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Published in the British Church Newspaper - 16 December 2011

Increasing concern about the sexualisation of young children, by introducing sex into the primary school curriculum in the UK, has led to public protest meetings. One mother taking her son out of his Northampton primary school.

She stated: "I've had to do it because the sex education programme is I believe deliberately designed to legalise paedophilia. Most of this shocking agenda which affects our children here in the UK stems from Brussels. Many good hearted, concerned people are convinced that there is a covert agenda working its way out to legalise paedophilia".

Conference Seeks to Rebrand Paedophiles

Support for her anxieties was provided by an unwholesome academic conference held in the US in August, when sympathetic academics discussed with known paedophiles how to soften the 'unhelpful image' of paedophiles - by re-branding them as people needing help rather than punishment.

The conference, which recommended that the term paedophile be replaced by the phrase "minor-attracted", was organised by 'b4uact', a paedophile group which openly campaigns for the legalisation of paedophilia, and claims that children are capable of 'consensual sexual relations with adults'.

Results of Sex Education

On parent wrote, "Some of these children are developing sexual feelings after being exposed to 'sex education' and don't have the maturity to know how to handle them. They are behaving highly inappropriately; it is distressing them and their families immensely. Children are attempting to have sex, girls are kissing each other in the playground to see what it's like, boys are vomiting after being forced to watch childbirth ... the list goes on! This is damaging to children and is abuse. It's not 'sex and relationships education'. Inciting children into early sexual behaviour is paedophilia."

Parents Outraged

The British government's active promotion of the use of explicit teaching materials on sexuality for primary school children has led to several protests. One, in Grenoside, Sheffield, earlier this year, erupted when a primary school told parents it planned to teach sex education to children as young as four, and to teach pupils as young as nine and ten about 'casual sex' and 'orgasms'.

After a protest meeting at the Guildhall, Northampton by dozens of parents, outraged at explicit materials and videos being shown to children as young as five, Conservative MP for South Northamptonshire, Andrea Leadsom, raised the subject in Parliament in April. She called for videos used by schools to be given age ratings and for parents to be asked to opt their children into classes, rather than opt-out, as happens now.

The weak response of Schools Minister, Nick Gibbs, was to promise: "I will talk with the producers of sex education films about their contents".

European Union

A recent EU document, 'Sexuality Education in Europe', spoke of young people's 'rights' to sexuality education, adding: "Some government agencies have shown apprehension and in some cases outright anxiety about information provided in sexuality education materials, which has resulted in censorship and subsequent media attention. In England, in the 1980s, a sexuality education manual was partially shredded because of disagreement between the Departments of Health and Education over explicit references to condom use among young people under the age of sexual consent ... Evidence shows, however, that where there is a robust defense of sexuality education interventions or materials, there can be positive outcomes".


Commenting in its current newsletter on the conference, creationist group Creation Ministries International (CMI) wrote: "At the heart of Darwinism is the belief that we are nothing more than biochemistry - that our thoughts, feelings, and actions are simply the result of genes and the environment". Professor of Biology at Pennsylvania University said recently: "We have no more free will than a bowl of sugar". CMI responded: "Taking this view to its logical conclusion, there is no such thing as sexual aberration, and this includes sexual attraction to children".

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