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Homosexuality is gaining ground NOT because it is true or valid, but because homosexual activists deny everyone else the opportunity to speak their mind or to be critical. Stonewall controls the media and government, and have almost entirely tied-up society so that it cannot speak the truth.

Former Premier League footballer Thomas Hitzisperger was the "Brave ace (to be ) first to come out". (UK newspaper headline, also Mirror, 8 January 2014 and BBC, 8 January 2014). Fellow retired footballer Gary Lineker immediately jumped to his side, saying it was a "brave move". It isn't 'brave' – it is just using current legislation to show one's self to be perverted!

More 'gays' are likely to now 'come out', complete with fanfares in the media.

Do you think this is sudden or unexpected?

Be assured that many more sports names will 'come out'... because they are being supported by Stonewall (BBC, 8 January 2014).

The reason?

To silence critics and to stifle Christian voices.

Stonewall will now encourage many people to 'come out', so as to swamp the media with how nice gays are! And how ordinary.


'Coming out', whether male or female, is not a sign of bravery – it is a sign of gall and stupendous wickedness.

Homosexuality is rife with fatal diseases, even amongst lesbians. It is filled with many who want to abuse children for their own evil desires. This is why AIDS amongst children is now rising fast. And remember that paedophiles are now demanding legal status... so there will also be a sudden and growing rise in children with foul diseases, from both heterosexual and homosexual camps – but mainly homosexual.

Stonewall is closing down any opportunity for moral citizens to speak out. Soon they will control minds to such an extent that parents will not be able to resist the evil claws of homosexuals on their children's bodies and minds. The more we stay silent the worse it will be. And this horror is now moving fast. 

[Christian Concern report (9, January 2014) that street preacher Tony Miano, who was arrested yesterday (8th January) for saying homosexuality is a sin amongst others, has been released on bail to appear before Dundee Sheriff Court on 7th April 2014.]

Do not agree with the media calling these 'stars' part of a 'list of pride'! What is there to be proud of – foul sexual perversions, deadly diseases, and fascism?

There was time when these people were afraid to show their faces. It is about time they were once again forced back into the darkness of immorality and godlessness by citizens not cowed down by Stonewall and government.