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Gays are conscience-seared sinners

There is an information war being waged across the world to brainwash all people everywhere, to believe and accept without question that gay people of any GLBTQ behavioural persuasion are “born this way” and to equate sexual orientation with a person’s race.

Truth, scientific evidence, common sense and biology no longer matter. Gay’s and their sycophantic sympathisers, don’t give a fig as they excrete layer upon layer of disinformation.  Their strategy is simply to just keep repeating the "born this way" message across all media and get the politicians (aka polluticians) to legislate to reinforce the myth and silence any opposition to it.

A person who chooses to satisfy their lusts with GLBTQ behaviour is a conscience-seared sinner who is in rebellion against God (Romans 1). “Born that way” ( expands on the doctrine that homosexuality is a sin. NARTH also presents evidence based on “The Importance of Twin Studies” to debunk the “born this way” myth.

We see this rebellious God-hating ideology in every aspect of the Same-Sex Marriage campaign as the sex we are born with (male or female) is given a new categorisation called ‘gender’, which is transient and can vary at any time within the scope of the proposed Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) bill.

There is no such thing as ‘gender’; it is a term used to explain social and cultural differences. Humans have a ‘sex’ at birth. Gender is the term used to give legal recognition to people who want to play in the sinful pantomime of pretending to be the opposite sex in all forms of GLBTQ relationships. Gender makes no sense on any application form - the correct term is "Sex: Male or Female".

The idea behind the legal adoption of the term ‘gender’ is to destroy the norms of what it means to be a man and a woman so that everyone by default joins the Gay Agenda and will be brainwashed to think that you can be an Arthur or a Martha at whatever time of day pleases you and it won’t matter in law.  The implications are so profound for adults and especially for children.

As Christians we stand firmly in word and deed against this tyranny from the Gay 'enemy within' that wants to enslave and enforce everyone to accept its perverse, unnatural and sinful behaviour.