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Atheism the root and cause of the England Riots August 2011

clapham junction riots 9 august 2011 dreamstime xs 20656318I can already hear the clamour of atheists at my door, but I am used to their inane bleating!

As the days pass since the latest riots, which spread to other parts of the UK from London, The truth comes out - those who rioted were mainly well-shod, many with good jobs. The 'rest were plain criminals who wanted the chance to be violent and to steal goods and commit arson. But, this is nothing new to those of us who have lived in sprawling council housing estates, where law is not just despised but laughed at.

The first criminals were given lenient penalties, and some, especially the youngest, were just let off freely, with a stern warning from the magistrates. This was nothing but a sham! Those let off smirked and will do it again, because the law and the police are feeble and ineffective, strong only when they wish to abuse and arrest Christians.

David Cameron spoke of the riots as a 'disease', and he put all his bets on social action. BUT THIS IS NOT THE CAUSE!

The cause is Satan's end-time moves. He is marshalling his demons to sift countries with violence and wickedness. The weak-spines of Christians are a major contribution.

Homosexual thought has ruined society

Some think I mention homosexuality far too often. but it is a major cause of disruption and social imbalance today!

During the early part of Soviet Russia, homosexuality was given legal status and encouraged. Then, it was reversed as leaders realised homosexuality was the cause of much destruction in its lands, and a very real possibility of collapse, as numbers of babies fell dramatically. They said that youngsters who grew up on a diet of homosexuality were "nothing but animals" in their behaviour, which had become widely violent and frightening. Do not discount this cause when looking at the riots.

Remember, too, that Hitler's Nazis contained a huge number of homosexuals. They were used in death camps, because they were known to be ultra-violent. This is seen today, as 'gays' violently try to force all countries to obey their demands. The change in attitude towards them was brought about not by honest debate but by sheer intimidation and the wrong use of law, and control of the media.

I do not necessarily mean those who acted criminally are all homosexuals. I mean that the cancer of homosexual thought has ruined society to the point of "Don't care, just do it"! It is the aim of homosexuality to reduce society to a kind of evil animalism, where anything goes, not just sexually but morally and in every other way.

Athiesm equals destruction of societies worldwide

Behind all this is atheism, as it was in Soviet days, and as is reviving today. It removes all sense of God, and so what is left is destruction. Atheism equals destruction of societies worldwide. Remove God and you remove all restraints. And this is exactly what atheism wants. Why? Because it is satanic in origin and takes away God's barriers against the awful effects of sin.

How anyone in their right mind can call the riots 'good' is beyond imagination! Morality is only pertinent when related to God!

So, take away God and you are left with - nothing but lies, deception, violence and immorality.

The riots are an outward result of these godless philosophies and immoralities. God's laws and values have been removed, but nothing good has emerged to take His place. And they can't! God is God.

His word is true. Take it away and you must be left with its opposite - lies and deception, etc. So, Cameron can spout as much as he likes. It will do nothing. He is part of the cancer, along with the EU. Both advocate the fullest homosexual, atheistic agenda.

This is joined with tolerance for Muslim extremism and the inability to kick its terrorists and hateful elements out of the country.

It has added fuel to the rioters, who are already godless, sexualised by homosexuals, and given a freedom to do what they like.

It is Cameron philosophy and the philosophy of the homosexualised parliament that applies atheistic solutions to godless problems. That is, they want to get rid of fire by pouring petrol on it.

Christians must openly stand against evil

What is the answer? Well, Christians MUST stand up and be counted, They MUST speak out against each and every evil in the Land, not just once, or by signing a petition or two. They must openly stand against evil. But this must be prompted by God, the Holy Spirit giving them the power and authority of divine truth.

One man with this divine power can move mountains!

Citizens MUST demand that people they voted for bend the knee to them, as servants. We have said it many times before!

MPs are servants not masters! Yet, they do whatever they like, ignoring the people And so do rioters, copying our 'masters'.

And so MPs have been responsible for the increasingly violent society it now condemns. They will not allow justice to serve us, only satanic versions. We cannot speak out and refuse sin - it is now imposed on us by law. It does not prescribe proper laws and tough solutions, only social claptrap based on atheistic nonsense.

Soviet Russia reversed its stupidity - but will the UK? Probably not! After all, though socialism failed miserably and spectacularly, it is still being vaunted by governments around the globe. The very philosophy that brought communism to its knees is now being forced on us from politicians. It makes no sense, unless we add in the real cause - Satan. It is he who pushes homosexuality and the dull misery of atheism, with its intellectual poverty.

Punishment not leniency for criminals and rioters

We must 'hit em hard' when people become foul and riot. These criminals who hate people and have disdain for law must be punished, not given leniency. And the punishment must be hard, very hard. When will we remove ALL things accrued by criminals, including their homes?

When will we give them a hundred lashes for violent behaviour? When will we hang them for murder? And if they retort by doing what they do even more - increase the penalty! Put them on bread and water for their insolence against society and law. They are violent thieves, so give them nothing by way of hope and favour. the stupid errors of socialism.

At the same time send a clear message to politicians - listen or get out!

It is now time for believers to stand firm and stand out. Do not accept the socialistic theories of government, when they so obviously have failed. Tell them so! Let those who defy law with violence reap the true penalties and lose whatever they have. This is why I favour the USA system of 'three strikes and out'. Punishments must come swiftly after an even swifter court appearance. With no repeals and no softness.

And if it seems these people gain financially from what they do - take it all off them. If they then go back to crime to regain it all - hit them even harder with punishment. They WILL learn to stop! And if they don't - keep them incarcerated in a tough regime.

I can almost hear the shouts of 'unchristian', even from Christians. I can certainly hear it from atheists - but, frankly, their philosophy is useless and foolish, with nothing of value for society. They can shout into thin air for all I care. God calls them 'fools'. So do I.

Do I expect that all of society should bend to Christian will? No, I do not.

But, I do expect those who lead to do so intelligently and not from the disadvantage of atheism and immorality. HOW DARE politicians and others impose godless solutions to the whole of society? HOW DARE they penalise Christians who live righteous lives, whilst bolstering evil and immoral people, whose lives destroy the very fabric of society?

The riots are a product of a godless philosophy. Atheism is finding its useless feet once more and is shouting the odds against Christians.

Homosexuals do the same, as do Islamic extremists. None of them offer good or true freshness and real life. They can only offer delusion and violence.

As I said, I do not care one little bit if they shout against this article. I do not care because they do not care about society. They hate us.

They have nothing worthwhile to say to us. So, let us ignore them as a whole; they are fools without a cause. Riots will again erupt as politicians fail to apply the correct solutions. They do so because their own lives are ruined by the very philosophies they want to force on us all. They want to push Christians into a ghetto of Warsaw proportion. We let it happen at our own risk and failure. As believers we must show the only alternative to what is now happening. Will you speak out? Or will you be as most Christians have been for many years - silent?

© 13 August 2011

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