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Letter to the Media - 13 December 2011

Dear Editor

It seems that Equality Network and the Humanist Society are in cahoots with one another in supporting a change in the law to allow same sex couples to marry. During the 14-week consultation period they were ready, at every opportunity, to harangue and silence everyone who opposed their views. We saw this, sadly, when Rev James Gracie was hounded and condemned for expressing his personal views about homosexuality, based on what the Bible rightly says about it, on a BBC Scotland Radio Programme Call Kaye (8 December 2011 (Link expires 14 December 2011) This he did in a calm, gracious and dignified Christian spirit, while being rudely interrupted throughout the broadcast. The tiny, yet vocal, minority LGBT lobby seem utterly opposed to views which differ from their own.

Formal complaints were afterwards lodged because his comments were not in tune with those that a same-sex marriage spokesman, Tom French from Equality Network, wanted to hear. During the consultation period it is quite evident that this Network group have been vigorously campaigning, with ruthless determination, to promote their homosexual agenda and have it imposed on society. They also arrogantly claim that their approval of same-sex marriages is "in line with the majority view in Scotland." Excuse me - but statistics also record that many ordinary, decent and morally upright people across Scotland accept that homosexuality is wrong and are opposed to same-sex marriage.

Those for same-sex marriage will probably endorse the sentiments which the Humanist Society recently expressed when they posed the following question and statement: "The argument for same sex marriage is simply two words: why not? It's really up to society to come up with some very good reasons why some people shouldn't be able to marry." On behalf of everyone in Scotland, including the many thousands who have not responded to the consultation document, who are vehemently against it, I will gladly and simply present 1,001 'very good reasons' that argue against this bizarre union.

Firstly, the One who originally constituted it, is against it. Yes, God is against it. His laws are against it. The Bible is against it. Absolute truth is against it. Righteousness is against it. Purity is against it. History is against it. Psychology is against it. Nature is against it. Proper marriage is against it. And a permissive society is against it. The latter has resulted in broken homes, broken families, and a broken Scotland. Furthermore, genuine Bible believing churches and genuine Bible believing Christians are against it. Even common sense is against it, and so is my small pocket Oxford Dictionary.

If marriage is redefined as something other than a relationship between one man and one woman, then marriage can equally be redefined to mean anything else. While those advocating for same-sex marriage may not intend it, their arguments will work just as well for polygamy, polyandry, polyamory, pedophilia or any other "alternative" to traditional marriage. It is high time the Scottish Government woke up from their deep slumber and listened: "Right is right, even if everyone is against it; and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it."

Mr Donald J Morrison
United Christian Witness