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Paedophiles call for the same rights as homosexuals (North Colorado Gazette, 3 July 2011) , (WND Faith, 18 July 2013) - of course we knew this was next in line on the sexual agenda, along with porn for schools. The Sex Education Forum (SEF) which is the lead body guiding schools in sex ed, in their new magazine, 'the Sex Education Supplement', the SEF argues that children should be taught about pornography in sex education lessons "in order to know how to interpret it". The magazine points out in a 'Teacher's Wishlist' (p12): "we want teachers to know... that pornography is hugely divers - it's not necessarily all bad".

The promotion of sex ed into schools has been linked to attempts to legalise paedophilia, to groom children and to lower the age of consent. Some children are developing sexual feelings after being exposed to 'sex education' and don't have the maturity to deal with them. They are behaving highly inappropriately; it is distressing them and their families immensely. Children are attempting to have sex, girls are kissing each other in the playground to see what it's like, boys are vomiting after being forced to watch childbirth... the list goes on! This is damaging to children and is abuse. No way can this be called 'Sex and Relationships Education'(SRE). Neither is it 'Health Education'. Inciting children into early sexual behaviour is paedophilia.

Sexual Education is Sexual Harrassment of Children

What can we expect when sex ed, after all, is the product of the abortion and birth control lobbies. It exists to transmit their ideology to school children and serves to further the sexual revolution. Yet another reason to take sex ed out of schools which cannot be trusted with our children. Why is it that teaching all these sexual things, including homosexuality, to kids, is not counted as sexual harassment and liable to legal restraint? After all they did not ask for this material and it is being pressed on them by adults.

It is the height of hypocrisy and double-mindedness for David Cameron to lead the charge against online child porn while his government is simultaneously actively promoting the use of explicit teaching materials for primary school children under the false premise of lowering the UKs disgraceful statistics on pregnancies, abortions and sexually transmitted diseases. The 'safe sex' strategy is the cause of the problem because it promotes sex, condoms, abortions and contraceptive implants to children under the age of consent without the knowledge of their parets.

It is time for parents to recognise the state's undermining of their role as guardians of their children. It is time to say "Hands off our children!" and to reclaim them from the hands of the sexualisers and teach them common sense, God honouring morality at home - 'save sex' till marriage.