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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have released a new study aledgedly revealing a "strong link between poverty and HIV Infection".  This 'study' is not just an homosexual ploy - it is being used to underpin Obama's welfare 'reforms' that punish the wealthy and give everything to the poor. AIDS and HIV is the child of homosexuality, not heterosexuality! Worldwide figures prove that the majority of HIV and AIDS is amongst homosexuals. When AIDS was first recognised back in the 1980s, ALL CASES were amongst homosexuals. Logic tells you that if they started it, then they are the causes of it. In my 1980s study on the subject I predicted the disease would eventually enter the heterosexual population... but by way of homosexuals who were supposedly 'bi-sexual' spreading the virus from homosexuals to their wives, girlfriends, prostitutes and drug users. Twist it any way you wish - but gays are responsible for HIV and AIDS. Further commentary can be found at OneNewsNow.