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“How Gays Make Fools of Themselves”

Whenever I write anything about homosexuals, I am attacked mercilessly, with wave after wave of vicious libel. It does not matter what the publication is, or what the subject is.

I have noted over the years that the reactions are usually the same. This is because they are all the same. Gays and pro-gays invent responses that spit out vile objections, and their feeble-brained supporters simply repeat them ad nauseum. That is why reactions found in newspapers, etc., are all the same. It is pathetic but they still do it. I urge you to read them for yourself.

Another thing to note is that no gay or pro-gay has anything to say! They bluster, yell, and whimper like little schoolgirls, but nothing substantial ever comes out. All you get are the usual suspects: 'bigot', 'hate speech', 'homophobe', etc.

But, what they don't reckon with, is that I will stand my ground. I never give in to fools and bullies! I know what I want to say and I will say it, because it is the truth. All gays and pro-gays can do is… wait for it… tell me that I really and truly want to come out of my closet, and I really and truly want to be xxxxx by gays! Well, that is quite edifying, isn't it? And doesn't it show us the sparkling wit and wisdom of gays and pro-gays? Oh yes, and in many other sites, they also use foul language and disgusting pornographic references. Shows what is top of their minds, eh?

So, don't expect wit and wisdom from gays. It just shows us how stupid they are, and how grossly ignorant is their mindset. Between them, they couldn't catch a cold. But they are very good at manipulating websites so that those who have superior arguments cannot be read, or be rated with five stars!

Why is this? Why are they so stupid?

Well, for a start, they have nothing useful to say.

In my own life I am not known as a talker. You know, one of those who just talks for the sake of it. If I am in company I just listen for a very long time. Then, if the subject is interesting and I really do have something to say, I will say it. But not otherwise. Gays? They just yell and scream and threaten. No substance, just stupidity. The trouble is, stupid people don't know they are stupid. Indeed, many of them think they are icons of brilliance! Oh well, they won't be found out if they stay within the stifling hernia known as 'gay community'!

They have no facts to use.

In my own work I give a long list of actual facts. Oh how some fools despise the term 'actual facts'! I use it because I am not giving fallacies or lies, but real, genuine, provable facts! Gays? They just bluster and throw out garbage. In particular, they love to quote 'facts' that have long been debunked and disproved by researchers and others. Debunking isn't hard to do once you are familiar with the process of (genuine) research… which gays and pro-gays are not. Even gay researchers do not use proper means and methodology. Hence their work is inevitably debunked by more serious researchers! Easy really. Gays and pro-gays can yell as much as they like, but that is the truth, the 'actual fact'!

Also, gays and pro-gays are totally unable to argue.

They shout. They scream. They flounce with limp wrists (except for those weird butch ones who wear leather or tight tops and become violent).

But there are no real responses. Just hot air and garbage.

I invite you to really listen to what gays say! Find out for yourself!

Let me give just one recent example from the UK. The Gay Police Association, a long-standing hater of Christians and anybody who challenges them, and who intimidate members of the public, were bleating in Pink News about their coming investigation by the Prosecution Service. What did Pink News do? They immediately said that the police authorities had only received 'one' complaint from the public. In reality (the actual fact), there were over 50,000 individual complaints! Do you think maybe gays were trying to misrepresent everything? Maybe. This is how gays operate, with lies, deception and intimidation. Not with truth.

Recently, in Wisconsin, gays were defeated over an intended spoof gay 'marriage' bid. They had spent thousands of dollars trying to bring it about. But, citizens became more and more angry at the way gays were deliberately misinforming, deceiving and manipulating events, facts and figures. You know, like my friends on AC who try to minimise the effects of my writing by fiddling the star system!

We can expect this kind of childish stupidity, because gays and pro-gays have nothing to say. Christians should take heed and start to bulldoze them back, highlighting all the lies and giving the truth as a rebuttal. Do it constantly, so that you can overturn gay propaganda.

Also, gays and pro-gays are unable to be critical. They are just stupid.

I have no doubt that gays are as intelligent, or not as intelligent, as anyone else in society. What robs them of their brains is their insistence on their repugnant behaviour. Because their lives revolve only around perverse sex, they can't see beyond it. This pickles their brains, so it seems, because they can hardly string more than two or three words together with substantive arguments and actual facts! Go on, keep reading the rubbish they write, and see I am right.

Some, in an effort to make me look silly (fat chance!), continue to bluster, and accuse me of 'arrogance'. They claim that I am saying my views are superior. Let's get it straight, shall we. In my work I operate at PhD level and use proper means of examination. I might write in this website on a popular level, but don't be deceived - I know my stuff! And yes, it does appear that my IQ is far superior to that of my so-called 'critics'. It is not arrogant to bring down the stupid remarks of stupid people, whose height of argumentation is to shout 'bigot'!!

Much of the time, I admit, I enjoy their incredibly ridiculous remarks, but I never bother to properly respond. They don't deserve it. Those who talk sensibly I will respond to.

What is proper criticism? It isn't just shouting names at people. That is the province of ignorant, prejudiced people. (One can have a college education and still be stupid). My approach is the same as when I lectured in colleges…

You read the material. Then you examine it in detail. Then you look at any references given, and references not given. Something like a literature search. You check out all the given facts to see if they are true, or misrepresented. You also check out the person who wrote the piece to see what his motives are.

There is bit more to it than that, but you get the drift.

Now, if someone pretends to be intellectual and throws out garbage, what should the response be from me? Much as you see it in my comment boxes! People who have nothing to say deserve nothing back in response. They are just trying to be clever - but without the cleverness.

So, gays and pro-gays cannot be critical in the real sense (again - look at their comment boxes for proof). They do not have the inclination or the ability. Rather, they pretend to have some brain cells and make a mess of things. And so I am dismissive and reply with simple disdain, or do not reply at all.

I think most readers are aware that I am usually attacked by the same motley crew, who appear to monopolise the shouting-down of any intelligent articles and ones by Christians. Don't get angry. They can't help it. They are caught in a goo, a mess of human filth, and can't see any further than the content in their trash cans.

Thus, I will continue to show people the truth about homosexuality. I could not care less what gays and pro-gays say back, because they prove themselves to be fools. Now let the 'critics' dare to fill their comment boxes again! Don't waste time calling me everything, because it washes off my back. Just surprise me with actual facts and genuine criticism. Then, I will probably just not bother anyway, because it is not consistent behaviour from gays!

Yes, I am using strong terms. This is because homosexuals require it. They are damaging thinking and life by their constant lies and half-baked ideas. We must now fight back.

(Note: Each of these 12 articles (A-800 to A-812) were first published in 2006 on a news-article website, now closed down. They were then republished by Yahoo and rediscovered by us by accident.
At the time they were the top-ranked articles on the site, but homosexual activists hacked into the system to reduce their popularity - such is their free speech and tolerance! It is this fascism that proves the weakness and intellectual paucity of their arguments.

© November 2006

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