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The pro-gay juggernaut continues to crush all opposition, without a single reason for gay 'rights' to exist, apart from a love for perversion! Amazingly, today (17 August 2012), the BBC Breakfast programme referred to yet another fake 'human rights' claim...

Russia has banned open homosexual marches and publicity for the last 100 years. In May 2012, the District Court serving Moscow again banned a 'gay pride' parade, attracting gasps of horror from so-called human rights groups. (Or should we call them 'homosexual demands' groups?)

But, what inherent 'rights' can these groups demand? Their very existence opposes decency and truth, with harm inflicted on society; they promote sexual perversion even in their 'pride' marches, openly dressing (or not dressing at all) sexually, acting sexually in a depraved manner, yelling abuse or calls for total freedom of filth... it is every town's right to ban these vile public displays of immorality. Indeed, every Gay Pride parade should be met with mass arrests for public indecency, but police do not uphold the law!

Of course, the European Court of Human Rights, itself a body based on socialistic nonsense, has declared such bans as 'illegal'. Who does this 'Court' think it is? It has no right whatever over the sovereignty of another country! Who cares a rouble what it thinks – apart from vehement, poisonous, pro-gay groups?

The Court based its foul 'verdict' on the right to 'freedom of assembly'. If this was the case, then let these foul immoralists walk in an orderly manner, without removing clothes or promoting and acting in a sexually perverse way! But, they don't. They provoke and degenerate public acts of perverse sex and language.

The Russian government is not "behind the times" as the Court says, but is at the forefront of maintaining human decency and morality! Few countries in the world are now doing this; Europe and the USA are leading the way in immorality and the promotion of a lifestyle riddled with fatal diseases, expecting the population to ratify such a perverse action. It has nothing to do with freedom of assembly, but with freedom to act in a foul way, being immoral and indecent in public view.

Of course, gay rights advocates, whose aim is to reduce all of civilization to nothing but a sleazy disease-ridden bedroom, say that the rights of all Russians are affected. Nonsense! Only the claimed 'rights' of people who have no rights in any decent society. What 'right' is there to fill a population with diseases, to chase after children for sex, to stop freedom of speech of others, to impose indecency on a population by law? These are not 'rights' but abuses!

Only giving in to pressure will cause Russia to revoke its bans. Our own Western rulers have proved their inability to protect citizens from filth and bad health, instead supporting those who damage and harm us. Let us hope Russia will not cave in to these false claims made by fake human rights groups!