyone - you do NOT want to listen to, or watch, homosexuals.

They are put on public view to deliberately push their agenda.

© 23 November 2011

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